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  • Black Ceramic Eco-Friendly Travel Mug


    The chic-est to-go cup of coffee comes courtesy of Artwares By Yevgenia, where the artist paints delicate and beautiful blooms on housewares. Silver and gold dandelions and Queen Anne’s Lace sparkle against this black ceramic tumbler. Watch out, Starbucks.

    $95 at Artwares By Yevgenia | Buy

    | Posted 04 Apr, 2014 in Home by Rene
  • Plant These To Help Save Bees Poster


    We give this original illustration by Hannah Rosengren two big green thumbs up. Spread bee preservation awareness with this charming, garden-inspired poster. The bees in your backyard will certainly thank you.

    $32 at Hannah Rosengren | Buy

    | Posted 26 Feb, 2014 in Home by Rene
  • Rhino Mounted Head Hook


    Never lose your keys again, when you dangle them from this boldly printed rhino’s tusk. A play on a traditonal taxidermy mount, Wolfrum’s rhino is humanely made of birch and walnut wood.

    $38 at Wolfrum | Buy

    | Posted 13 Feb, 2014 in Home by Rene
  • Dauville Gold Ice Bucket


    We personally do not need a reason to keep a bottle of champagne handy, but if you do, check out the Dauville Ice Bucket at Furbish. So minimal and chic, so downright fancy, you’ll want to keep this gilded, porcelain bucket on display even long after the bubbles fizzle out.

    $80 at Furbish | Buy

    | Posted 29 Jan, 2014 in Home by Rene
  • Earthlust Stainless Steel Scallops Water Bottle


    Resolving to drink more water, instead of coffee or Diet Coke, is a great way to get healthier without a huge routine change. This beautifully patterned metal bottle holds 20 ounces of H20, and is produced in China with fair trade and labor.

    $18 at The Green Life Co Store | Buy

    | Posted 22 Jan, 2014 in Home by Janet
  • The Hooknook


    If you’ve vowed to get more organized in 2014, these combination hook-and-container gizmos are a great place to start. Mount a few by your door to hold your purse, keys, phone, and all those other daily must-haves you always seem to spend 20 precious minutes searching for.

    $12 at The Container Store | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jan, 2014 in Home by Janet
  • Coast-To-Coast Coaster Set


    Show a little love for your hosts home coast with these fun laser-cut birch wood coasters. Available in West Coast or Gulf Coast. Note: Mighty Goods refuses to pick which coast is best, which is why we’re buying both. We ain’t about to start a West vs. Gulf war, yo.

    $36 at Anthropologie | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jan, 2014 in Home by Janet
  • Back In The Day Bakery Cookbook


    Old school recipes from this charming duo will be a hit with any host or hostess, particularly those who get huffy about from-scratch baking. Cheryl and Griff Day relish in down-home, Southern cooking, and their enthusiasm about a good pie (and life) is infectious.

    $25 at Back In The Day Bakery | Buy

    | Posted 04 Dec, 2013 in Home by Rene
  • Rocking Bird Salt + Pepper Shakers


    Rock on, salt and pepper. Sweet ceramic birds (on rockers!) make for a truly unique seasoning duo.

    $19 at West Elm | Buy

    (On sale)

    | Posted 04 Dec, 2013 in Home by Rene
  • The HomePort Collections White Floral Magnets


    Grocery lists and unpaid bills tacked on the refrigerator never looked so glamorous. This set of three white, ceramic flowers add a feminine flair to the ol’ icebox.

    $38 at Pure Home | Buy

    | Posted 04 Dec, 2013 in Home by Janet
  • Juara Hope Candle


    Not only does this hand poured candle smell like jasmine, rose, bergamot, coconut, freesia, and jungle greens, but it’s beautifully packaged and ready to give as a gift. 10% of sales from this candle are donated to Walubi, an organization dedicated to aiding poor, disaster-hit areas of Indonesia.

