Subscription Savvy

There seems to be a subscription service for every itch that needs scratching, am I right? Whether you’re on the hunt for new additions to your wardrobe, craft kits for kiddos or, heck, even fresh ingredients and dinner recipes, there is a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to get it delivered right to your door. Peruse these few companies that are helping subscribers scratch an itch, but believe me, this is only a tasting of the options out there.

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends – For Less

Trends come and go as quickly as a toddler’s moods – which is to say, REALLY fast. Fall 2015 has a plethora of trends, from stacked-heel loafers to car wash pleats, flounced hemlines, faux fur cuffs, high-waisted trousers, plaid, over-the-knee boots, matte lipsticks, textured tights, and and and… Yeah, there’s a lot of them. We don’t see any reason that your wallet should suffer in pursuit of looking au courant, so here’s a few of our favorite trends, reinterpreted for real women’s budgets.

Up, Up & Away: Travel Essentials

Vacation, destination wedding, or business trip- regardless of where you’re going or why, summer seems to be the season when we log the most frequent flyer miles. We don’t want to brag, but we get around -a lot- and know a thing or two about making traveling as easy as possible. Check out these cool finds and gear that will help you get to where you need to go in comfort and with all of your stuff intact.

Short(s) Story

Sayonara, sweaters! Pack it in, parkas! Begone, boots! Warm weather is FINALLY here and we couldn’t be happier to say goodbye to the Polar Vortex and bust out our favorite pairs of shorts. Whether you prefer jean cutoffs, khaki Bermudas, skorts, or capris, we’re here to make sure your shorts are as stylish as possible.

One-Pieces Can Be Sexy, Too!

Bikinis are great, but not all of us spent our winters eating kale and doing Tracey Anderson workout DVDs. Solution? A great one-piece swimsuit! No longer are they the purview of athletes and grannies doing aqua aerobics classes – today’s one pieces are flattering, sexy, and (usually) functional.

Move Over, Ward Cleaver: Modern Father’s Day Gifts

1950s sitcom dads were somewhat distant, but kind and loving. They took their kids fishing or threw a baseball with them in the backyard as they dispensed sage advice. Today, dads are all-in, going mountain biking, geocaching, or even watching Dragon Ball Z and Star Wars with their offspring. Don’t even think about getting a 2015 dad a tie or mug or golf club this Father’s Day – we’ve got a roundup of creative, unexpected gifts he’ll actually use.

Fake ‘n’ Bake

Summer’s almost here (huzzah!) and that means tanning time. No, no, no, not ACTUAL tanning – we are so not into skin cancer and having leathery, dehydrated skin! – rather, fake tanning. From bronzers to at-home spray tans to tanning lotions & mousses, we’ve rounded up everything you’ll need to get a beachy golden glow, while protecting your dermis from the scorching summer sun.

Festival Flair

Coachella’s over, but festival season is just beginning. What better place to indulge your inner hippie fashionista? We’ve collected some dreamy, fluttery pieces for you to wear to concerts under the summer sun, at prices that won’t make you feel, like, totally bummed out, man.

Summer Stripes

Nothing says summer like a good stripe, am I right? A little bit preppy, a little bit nautical, and the right balance of crisp and fun, stripes are a summertime wardrobe staple for good reason. Though we can’t seem to get enough of the classic navy and white combo, we’ll take any and all stripes. (Zebras, be on high alert.) Check out these fresh takes on the stalwart stripe and prepare for the beginning stages of stripe-envy.

Wedding Season Multi Taskers

Invitations are already rolling in for summer 2015 weddings, which run the gamut from garden galas to easy, breezy beachside affairs. When you’ve got to buy wedding gifts (and sometimes plane tickets) for multiple events, your budget for a new frock for each soiree gets stretched. Multi taskers to the rescue! We’re rounding up a selection of inexpensive, but appropriate, dresses that can easily be dressed up or down with a quick change of shoes, accessories, and hair & makeup.

Offbeat Engagements: Unique Rings for the Modern Bride and Groom

Not everyone wants a classic 1 carat solitaire diamond set in platinum (though there’s nothing wrong with those)! If the thought of a traditional ring will send your future spouse running for the hills instead of into your arms when you propose, we’ve got you covered with this curated selection of unique, beautiful engagement rings.

Ready, Set, Fit!

It’s go time, ladies. Anything you want to firm or tone or shrink before bathing suit season? Now is the time to get on that. Before the days become too warm and before the first beach trip pops up and you’re left feeling less than confident, gear up and get outside and do whatever it is that makes you feel good- yoga, running, tap dancing, whatever. Check out some sweet new workout gear to help you get inspired as you shake off those cobwebs and start getting active again.

Sandal Season… Soon

Winter. Ugh. As much as we love cozy coats, soft sweaters, and bodacious boots, we are SICK of snow, cold, and slush. Bring on the pedicured tootsies clad in bright, comfortable sandals! While we daydream about moving to Hawaii, we’re rounding up a selection of cute, reasonably priced sandals that you can buy now, and wear once the weather finally warms up.

Green Goddess: St. Patrick’s Day 2015

Going green for St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to mean cheesy “Pinch me, I’m Irish!” tee shirts, gigantic green plastic sunglasses, and fuzzy top hats with shamrocks on springs. Us grown-ups prefer to think of it as a day to dress up like a green goddess, in clothes and accessories in shades of emerald and evergreen that we could actually wear more than one day a year.

I Love You.

Valentine’s Day 2015 is going to be a stellar one. Why? Becuase we’re here to guide you towards the perfect little something for your someone special. No frantic, last minute trips to the drug store, and certainly no stuffed animals here, people- only gifts and cards that will elicit smiles, laughs and swoons. Check out our picks and be prepared to for the onslaught of love that’s going to come beaming back your way.

February Florals

Once we round the corner after the new year, it is easy to fall into a slump. No more parties or holidays, and so. much. snow. The temperatures are depressingly low and we’re all forced to dress purely for warmth with little regard to -gasp- actually looking stylish. We need to snap out of the winter blahs, and fast, before we all end up in head-to-toe grey thermals. It might be naive, but imagining spring in a few weeks is all that’s getting us through these dark and dreary days. Channel the blooms and blossoms of April and May with a fresh infusion of florals in your wardrobe. Not only will you be on-trend, you will feel infinitely better. Flowers make everything better anyway, right?

Treat Yo’Self in 2015

You, yes, YOU, deserve a treat. 2014 was a hard year, and 2015 looks to have plenty of challenges on the horizon as well. Instead of giving in to croissants and cookies, why not treat yourself to some luxurious, high end bath, body, and beauty products? You’ll look and feel amazing, inside and out. We promise.

