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  • U.S. Navy Blanket


    Three Potato Four has reintroduced a vintage blanket that they adore, and you will too. The standard issue Naval blanket from WWII is now made from softer wool and is a versatile piece even in summer: Perfect for picnics in the park or curling up around a campfire, this sturdy blanket is an heirloom in the making.

    $150 at Three Potato Four | Buy

    | Posted 20 Jun, 2012 in Home by Rene
  • Custom House Planter Pot


    What better way to say Happy New Home than to gift a personalized planter featuring someone’s brand new money pit. Also great for a hostess gift, these hand-painted pots are completely unique and will surely remain a favorite of the lucky recipient, even if they should ever move out of that once beloved house.

    $30 at One Eyed Dog | Buy

    | Posted 30 May, 2012 in Home by Rene
  • Love Bird Trinket Dish


    Aside from being undeniably cute, these love birds add charm to this enameled trinket dish. Place it bedside or on top of your dresser to keep tiny treasures contained and on display.

    $6 at Urban Outfitters | Buy

    | Posted 11 May, 2012 in Home by Christy
  • Herringbone Throw


    Brahms Mount blankets are the ultimate in snuggle gear. Luxuriously soft and rich and woven on old school looms, this throw is a timeless and sure to be well-loved investment.

    $236 at Orange And Pear | Buy

    | Posted 10 May, 2012 in Home by Rene
  • Custom Silhouette


    We are loving the silhouette trend right now. Capture baby’s sweet profile and preserve a moment in time for that first Mother’s Day.

    $25 at Pretty Faces | Buy

    | Posted 02 May, 2012 in Home by Christy
  • Yellow Dots Party Glass


    Recipe for a lazy spring day: One porch swing, a dash of sunshine, and ice cold lemonade. Serve in a glass with just a smattering of yellow dots for whimsy.

    $5 at Fishs Eddy | Buy

    | Posted 27 Apr, 2012 in Home by Christy
  • Personalized Seahorse Family Pillow Cover


    Mom will be touched that you took the effort to personalize a pillow cover for her, featuring her favorite people. Give Red Envelope the details and leave it to them to make a crisp and whimsical seahorse throw pillow cover that mom will adore and her friends will covet.

    $40 at Red Envelope | Buy

    (On sale)

    | Posted 26 Apr, 2012 in Home by Rene
  • Shop & Eat Notepad


    What’s for dinner? Plan your weekly meals and your weekly grocery list with this stylish Shop & Eat Notepad. Personal chef not included.

    $30 at Perideau Designs | Buy

    | Posted 17 Apr, 2012 in Home by Christy
  • An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails


    You’ve just moved in, and you need some beverage inspiration for the housewarming you’re hosting. Filled with illustrations, stories, and recipes, An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails is a unique resource. You might just find your new signature drink.

    $20 at Elizabeth Graeber | Buy

    | Posted 17 Apr, 2012 in Home by Christy
  • Reusable Produce Bags by Flip & Tumble


    Paper or plastic? Neither! You always have your reusable shopping bags with you. Take it to the next level and corral your fruits and veggies in the produce section, too.

    $11 at Mighty Nest | Buy

    | Posted 12 Apr, 2012 in Home by Christy
  • Holey Boards


    A functional cutting board is a hole-in-one kitchen staple. These gorgeous wooden boards feature holes for easy grabbing or scooping chopped bits into bowls or the sink.

    $52 at Canvas | Buy

    | Posted 10 Apr, 2012 in Home by Rene
  • Watercolor World Map


    Color the world in lovely springtime blues and greens, or if you prefer, pinks and yellows- artist Jessica Durrant has created multiple watercolor maps in a bevy of color palettes. A truly artistic view of the world.

    $25 at Jessica's Little Shop of Illustrations | Buy

    | Posted 06 Apr, 2012 in Home by Rene
  • Ideal Bookshelf 413: Jane Austen


    The books we love say a little something about who we are. A bookworm’s delight, artist Jane Mount creates custom paintings of your Ideal Bookshelf. Send her a list of your favorite reads or find them ready made in her shop.

