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  • Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream


    Cashmere sweaters are a soft, decadent indulgence for your body - why not do the same for your lips? This lipstick isn’t actually made from cashmere fibers, but it sure feels like it. A cocktail of hand-milled waxes and butters mixes with four times the regular pigment of lipstick for an intense, creamy, matte finish that nourishes your lips and looks ah-mah-zing. Available in six rich shades.

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    $28 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 26 Aug, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Bobbi Brown Navy & Nude Eye Palette


    For those of you who are afraid of vampy, dark eyeshadow shades, this is a great way to dip your toe into the world of smokey eyes without going full-on Kristen Stewart or Taylor Momsen. Bobbi Brown KNOWS nudes and neutrals, and the addition of a rich, inky navy blue to this palette makes it easy to add a little drama. Use it as an eyeliner or smudge it softly all over your lids.

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    $60 at Blue Mercury | Buy

    | Posted 23 Aug, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Philosophy Hope In A Jar A To Z Cream


    We don’t know about you, but when we’re rushing to get the family out the door in the morning to school and work, putting on a full face of makeup is the LAST thing we have time for. This new take on BB cream helps us fake at least the complexion part of the makeup equation, multitasking as moisturizer, primer, foundation, SPF, and treatment. Available in three shades.

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    $38 at Philosophy | Buy

    | Posted 20 Aug, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Flash Tattoos - Zahra Set


    Get the bling without the pricetag - or the clinking and clanking of jewelry - with these awesome jewelry faux tattoos. The set includes bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more. Just apply, glimmer, and go.

    $20 at Flash Tat | Buy

    | Posted 05 Aug, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Anti-Breakage Spray


    After a long summer of swimming in the pool and ocean and staying out in the warm sun, your hair is probably VERY ready for some conditioning treatments. This all-natural blend of oils, including coprah coconut & monoi oils, works to repair hair follicles from the inside out, restoring shine, softness, and strength.

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    $24 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 05 Aug, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Konjac Sponge Company Bamboo Charcoal Sponge


    The way we see it, acne should be a thing of the past the second you turn 21. You’re an adult now - your skin should be, too! If that’s sadly not the case, this activated charcoal helps scrub your pores and tame oil and bacteria.

    $9 at Spirit Beauty Lounge | Buy

    | Posted 01 Aug, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Burberry Summer Eau de Toilette Spray


    Prefer your fragrances on the light, airy, fun side? This might just become your signature fragrance. With notes of pomegranate and mandarin balancing out rose, woods, and musk notes, it’s energetic and fresh-not heavy and dated.

    $67 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 24 Jul, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Disney Collection Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette


    Children of the 80s, rejoice! All of us little girls (and boys) who dreamed of being Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid can now finally make our dreams come true - at least, in the makeup department. This limited-edition eye shadow palette includes four Ariel-inspired shades sure flatter any complexion: Who’s-it (glittery white), What’s-it (matte greige), Dinglehopper (light iridescent teal/emerald), and Snarfblat (irridescent glitter violet).

    $30 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 19 Jul, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • bareMinerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara


    Your beauty routine changes throughout the year depending on the weather, but one product you should NEVER leave out? Mascara, especially one as amazing as this one. The wand twists and spirals a full 180 degrees to seek out and coat every tiny lash with lush, thick, rich color. The formula features conditioning minerals and a protein complex to help boost the health of your lashes from the inside out, too.

    $18 at Nordstrom | Buy

    | Posted 15 Jul, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Cotton Candy Happy Lip Balm


    Love the sugary-sweet, inherently summery taste of cotton candy? Now you can indulge all year round with this pink sugar lip balm from Perfumeria Gal. The tin features a reproduction of a print of a smiling face from the early 1900s, sure to make you grin every time you dig the container out of your purse.

    $7 at Waiting on Martha | Buy

    | Posted 10 Jul, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Josie Maran Argan Love Your Lips Hydrating Lipstick


    Lots of lipsticks tend to dry your pout out, but not this one. A clear outer core offers the hydration and shine of argan oil, and the highly pigmented inner core delivers a punch of color. Available in six shades.

    $22 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 09 Jul, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Perlier Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Ice Granita


    Nothing’s more refreshing to drink when it’s steamy hot than an icy cold, sweet granita. How about a granita for your skin? This lemony body spray has an exhilarating citrus scent and tons of moisture, plus sprays on cool for a great pick-me-up. It even, get this, crackles when it hits your skin. How cool is that?

    $25 at HSN | Buy

    | Posted 02 Jul, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Benefit Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer


    Summer heat and humidity can be really hard on your makeup, but this pancake stick-style primer is your new secret weapon. The stick applicator makes it easy to put primer just where you need it, and provides a smooth base for makeup to adhere to on even the muggiest of summer days.

