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  • Waste-Free Snack Kit


    Picnic weather is finally here, and even if you can’t spend the afternoon lolling in the grass you can at least grab your lunch break on a bench in the sun. This kit from Kids Konserve is the green way to eat al fresco- every piece, from the recycled cotton napkin to the reclaimed stainless steel containers- are as eco-friendly as can be. Let’s hope your actual lunch is just as healthy.

    $35 at Branch Home | Buy

    | Posted 03 Jul, 2012 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Beer Making Kit


    Add beer making to your summer DIY list. Brooklyn Brew Shop sells convenient 1 gallon kits with everything needed to brew varieties like Bruxelles Blonde or Coffee & Donut Stout.

    $40 at Brooklyn Brew Shop | Buy

    | Posted 28 Jun, 2012 in Food and Drink by Christy
  • Mom Cup


    Momís been up all night feeding, rocking, and changing diapers. Some coffee is in order. And, itís your turn to hold the baby.

    $14 at Wandersketch | Buy

    | Posted 03 May, 2012 in Food and Drink by Christy
  • With Love House Red Wine


    Does mom have a hankering for some Bordeaux? Wet her whistle and warm her heart with a sentimental bottle of Swanson Vineyards House Red. At the end of a long day, anybody’s mother could use a glass of wine.

    $25 at Swanson Vineyards | Buy

    | Posted 26 Apr, 2012 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • 19 Piece Spring Ballotin


    Celebrate your mom with a big fancy box of chocolates- an indulgence she would never ask for but will always appreciate. She will be so impressed with your gift-giving she just might share a delicious, chocolaty treat with you.

    $30 at Godiva | Buy

    | Posted 24 Apr, 2012 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • The Macbeth Collection Party Tray


    Who is ready to party? Looking for a fabulous housewarming, shower, or wedding gift this spring? We love personalized and functional gifts, and this tray from The Macbeth Collection fits the bill. Pick a print and add a monogram or personalize the tray any way you like. Your recipient will delight over a gift made especially for them, that they will actually use.

    $78 at Orange And Pear | Buy

    | Posted 05 Apr, 2012 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Picnic Carrier For Two


    Be prepared for when the perfect picnic opportunity arises. Keep this classic kit in your trunk for impromptu park dining, and rest easy you’ve got everything you need in one charming basket. From salt and pepper to a trash bag to a cutting board, Picnic And Beyond thought of everything to make your picnic picture-perfect.

    $35 at Aldea | Buy

    | Posted 04 Apr, 2012 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Hampton Cheese Marker Set


    In charge of the cheese plate for the upcoming holidays? Make it a one-two gift combination and give the host this adorable set of cheese markers as well. The earthenware set can be used again and again, long after that cheese log runs out.

    $29 at Bambeco | Buy

    | Posted 03 Apr, 2012 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Flags


    Top O’ the cupcake to you! Deliver a sweet treat- with a sweet message- on St. Patrick’s Day, or use these flags as a friendly reminder during the rest of the year.

    $8 at Go Against The Grain | Buy

    | Posted 13 Mar, 2012 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • The Clean Program By Dr. Alejandro Junger


    If it is good enough for Gwyneth, it is good enough for you. Restart your, um, system with a cleanse. Follow the straightforward guide, down the shakes and supplements, and come out feeling like a squeaky-clean and brand new you on the other side. Chris Martin sold seperately.

    $425 at Clean | Buy

    | Posted 10 Jan, 2012 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Bicycle Old Fasioned Glass


    Queen said it best: I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike! This set of screen-printed old fashioned glasses will charm any lucky recipient. Sipping cocktails out of whimsically designed glasses in a rainbow of colors? Weeeee!

    $75 at Vital | Buy

    (Set of 10)

    | Posted 29 Dec, 2011 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Grow At Home Mushroom Kit


    Mist and grow, it’s that simple. Grow your own fancy pearl oyster mushrooms in your kitchen, right in the box. Snatch off a few stems when you need them and watch for more ‘shrooms to bloom. Just like that, you’re a localvore.

