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  • Fairyland Ear Set


    Mix-and-match your way to extra sparkly earlobes with this earring and ear cuff set. Includes four different pieces that can be worn on either ear.

    $44 at Bauble Bar | Buy

    | Posted 02 Dec, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Antique Wing Ring


    Priced less than your daily three-pumpkin-spice-latte habit (no judgment), this carved wing ring is available in either antiqued gold or a weathered silver finish. Set with sparkling clear crystals, it’s a heavenly addition (ha) to any holiday party ensemble.

    $9 at Oasap | Buy

    | Posted 02 Dec, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Vintage Crystal Necklace


    This necklace isn’t so much bling-bling as it is bling-bling-BLING, baby. Featuring hand-set, vintage-cut stones in antique ten prong castings, it will throw off a dazzling display of sparkle every time you move.

    $89 at Stella & Dot | Buy

    | Posted 01 Dec, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Sam Edelman Long Cluster Pendant Necklace


    Oooh, shiny! This chunky pendant on a 32” chain brings out our magpie tendencies. Whenever you wear it, people won’t be able to stop themselves from reaching out to touch it, so be prepared for an invasion of your personal space.

    $95 at Piperlime | Buy

    | Posted 25 Nov, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Feather Texture Cuff


    When in ensemble-doubt, add a bracelet. Better yet, add this bracelet, which we love for its faux-feather texture, width, and matted gold tone.

    $50 at Talbot's | Buy

    | Posted 04 Nov, 2014 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Kendra Scott Naomi Ring


    Rough up the traditional feminine holiday sparkle with this platinum-hued drusy two-finger ring. Made from 14k plated gold and natural drusy stone, it’s shiny and captivating, and perfect for parties.

    $130 at Charm And Chain | Buy

    | Posted 04 Nov, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Blu Bijoux Starburst Bangle


    Holiday decor frequently involves star motifs, so why shouldn’t the jewelry you wear to holiday parties also feature stars? Available in yellow gold, silver, or rose gold and studded with Austrian crystals, this sparkling bangle bracelet is a stellar addition to any Christmas party outfit.

    $28 at Max and Chloe | Buy

    | Posted 30 Oct, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Dazzling Crystal Rhinestones Beaded Necklace


    We actually love that this necklace is done in pastel pink, amethyst, green, and aqua, instead of the traditional holiday whites, reds, and greens. It means we can wear it year-round, but it’ll especially stand out amidst all the standard Christmas attire.

    $20 at Oasap | Buy

    | Posted 28 Oct, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Crystal Scale Bracelet


    This bracelet might be faux-luxe, but it is plenty envy-inducing. The jingly, jangly crystals have art-deco inspiration and enough sparkle to last you through the new year.

    $32 at BaubleBar | Buy

    | Posted 28 Oct, 2014 in Jewelry by Rene
  • The Gatekeeper Gold Rhinestone Statement Necklace


    All eyes will be on you when you don this bold, chunky rhinestone and flat gold chain necklace. It’s perfect for pairing with low cut or strapless dresses and your favorite bright lip color.

    $24 at Lulu's | Buy

    | Posted 27 Oct, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Tasha Sparkling Braid Head Wrap


    Even ladies rocking pixie cuts can still bling up their everyday hairdos with this sequin, crystal, and bead-embroidered headband. Shades of navy blue, black, and gold make it a great neutral piece to wear with both casual and dressy outfits.

    $28 at Nordstrom | Buy

    | Posted 27 Oct, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Baby 2 Baby Bracelet


    A simple, silk, emerald green cord is bedecked in sterling silver beads, creating the perfect wear-everyday-until-it-falls-off bracelet. Even better? A portion of the proceeds from each sale benefits the charity Baby2Baby, which helps new babies get the essentials they need.

    $20 at CJ Free Jewelry | Buy

    | Posted 27 Oct, 2014 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Sahota Bracelet


    We’re totally digging the mix of wild neon cord and luxe, glittery crystals in this bracelet. Available in neon green and bright fuchsia, it’ll add the proverbial pop of color to your favorite basic black and gray ensembles.

