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  • RFID Blocker Sleeves


    There will be no snatching of your personal information, thankyouverymuch, when you slip your credit cards or license into these protective RFID blocker sleeves.

    $6 at Eagle Creek | Buy

    | Posted 30 Jul, 2015 in Gadgets by Rene
  • Zero Gravity Strut iPhone 6 Case


    Your phone is just as much of a fashion accessory as your favorite necklaces and earrings – dress it up! This super-tough case features a marbled acrylic back in tones of taupe and cream bisected by a mirrored gold-tone chevron.

    $26 at Swell | Buy

    | Posted 23 Jul, 2015 in Gadgets by Janet
  • Bottle Protectors


    A burst bottle of merlot would be a seriously traumatic luggage event. Keep your bottles cozy, padded and, more importantly, leak-proof, with protective sleeves made of nylon and PVC.

    $22 at Travelsmith | Buy

    (On Sale)

    | Posted 22 Jul, 2015 in Gadgets by Rene
  • Kate Spade New York Sunglasses iPad Air Hard Case


    Spent big moolah on an iPad Air? You’ll want to protect it in style. This hard vinyl case features a colorful print of vintage cat-eye glasses, and opens to support the tablet in a horizontal position.

    $90 at Shopbop | Buy

    | Posted 20 Jul, 2015 in Gadgets by Janet
  • Rebecca Minkoff Lightning Cable Bracelet


    On the surface, this looks like a sleek, chic black rubber ID bracelet with a large gold pyramid stud tag. Unclasp it to reveal a space-saving mini iPhone 5/6 USB charger that’s perfect for travel. Genius, no?

    $58 at Rebecca Minkoff | Buy

    | Posted 13 Jul, 2015 in Gadgets by Janet
  • Portable Workstation


    Anyone stuck at the airport waiting on a delayed flight (and really, isn’t that all of us?) who has a deadline will love this so-brilliant-why-didn’t-I-think-of-it workstation from Genius Pack and Tripad. Your luggage is now your desktop, and your hunched back and stooped shoulders will thank you. Even better, this clever device is flat and easy to store away should that flight ever arrive.

    $38 at Genius Pack | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jul, 2015 in Gadgets by Rene
  • Ollie by Orbotix


    Dads and kids (and hey, moms too!) will have a blast programming this little cylindrical robot to tackle just about any terrain they can think up. It’s controlled by a downloadable Bluetooth LE phone app, and can go up to 14mph. Get rolling!

    $100 at MakerShed | Buy

    | Posted 12 May, 2015 in Gadgets by Janet
  • Tory Burch for FitBit Bracelet


    We love how our FitBit tracks everything from the number of steps we take to the quality of our sleep each night, but it’s not the most stylish accessory. Trust preppie queen, Tory Burch, to make it chic. Available in gold or silver plate, just slip your FitBit Flex into the bracelet, close the push-lock clasp, and you’ll have a chic bracelet perfect for work or nights out.

    $195 at Shopbop | Buy

    | Posted 12 Feb, 2015 in Gadgets by Janet
  • Rose Gold Frends X Baublebar Layla Headphones


    $175 might be a lot for headphones, since earbuds can be had for $5 at the grocery store, but these aren’t just headphones, they’re jewelry! With two interchangeable ear caps (one rose gold, one jeweled) and an extra pair of sparkly earrings, listening to the Serial podcast on your way to work just got a lot more fashionable.

    $175 at Bauble Bar | Buy

    | Posted 15 Jan, 2015 in Gadgets by Janet
  • The Intellitracker


    Part fitness tracker, part Big Brother, this wristband is here to get your butt in gear. It tracks calories, steps, heart rate, sleep, and more: It tells time, notifies you of incoming texts, emails and calls on a Bluetooth-compatible device, and… well… This part is a little intrusive, but cool: If you haven’t moved much for an hour, it vibrates to encourage you to get up and bust a move.

    $170 at Title Nine | Buy

    | Posted 07 Jan, 2015 in Gadgets by Janet
  • Nano Drone Quadcopter


    Aw, look at the cute little droney-woney! At just 2” across, and available in 3 colors, it’s a great stocking stuffer for your favorite gadget addict. Be forewarned; they may use it to dive bomb you at the breakfast table.

    $33 at Morrison Innovations | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2014 in Gadgets by Janet
  • Clipster Active Bluetooth Speaker


    If your guy is constantly on the go, the Clipster bluetooth speaker will be the gift of his dreams. If he wants to listen to music while pruning the hedges, or make a phone call while riding his bike, this waterproof, rubber-coated clip-on speaker will happily tag along.

    $42 at Brookstone | Buy

    | Posted 16 Dec, 2014 in Gadgets by Rene
  • Galactic Crystal Headphones


    Those who are serious about both fashion and music will flip for these bedazzled leather headphones. Think how much sparklier your morning commute tunes will be now.