    $32 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 24 Jun, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Lanvin ME Eau de Parfum


    ME is a pretty narcissistic fragrance name, but given that perfume is such an intensely personal experience, we’re willing to overlook it. Well, that and this is a FABULOUS scent. It mixes sweet blueberry with floral notes and sensual liquorice black wood for a scent that’s by turns naughty and nice.

    $55 at Nordstrom | Buy

    | Posted 12 Jun, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum


    Serums are the hottest skincare trend, and with good reason: Their concentrated ingredients deliver a potent punch of moisturization, antioxidants, and other benefits, right where you want them. This bestselling, beauty editor-beloved serum is proven to minimize lines and wrinkles by up to 50% in just one month.

    $25 at | Buy

    | Posted 07 Jun, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Boom Boom Brow Job


    We’ve all been there: You went after your face with tweezers, intending to just pluck a couple stray hairs from between your brows… and suddenly, you had no eyebrows left. Start smoothing on this miracle goop, full of amino acids, peptides, and vitamins, and within three months your brows will be back in the game. Now back away from the tweezers.

    $49 at Boom Boom Brow Bar | Buy

    | Posted 04 Jun, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Ciate Chalkboard Manicure


    Remember doodling on your nails in middle school with markers, or giving yourself a manicure with Sharpies? Meet the grownup version of those pastimes. This kit includes a chalkboard black nail polish, four “chalk” pens, and a mattifying top coat. Scribble away!

    $25 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 30 May, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow


    Who knew glittery eyeshadow could look so sophisticated and refined? Urban Decay, that’s who. The sparkles are very finely milled, so the effect is more of a glowing shimmer than a mirrored disco ball. Available in seven densely pigmented colors.

    $20 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 23 May, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • 13 China Glaze Nail Applications in Shake Your Tail Feathers


    Nail art lovers who can’t paint their way out of a paper bag (that would be us) will love these fun nail stickers. Vibrant turquoise, teal, and blue peacock feather-emblazoned appliques are easy to fit onto any size nail bed, and will last for days without any chipping or breakage. Be sure to check out the other print options, like pink leopard print, cherry blossoms, and more.

    $5 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 21 May, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Not Soap Radio Awash in a Field of Four-Leaf Clover Trio


    We’ve heard of wearing a four-leaf clover as a pendant, but all over your body? Why not? Absorb some good luck through osmosis with this soap, body wash, and souffle lotion trio, scented generously with green tea and clover sourced from the real deal: County Kerry, Ireland.

    $49 at Not Soap Radio | Buy

    | Posted 13 May, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Dior Birds of Paradise Nail Lacquer Duo


    Even if you can’t do nail art (neither can we), you can still have an impressive peacock feather-inspired manicure with this gorgeous polish set. The blue-green duochrome is perfectly paired with the cool turquoise green creme polish on alternating nails, or one shade on fingernails and one on toenails, or using the two together for a French manicure… the possibilities are endless, and all gorgeous.

    $29 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 06 May, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Triple Barrel Waver


    Getting those perfect, deconstructed, beachy waves seen in fashion magazines isn’t as easy as it looks, especially if you’re styling-challenged like we are. Fortunately, with this gizmo, it’s as simple as taking a lock of hair and just clamping down on it a few times with the wave-shaped plates. Once you’re done, spray a little texturizing spray or hairspray onto your tresses, tousle them a little, and revel in the “Your hair looks amazing!” compliments coming your way all day.

    $80 at ImageBeauty | Buy

    | Posted 01 May, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Hair Color Chalk


    Loving those multicolored French braids that are all over Pinterest, but taking the plunge and putting permanent or even semipermanent neon highlights in your hair is too much for you? Hair chalk to the rescue! Available in a rainbow of delicious tints, you just rub it into your locks, style as desired, then wash it out later - it’s specially formulated not to stain your hair so you won’t be left with a faint pink or green tinge for weeks afterwards.

    $16 at | Buy

    | Posted 01 May, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Lotus Wei Pure Energy Trio


    Chances are, Mom could use a little more energy, but if she drinks one more cup of coffee she might start vibrating across the room. Gift her this vibrantly scented fragrance set, which includes balancing serum, energy mist, and flower elixir in Lotus Wei’s Pure Energy scent. The aroma contains notes of pepper, pomegranate, clover and jade flowers, coffee, grapefruit, and cinnamon. Zing!

    $125 at Spirit Beauty Lounge | Buy

    | Posted 01 May, 2013 in Body by Janet
  • Scotch Naturals Celtic Mix Nail Polish


    Easter egg-hued nails are all the rage for spring and summer, so deck out your tootsies and fingers with this minty-sage color. The formula is vegan, requires no base or top coat, and dries within 15 minutes.

    $15 at Spirit Beauty Lounge | Buy

    | Posted 01 May, 2013 in Body by Janet

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