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  • Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate


    If the eyes are the window to the soul, and your soul is tiiiired, your eyes will show it with dark, puffy under eye circles. This all natural cream features caffeine rich black tea to help tighten and brighten, presenting your best face to the world.

    $85 at Blue Mercury | Buy

    | Posted 05 May, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Dazzle Dry 3 Piece Nail System


    All other base and top coats can kindly direct themselves to the trash can, ‘cause we’re telling you, these are the best we’ve ever tried. Using the nail prep solution, base coat, and top coat with your favorite polish yields shiny, chip-resistant nails that dry super quick and last fuh-reh-vuh. Loves!

    $29 at Dazzle Dry | Buy

    | Posted 05 May, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Backpackers Cologne


    Smell like the great outdoors- only, just the nice smelling parts of it. Completely natural, Backpackers Cologne is distilled from plants, bark, and other flotsam found on the forest floor to create an earthy and refreshing fragrance.

    $55 at Juniper Ridge | Buy

    | Posted 27 Mar, 2014 in Body by Rene
  • NARS Contour Blush


    Ever wonder how Kim Kardashian and the like get those perfectly slim noses, high cheekbones, and sculpted chins - and then claim they’ve never had plastic surgery? Contouring, friends. It’s all about the makeup contouring. NARS is making it easy for us no-makeup-artist-on-call folks with these three contour blush palettes; although, to be fair, it’s more of a contouring bronzer and luminous highlighter. Check out this YouTube tutorial from beauty blogger MaskCara for a quick, easy contouring lesson.

    $42 at Nordstrom | Buy

    | Posted 27 Mar, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Smashbox The Santigolden Age Eye Shadow Collage


    Inspired by, and co-created with, offbeat indie musician Santigold, Smashbox’s new The Santigolden Age collection will have all you makeup collectors going, “OOOH!” The packaging is intensely colorful, as are the products themselves. We’re loving this eyeshadow palette, available in two color combinations. The five shades can combine to create dozens of pop art-worthy looks.

    $36 at | Buy

    | Posted 21 Mar, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Panier des Sens Hand Cream


    You wouldn’t think it, but typing for a living has really done a number on our hands - you’d probably guess we were longshoremen, looking at our callused fingers! Available in honey or sea fennel scents, this rich shea butter hand cream is handmade in France and makes even the roughest hands silky smooth in a flash.

    $16 at Terrain | Buy

    | Posted 17 Mar, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Lavett&Chin Original Sea/Salt Texturizing Mist


    Get the beachy hair look without the damaging effects of sun and salt water. A few spritzes of this all-natural product will give you textured, casual waves without frizz. Made with Maris sea salt, rosewater, and algae extract.

    $30 at J. Crew | Buy

    | Posted 17 Mar, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Bite Beauty Matte Lip Crayon


    We’re usually wedded to our lip gloss collection, but this creamy matte lip pencil has us contemplating an affair. It’s hydrating, vibrant, and comes in six pigment-rich hues in an easy-to-apply crayon format. Just, uh, don’t color outside the lines, mmkay?

    $24 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 14 Mar, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Treatment


    Eyes looking tired? Puffy? Dark circles? There’s an app for that - if you take “app” to mean “application of an awesome undereye mask”. Included are twelve single-use packets that look kinda like contact lens packaging, and the mud mask is supercharged with bioactive technology, tapwire, mint, and nitroffeine to stimulate circulation, reduce puffiness, and smooth out wrinkles. All that in a dab of mud. Who’da thunk?

    $69 at | Buy

    | Posted 03 Mar, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush


    Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a professional lighting crew following you every day, making sure you were always bathed in luminous, flattering light? Get the same effect without the personnel with this ingenious highlighting blush. Available in six marbled shades, it uses photoluminescent technology to add depth and a soft-focus glow to your face.

    $35 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 26 Feb, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Museum Nails Jungalow Collection


    Bring spring to your fingertips, literally, with these amazing nail wraps. The graphic jungle leaf designs are bold and fun, and are sure to make you smile even when you’re facing yet another snowy day. Includes 16 wraps and a file/buffer.

    $13 at Museum Nails | Buy

    | Posted 25 Feb, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Cedar & Bergamot Beard Tonic


    Beards are still having a moment, and if you’re rocking full-on Abe Lincoln or just a shadowy Sonny Crockett, you need to keep that hair in check. This delicious-smelling beard tonic will nourish those rough hairs, as well as moisturize the skin beneath, thanks to all-natural oils.

