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  • Super Choc-O-Food


    I was sold at Choc-O, but feast your eyes on these amazing chocolate bars that could feed a small army: Nuts, fruit, and soy salt combine to create an out-of-this-world, more-than-a-dessert delight.

    $60 at Commune | Buy

    | Posted 16 Jan, 2015 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Hello Superfoods Bento Box


    Making a resolution to eat better in the new year has never tasted so good! This delicious candy gift box is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the superfoods nutrition trends we’re all bombarded with on social media, from green tea caramels to dark chocolate-covered, acai-infused blueberries.

    $60 at Sugarfina | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jan, 2015 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Seattle Chocolates 12 Bar Stack


    Chocoholics everywhere will drool over this grown-up candy bar assortment. Twelve truffle bars in flavors ranging from Pike Place Espresso to Rainier Cherry are packaged with a cute brown grosgrain ribbon for gifting.

    $37 at Seattle Chocolates | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jan, 2015 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer


    Sriracha + beer = OMGholydelciousnessgetinmyglass. Made with the original Huy Fong Sriracha hot sauce and quality Rogue Farms ingredients, it’s pricy for a single bottle, but true craft beer and hot sauce aficionados will savor every spicy sip.

    $13 at Rogue | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2014 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Bittermilk Old Fashioned Set


    Designed for craft cockail aficionados (men and women, thankyouverymuch), this booze mixer trio has high class written all over. The set ncludes No.1 Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned, No.4 New Orleans Style Old Fashioned Rouge, and No.6 Oaxacan Old Fashioned.

    $45 at Bittermilk | Buy

    | Posted 09 Dec, 2014 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Salt For All Seasons Gift Set


    Salt is having a total “moment” right now in the food world - hello, salted caramel! Gift your favorite foodie this four-sel spice blend set that includes: Spanish smoked seasoned sea salt, Isle of Capri seasoned sea salt, Chateau Provence seasoned sea salt, and Ginger Szechwan seasoned sea salt.

    $26 at Urban Accents | Buy

    | Posted 04 Nov, 2014 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • DCI Ceramic Tea Lover’s Tea Cup


    Sip your daily Darjeeling or Oolong in this quaint, reusable, chintz-patterned cup. The heat sleeve even has a teapot-shaped button for wrapping your teabag string around - no more diving into the cup for lost bags!

    $12 at Kiosk | Buy

    | Posted 30 Jul, 2014 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Mouth Anniversary Taster


    The newlyweds will probably get bottles of wine and champagne to save for their first anniversary - why not get them some nibbles to go with said wine and champers? This gift box includes two of each item, so they don’t have to share. Hey, marriage may be all about “what’s mine is yours”, but who wants to share chocolate sables cookies?

    $100 at | Buy

    | Posted 12 Jun, 2014 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Nordstrom Makers Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels


    After a long year of reading, writing, and arithmetic, we bet your kids’ teacher could use a chocolate pick-me-up. These divine sea salt caramels are cloaked in deep, dark chocolate for a truly indulgent experience.

    $29 at Nordstrom | Buy

    | Posted 11 Jun, 2014 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Rate The Whiskey Coasters


    Yay or nay? Dad can rate his whiskey on the rocks with this clever set of letterpress coasters. Fill in the details, pros and cons, and always remember which one was the really pefect drink.

    $10 at Paper Plates Press | Buy

    (Set of 5)

    | Posted 09 Jun, 2014 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • The Ultimate Grilling Rub Collection


    Grilling aficionados know that spice rubs are the best way to get flavor into meat and veggies without marinades and sauces. This four piece kit includes chili-lime rub, potlatch seasoning (good for salmon), spicy chipotle rub, and classic smokhouse rub.

    $28 at Williams Sonoma | Buy

    | Posted 05 Jun, 2014 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Knock One Back Glasses


    Treat your pops to a six pack of his favorite craft brews and these pugilist-printed pub glasses. The only drawback is he may not be able to resist prancing around the house saying, “Put up your dukes, sirrah! Bully, bully!” in a bad English accent, a la those old Guinness beer commercials, after a few glasses.

    $17 at Spitfire Girl | Buy

    | Posted 02 Jun, 2014 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Woodinville Whiskey Age Your Own Whiskey Kit


    Dad will love trying his hand at whiskey distilling with this unique kit. Includes 2 bottles of 110-proof White Dog unaged whiskey, a 2 liter aging barrel, funnel, tasting glasses, and instructions. The process takes 3 to 6 months, depending on his tastes, and the barrel can be reused up to 5 times.

    $150 at Binny's | Buy

    | Posted 29 May, 2014 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Mother’s Day Macaron Collection


    Who doesn’t love a chewy, crispy, airy macaron cookie? Moms with a sweet tooth and an eye for style are sure to adore this gift box of fifteen gourmet macarons. Includes lavender blueberry and white chocolate rose flavors, packaged in a beautiful beribboned box.