    $26 at Jane Mount | Buy

    | Posted 05 Apr, 2012 in Home by Christy
  • Ziggy Plate


    Planning a picnic? Add a burst of zig zag color to your spread with a set of colorful melamine plates. Note: The Ziggy is equally suited for your kitchen table, should April showers send you indoors.

    $8 at French Bull | Buy

    | Posted 04 Apr, 2012 in Home by Christy
  • Spider Beaded Burst Napkin Rings


    Beaded napkin rings add a splash of color to any white table setting, and will set the right tone for a lively summer fiesta. This set also makes a great hostess, housewarming or shower gift for any color-lover.

    $56 at Kim Seybert | Buy

    (set of 4)

    | Posted 29 Mar, 2012 in Home by Rene
  • Letterpress Hello


    We are big fans of the internet, but there is nothing quite like the thrill of finding a handwritten hello in your mailbox. This simple black and white letterpress design from In Haus Press is perfect for sending a snail mail hello – just because.

    $14 at In Haus Press | Buy

    | Posted 23 Mar, 2012 in Home by Christy
  • Oregon Love


    Does Oregon hold a special place in your heart? Or, maybe it is Italy or South America? Wherever it may be, Poppy & Pinecone has created original watercolors of your special state, country, or continent. So, where is your heart?

    $20 at Poppy & Pinecone | Buy

    | Posted 13 Mar, 2012 in Home by Christy
  • Fun Slide Photograph



    Alicia Bock’s fine art photograph captures the anxious excitement of that perennial carnival favorite, the Fun Slide. This 8” X 8” photograph is ready for framing, and even more than ready to add a dose of fun to your walls.

    $35 at Alicia Bock | Buy

    | Posted 12 Mar, 2012 in Home by Rene
  • Porcelain And Leather Hanging Planters


    Clear off some tabletops and hang your plants in sleek style. A trio of porcelain planters look lovely and modern hanging together, regardless of how often you water those poor plants. Leather straps make for sturdy hanging.

    $120 at Farrah Sit | Buy

    (Set of 3)

    | Posted 09 Mar, 2012 in Home by Rene
  • Garland Bowl


    Celebrate in a subltle way with a sweet string of garland decorating this handmade, multi-purpose bowl. A great gift for new homeowners, couples or a gracious host.

    $26 at Viruset | Buy

    | Posted 09 Mar, 2012 in Home by Rene
  • Winter White Linen Dinner Napkins


    What do you give the hostess with the mostest? Something truly original, like this set of hand-printed linen napkins. People rarely splurge on such fanciness for themselves, and a set as pretty as this will certainly be appreciated and saved for good company.

    $40 at Giardino | Buy

    (set of 4)

    | Posted 08 Mar, 2012 in Home by Rene
  • Helping Hands Salad Servers


    Reach out and toss a salad with handmade wild olive wood salad servers. Made in Kenya, this set of servers will make a great hostess gift for anyone who enjoys a little whimsy at their table. Meanwhile, we’re still debating whether these helping hands could double as back scratchers.

    $36 at Swahili African Modern | Buy

    | Posted 01 Mar, 2012 in Home by Rene
  • Desktop Organizer


    You don’t need to spend a fortune tidying up your desktop. Organize miscellaneous supplies in plain sight with this translucent desktop organizer from The Container Store, a mecca for all things neat and tidy.

    $3 at The Container Store | Buy

    | Posted 29 Feb, 2012 in Home by Christy
  • Letter Holder Bookend


    Who doesn’t love a multitasker? This sleek bookend keeps your stacks tidy, while the handy built-in letter holder keeps your mail looking neat and organized. This bookend would also work great in a kitchen, corraling cookbooks and recipes. Your cluttered surfaces will thank you.

    $45 at Molla Space | Buy

    | Posted 29 Feb, 2012 in Home by Rene
  • Ethel’s Fleur-de-Lis Gloves


    Step one to successful gardening: dress the part. Green thumb or not, with these fleur-de-lis gloves you’ll look stylish while you’re pulling weeds.

    $22 at Terrain | Buy

    | Posted 28 Feb, 2012 in Home by Christy

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