Resolution Redux 2015

2015 is just around the corner, and folks everywhere are making New Years resolutions. Some are outlandish, some do-able, but whatever you’re pledging to do, we’re here to help. From fitness gear to organizational tools to healthy eating cookbooks, read on for a selection of resolution helpers. And, from us to you: Good luck! You can do it!

Booted Up

Winter’s here, and it’s time to put your flats and sandals away until spring. Slip your feet into one of these stylishly warm boots and go start a snowball fight. Don’t forget to invest in some waterproofing spray as well!

Burrowed In

Winter started extra early this year, and all that snow and ice makes us just want to burrow in to our homes and put on a marathon of Breaking Bad with the heat cranked up. We’ve curated a collection of ultra-cozy lounge wear, accessories, and other goods that’ll make you want to brew up a cup of tea and settle in for a long winter’s nap.

Under $50 Guy Gifts

Guys, guys, guys- always the last to get checked off the Christmas list. What do they NEED? What do they WANT? If you asked a fella, he’d probably stay mum on the subject, creating major shopping frustration on your part. Fear not, for we have collected some truly inspired gifts for every kind of guy, be it jock, nerd, new dad, old man, or any and every other type in between. Check it out before you hit the shops (or that guy who won’t tell you want he wants.)

2015 Holiday Beauty

The holidays are the best time of year to expand your makeup collection. Just about every brand out there, from drugstore to prestige, puts out value-packed sets of limited edition products and fan favorites. Read on for a selection of holiday lippies, eye palettes, fragrance coffrets, and more!

Gear Up For Winter

Let’s face facts: We are going to need lots of layers to keep us warm this winter. The forecasts are looking especially chilly this year, which translates into sub-zero temperatures, freezing rain, and heaps and heaps of the white stuff. Fear not, for we have assembled a stellar Winter Fashion Preparedness Kit that will prevent your socks from getting soacked and your fingers from going numb, all while keeping you looking fashionable and cute at the same the time. Check out our list of cozy, toasty and snug finds that will make winter (and dressing for it) seem almost enjoyable.

Holiday Sparkle

Invitations to holiday fetes will soon be pouring in, so make sure your wardrobe is ready with party-perfect accessories, makeup, shoes, and clothes that simply sparkle! We’ve curated a special collection of sequined, jeweled, glittering fashion that will leave you with plenty of room in your budget for all those hostess gifts you’ve got to buy.

Droolworthy Coats

With the coming of cooler weather and everything pumpkin spice come COATS. Jackets. Parkas. Swing coats. Capes. Leather trench coats. We’ve got your coat cravings covered with this selection of beautiful (and beautifully priced!) coats.

Mad About Plaid

Plaid is having a bit of a big moment this fall, and why shouldn’t it? It is one of the most universally recognizable and beloved patterns.

Beach Babes

Summer is still in full swing, and your beach game better in top form. No sunburns, wave rashes or fried locks for you. Depending on where you are, there are still many weeks of beachy goodness ahead of you, so check out our essentials for the ultimate carefree beach days.

Stars & Stripes

We’re not talking just about patriotic garb, here- stars and stripes seem to work year-round. Think beyond that one t-shirt you wear only on the Fourth of July, never to be seen again, until next year- we’re talking rugby stripes and pinstripes, tiny metallic stars and bigger, bolder ones- simple patterns that pack a big, stylish punch. Dresses, tops, hats- add a stripe (or a star) wherever you can for an instant, preppy kick.

School’s Out For Summer: Teacher Gifts

Across the country, schools are winding down the semester and sliding into the almost-summer-break waiting period. It’s so close, we can almost taste it. And it tastes like popsicles and no homework. But! Before all of that sunshine and fun, school needs to be wrapped up, and that includes giving a fantastic gift to your kids teachers. Think of what they deal with all day, and think of how they deal with that and teach a thing or two, every day. Teachers deserve gold bars dipped in chocolate, frankly, but failing that, we’ve got a few other options that will make them feel appreciated and even a little bit loved.

Wedded Bliss: Gifts Under $100

Wedding season looms upon us once again, and if you are of a certain age, your weekends will quickly become full of bridal showers and weddings. Hey, don’t get us wrong, we love a good wedding, too. It’s just that they can add up really fast, cost-wise. Hotel rooms, bachelor’s weekends, a spiffy new dress- it’s not easy partying hard. Luckily for you we’ve rounded up some stellar gifts that are budget-friendly and awesome. Being cost-conscious doesn’t have to lead to lame gifts, people. Check out or list of unique finds and delightful treats that will be gentle on your wallet and thrill the happy the new couple.

Father’s Day 2014

Today’s dad is more Mythbusters than Leave It To Beaver, and his Father’s Day gifts shouldn’t be limited to the classic golf club covers & neckties. Not that those aren’t appreciated, but why not go off the beaten path for good ol’ Pops? We’ve hit a home run with this collection of unique, reasonably priced Father’s Day gifts!

Mother’s Day 2014

Mama. Mom. Mommy. MAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Whatever you call your mom, you know you can’t live without her wit, wisdom, and love. Here’s a selection of gifts curated for the moms and grandmothers in your life - ones they’re sure to actually appreciate, not just say they do and then quietly hide when you’re not looking.

In the Swim Of It

We’re all SOOOOOO ready for pool and beach season after the winter that just did. Not. End. If you’re excited to hit the waves running, check out this selection of summer-ready swimsuits that will help you bring out your inner Esther Williams. Surf’s up, dudettes!

April Showers & May Flowers

Rain and flowers- that about sums up early spring, right? While we patiently wait out the showers portion of springtime, lets indulge in some completely adorable but totally useful rain gear that can only brighten up an otherwise dreary, rainy day. And, in a few short weeks (we promise!) it will officially be time to go nuts with the florals. Wear them on every part of your body, use them to decorate, and breath in the fresh, spring-inspired fashion as spring actually happens outside your window.

Easter Best for Grown-Ups

Kids get all the fun stuff at Easter - bunnies, chicks, eggs, new dresses and dress shirts. Why can’t we get in on the action? We’re putting together a selection of perfectly pastel clothing and accessories just right for Easter Sunday festivities, and the rest of spring, too.

Spring Is Coming… Right?

Forget “Winter is coming”, our new mantra is, “SPRING IS COMING…. RIGHT? Please say it is, oh pretty please!” To soothe our frostbitten souls, we’re curating a collection of perfectly springy, pretty clothes, accessories, and more that’ll tide us over until the crocuses finally pop through the soil in a few months.