    $32 at Sucre Bakery | Buy

    | Posted 05 May, 2014 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Plenty Spicy Jalepeno Jam


    This jam hurts so good. Add some eye-watering zest to your sandwiches with an all-natural spread that uses all of the jalapeno. A little sweet and a lot spicy, this artisanal jam will elevate lunchtime to a gourmet affair.

    $12 at Inna Jam | Buy

    | Posted 19 Feb, 2014 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • More Personalized Valentine’s Day Cupcakes


    Who could deny your love when presented with THIS? More cupcakes are deliciously rich, moist, and, really, just begging to be devoured. A set of nine frozen cupcakes will be delivered to your beloved and can be personalized with your hearts fondest greetings.

    $59 at Williams-Sonoma | Buy

    (Set of 9)

    | Posted 03 Feb, 2014 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Homemade Gin Kit


    The perfect gift for snowy winters is here. Add a bottle of vodka to this gin making kit and that three-day snowstorm is suddenly much more appealing. And hazy.

    $50 at Uncommon Goods | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jan, 2014 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Holiday Indie Bite Basket


    Fruit and cheese gift baskets? So passe. This delectable basket includes: harissa-spiced pecans, fig almond spread, maple bourbon bread & butter pickles, farmhouse crisps, dark chocolate hot cocoa, peppermint chocolate sables, cinnamon goat milk caramel, handmade peppermint stick, and peppermint saltwater taffy. All of it is handmade, and all of it is delish. Forget the hostess with the most-ess, you’ll be the guest-ess with the most-ess.

    $85 at | Buy

    | Posted 11 Dec, 2013 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Whiskey Rocks


    Whiskey or bourbon aficionados love their libation on the rocks (with ice), but hate how the ice dilutes the drink over time; after all, one is meant to slowly sip fine liquors. Pop these soapstone cubes into the freezer to keep on hand for cocktail hour. They don’t melt, so that 20 year-old Glenlivet will never get watered down, and will stay perfectly cold.

    $35 at Brook Farm General Store | Buy

    | Posted 09 Dec, 2013 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Laughing Man Around the World Coffee Gift Set


    Mmm, coffee, sweet, sweet nectar of life! A set of 3 delicious bean blends from around the world will delight any java junkie. Laughing Man is a company founded by Hugh Jackman (yes, Wolverine/Jean Valjean/THAT Hugh Jackman) that sources coffee, tea, chocolate and gifts from impoverished communities all over the world, and 100% of revenue goes towards education and community and new business development.

    $50 at Laughing Man | Buy

    | Posted 04 Dec, 2013 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Organic Tea Blending Culinary Kit


    If your hostess or host is known for their love of a good cuppa tea, then you need look no further for the perfect gift. It includes rose petals, green tea, mint leaves, rooibos, lemongrass, and other herbs and leaves, so they can create their own perfect blend. Add a vintage tea cup from your favorite antique store for extra style and thoughtfulness.

    $40 at Red Envelope | Buy

    | Posted 19 Nov, 2013 in Food and Drink by Janet
  • Dark Chocolate Cranberry Cookies


    Any awkward encounter or frosty reception will soon make way for holiday cheer when you present freshly baked cookies. Fact: No grudge can hold up in the presence of baked goods. Dark chocolate and cranberry cookies make for the perfect post-dinner snack, and these tasty treats also benefit kids fighting cancer.

    $30 at Cookies For Kids Cancer | Buy

    | Posted 19 Nov, 2013 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Frankie’s Organic Olive Oil


    Fancy-pants organic olive oil is a super host gift because:

    1. It is fancy.
    2. The host would probably not buy this for their own use.
    3. It is delicious.

    And, for a bonus, check out that awesome can it comes in! No gift wrap required. Cold-pressed in Sicily, Frankie’s Organic Olive Oil is a family-owned operation that takes great care and pride in their artisan oil. Your host will be so impressed by this token, you just might get invited back.

    $30 at Old Faithful Shop | Buy

    | Posted 13 Nov, 2013 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Halloween Candy Bar Jars


    Feast your eyes on a deadly (cute) assortment of gruesome (delicious) Halloween tricks (treats) to terrify (delight) ghosts (party-goers) and goblins (you).

    This clever little jarred assortment of sweet treats comes perfectly packaged for a Halloween party or as an autumn-inspired pick-me-up for teachers, neighbors and friends.

    $28 at Paper Polaroid | Buy

    (set of 8)

    | Posted 07 Oct, 2013 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Goodies Snacks


    Marathon days of work, meetings, school, carpool, errands and more can lead to skipping lunch or finding yourself stuck in traffic at 5 p.m. and starving. Sign up for Goodies and always have ample snacks on hand. Goodies sends you a delicious package of the latest and greatest in snack foods for a mere $7 a month. Just, please, try not to eat all of the tasty snacks at once.

    $7 at Goodies | Buy

    | Posted 26 Aug, 2013 in Food and Drink by Rene

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