    $16 at Herbivore Botanicals | Buy

    | Posted 19 Feb, 2014 in Body by Rene
  • Butter London Rock Off Glycolic Callus Peel


    Spring means sandals: Are your feet ready for the limelight - er, sunlight? This miracle goop will help you prep those tootsies for flip flop weather. Just apply, wait 3-5 minutes, and exfoliate the hard skin off with a pumice or foot file to reveal soft, glowing feet.

    $30 at Butter London | Buy

    | Posted 19 Feb, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • The NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette


    NARS isn’t just famous for Orgasm blush and The Multiple color stick. Their eyeshadows are densely pigmented, have a soft texture, and are a dream to apply. Worth a whopping $163, this 15-shadow palette features NARS’s most popular shades from light to dark, neutral to intense.

    $79 at Lord & Taylor | Buy

    | Posted 13 Feb, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Illamasqua Intense Succubus Lip Gloss


    Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and red lips are pretty traditional: So romantic! So Sweet! There’s NOTHING saccharine about this intensely pigmented lip gloss, though. A vivid blood red, it will either announce to your date that he (or she) is on the menu for the evening, or proclaim to passersby that you are one hot mama jamma, and you don’t need a significant other to look and feel amazing. Your choice. wink, wink

    $22 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 13 Feb, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Tarte C-Brighter Maracuja Anti-Aging Eye Treatment


    Your eyes are calling, and they’re telling you they’re tired and they need a boost. This rejuvenating, brightening eye cream helps to de-puff, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and combats dark circles. Who could ask for more?

    $38 at QVC | Buy

    | Posted 04 Feb, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Soap and Paper Factory Neroli Bubble Bath


    Need a little relaxation? Honey, we all do. Draw yourself a hot bath and pour in some of this divinely scented, moisturizing bubble bath, and your troubles will melt down the drain with the foam. The recycled glass apothecary decanter will look lovely on your bathroom counter, too.

    $30 at Orange And Pear | Buy

    | Posted 03 Feb, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • White Woods Fragrance


    CLEAN specializes in luscious, muted, evocative fragrances, and their White Woods scent is no different. Crisp citrus pairs with spicy pepper in a subtle, winter-perfect perfume that will add some zest to dreary, snowy days.

    $38 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 03 Feb, 2014 in Body by Rene
  • Balenciaga Rosabotanica


    Think of this perfume as the fragrance equivalent of sexy, but classy, lingerie. A little flowery, a little dangerous, a lot sultry. Notes of green rose, fig leaf, and white amber make for a perfume she’ll appreciate a lot longer than chocolates or a bouquet of flowers.

    $100 at Bloomingdale's | Buy

    | Posted 29 Jan, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder


    No need to waste time guessing which shade you should buy - this clear powder (yes, really) matches every skin tone under the sun. Formulated for makeup artists working on HD television and movie projects, it’s designed to reduce shine while gently blurring imperfections and giving a soft-focus glow.

    $36 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 24 Jan, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Suti Purity Organic Moisturizing Balm


    Give your chapped winter skin some relief with this ultra creamy, ultra moisturizing balm. It blends shea butter, lavender, chamomile, calendula, sunflower oil, sesame oil, and apricot kernel oil to penetrate deeply into skin and revive it from the inside out.

    $41 at Spirit Beauty Lounge | Buy

    | Posted 22 Jan, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade


    You pluck hair anywhere else on your face, it grows back with a vengeance. You pluck your eyebrows, they never seem to reappear, ever. Or at least, not for a really, really long time. While you wait for your return to bushy-browed elegance, add a little color and depth to your remaining hairs with this smudge-proof pomade that doubles as eyeliner.

    $18 at | Buy

    | Posted 20 Jan, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Benefit Lollitint


    The 2014 Pantone Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid, and makeup is an easy way to incorporate it into your fashion routine. This pinky-purple stain can be used on lips, cheeks, and even eyes for an all-day flush of orchid prettiness.

    $30 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 15 Jan, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Goldie’s Lemon Black Pepper Lotion


    For a fragrant pick-me-up after your a.m. shower on mornings when you’re dragging, this spicy lotion is just the ticket. Made with lots of natural oils and extracts to soften and tone skin, the fresh scent is sure to please.

    $36 at Goldie's Soap | Buy

    | Posted 14 Jan, 2014 in Body by Janet
  • Sephora Favorites Beauty Oil Essentials


    For decades, we were told that oils would make us break out and give us greasy skin and hair. Turns out, that’s about as truthful as saying Bigfoot is real. Oils, used correctly, can actually clarify and moisturize skin, give you shiny and soft hair, and make you smell divine. This starter set includes $156 worth, twelve in all, of oils from top designer skin and hair care brands.

    $56 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 08 Jan, 2014 in Body by Janet

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