V Is For Valentine’s Day

February 14th - love it or hate it, it’s coming up fast. We’ve got a selection of gifties for all the sweethearts in your life, from your BFF to your mom to your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/schmoopsy-sweetie-poo/whatever you choose to call it. Mwah!

Winter White

If you are in need of a cool blast of refreshment in your life/wardrobe/home to shake off the winter blues, we’ve got the answer for you, and it is more simple than you would think. White. Right? White! A dash, pop or jab of creamy, bright white here and there is an instant mood-lifter, eye-opener and all around good thing. And, white in the winter is oh-so rich-looking and luxurious. (That Labor Day business is total blasphemy.) Check out our round-up of beautiful, uplifting whiteness to turn up the volume of your January.

Resolute: Keep those 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

So what are you resolving to do in 2014? Quit smoking? Ditch the sugar habit? Cut back on caffeine? Go to the gym 3 times a week? Get promoted at work? Whatever it is, we’re here to help. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite resolve-boosting products, ready to reaffirm your resolutions whenever you start to flag.

Gifts for Guys

Girls? Easy to shop for, for the most part - makeup, jewelry, spa packages, done. The male of the species? That’s dicey territory, folks. From gamer geeks to diaper bag-toting daddies to dapper dudes obsessed with fashion, we’ve got you covered with a host of reasonably priced gifts they’ll flip for (in a totally macho way, of course).

Great Gifts For Gals

Your mom, your boss, your kids’ teacher, your wife…all these ladies deserve a special something at the holidays that says, “Hey. I totally appreciate that you raised me/gave me a raise/teach my kids/put up with my crap, etc.”. Regardless of a woman’s age or style, two things remain universal: Ladies love being appreciated, and ladies love a good gift. Give the gals on your list something thoughtful, or something whimsical, or something luxurious. Whatever it is, make sure it is something that will bring a smile to their faces and keep you in their good graces. Here’s a collection of surefire winner gifts for any lovely lady on your list.

Give A Little Bit: Gifts For Good

Giving at the holidays is, well, a given, but we often forget to give beyond the requisite Christmas gifts, treats for neighbors and teachers, and gelt at Chanukah. If you can spare a little room in your shopping budget, we strongly encourage you to give to a person or cause who could use some support this season. We know this is a lofty ambition, but we can make it even easier for you- how about a gift for someone already on your list that benefits charity as well? We’ve rounded up some stellar gifts that give back as well, to such causes as hunger prevention, animal rescue, and aiding children in underdeveloped countries. Gain an extra good karma point and feel even more festive when you give twice this holiday season.

Many Thanks: Host Gifts

Maybe you are just spending the afternoon, or maybe you’re bunking for the entire weekend. Either way, it is an etiquette MUST to bring a little something to your host and hostess to acknowledge their graciousness in welcoming you to their home. Be it a neighbor, a relative, or your new boyfriends mother (cringe), a small token of appreciation will go quite far in the hearts of hosts, who are very likely fatiguing from all of the cheerful entertainment (not to mention delicious spreads of food) they are providing. Here is a handy little list of gifts sure to delight whoever you’re dropping in on during the holiday season.

Belle of the Ball

The holidays are upon us, and with that comes… holiday parties! We all want to look stunning and festive at said parties, but our budgets are stretched already with all those gifts and decorations on our to-buy lists. Here, we’ll give you a selection of party-ready fashions that won’t break the bank, but will leave you looking fabu.

Keep Warm And Cozy On: Winter Coats

Tis the season to be cozy! OK, sure, it isn’t quite the official ‘Tis The Season’ season yet, but it will be soon. (Unless you live in L.A. In that case, maybe a cardigan will suffice?) Temperatures are dropping and we firmly believe in being prepared for the sudden onset of inclement weather- and looking stylish while doing so, of course. Luckily for us this season’s batch of winter warmers are trending more towards sleek lines and thoughtful details than inches of poof and drawstring hoods. Check out our round-up of cute, functional and fashionable winter coats and you’ll find yourself looking forward to a little (just a little, really!) rain or snow soon.

Haunting Looks For Halloween

Halloween can really bring out the tacky in people. We’ve all been there: You feel a sudden, autumnal urge to participate in Halloween and next thing you know you’re wearing a wig and plastic spider rings, a stomach full of Kit-Kats, wondering how you got there. Let’s add some sophistication to this (we will begrudgingly admit) childrens holiday so the grown-ups who play along can maintain their style and dignity. Dark and creepy, or fun and flirty, we’ve got the must-have list of Halloween get-ups and gear that will delight as well as fright this season.

Falling for Autumn Style

The weather’s about to turn cool again, which means it’s time to bust out the pumpkin chai lattes, sweaters, boots, dark makeup, and everything else we love about fall style. Check out our picks for the chicest autumnal styles around!

Ring The Bell: Back To School

It’s go time. I know, I know, no one wants to talk about it, but here it is: School. If it hasn’t already started where you live, it will next week or the week after. Between prepping your kids or steadying yourself for the soon-to-be school year, either the stress or exhaustion will get to you. Fear not, list-makers and backpack-packers and supply-shoppers! We’ve found some nifty little treasures that will help you look forward to back-to-school season. Whether they make your life easier or simply put a smile on your face, it’s totally worth it. Take a look, along with a deep breath, and get ready to welcome autumn back into your life.

Rock On: New In Jewelry

A little sparkle goes a long, long way. And who doesn’t love a new little sparkly something in their life? We’ve rounded up some cool, funky and lovely new pieces of jewelry to spark your interest and put a pep in your wardrobes step. That little LBD isn’t going to accessorize itself, after all.

Short Story

You think you can’t wear shorts, but we’re here to tell you a different story. Of course you can! Do you have legs? That’s all you need, really. Regardless of your size or shape, there is a pair of shorts out there for you. And what a relief to not have to wear jeans or a dress all summer long- sometimes, you just need to keep cool but don’t want to worry about your hem billowing in the breeze. Here are a few of our faves from this season, certain to suit every set of stems out there. Short-short, Bermuda, trendy or classic, or even something in between- there’s a short for that.

