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  • SkratchKabin Indoor Cat House


    Ditch that beat up cardboard contraption for something seriously more stylish. This well designed and, frankly, adorable cat house doubles as a scratcher for your favorite puss.

    $100 at 11 Main | Buy

    | Posted 20 Aug, 2015 in Pets by Rene
  • BarkBox


    Now even Fido can get in on the subscription box action! With prices from $29 for a single month’s box (longer-term subscriptions have lower monthly fees) and choices of dog size, you’ll get a monthly box of doggie toys, treats, and even leashes and apparel.

    $29 at Barkbox | Buy

    | Posted 11 Aug, 2015 in Pets by Janet
  • Moon and Lola Lorraine Studs


    We’re digging the unexpected color palette of these chunky brass-backed stud earrings – who knew black, hot pink, and opalescent green would go so well together? They’ll make any outfit, from maxi dresses to jeans & tank tops, extra special.

    $52 at Charm And Chain | Buy

    | Posted 23 Jul, 2015 in Pets by Janet
  • Pup Tarts


    Woof, woof! Fido won’t know that these yummy doggy empanadas are good for him and canines in need. Filled with peanut butter and flavors like beef, chicken, and sweet potato, they’re free of preservatives and chemicals and are a tasty treat for any day of the week. Hooray For the Underdog donates some of their proceeds to animal rescue foundations. Prices range from $12 for a small bag, to $23 for a large bag.

    $13 at Hooray For the Underdog | Buy

    | Posted 02 Dec, 2013 in Pets by Janet
  • Meadow Pet Rug


    Why can’t pet beds fit with your home decor? This one can! Made from strips of soft anti-pill fleece attached to a sturdy canvas base, this machine-washable pet bed will be adored by Fluffy and Fido. If you’ve got a toddler in the house, you might even find them curled up on it.

    $75 at Olive Green Dog | Buy

    | Posted 10 Jan, 2013 in Pets by Janet
  • Dog Bone


    Don’t forget your hosts best friend, their faithful dog. Give a pup the coolest chew toy in the dog park with Jonathan Adler’s preppy cotton-yarn dog bone. You will receive many tail wags and wet kisses of thanks.

    $13 at Jonathan Adler | Buy

    | Posted 19 Nov, 2012 in Pets by Rene
  • Regal Doggie Dish


    Your pooch is the king of the castle, so why shouldnt his kibble bowl reflect his royal status? Even the fussiest of pups will love nibbling out of this gold-toned doggy dish shaped like a crown with dog bone-shaped accents around the base. This regal dish features a removable stainless steel bowl liner so you, his humble servant, can easily wash His Majestys crusted-on leftovers away.

    $24 at Plasticland | Buy

    | Posted 26 Oct, 2012 in Pets by Janet
  • Dog Days of Summer


    It’s the dog days of summer - long, hot, sunny days outside can be miserable for people, but just imagine if you had to wear a fur coat? Our friends at have compiled a list of product suggestions which will help keep your four legged child cool during the heat of summer!

    $0 at Doggie Health Insurance | Buy

    | Posted 20 Jul, 2012 in Pets by Margaret Mason
  • Dog Duvet Cover


    Your pooch wants to get in on the chevron trend, too. Stuff this durable duvet with pillows or old blankets and you have a comfy and stylish spot for your dog to lounge. Now, where can we find one for our bed?

    $55 at The Olive Crow | Buy

    | Posted 03 Apr, 2012 in Pets by Christy
  • Personalized Silhouette Papercut


    If you love your puppy as much as a child (and most dog owners do) remember that precious canine profile for years to come in an artful and stylish keepsake. These silhouettes are completely personalized and make excellent wedding and baby gifts for your two-legged friends as well.

    $27 at The Path Less Traveled | Buy

    | Posted 09 Mar, 2012 in Pets by Rene
  • Dog Pod


    If he is indeed mans best friend, don’t make him lounge on the floor like some common animal. Puppies deserve furniture, too! Treat your dog to some sleek comfort with this modern dog pod that is attractive enough to suit your decor and comfy enough for Mr. Quiggley to snooze in.

    $598 at Vurv Design Studio | Buy

    | Posted 07 Feb, 2012 in Pets by Rene
  • Tiny Confessions Print


    He may have eaten your shoe, but how can your resist his honesty? It is quite possible this particular pooch speaks for all canines with his tiny confession.

    $12 at Tiny Confessions | Buy

    | Posted 26 Jan, 2012 in Pets by Christy
  • Petite Folding Travel Bowl


    Mans best friend needs to hydrate, too. Pack up a travel water bowl for drinks-on-the-go. This portable water fountain won’t leak and folds up nice and flat.

    $10 at Doggy Detail | Buy

    | Posted 08 Sep, 2011 in Pets by Rene
  • Crypton Doodle Dog Bed


    A fun, whimsical doodle of a dog helpfully reminds you pup where he should be taking his naps, instead of, say, your side of the bed. The bright shade of orangey-red helps grab his attention if the pop art doesn’t.

    $66 at Design Public | Buy

    (On sale)

    | Posted 31 Mar, 2011 in Pets by Rene
  • Best Friend Canvas Carrier


    This durable canvas pet carrier is sporty and trendy enough to totally distract anyone from noticing the teacup poodle inside.

    $80 at Cheengoo Boutique | Buy

    | Posted 15 Dec, 2010 in Pets by Rene
  • Cat Playhouse


    This time kitty can play in her own cardboard box and not your favorite board game lid.

    $32 at Greener Grass Design | Buy

    | Posted 14 Dec, 2010 in Pets by Tamara
  • Big Bow Dog Collar


    Make sure man’s best friend is ready for the party with this holiday dog collar.

    $8 at PetsMart | Buy

    | Posted 13 Dec, 2010 in Pets by Tamara
  • Adjustable Rope Leash


    The ideal solution for pet owners who love their pets, but don’t love wrangling the leash.

    $56 at Found My Animal | Buy

    (For a good cause!)

    | Posted 09 Dec, 2010 in Pets by Tamara
  • FroliCat Bolt


    Help support the ASPCA and keep Kitty occupied for hours.

    $20 at ASPCA | Buy

    | Posted 07 Dec, 2010 in Pets by Rene
  • Leather Dog Collar & Leash


    Happy Holidays to the most stylish pooch on the block. This handmade leather set is Fair Trade produced by displaced women in Peru who benefit from the proceeds.

    $38 at Global Goods Partners | Buy

    | Posted 03 Dec, 2010 in Pets by Rene
  • Denhaus Zenhaus


    And just like that, your dog’s kennel is now an end table. Ideal for pet owners in smaller spaces.

    $525 at Velocity Art and Design | Buy

    | Posted 10 Nov, 2010 in Pets by Tamara
  • Mijo & Bambi Eco Friendly Dog Apparel


    It’s getting chilly out there, so make sure your pooches remain toasty with their very own made-to-order jumpsuits. Mijo & Bambi’s eco friendly wares are the perfect way for your dogs to stay warm while looking sharp.

    $25 at Mijo & Bambi | Buy

    | Posted 01 Nov, 2010 in Pets by Melissa
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