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  • The Secret Language of Sleep


    I’m puffy with pride over this sweet little thing written by my pal Evany Thomas. McSweeney’s The Secret Language of Sleep: A Couple’s Guide to the Thirty Nine Positions is a quirky, endearingly illustrated guide to sleeping poses and what they say about your relationship. Each position has a name, a wry analysis, and a set of tips, “With faces pressed so close, it’s important to synchronize breathing so neither party has to inhale the other’s exhalation.” It has one of those edible embossed-canvas hard covers, so it’s a lovely engagement or anniversary gift. As I mentioned, Evany is a friend, but she’s also a fellow stuff-fan. I’ve wrangled her into posting on Mighty Goods while I’m away for the next couple of weeks. I hope you like her as much as I do.

    $10 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 19 Apr, 2006 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • PostSecret


    PostSecret is a website that asks users to send in handmade postcards with their secrets on the front. The moving results are displayed on the site weekly, many others are collected in this new book.

    $15 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 14 Apr, 2006 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Miss Manners’s Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior


    This is the most useful book on my shelf. Judith Martin’s wit, compassion, and good sense will guide you through the most arduous social situation. By the end, you’ll know what to say when someone dies, how to compose a simple thank you note, what makes a perfect host gift, and how to be a fun guest. Straightforward advice you never knew you needed. Thank you so much, Miss Manners.

    $23 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 03 Apr, 2006 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • O Magazine


    You know about it, but have you read it? One of the few women’s magazines that leaves you feeling recharged, inspired, and good enough just as you are. A perfect gift for your favorite smart woman.

    $24 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 29 Mar, 2006 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • 40 Weeks +: The Essential Pregnancy Organizer


    A journal-sized pregnancy and new-baby planner that helps you keep track of all the details of new parenthood. Fight the stupefying effects of sleep deprivation with timelines, questions for caregivers, contact lists, and more.

    $20 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 22 Mar, 2006 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Pop-Up


    Your kids will quiver with joy, just before they completely destroy all the delicate pop ups. Buy two.

    $19 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 24 Feb, 2006 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Silkscreened Cards


    Etui paper goods are yummy. They offer dozens of nostalgic screenprinted cards featuring everyday scenes. Stock up for birthdays.

    $3 at Etui | Buy

    | Posted 14 Feb, 2006 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Binth Baby Book


    So you don’t have a kid? This book will make you want one. I’d been eyeing it online trying to decide whether it was too pricey for a baby book, when the folks at Binth sent me a copy. I opened it and gasped. You will want to caress this book, it’s that good. Each page is silk-screened, and accented with lean silhouettes in sage, pale blue, and black. It’s a limited edition, acid free, heirloom that guides you in recording your baby’s milestones through age three. Worth every penny.

    $110 at Binth | Buy

    | Posted 13 Feb, 2006 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Exploding Dog’s Thinking of You


    VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT GUIDE Since 2000, Sam Brown has been publishing a collaborative art project online at Exploding Dog. Readers suggest titles, and Sam draws simple pictures to match. He’s especially keen on monsters and robots, and most of the drawings have a small, often humorous twist to them. (“We’re all gonna die.” is a good example.) Thinking of You is a limited-edition compilation, and includes 140 full-color pictures from over the years. You can also order a signed copy for $41.

    $36 at Exploding Dog | Buy

    ( 11" W, 8.5" H, .75" D)

    | Posted 25 Jan, 2006 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Rainbow Mini Photo Album Set


    VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT GUIDE This album set contains six cloth-covered photo albums in a cloth-covered slipcase. Each album has room for twenty 4” x 6” photos. Buy the set, and fill each one with photos from a different trip or celebration you’ve shared. Or, just fill the first one, and leave the others free for future memories.

    $40 at MOMA Store | Buy

    ( Box, 7" H x 6" W x 6" D)

    | Posted 25 Jan, 2006 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Dots Album


    ON SALE Each album has thirty acid-free pages.