New in Weddings

Whatever your role is- guest, officiant, proud mother- it is time to prepare for the impending spring/summer wedding season, AKA Every Saturday From Now Until November. Whatever you do, please don’t half-ass it. People can tell if you’re wearing a dress that’s been to 12 other weddings and you’re so over it, or that you grabbed the gift on the way to the shower, or that you’ve had red velvet cake so many times before what is the point it is just red cake. We totally sympathize, especially with brides and grooms who are trying to create their own special occasion that doesn’t feel like deja vu all over again for everyone involved. We’ve rounded up some fun new trends in weddings that will help keep things fresh and make the big day a little bit unique and unexpected. A new wedding season is upon us, so it is time to get creative, get thoughtful, and get those dancing shoes ready. The YMCA isn’t going to do itself.

Color Burst

Do the spring doldrums have you down? One minute it is sunny, the next there is an inexplicable hail storm. Flowers are slowly creeping up among still-decaying mounds of brown snow. The hell? Listen, Spring, you were exactly what we needed at the tail-end of a grey and snowy winter, but now it might be time for you to pack up your subdued hues and get lost, because we are in desperate need of some color. We need some bright and bold, and we need it now. We need a reason to wear sunglasses and neon, tank tops and pink nails. We need summer to officially start so we can break out all of these fabulously cheerful duds we’ve been DYING to wear. While we all impatiently wait for the temperatures to crawl up, beaches to open, and windows to roll down, check out some truly colorful finds that will leave you begging Summer to hurry up and start, already!

Mother’s Day 2013

Dear, darling Mom: Wiper of noses, maker of PB&J’s with the crusts cut off, banisher of monsters under the bed… Is there anything she can’t do? Tell her how special she is to you with one of these handpicked Mother’s Day Gifts, sure to earn you Favorite Child status (and yes, we know she’s TECHnically not supposed to have a favorite).

Fresh Beauty

Is your makeup regimen in need of some freshening up? It happens. Time has a way of passing and suddenly you’re wearing pale concealer over a summer tan and your eyeshadows were purchased…when, exactly? Fear not, if you suddenly find yourself in a beauty rut. Spring is the perfect time to ditch your old, half-used and somewhat crusty products and try something new. This season is all about pops of color and fresh, clean-looking faces. Here is a collection of some trendy new products and few old faithfuls to put a pep in your pampering step.

Spring Has Sprung

It’s barely March, but you’re all thinking it so we’re going to ahead and say it: Spring! Pay no mind to the mound of browning snow outside your front door, the blustery winds and the endless snow squalls. Spring is here, Winter, so you are on notice. Pack up your wool, bulky sweaters and waterproof boots and kindly move along, because we are done with you. Bring on the bright colors, cropped pants, short-sleeves, and- dare we say?- the open-toe shoes. It is time for pushing the limits of weather-appropriate alfresco dining, cute dresses for no good reason, and lingering outside in the (however sparse) sunshine.

Green With Envy

Haven’t you heard? This is green’s big year. Those in the know say that emerald is the color of the year, while mint is going to be a big deal for summer. It is true- we are seeing green everywhere, from pops of spring and kelly in home decor to neon and lime in accessories, and not to mention all of those lush and lovely shades in between. Jump on the trend with some great new pieces that will wear well and stay stylish long after green’s moment in the spotlight is over.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Red roses are passe. Chocolates are great, but if your honeybunch made a resolution to cut out sugar, it might be a bad idea. If you’re looking for something unique to give your sweetie pookums on February 14th, look no further. We also promise not to break the bank with these off-the-beaten-path presents, so your wallet will thank you too.

Resolutionary: Making your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Whether you resolved to run a 5k, start recycling more, give up coffee (we salute you!), start cooking from scratch more, or, heck, just to start hanging out with friends in person more instead of texting all the time, we’re here to help. Whatever you resolved to do at 12:01am on January 1st, we’ll try to help you find some stuff to do it, from a new yoga mat to a recycling organizer. Good luck!

New Year, New Calendar

Somehow, it is 2013. As kids, did we ever think the years would get this high into the two-thousands? And now that the dust has settled after another whirwind holiday season, you have no idea what day it is. The second? The eighteenth? Who knows- half of your office is still on vacation, and the Mayans said it would be all over by now! Get it together, and get yourself a new calendar. Use it for scheduling, routines, motivation or for decoration. (A little cubicle flair goes a long way.) Whatever your need, hang one up and feel slightly more with-it as you track the days, seasons, and, eventually, 2013 pass by.

Gift Guide: Lovely Ladies
The Best of Holiday Beauty

Ah, the holidays; time for carols, snow, hot cocoa, and, oh yeah, killer special edition makeup sets from our favorite brands! There are a lot of holiday beauty goodies to sift through, and we’re bringing you our favorite palettes, kits, sets and more. Pucker up and get ready to look your best and give the best in beauty!

The Hostess With The Mostest: Holiday Hostess Gifts
Chill Out: Winter Weather Must Haves

You blinked at some point during autumn and missed it- the switch from a nip in the air to snowpocalypse/frigid freezing help! We did the same thing. Perhaps we don’t want to acknowledge what is just around the corner: The looming dark, cold days of slush, snow and bitter winds. Perhaps we are so taken with the lovely weather and colors of fall we let ourselves forget- every year- that we really do need to dust off the snow boots, haul out the hats and gloves, put the ice scraper in the car. Because one morning, suddenly, it is pitch black and has snowed overnight, and you were wearing flip flops only the day before. It’s not too late to get your winter act together. Grab any item off of this list and ensure warmth and comfort to help heat up the numbness of winter. Don a cozy new hat, pack gloves in your work bag, be ready. It will make you feel infinitely better about the snowy and cold state of affairs. And, at the very least, you can look forward to Christmas, which is only six weeks away.

Winter Coats

Baby, it’s cold outside, but you can’t stay indoors ALL the time, nor can you stand yet another winter bundled in that Michelin Man-esque puffy down coat you bought back in college. Check out our first-class picks for in vogue winter coats that will not only protect you from the cold, but keep you looking amazing ‘til the crocuses peek out next spring.

Fall-Inspired Decor
Halloween For Grown-Ups

Bwa ha ha, it is that time of year again. Time to festoon your home with ghosts made of sheets and light-up jack-o-lanterns and…wait, come back! That’s not how you decorate for Halloween? Just kidding, we totally get it. Halloween itself can be so unabashedly gaudy, it can be difficult to swallow if you’re over 10 years old. But fear not, there are definitely ways to show your spirit and embrace the season without overdoing the orange and black and donning a trashy costume. Check out these subtle, clever and whimsical takes on All Hallow’s Eve, and finally look forward to those pesky little trick-or-treaters.