    $32 at SkinStore | Buy

    | Posted 27 Nov, 2013 in Home by Janet
  • Fringe Studio Peacock Foil Tray


    This might be the prettiest mini tray (traylet? trayette?) we’ve ever seen. It’s perfect to use as a soap dish, or to display a few favorite pieces of jewelry, since the hand-applied gold foil will pick up the gleam of the metal.

    $28 at Orange and Pear | Buy

    | Posted 20 Nov, 2013 in Home by Janet
  • Personalized Bamboo Utensil Set


    Whether your hostess is known for her homemade feasts, or known for knowing all the best takeout places in town, she’ll appreciate this set of customized bamboo kitchen spoons. They’re perfect for serving up deliciousness on special occasions or just weeknight dinners.

    $27 at Scissor Mill | Buy

    | Posted 19 Nov, 2013 in Home by Janet
  • Natural Bone Bar Set


    Cocktail lovers will appreciate the style and function of this set of hand-carved bar gadgets, made from bone, brass, and steel. Included are a cheese knife, stirring spoon, jigger, and bottle opener, all on a convenient storage stand. Cheers!

    $58 at Anthropologie | Buy

    | Posted 18 Nov, 2013 in Home by Janet
  • Hanukkah Candles


    Ready to celebrate Thanksgivukkah, the once-in-a-lifetime convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah? (Seriously, it’s awesome - and won’t happen again for 700 years!) Gift your Thanksgivukkah hosts with these lovely candles for their menorahs, made from organic vegetable waxes and available in three color choices, including the traditional Hanukkah blue.

    $18 at Module R | Buy

    | Posted 18 Nov, 2013 in Home by Janet
  • Hand Printed Napkins


    For someone who appreciates special, one-of-a-kind things, give a hand-printed, hand-stitched napkin from artist Heather Chontos. She creates the abstract design on each white linen napkin (which can also be used as a placemat), making each one a unique work of art.

    $22 at Milk Farm Road | Buy

    (Price is for one)

    | Posted 13 Nov, 2013 in Home by Rene
  • Art Deco Rose Tea Towel Set


    You could stock up on these charming and colorful tea towels to have on-hand as last minute teacher, hostess, and thank-you gifts, or you could casually incorporate them into your own kitchen while no one is looking. We won’t tell.

    $42 at Lulu & Luca | Buy

    (set of 3)

    | Posted 23 Oct, 2013 in Home by Rene
  • Burlap Spider Table Runner


    Creepy crawlies add eight-legged charm to this handmade table runner. Black spiders run amok on the burlap runner which is perfect for spooky get-togethers.

    $15 at Lonely Hunter Home | Buy

    | Posted 15 Oct, 2013 in Home by Rene
  • Pick Your Poison Wine Glass


    Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble…and add a splash of merlot, too. Imbibe with these devilishly charming wine glasses perfect for a Halloween fete.

    $18 at Jessica Kagen Cushman | Buy

    | Posted 04 Oct, 2013 in Home by Rene
  • Full Speed Ahead Traincase


    When a woman is serious about makeup, her collection sometimes gets a little… outsized. It can no longer be contained in a bathroom drawer, but we still want to have it all neatly organized and not taking up tons of space. This stylish train case offers two tiers of stacking trays with a large central compartment underneath, offering plenty of room for all those lip glosses and mascaras you just. can’t. do. without (we know how you feel).

    Pucker up for some savings at the Chippmunk Sephora coupons page!

    $110 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 16 Sep, 2013 in Home by Janet
  • TPS Mint File Cabinet


    Make filing report cards and homework seem (seem, not actually IS) more fun with this pretty mint green cabinet. With three large drawers and rolling, lockable wheels, it’s both practical and stylish.

    Don’t forget to look for some CB2 coupons at Chippmunk.com!

    $159 at CB2 | Buy

    | Posted 04 Sep, 2013 in Home by Janet
  • Fabric Magnet Board


    So much to keep track of, so little space. Get organized- and decorate while doing it- with a sweet, fabric-covered memo board from Livy Lou Designs. All of those permission slips and bills suddenly look a lot more attractive.