    $25 at Modern Mini | Buy

    (Regularly $42. 8.5" x 10.5")

    | Posted 11 Jan, 2006 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Mental Floss Magazine


    Awhile ago, we linked to the Mental Floss book, saying that the Mental Floss team makes “art, literature, and science accessible without being condescending.” The magazine is the same thing, but you get it every two months. Fun reading for smart people, and we do love smart people.

    $22 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 09 Jan, 2006 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Table Topics


    These clear acrylic cubes contain question cards to keep conversation lively. Choose from the Original, Teen, or Family versions, and you’ll never have to suffer through an uncomfortable silence again.

    $24 at Uncommon Goods | Buy

    | Posted 03 Jan, 2006 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Czech 2006 Checkbook Weekly


    2006 CALENDAR GUIDE There’s nothing like owning objects made of cash. This unusual date book has a cover made out of Czech money. It measures about 7” x 3”, so you can slip it right into your bag.

    $21 at Paper Source | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2005 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Ride ‘Em Cowboy 2006 Calendar


    2006 CALENDAR GUIDE Get ready for a year of folk-art wooden cowboys photographed in soft light. Wonder at their rugged intensity as they rope, ride, and square dance through the seasons.

    $13 at Buy Olympia | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2005 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Page-A-Day Origami Calendar


    2006 CALENDAR GUIDE A desk calendar that introduces a bit of relaxation and fun into your workday. The designs get harder as the days go by, but by year’s end, you’ll have a drawer full of boats, planes, frogs, and party hats. Comes with a 16-page instructional booklet to help things along.

    $12 at Flax Art and Design | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2005 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Chinese Propaganda Posters Wall Calendar



    $13 at Freer and Sackler Galleries | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2005 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Red/Red Orange Flowers Date Book


    2006 CALENDAR GUIDE This is a DIY date book for the glue-and-scissors set. The kit comes with a weekly date-book grid, two cover boards, two sheets of decorative paper, linen cloth tape for the spine, and a set of directions to guide you through assembly.

    $18 at Paper Source | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2005 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Outhouses 2006 Wall Calendar


    2006 CALENDAR GUIDE Amusing for its randomness, no calendar fits the “Eh?” category quite like Outhouses 2006. As the name would suggest, it features 12 (surprisingly attractive) photos of outhouses in various locales and climes. I suppose there may be some outhouse-connoisseur movement of which I’m blissfully unaware, but where does one hang this? Perhaps in the bathroom for weekly planning in your… down time.

    $13 at All Posters | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2005 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Nikki McClure Calendar: The Next 1,000 Years


    2006 CALENDAR GUIDE This is the calendar I wait for every year. Nikki McClure uses an X-acto knife to make quiet cut-paper designs that capture moments of joy or wonder. Her calendar is made of recycled, acid-free paper, and is printed using soy inks. As the months pass, each image will make you happier.

    $18 at The Giant Robot Store | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2005 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Modern Art 2006 Calendar


    2006 CALENDAR GUIDE Includes works by Edward Hopper, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh.

    $14 at MoMAstore | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2005 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Exquisite Creatures: The Insect Art of Christopher Marley


    2006 CALENDAR GUIDE Plainly put, Christopher Marley uses dead bugs to make art. The result is kaleidoscopic and engrossing. It will remind you of hunkering in the grass as a kid, watching beetles trundle along.

    $14 at Pomegranate Communications | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2005 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Undersea 2006 Calendar


    2006 CALENDAR GUIDE Bring a little bit of ocean to your landlocked life. This recycled cardstock calendar, printed with soy-based inks, includes a make-your-own undersea mobile kit.

    $16 at fred flare | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2005 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Japanese Woodblocks


    2006 CALENDAR GUIDE Spare, bright woodblock prints offer inspiration for artistic sorts. When the year’s over, you can use the colorful pages to wrap small presents or make gift cards.

    $13 at All Posters | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2005 in Media by Margaret Mason
  • Haute Couture 2006


    2006 CALENDAR GUIDE So rare to come across a fashion calendar that doesn’t irritate me. This one features Ren’e Gruau’s illustrations, which are lively but cultivated. The girls inside are living the good life, and there’s no harm in a monthly dose of aspiration.

    $13 at Kateís Paperie | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2005 in Media by Margaret Mason

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