Sweater Season

Finally, it is time to take all of that tanned skin off of display and encase it in something seriously snuggly. Here on the east coast, the emergence of autumn is basically a foghorn sounding- as soon as the first orange leaf falls, the population mobilizes all things pumpkin, apple, and their fall wardrobes. Gone are shorts and flip-flops, and as eager as we all were to greet them on the other side of a dismal spring, we are more than happy to pack them away in favor of boots, jeans, and sweaters. Ah yes, the sweater. It is an official season, don’t you know- finally time to relax, and wrap yourself up in warm wools or luxurious cashmere. With zero risk of breaking a sweat, sweater season is a welcome break from a steamy summer. The sunshine is the same, but lower temperatures and a brisk bite in the air are perfect conditions for cardigans, pullovers or whatever you want to cozy yourself up in. Here is our round-up of a few updates on classic sweaters that we are sure will feel as good as they look. Wrap up and enjoy.

New Jewels

Who doesn’t love jewelry? The right piece can make you feel fancy or funky, fashionable or fierce, regardless of what else you’re wearing. A chunky necklace or cool cocktail ring can completely transform your look, as well as your mood. There is no need to experience bauble envy, either- interesting accessories can be found in every big box store for a more limited budget, and personalized trinkets are aplenty on Etsy. Those with grander tastes can always march up to Tiffany’s for a blue boxed- special something or invest in something more substantial. Here is a round-up of some beautiful jewels to perk up your wardrobe and make you feel instantly fabulous.

Back To Cool

Remeber back to school shopping with your mom? You would load up on erasers, notebooks and pencils while your mom bought piles of fresh new corduroys and sweaters that it was way warm to wear until October. Your mom might not be springing for your new fall wardrobe anymore, and you likely don’t have any use for a three-ring binder, but who says you can’t recreate back to school shopping as an adult? This time around, instead of lined paper and erasers you can splurge on some new office supplies that will make sitting at a desk a bit more bearable- and attractive. And, instead of mom’s stack of mix-and-match cold weather staples, you can indulge in some new pieces that will help you usher in the cooler weather stylishly. Back to school has now become back to cool, and here are the cool new finds to help get you started. Fall is officially in session.

goods that give back

We all love that feeling of making a difference, right? Helping others, supporting a worthy cause, making a positive impact all good. We also really love shopping. Combining the two? So much better! Shopping and making a difference. Its easier than you might think. Whether youre looking for shoes or jewelry or lip balm, there are countless opportunities out there. Were seeing this more and more, from simple one-for-one programs to hands-on volunteer work. Companies, both big and small, are finding ways to give back locally and globally. We think this is feel-good shopping at its best. Check out our roundup of goods that give back. Then, go shopping and make a difference out there.

Best Dresses of Summer

Man, it is hot out there. Liberate your lower half in a fun and flirty summer dress, and instantly feel (and look) cooler. We have compiled some sweet frocks on the market that are perfect for hitting cookouts, weddings or just running around town while looking fabulous.

Gift Guide: Wedding Gifts Under $50

We know that times are tough out there, with too many people and not enough jobs. Or too many people without enough money, perhaps. Either way, belts are tightening and budgets are clamping down- but that doesn’t mean the rest of your life is stopping. Friends and family still want to see your smiling face at parties and get-togethers, even if you’re grumpy about that state of your 401K. As it happens to be summer, it is also wedding season, and man, weddings are expensive! Just to attend one can cost a pretty penny. No worries- dust off a dress you already own and peruse our list of guilt-free wedding gifts. You can certainly give a thoughtful and unique gift that will thrill the happy couple without bankrupting yourself. Stop digging in the couch cushions for change and check out this round-up of very cool and affordable wedding gifts.

Red, White and Blue

Looking forward to Julys big fireworks celebration? Wearing some combination of Red, white and blue is kind of a must on the fourth, but the American spirit doesnt need to stop there. There are plenty of opportunities to infuse a patriotic twist into your summer look - beach parties and backyard barbecues, parades and family picnics, and even the summer Olympics (Go USA!). Whether you choose to make an over-the-top patriotic statement or keep it subtly festive, nothing says summer better than classic red, white and blue. Weve gathered up a few ideas in our American-style round-up. Is your closet summer ready?

Gift Guide: Dads & Grads

June is a busy month for gift giving, kicking off with an unending parade of graduations and rounding out with Father’s Day. What do these two have in common? You need to be on your present A game if you want to give a thoughtful, awesome gift. Dad probably doesn’t need another tie (or, maybe that’s exactly what he needs, but would never ask for) and likely hasn’t updated any of his wardrobe or gear in years. The freshly minted graduate does not want a savings bond, thank you very much. They want something cool and different that they can take with them to college or out into the big, bad, real world that will make them feel a little bit special but never, God forbid, lame. We have compiled a gift guide for these two notoriously tricky recipients that will surely thrill them and seal your reputation as a Gift Giving Guru.

Bathing Beauties

Memorial Day Weekend has officially kicked off summer, if you live in a part of the world with seasons. If you’re in Southern California, it’s just another excuse for a cook-out. Wether you’re amped to hit the beach or want to curl up and hide in a muumuu, relax. We’ve got the looks that will make you happy -and confident- to be outdoors. Even if you’re not OK with fully submersing yourself in the ocean, or you lack the cajones to rock a bikini, you can look just as fabulous sunning yourself on a chaise lounge or strolling the boardwalk. We’ve found swimsuits and cover-ups that will look stunning doing both, for every type of bathing beauty out there. Check out our list of swimwear and get that sunscreen ready: Summer is officially here.

Avian Inspiration

Animal prints of some sort are seemingly always in style. This spring, it looks like designers are having a bird moment. Everywhere you turn, youre sure to find a bird on something. Dresses, tops, accessories, and home dcor have all gone to the birds. And what is not to love? Birds have universal appeal. A bird motif can be ladylike or exotic, cheerful or hauntingly Hitchcock-inspired, or just plain cute. Consider adding a bit of whimsy to your style this spring and summer- some winged charm. Weve rounded up some avian inspiration to get you started.

Fun New Footwear

Your feet are just as excited about the warmer weather as you are. Spring and summer mean your toes get to be free, and you can show off your fine feet and new pedicure. But, like with all seasonal changes, it might be time to ditch some of last year’s beat up old flip flops and grubby flats. Your feet deserve better, and so do all of the new spring and summer fashions you’re about to unleash on the world. Here are some cool new pairs of shoes that will fit the bill of being fun and fashionable, and will leave you wanting summer to never end.