    $22 at Livy Lou Designs | Buy

    | Posted 26 Aug, 2013 in Home by Rene
  • Color-block Jewelry Box


    Your jewelry will look even better stored away in hand-painted, rounded, color-blocked boxes. Buy an assortment of colors (because we can’t pick just one) and add some lively organization to your space.

    $13 at Paragraph Loop | Buy

    | Posted 22 Aug, 2013 in Home by Rene
  • Adults-Only Campfire


    Brought to you by Energizer®. Click here to learn more about Energizer® Portable Lights with Light Fusion Technology.

    We’re not ones to rush the seasons, but we do have to face facts: August is almost all gone, y’all. Though that makes us prematurely nostalgic for beach days and margaritas, let’s not forget that fall often gets a bad reputation. Sure, it’s great for snuggling and football games and Halloween, but even in the frosty Northeast, temperatures stay well into the seventies through September. (Does anyone else remember sweating through their first-day-of-school corduroys back in the day? Our mothers refused to believe how warm fall can be, too.) So fear not, outdoor lovers, there is no need to pack away the lawn furntiure and cornhole just yet. Fall is a great time to host an adults-only campfire. No children, mosquitos or Kumbaya singing allowed- only some snacks, drinks, and good company around a crackling fire. With help from our friends at Energizer, we’re rounding up the must-haves for a successful and, we admit it, snuggly, early fall campfire.

    Fire Sense Copper Rail Fire Pit Clearly no campfire is complete without, you know, actual fire. Skip the burned lawn look; you can get pretty decent fire pits at any big-box retailer, but this painted steel one from Sears features a copper ring detail which will look so lovely all aglow.

    Energizer Portable Lights Not even considering how cute that little lantern is, Energizer’s new line of portable lights are so handy, especially when partying in the backyard after dark. Use the Folding Lantern to light a pathway or direct guests to the cooler. The Pop-Up Lantern and Directional Light are great to to do quick checks on the fire or to glance at that cocktail recipe. We think these clever little lights will be put to good use for trick-or-treating and ghost story sessions later in the fall, too.

    Smith & Hawken Caged Lantern String Light Energizer has your real-life, usable lighting needs covered, so let this string of old-timey lantern lights from Target add to the ambiance of the evening. Any backyard gathering will instantly feel cozier and more festive when these lovely lights are lit.

    Williams-Sonoma Pomogranate-Blueberry Cocktail Mixer OK, I’ll have just one. A cocktail turns a few friends sitting around a fire into an actual party, and Williams-Sonoma does the hard work for you by pairing pomogranate and blueberry juices with pure cane sugar in their easy-as-pie cocktail mixer. Add almost any liquor and it will taste amazing.

    Big Sur Cabin Spray Maybe your backyard is basically a patio, a stoop, or just a slab of concrete. No worries, you can get that camping-out-under-the-stars vibe going with Juniper Ridge’s Big Sur Cabin Spray. The fragrance is an all-natural combination of plants, bark, and many other elements of the woods. Breathe in and pretend you are high up in the mountains.

    Pendleton Woolen Diamond Medallion Throw No matter how warm the fall days get, the evenings have a distinct coolness to them. Pendleton’s wool blankets are an American stalwart that will keep you toasty warm all night long. We love the new, colorful diamond medallion print.

    Recchiuti S’Mores Kit Hands off, kids! This kit is for grown-up palates only. Handmade vanilla bean marshmallows, graham cookies and a bittersweet chocolate bar make this sweet collection a hot commodity by the campfire.

    $0 at Energizer | Buy

    | Posted 15 Aug, 2013 in Home by Rene
  • Ombre Abode Coin Bank


    This charming little house-shaped bank from Ferm Living would be lovely enough on its own, but the addition of pale pink ombre makes it an eye-catching piece worthy of any mantle. Your spare change will finally be on trend.

    $40 at Ferm Living | Buy

    | Posted 05 Aug, 2013 in Home by Rene

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