    $120 at Savous | Buy

    | Posted 25 Aug, 2014 in Gadgets by Janet
  • Fire Kit


    Light a match in any conditions (and with good style) with the brass Fire Kit. The bottom of the kit is the rough striking surface, while matches and a cotton ball fit snugly inside.

    $150 at Fort Standard | Buy

    | Posted 11 Aug, 2014 in Gadgets by Rene
  • Lipault 28in. Patent Suitcase


    Finding your black suitcase on the airport baggage carousel amongst the 3,285 other black suitcases is nigh-on impossible. Carry this fab faux patent leather roller bag in bright teal, however, and you’ll have grabbed your bag and be in line for a taxi in no time.

    $300 at See Jane Work | Buy

    | Posted 09 Jul, 2014 in Gadgets by Janet
  • Waterproof iPad Case


    If a teacher dares to bring an iPad into the classroom, then it best be protected within an inch of its life. Suddenly anything and everything is a harzard (fish tank, children’s dirty hands, the floor). Luckily this case is waterproof, floats, is padded and keeps out dust, sand and dirt. So bring it on, class!

    $60 at Red Envelope | Buy

    | Posted 19 Jun, 2014 in Gadgets by Rene
  • Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller


    Her chardonnay. His craft brew. Both can achieve the perfect icy temperature within 4 minutes with this nifty countertop cooler. It features different settings for different types of bottles and cans, and different products. Just add water and ice to the cooling reservoir, press a button, and bam! Icy cold bevvies at their fingertips.

    $90 at Crate and Barrel | Buy

    | Posted 19 Jun, 2014 in Gadgets by Janet
  • Kikkerland Design Portable BBQ Suitcase


    We’re 99% sure James Bond would carry this on his next covert camping trip. Guys and girls with a thing for secret spy gadgets and delicious bbq will love this fold-up grill that looks deceptively like a metal briefcase.

    $80 at Nordstrom | Buy

    | Posted 09 Jun, 2014 in Gadgets by Janet
  • Gigs 2 Go USB Flash Drive


    We always seem to need a flash drive for some reason or another, and never have one on hand. Not anymore! This snap-and-go set of 4 chip-on-board flash memory sticks fits in your back pocket, and is made from recycled paper pulp, for extra eco-coolness. Makes a great graduation or Father’s Day gift.

    $35 at MOMA Store | Buy

    | Posted 09 Jun, 2014 in Gadgets by Janet
  • The Beauty Station


    Whoa. Take your beauty routine to the next level -probably a few levels up, actually- with this oh-so organized, oh-so cool Beauty Station from iSkelter. Made from bamboo, the sleek station houses up to 30 cosmetics, brushes and tools in handy little slots and drawers, and doubles as a docking station for multiple mobile devices. Now you can settle in for that cat eye tutorial you’ve always wanted to try.

    $79 at iSkelter | Buy

    | Posted 17 Mar, 2014 in Gadgets by Rene
  • iSlide Wallet Case


    Travel light with this slim, grab-and-go wallet case. Easily stashed in your pocket, Athleta’s sleek (and pretty) case keeps your essentials handy for quick jaunts or days when you simply cannot decide which handbag to use.

    $22 at Athleta | Buy

    | Posted 05 Mar, 2014 in Gadgets by Rene
  • Nine Of Hearts iPhone Case


    Wear your heart on your phone for a slyly affectionate touch. Not too cutesy, this minimal, playing card-inspired case will stay stylish (and romantic) long after February 14th.

    $38 at Anthropologie | Buy

    | Posted 29 Jan, 2014 in Gadgets by Rene
  • Nimbus Wink Enabled Personal Assistant


    If you are addicted to screen time, The Nimbus Wink is your new smart-best-friend-meets-alarm clock. Constantly updated information (you set up what’s important to you; traffic alerts, Facebook, Fitbit, email, etc.) is boldly displayed on the Wink’s sleek and modern facade, streamlining your updates for you as you begin the day.

    $130 at Think Geek | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jan, 2014 in Gadgets by Rene
  • Power Link Knot


    We always love a twofer so we are completely sold on Native Union’s Power Link Knot Key chain. The chunky knot makes it easy to snatch your keys from the depths of your bag/pockets/carseats, and cleverly tucked inside the leather pouch is a USB and connector. Is one of your resolutions to streamline your life and gear? Here is a great first step.

    $30 at Native Union | Buy

    (On sale)

    | Posted 10 Jan, 2014 in Gadgets by Rene
  • Yurbuds Inspire Sport Earphones


    Pump up your workouts with upbeat tuneage, and never again worry about your earbuds falling out. Available in three bright colors, these are sweat- and water-resistant and have a smaller size to better fit into your ear without pain.

    $30 at Athleta | Buy

    | Posted 07 Jan, 2014 in Gadgets by Janet

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