Gift Guide: Her First Mother’s Day

Just like babys first steps, that first mothers day is a milestone. It is a day mom will probably remember for years to come. And babies, erDads? Its right around the corner. Make her feel special. Let her know youre grateful for all that she does, i.e. getting up with the baby in the middle of the night while you cover your head with a pillow. Extravagant gifts arent necessary. When it comes to moms, it really is the thought that counts. Weve compiled a list of ideas to get you started. Of course, shell probably appreciate sleeping in and some breakfast in bed, too.

Little Luxuries: Mother’s Day

If your mom has taught you anything, one of her top lessons is not to spend too much money on gifts- especially for her. Who hasn’t heard their mother proclaim, “Just a card is enough!”? As she often is, mom is right about this one. Gifts- particularly for Mother’s Day- do not have to be grand or ostentatious to deliver the message that you love and appreciate her. To a mom, tiny tokens and little luxuries are what make her smile and feel special. That, and knowing that you didn’t max out your credit card on her behalf will make her so proud that you really were listening to her. Here is a collection of lovely little items your mom- or your sister, best friend, nana, aunt- probably wouldn’t spring for themselves, but would be touched to receive from someone special.

Lots and Lots of Dots

Its easy to fall into a routine of solids and neutrals and go-with-everything basics. But, routine can get a little dull. Predictable. With spring in full force, change things up a bit and add some cheer, polka dot style. From pretty dresses to camera accessories to office supplies, dots are everywhere. Whether you prefer just a sprinkling of dots or bold, head-to-toe spots, big dots or tiny pin dots, they are undeniably charming, ever cheerful, and always in style. Mix up your routine with just a few, or lots and lots. Weve rounded up some dotty inspiration to get you started.

Spring Fling-Worthy Finds

April showers may bring May flowers, but too many of those showers can get your summertime hopes down. With sunshine and warmer temperatures literally just around the corner, spring is the ultimate teaser season. Almost summer, but not so fast, there are still plenty of breezy days and chilly nights to get through. Let’s ride out the anticipation with a few new finds that will keep you happy until you can finally put that swimsuit on. We’ve chosen wardrobe pieces that you can layer for added warmth and that will easily transition into summer, along with some novel items that will inspire fresh thinking and add a smile to your face.

Nerd Alert: too cool for school glasses

Once upon a time, glasses meant you were doomed to be labeled a Nerd. Now with contacts and Lasiks, everyone can be “Four-Eyes” free. But why go with the crowd? Grab those glasses and wear them proudly while shouting, I am PROUD to be a NERD!

Haute Head

The winter chill is still lingering, so keep that noggin of yours warm with these brilliant hats. Hat head has never been this haute in 2011!

Gifts to Help You Maintain Those New Year’s Resolutions

The post-holiday doldrums are upon us. You’ve spent most of the season- like the rest of us- having your cake and eating it, too. But now that you’ve set your New Year’s resolutions, wouldn’t it be great to actually achieve them?

We’ve compiled some of this year’s most unique and fun ways to get back in shape and show the world that when you make a resolution, you stick to it!

2011 Fashion Trends

The Spring 2011 runways have been chock full of some amazing looks. Here is a round-up of some of the biggest trends for this year. Whether you pick and choose which trends suit you best, or go for all of them, here are a few key pieces to stock in your wardrobe to keep you looking fresh!

Romantic Gifts Not Just for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great day to show that special someone how much you care, but what about the other 364 days? Keep the love going year-round with these thoughtful gifts and there won’t be any need to pack a year’s worth of romance into Valentine’s Day 2012.

Color Splash

Look, we’re all for staples. The LBD, a neutral suit, an everyday pair of studs- these all play an important role in your wardrobe. They are easy, they are go-to, they are no-brainers. But don’t you ever get the itch to -gasp- stand out, just a bit? We’re not talking full-on Betsey Johnson, but maybe adding dashes of print and color that go boldly beyond your typical solid tops and jeans? A little, even tiny, bit of color can go a long way, and this summer is gearing up to be the ultimate season of bright, bold hues. Don’t be left in the dark, dull, shadows! Add a few splashes to your usual looks and you will feel -and look- infinitely cooler, brighter, and fresher. Here are a few picks to get you started on the right, colorful path.

Best of Etsy: Spring

Spring is finally, well, springing into action. The daffodils are blooming, the birds are singing, and you’re itching to spend some moolah on some new spring-inspired finds. Just a little pick-me-up to say, Hey Self, you made it through winter! High five! Of course we’re going to steer you and your cash towards Etsy. How could we not? You can purchase accessories, clothing, home decor- anything, really, your heart could desire. You get well made, affordable and unique finds while supporting small businesses and craftspeople. Winner-winner! Here is our latest round-up of what looks good, and what we’re going to be spending our springtime cash on.

Pucker Up

Do you have a go-to beauty product? The one thing you wont leave the house without? For some, it might be the perfect black mascara or a touch of blusher on your cheeks. For others it might be a bold red lipstick. Did anyone say lip balm? Do you prefer a clear sheen or a hint of color? Are you drawn to cute packaging or convenient tubes? What about SPF? Whatever your requirements may be, when it comes to soothing and moisturizing dry winter lips nothing beats a good balm. Ladies, make some room in your makeup bag for our lip balm roundup. You might just find your new spring essential.

Kind of Blue: Blue Accents

Hold the phone- we don’t mean blue in that weepy, tear-soaked way. Blue gets a bad rap for being depressing, but some of the happiest things on Earth are blue- a cloudless sky, for one. Don’t sing the blues, embrace them in your wardrobe. A dash here, a spot there- blue is infinitely more versatile than we give it credit for. Not only does the right shade of blue flatter most complexions, it just makes you feel happier. (The Bluebird of Happiness knows what’s up.) Ranging from navy to turquoise to cerulan and all the shades inbetween, blue is going to have a big impact on summer fashion. Get a leg up on the season and start incorporating pieces into your wardrobe that will leave you feeling good and looking blue, in the best possible way.

Skirt Season

Skirts are certainly wearable year round, but sometimes winter weather is just too cold to bare those legs. The good news? Spring is just beginning to tease its way out of hiding, which means skirt season is nearly upon us. Your options are endless - pencil, pleated, denim, circle, A-line, maxi, mini, even micro-mini. You can go flirty and feminine, easygoing and comfortable, or understated and conservative. If you dont already have a love affair with skirts, consider their versatility. Style your skirt with an office-appropriate blouse or a weekend casual tee. Pair it with comfortable ballet flats, or dress it up with heels. It might seem easier to default to pants or jeans, but it really is just as easy to reach for a skirt. Weve compiled a list to get you started. Freshen up your wardrobe. Welcome the season skirt season.