    $75 at Noir NYC | Buy

    | Posted 23 Oct, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Elizabeth and James 2014 Bauhaus 4 Finger Set


    Presenting multi-finger chain rings for the prep set. Four open-back gold rings are connected by a delicate gold chain, making for a statement accessory that’s understated enough to wear to the office.

    $119 at Another20 | Buy

    | Posted 20 Oct, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Strength Bracelet


    What better animal could embody strength than the mighty elephant? Hot pink leather and gold-plated pachyderms are a cheeky-chic cuff bracelet with good cause: Proceeds benefit the Noreen Fraser Foundation, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

    $39 at Stella & Dot | Buy

    | Posted 20 Oct, 2014 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Les Nereides Wild Roses Earrings


    When we saw the thumbnail image of these earrings, we seriously thought that they were blinged-out sugar skulls - perfect for Halloween, we said! Upon closer examination, they’re a delightful collage of gems, enameled brass roses, pearls, and gold plated brass chains, perfect for any time of the year, not just October.

    $199 at Les Nereides | Buy

    | Posted 14 Oct, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Leather Feather Metallic Gold Statement Necklace


    This lovely hand-cut, hand-painted leather necklace offers you the wow of a metal statement necklace without the heavy weight. And, since it’s not a real feather, it won’t tickle you incessantly while you wear it.

    $75 at LoveAtFirstBlush | Buy

    | Posted 06 Oct, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Indian Gold Mesh Flower Bracelet


    If you can’t afford a trip to Mumbai, this bracelet (and some takeout curry) is the next best thing. Handmade by Indian artisans, the intricately braided cuff features a large faux pearl and crystal brooch at the center.

    $35 at ShopLatitude | Buy

    | Posted 02 Oct, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Abstract Filigree Ring


    Made from hammered, brushed brass with a 14k gold plate overlay, this deconstructed filigree ring adds a subtle gleam to your hand. Adjustable, so you can wear it as a midi ring or on any finger you like.

    $64 at Alisa Michelle | Buy

    | Posted 29 Sep, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Rectangle Link Earrings


    Remember in your punk phase in middle or high school, when you tried to wear safety pins and padlocks as earrings? These minimalist, brushed silver earrings harken back to those rebellious days, without dragging your earlobes down to your shoulders.

    $14 at Moorea Seal | Buy

    | Posted 25 Sep, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • There’s A Map For That Necklace


    Apparently, according to this necklace, the continental drift never happened. Our geologist selves are very angry about this, but nevertheless still digging this cutout world map done in gold plate.

    $20 at ModCloth | Buy

    | Posted 15 Sep, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Palm Beach Necklace


    The best part of this necklace- no, we’re not talking about the bold linked chain, or the four blue baubles- is that it is reversible. Choose four more stones of any color for the back, and this necklace is now endlessly wearable.

    $48 at Lisa Stewart | Buy

    | Posted 09 Sep, 2014 in Jewelry by Rene
  • House of Harlow 1960 Open Weave Cuff


    If you define your personal style as “urban hippie fortuneteller”, have we got the bracelet for you. A mix of silver and gold plated brushed metal is topped with a cabochon-cut tigers eye stone. Perfect for scrying into the future with on your lunch break.

    $175 at 80�s Purple | Buy

    (On sale)

    | Posted 08 Sep, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet
  • Ellie Charm Bracelet


    A classic charm bracelet, with a cause: Each charm purchased benefits a specific cause, such as The African Wildlife Foundation,, and Room To Read. Looking good while doing good is alway fashionable.

    $150 at Altruette | Buy

    | Posted 08 Sep, 2014 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Gold Tone Draped-Chain Collar Necklace


    Just about any top in your closet would benefit from the blingy style of this gold Peter Pan collar necklace. It’s kind of ladies-who-lunch meets Mister T, a combination we never thought we’d say, let alone covet.

    $30 at River Island | Buy

    | Posted 04 Sep, 2014 in Jewelry by Janet

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