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  • Mod Laptop Case, Craft Edition


    Think of this supple leather case as your mobile office. With pockets, slots and straps to corral everything you might need on an actual desktop (OK, maybe not the tape dispenser) plus spots for batteries, chargers and more, this sturdy and handsome case will make working on the go an attractive and organized feat.

    $575 at This Is Ground | Buy

    | Posted 02 Apr, 2015 in Men's Gear by Rene
  • Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit


    Is his beard a lush thing of (manly) beauty and a joy forever, or is it a matted, dry, tangled mess? Help him up the style ante on his chinstrap, goatee, or Van Dyke with this care kit specially formulated for coarser facial hair. Includes Beard Wash, Beard Control, and a reinforced boar bristle brush.

    $25 at Details for Men | Buy

    | Posted 16 Dec, 2014 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • S’well Birchwood Water Bottle


    It fits into car cupholders. It keeps drinks cold for up 24 hours, or hot for up to 12. It’s stylish. Forget giving this water bottle to our favorite gents, we want one for ourselves!

    $45 at Distinctive Decor | Buy

    | Posted 16 Dec, 2014 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • Lands End Ice Scraper Glove


    Well, now, this might be the best idea we’ve ever seen. Keep this hybrid ice scraper-slash-glove in your car for those times when your windshield is iced over, but you forgot your gloves inside the house. Available in five colors and suitable for gifting to guys and gals.

    $15 at Lands' End | Buy

    | Posted 16 Dec, 2014 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • Bike Spokelit


    Bike commuters have to deal with a lot; rude motorists, cars splashing slush and muck all over them, flat tires…the list goes on. Now they’ll be visible from every angle, even at night, with this set of lights that will turn any bike into one of those hoverbikes from Tron.

    $13 at Firebox | Buy

    | Posted 10 Dec, 2014 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • TOMS For Target Glass Double Wall Hot And Cold Beverage Bottle


    Now he can go green with an on-the-go water bottle that is as manly as he is. These sleek, double-walled bottles do more than just keep coffee hot and iced tea cool, though; each purchase benefits TOMS signature foundation.

    $15 at Target | Buy

    | Posted 10 Dec, 2014 in Men's Gear by Rene
  • Buck 941 Travelmate Kit Chocolate Paperstone Knife


    MacGyver would be jealous of this knife-slash-multitool, and all your guy’s friends will be, too. The knife is serrated and extra sharp, and the sheath includes a multitool with bootle opener, can opener, flat head screwdriver and BBQ grill scraper. Genius!

    $49 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 02 Dec, 2014 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • Fleet Icon Wallet


    For a guy who insists he doesn’t need a wallet, or a phone cover, comes the Fleet Icon Wallet from Hex. The waxed canvas case houses an iPhone 5 or 5s, and is secretly a wallet, too, with card and cash slots inside. The best part? A hole for the iPhone’s camera.

    $50 at Hex | Buy

    | Posted 09 Sep, 2014 in Men's Gear by Rene
  • Ash Wood Bottle Opener


    The perfect gift for a new or awesome dad: An ash wood bottle opener, a six pack of his favorite beer, and an afternoon to himself. Engrave with his initials, a special date, or just a heartfelt, “Cheers!”

    $24 at Mark and Graham | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jun, 2014 in Men's Gear by Rene
  • Double Your Money Clip


    Being a dad can cost a pretty penny. Give your father a money clip to keep his cash tidy, complete with sound spending advice engraged. And stop hitting him up for some bucks, alright?

    $18 at Uncommon Goods | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jun, 2014 in Men's Gear by Rene
  • CRKT Guppie Knife


    If MacGyver had had one of these babies, he could have done WAY more with all those paper clips, rubber bands, and wads of chewed gum he always made bombs/life rafts/escape pods out of. With a handy carabiner clip to fasten to any belt or backpack, it features dozens of manly-man uses from bottle opening to garrotting (Kidding. Sorta.).

