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  • Stud Spike Earrings


    For the covert masochist, a subtle pair of spiked earrings say “I have good style” and “There is a whip in my closet” at the same time.

    $210 at Mawi | Buy

    | Posted 04 Oct, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Woman Of Words Necklace


    Keep those trick-or-treaters guessing if you’re a good witch or a bad one. Black glass beads and a vintage lucite cameo brooch look luxe and a little bit sinister. This gorgeous statement necklace from Elva Fields is the grown-up take on your goth teenage years- dark and brooding but still pretty.

    $248 at Elva Fields | Buy

    | Posted 04 Oct, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Yellow Beaded Bracelet


    A bracelet that serves as a cheery hello for you is the best kind of accessory. Bold yellow beads- teeny, tiny, hand-stitched beads- pack a punch of sunshine and add a bit of neon to keep you right on trend.

    $40 at Jeannie Richard | Buy

    | Posted 14 Sep, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Cluster Ring


    When life becomes a clustef**k, breath deeply and focus on this tough but sophisticated ring from By Boe. Recycled wood gets glammed up with golden rings, and the spike definitely means business. Let this rings be your badass motivation.

    $65 at by boe | Buy

    | Posted 14 Sep, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Large Coral Earrings


    Keep tropical beaches and blue ocean waters close to your mind as winter slowly shivers in. These coral shaped earrings will remind you of warmer times while adding some serious oomph to your face, thanks to their large size and intricate design.

    $250 at Jessica Hicks | Buy

    | Posted 14 Sep, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Tortoise And Hammered Gold Link Necklace


    Tortoise and gold are a match made in warm, honey-toned heaven. Toss on these chunky links for an instantly polished and rich look.

    $68 at C. Wonder | Buy

    | Posted 12 Sep, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Teardrop Earrings


    Vintage-inspired teardrop earrings will add old world flair and richness to your wardrobe, and the bright orange hued crystal stones will fit in with autumn tones perfectly.

    $145 at Lulu Frost | Buy

    | Posted 12 Sep, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Sculpted Feather Leather Bracelet


    Fly away- at least in your mind- with this charming and sweet feather bracelet. Layer with other leather bands from Chloe + Isabel’s line for added inspiration.

    $38 at Chloe + Isabel | Buy

    | Posted 11 Sep, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Lee Necklace


    Go big or go home. This expression has never been more true when it comes to the Lee necklace. A vibrant mix of stones, like quartz and agate, are jam-packed into a ghost setting for a strikingly beautiful effect.

    $155 at Kendra Scott | Buy

    | Posted 11 Sep, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Jane Cuff


    Dashing horses circle this fanciful metal cuff, with a white enamel background makes the motif truly stand out. Pick one up before they all gallop off.

    $38 at Shop Suey Boutique | Buy

    | Posted 10 Sep, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Bel Air Rhodium Bowl Ring


    Life is like a bowl full of…off-beat cocktail rings? Isn’t that how the saying goes? Fall into this lovely, sparkly bowl ring, both simple and stunning. A little dazzle-y and a lot interesting, this ring is like the cherry on top of the sundae of your outfit- the sweetest, best part.

    $175 at Alexis Bittar | Buy

    | Posted 10 Sep, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • BFF Charm Necklaces


    Just like in elementary school, a best friend necklace is the ultimate declaration of sisterhood. Share this set with your BFF in a gold, grown-up tribute to friendship.

    $125 at Charm And Chain | Buy

    | Posted 05 Sep, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • The Bandit Collar


    The Bandit necklace made by the ultra-hip 2 Bandits is like throwing a collar on any top you own. It will finish off any look with its muted pewter finish and jagged lines.

    $88 at The 2 Bandits | Buy

    | Posted 04 Sep, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Desdemona Necklace


    Links are wrapped in hand dyed silk ribbon to create a beautiful and colorful long necklace. A handy charm can double up the length for a tiered look, too.

    $285 at Lauren Wimmer | Buy

    | Posted 06 Aug, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Small Brass Bark Cuff


    Joan Hornig has come up with a unique way of giving back. 100% of the profits on the sale of each piece of jewelry are donated to charity. What sets her apart? You choose the charity.

    $175 at Joan Hornig Jewelry | Buy

    | Posted 03 Aug, 2012 in Jewelry by Christy
  • Lucky Horseshoe Necklace


    We could all use a little more good fortune in our lives. This golden horseshoe is perfect for collecting it on the go. Choose small, medium, or double your luck and wear both.

    $58 at Ripegoods | Buy

    | Posted 03 Aug, 2012 in Jewelry by Christy
  • Elsabet Silver Tube Bracelet


    It is hard to believe something so delicate and beautiful could be made from melted bullet casings. This is upcycling at its best. Raven + Lily employs women in Northern Ethiopia with proceeds funding healthcare and education programs in their community.

    $44 at Raven + Lily | Buy

    | Posted 02 Aug, 2012 in Jewelry by Christy
  • Michael J. Fox Foundation Necklace


    We’re always on the lookout for beautiful jewelry, especially if our purchase can help a worthy cause. This teardrop pendant from Gorjana is just that – beautiful, with 50% of the proceeds donated to help the Michael J. Fox Foundation find a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

    $78 at Gorjana | Buy

    | Posted 02 Aug, 2012 in Jewelry by Christy
  • Tory Burch Double Wrap Logo Stud Bracelet


    Sunflowers are a sweet way to work the stud trend into your wardrobe. The really sweet part? All profits benefit the Tory Burch Foundation, which helps provide economic opportunities to women and their families.

    $95 at Tory Burch | Buy

    | Posted 31 Jul, 2012 in Jewelry by Christy
  • Monogram Silk Bracelet


    When you don’t want just anyone seeing your initials, opt for Morse code. This bracelet mixes gorgeous silk with a few dots and dashes for a more mysterious monogram.

    $48 at Coatt | Buy

    | Posted 26 Jul, 2012 in Jewelry by Christy
  • Neo Finn Bracelet


    Mixed metals coexist stylishly on the classic and chunky Finn bracelet. Oxidized silver and brass look roughed-up and oddly lovely at the same time.

    $69 at Biko | Buy

    | Posted 20 Jul, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Pee Wee Bow Tie Necklace


    Hop on your red ten-speed bike and hit the town with this homage to Pee Wee made of resin on a sterling silver chain. Super cute- I know you are, but what am I?

    $130 at Tina Frey Designs | Buy

    | Posted 19 Jul, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Peacock Feather Resin Bangle


    A chunky resin bangle takes flight with a delicate peacock feather print. Just a touch of aviary flair will make you ready to spread your wings.

    $24 at Zad Wholesale Jewelry | Buy

    | Posted 17 Jul, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene
  • Tortoiseshell Hoop Earrings


    Normally reserved for your favorite cat eye sunnies, tortoiseshell puts a classic spin on these oversized hoops – the perfect addition to your everyday accessories rotation.

    $24 at Kayce Hughes | Buy

    | Posted 13 Jul, 2012 in Jewelry by Christy
  • Mouse Studs


    Squeak, squeak. Delicate, tiny mouse stud earrings will either thrill or repulse you. Come on, how could you resist that sparkling pave tail?

    $24 at Chloe + Isabel | Buy

    | Posted 12 Jul, 2012 in Jewelry by Rene

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