    $20 at Abe's Market | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2011 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Gingerhaus Ultimate Gingerbread House Kit


    Don’t freak out- this gingerbread house kit is totally doable. Gingerhaus supplies the frame for your confectionery mansion, so all you really have to do is a little baking and add the decorative flair. And then snack on it through New Year’s, of course. A fun and fancy way to embrace the holidays.

    $30 at Sur La Table | Buy

    | Posted 12 Dec, 2011 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Wine Bottle Attire


    Cozy up that wine gift, it’s cold out there! Holiday party wine bottles call for festive attire- a jaunty hat and scarf. No need for mittens.

    $10 at Sundance Catalog | Buy

    (Buy 3 or more sets for $8 each)

    | Posted 28 Nov, 2011 in Food and Drink by Christy
  • Villa Manadori Balsamic


    Aged balsamic vinegar that will make your next dinner party a hit with some french bread and mozzarella. This stuff is to die for!

    $50 at Williams-Sonoma | Buy

    | Posted 24 Nov, 2011 in Food and Drink by Jeff
  • Harry & David Trailside Gift Box


    A perfect gift for co-workers or friends. It includes a gourmet assortment of nuts, moose-munch, sausage, and cheese.

    $20 at Harry & David | Buy

    | Posted 20 Nov, 2011 in Food and Drink by Jeff
  • Spiced Acorn S’mores


    Make your hosts ever-so thankful for inviting you to Thanksgiving. Presenting a platter of Spiced Acorn S’mores will, in fact, secure your return invitation for years to come. Two Hearts Bakery whips up these delectable treats, sealing hand-cut marshmallows (made with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg) between cinnamon-spiced graham crackers. And then they dip that entire pile of deliciousness in dark chocolate. Congratulations, you’ve just earned a seat at the adults table.

    $25 at Williams-Sonoma | Buy

    | Posted 14 Nov, 2011 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Whiskey Lover Set By Teroforma


    Make like the country club set and enjoy some whiskey by a roaring fire this winter. Teroforma has made a one-stop set for distinguished imbibing- minus the hooch, of course. The set includes two crystal tumblers (fancy!) and 6 whiskey stones that will keep the good stuff nice and cold. Cheers to that!

    $60 at Seltzer Studios | Buy

    | Posted 10 Nov, 2011 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Chocolate Ghosts


    Hands off, trick-or-treaters! These delicious treats are for grown-ups only. While the kids are gorging themselves on fun-sized candy bars, the adults can enjoy hand-dipped white chocolate ghosts, a seasonal treat from renowned chocolatier L.A. Burdick. Pair with some spiked cider for a spooky good time.

    $18 at L.A. Burdick | Buy

    | Posted 10 Oct, 2011 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Trolley Cooler


    For a serious tailgater, serious gear is required. Insulated and waterproof, the cheerful, easy-to-spot orange trolley will smoothly tote tons of goodies to the next big game and fold up neatly when you’re all out of beer.

    $80 at Crate and Barrel | Buy

    | Posted 03 Aug, 2011 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Teacupcakes Cupcake Molds


    Would you like a cup of tea to go with your cup of cupcake? A teacup-shaped silicone mold is a clever and cute way to serve a delicious spot of treat.

    $15 at Paper Source | Buy

    | Posted 02 Aug, 2011 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Salad Dressing Shaker


    If you prefer your vinaigrette shaken, not stirred, invest in a eye-pleasing shaker that adds style to the table and flavor to your salad.

    $24 at Grounded | Buy

    | Posted 07 Jun, 2011 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Glass Salt Bowl


    Seasoning never looked so pretty. Keep your salt handy while cooking with a lovely glass bowl perfect for prep or snacks.

    $14 at Canoe | Buy

    | Posted 07 Jun, 2011 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Linen Tray


    This charming linen tray is technically meant for children, but we won’t tell if you use it to pass around treats at your next party. Made in Lithuania by Fog Linen.

    $27 at Mjolk | Buy

    | Posted 31 May, 2011 in Food and Drink by Rene
  • Mesh Food Cover


    There is nothing grosser than realizing a tantalizing picnic spread has suddenly turned into an insect playground. Toss on a few food covers to protect the delectables and chow down without having to check for tiny legs. (Ew.)

    $13 at Bed Bath & Beyond | Buy

    | Posted 24 May, 2011 in Food and Drink by Rene

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