    $40 at CRKT | Buy

    | Posted 02 Jun, 2014 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • Father Periodic Table T-Shirt


    We didn’t know that dads were made of fluorine, astatine, hydrogen, and erbium… But we do know that dads are definitely, as this chemistry-inspired tee states, “The Noble Element”!

    $20 at Brewer Shirts | Buy

    | Posted 02 Jun, 2014 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • Birchbox Man


    We ladies love our beauty subscription boxes, so why shouldn’t the men in our life get in on the fun? Priced from $20 a month (or $195 for a full year), boxes include skin care and body products, perfumes, games, clothes, and much more.

    $20 at Birchbox | Buy

    | Posted 29 May, 2014 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • Nixon Time Teller Acetate Watch


    Lots of guys collect fashionable watches these days, and if the dad on your to-gift list is obsessed with names like Nixon, Patek Philippe, and Rolex, he’ll love this acetate tortoiseshell watch. It’s even water resistant up to 100 meters.

    $150 at Piperlime | Buy

    | Posted 21 May, 2014 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • Tanner Goods Excursion Frame Bag


    Finding a bike frame bag that a) holds a lot of stuff, b) is tough, and c) looks stylish on and off the bike is no small feat. Tanner Goods hit the nail on the head with this bag, constructed from sturdy waxed cotton, leather, and brass. Cyclist dads will love it!

    $210 at Tanner Goods | Buy

    | Posted 21 May, 2014 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses


    Dads with a classic sense of style (and a love of the movie Top Gun) have probably drooled over classic Ray-Ban aviators for years. Why not make his dream come true with a pair of these iconic shades?

    $145 at J. Crew | Buy

    | Posted 19 May, 2014 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • The Art of Shaving The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Carry-On


    We’ve never liked the term “metrosexual” very much, but for Dads that prefer a classic, well-groomed shave, this is a great on-the-go gift. The set includes carry-on sizes of pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and after-shave balm, plus a shaving brush.

    $60 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 16 May, 2014 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • Portland Growler


    Is Dad serious about craft beers? Does he wax poetic about hefeweisens, pale ales, bitters, and stouts? He’ll definitely appreciate this 64oz. capacity personalized ceramic beer growler. Fill it with his favorite local ale for extra gift-giving panache.

    $70 at Red Envelope | Buy

    | Posted 16 May, 2014 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • Foldable BBQ Grill


    Nothing says “love” to a manly man like the gift of his very own portable barbeque and some choice T-bone steaks. Perfect for travel or small apartment balconies, this charcoal grill weighs a measly eight pounds and folds flat for storage.

    $40 at Opulent Items | Buy

    | Posted 07 Feb, 2014 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • Beige Natural Wooden Watch


    Truth be told, we don’t really need watches anymore, not since our cell phones took the place of ‘em. But what dapper gent wouldn’t love this wooden watch? The manufacturer even plants a tree for every timepiece sold, helping to offset deforestation.

    $120 at Red Envelope | Buy

    | Posted 13 Dec, 2013 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • Kiehl’s Energizing Men’s Kit


    Even guys like to have smooth, glowing skin when they travel. This kit features travel sizes of Kiehl’s most popular men’s products, including Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub and Facial Fuel Energizing Moisturizer Treatment, Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap, Midnight Recovery Eye, and White Eagle Shave Cream.

    $45 at Kiehl's | Buy

    | Posted 05 Dec, 2013 in Men's Gear by Janet
  • Patagonia Backpack


    A hip backpack that works in the city or for a weekend away in the mountains. It fits your notebook computer and has a breathable back so you show up fresh and stylish.

    $70 at Patagonia | Buy

    | Posted 08 Nov, 2011 in Men's Gear by Jeff
  • Custom Monogram Tie Tack


    A tie tack really polishes up an outfit, but men rarely wear them anymore. Why not give a cool Gothic-inspired one to a groom-to-be, or as groomsmen gifts? They are both thoughtful and useful, and you’ll help nudge a man or two into sprucing up their look in the process.

    $17 at Orion October | Buy

    | Posted 08 Sep, 2011 in Men's Gear by Rene