Best of: Bags

Do you have a case of the Winter Blues, or worse yet, the Winter Blahs? Trudging through the same slush everyday, wearing the same multiple layers of yawn-inducing winter wear, longing for a glimmer of sunshiney hope? We think we have the solution for you: A new bag! Brilliant, right? Somehow buying a new purse instantly lifts your mood and makes you feel fancy. It has to be a bag that carries all of your essentials and zests up your weary workdays, or an interesting new clutch for nights on the town. Something with color, please. We’ve started the search for you, and rest assured regardless of your budget or taste, there is a new special someone out there to bring a jolt of color, luxury and happiness to your day. Spring is just around the corner, and you will be armed with a fabulous new bag to greet it.

For Your Sweetheart

You made it through the holidays, and yes, its that time again. Gift-giving time. Valentines Day can sometimes feel a bit like an obligation. Like the outside world is telling you February 14th is the day you must buy something for your sweetheart. Its ok. You can do it. Just keep it simple and sweet. You cant go wrong with the big three - dinner, flowers, and chocolate. Youve got that part down, right? Choosing the gift can be challenging, but it doesnt have to be crazy extravagant. The key to a great one is the message it sends. Go for something unique, something meaningful. And really, obligation or not, anytime is the right time to make a loved one feel loved.

Be Mine: Valentines

Remember when in elementary school your mom would buy a box full of tiny Valentine’s for you to pass out to your classmates, with one extra-special larger card for your teacher? Those were the days! Not many offices would appreciate employees handing out cards one-by-one. Or anything that could be misconstrued as sexual harassment, for that matter. A Valentine’s Day Card does not have to be an outright declaration of unbridled love. Not that anyone would discourage receiving one of those, of course, but one sweet little card sent in February can serve as a hello, a wink, or a high five. And you do not need to rely on a box of 20 nearly identical cards to get the job done. Think outside of the envelope and send a truly unique, funny and refreshing Valentine to someone who makes you smile… and maybe more.

New Year, New You

Everyone says it, year after year. The glut of holiday eating, drinking and spending finally catches up with us and we have to cry ‘Uncle!’. This coincides, perfectly, with the impending New Year- a new beginning, renewed hope for change and betterment. I will ride my bike to work. I will not eat the kids leftovers. I will not charge what I cannot afford. What is that saying about good intentions? That they never last? You will hit the gym like clockwork for a week and then you’ll find yourself too busy (and somewhat relieved) to make it there everyday. And then not go again until spring. There is an important interview/date/occasion coming up and even though you’ve vowed to fight credit card debt this year, obviously you need something new and fabulous to wear. Like I said, everyone does it. Our decision is to aim lower for 2012. In general, take better care of yourselves. If you don’t go to the gym everyday, that’s o.k. Just look good while you’re doing it. A random splurge is fine, just don’t max your Amex out. Monthly spa treatments might not pan out, but at least wash your face every night. Little steps make big changes, we hear, and if nothing else these little motivators will make you feel better about yourself in 2012 than you ever have.

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Ladies

You’re probably thinking you’ve exhausted all of your options. Add up all of the Christmases, anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s and, My God, that’s a lot of gifts. What could possibly be left? You could wimp out and ask her for an idea. Of course she’s going to say something sensible. New running shoes? Frying pans? Uhhh… You, my friend, need the perfect gift. The occasion is irrelevant, because this gift will please her endlessly anytime of year, regardless if you gave it to her for Kwanzaa or St. Patrick’s Day. Something she will love but might not buy for herself, or even think of. Something that will remind of her of you every time she slips that perfect gift on, or gazes at it on the wall. Relax- we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and compiled a tidy little list of delights that will please the lovely lady in your life. And remember, It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy to make it perfect.

Gift Guide: Jewelry

When in doubt, give jewelry. Trust us, it is a no-fail gift. Sure, it’s easy to miss the mark in terms of style, but if you keep it simple, what gal wouldn’t love a funky new pair of earrings? What mom wouldn’t gush over a handpicked necklace? It makes a person feel very special that such thought and care was put into picking a piece out just for them. You don’t need to bust the holiday budget, either, although that little blue box from Tiffany will certainly set hearts aflutter. And there is a style of jewelry out there for every person roaming this Earth. Grungy? Sophisticated? Whimsical? We’ve got you covered. The best part about giving someone jewelry is -duh- they will wear it, and probably for a long, long time. So when they glance at their reflection or get dressed in the morning, they will be reminded of you and your generosity. (Not to mention your good taste.)

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Guys

Men attempt to convey a sense of easiness, a general ‘I like everything’ attitude but in reality they are actually quite difficult to buy gifts for. For one, men tend to buy things for themselves- they aren’t keen to drop hints or make lists, like ladies will. Readily. For any occasion. Also, guys don’t seem to know exactly what they want until the very moment they see it. Then there is no decision to be made- it must be his right now. This makes gift-giving for men a bit of a tricky enterprise. Your dad? Your mom has already gotten him everything he could ever need. Your brother? You have no idea what he really likes, beyond video games and take-out. Your new beau? Uh, what’s the perfect gift that says ‘I like you but not too much and I though you might like this gift but I didn’t put tons of effort into it, whatever, I’m cool, no big.’? Exactly. It’s a shopping rabbit hole and before you know it you’re clutching a package of tube socks and wondering how you got there. Well good news for you, because we have culled stores and catalogs and the vast never-ending internet to bring you our top gift picks for dudes. These gifts are practical, fun, thoughtful, offbeat- but most importantly they will endear you to the manly recipient on your list.

Animal Attraction

Listen, your wardrobe could use a little oomph- an injection of interest, of sass, a touch of pizzazz. It’s (nearly) winter and it is all too easy to fade into the gray and dreary background. With the help of some furry friends, you can snazz up your look with hints of the animal kingdom without overdoing it. Head-to-toe cheetah? No thanks. A peacock-inspired accessory, or an abstract leopard print? Yes, please! It doesn’t take much, but the difference is eye-catchingly fabulous.

Best of Etsy: Fall

What did we do before Etsy? Attend endless antique/craft/art fairs in hopes of finding something that might catch the eye? There are only so many weekends in a year. Thankfully Etsy makes it easy to search for whatever we fancy in the realm of handmade goods. From soap to baby clothes, furniture to sculptures, it’s all there. (Inside your computer, that is.) Not only are there endlessly new and interesting items to peruse, the option to customize and personalize just about anything you could desire makes Etsy the best site to visit first for gifts. (Gifts for yourself count, too.) Here are a few new additions that piqued our interest, and will hopefully do the same for you as well. Stay in your jammies and kick your feet up- this shopping trip only requires a mouse and a credit card.


Do you have mighty good taste? Let Mighty Goods know why you would make a fabulous contributor to our site! Contact staircaseventures@gmail.com to throw your hat into the ring. Good luck!

In The Navy

Navy is the new black- didn’t you know? All the fashion magazines are telling us so, and they happen to be correct. While black can wash some folks out and sometimes feels a bit flat, navy somehow has more depth and warmth than its other neutral counterparts. And what a fantastic coincidence that navy is the new black, because navy is everywhere this year. Navy is as sharp and stylish as you want it to be. It is stunning as a shiny evening gown at an awards show or crisp as a blazer on a lady who lunches, or trendy as a cape on a girl heading out on a date. Also, with all things nautical being more popular than ever, navy, and in particular navy and white stripes, is seeing a swell in fashion adoration. Warm up your wardrobe and home with a few new navy pieces- you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how far one deep, dark shade of blue can go. Herewith are a few of our current faves.

Halloween For Adults

Fun-sized candy bars never get old. Falling leaves and pumpkins? Never get old. You, however, do get old(er) and at a point celebrating Halloween isn’t so much about dressing up and gorging on Skittles, but about embracing the season and all that is great about it. A slight nip in the air, fires, Candy Corn, leaf piles- these are ageless enjoyments. Fill up the candy bowl and settle in for a list of autumn comforts and Halloween-inspired gear that is perfect for you, your home, and this fall season.

The Personalized Wedding

Pretty much anything can be personalized these days, and a big trend at the moment is personalizing weddings. Couples are taking monograms to a whole new level and putting their stamp (sometimes literally) all over their big day. And why shouldn’t they? A wedding should be all about the two people being celebrated, and what is important to them. So if that’s a bicycle theme, or cupcakes bearing their likeness, so be it. You can never get away with this again, so go nuts! There can, of course, be overkill, so we’ve waded deep into the wedding waters to come up with a list of truly clever, charming and memorable personalized items perfect for decorating a reception or gifting to a happy, freshly married couple.

Falling Into Autumn

True, it is a bit sad to see summer end. If you live in a climate where people are unimpressed with the threat of blizzards, the fading of summer sun can be a bit depressing. But before you throw on the snow tires, there is the beautiful little in-between time of autumn to look forward to. The weather is still decent, the sun is still shining, and instead of cook-outs and the beach you have cozy roasts and apple picking. Plus, you get to reveal all of the deliciously stylish new finds you have collected for your fall wardrobe. Soft new sweaters, supple leather boots- there really isn’t much to complain about. So pack away the bathing suits, but don’t dust off your snowsuit just yet. Take a little time to enjoy the slight chill in the air and the brightly colored leaves. Herewith are some fall finds to inspire you this autumn.

Love Your Body: All Natural Body Care

The air and ground are rotten with invisible nasties that, over time, take a toll on your skin. Now think about those nasties you actually touch- products you put directly on your body. Chances are the ingredients on your soap, shampoo and make-up read like a brain-buster from a chemistry quiz in high school. Sodium what? Sulpha-who? Glycer…I can’t pronounce the rest of that one. What is that, exactly? Exactly the point. You should put on your body the same all-natural, healthy elements you would put in your body. Luckily it is never too late to turn over a new leaf and get green about your personal care. There are now loads of fantastic and natural products available, but here are few top ones that will soothe your skin and make you feel happy, healthy, and naturally beautiful.

Make A Statement: Necklaces

If you are experiencing a case of the Wardrobe Blahs or even if you typically trend toward no-fuss neutral clothing, do yourself (and your style) a favor by adding some statement necklaces to your collection. Big and bold, or shiny and colorful, these baubles do all of the work for you. A great necklace showcases your face and gives all of the creative impact and drama a black suit cannot. Even better, they can dress up a more casual look and carry you from day to evening with one simple clasp.

See You In September: Teacher Gifts

Statement people love to to say to teachers: “At least you get the summers off, right?!” Ha ha! Only, no. Not the the goods ones, at least. Teachers work long days, staying well after the bell rings and over vacations to prep their classrooms, educate themselves, and prepare materials for the next looming school year. And most of them do it with a surprisingly upbeat attitude. Teachers are essentially the daytime guardians of our children who are also burdened with the unseemly task of teaching them math. Can you remember anything about fractions? I didn’t think so. Treat your kids’ educators, coaches, aids- hell, even the bus driver- to something nice. Say thank you for handling the attitudes, the rolling eyes, the late parents, the body fluids and the little ears that wouldn’t listen. Say thank you for keeping them safe, engaged and growing. Say thank you for the math, the language and all that fun that is too quickly forgotten.

Summer Fun Essentials

Stock up on hot dogs, because cookout season is upon us. Whether you’re hanging with the kids or partying with the adults, summer is the time to embrace the outdoors and enjoy it until the mosquitoes come out. Herewith are some handy items that will make outdoor living and entertaining more manageable and fun this summer. Live it up- remember, this is what you will fantasize about in January.

The Fabulous & Frugal Bride: Wedding Gowns Under $500

From the food to the location, brides and grooms want the very best for their big day, and the big party with all of their family and friends. What newlyweds don’t want is the hefty bill that comes with a top-notch photographer or an open bar. Everything associated with a wedding is expensive, and it is difficult to keep it all balanced. There are definitely ways to trim the budget, but who would think the almighty wedding gown would be one of them?

Gowns have come a long way in recent years and now more than ever anyone can have access to an inexpensive and attractive gown. You don’t have to settle for bargain basement blah, either- several big name designers quietly make low-key (but still gorgeous) wedding gowns for the mass market. You can feel fantastic and look like a million bucks, but you don’t have to stretch that dress budget to the upper limit to do so. Here are some beautiful and affordable alternatives that will make you just as joyful on that happy day.

Derby Days

The royal wedding was an event full of interesting headpieces. Jumping across the pond, the Kentucky Derby won’t let the Brits upstage them. Grab your mint julep, don your finest frock, and bedazzle with your widest brim hat as the crowd sings along to “My Old Kentucky Home.” Even if you don’t plan on rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, these hats are perfectly suitable for a day on the town or a lazy day at the beach.

Summertime Blues: Cool Blue Finds

The clear blue sky, sparkling blue-green water, bluebirds, bluebells- there isn’t anything blue that isn’t happy. Blue is the perfect color-boost for summer, making eyes and pearly whites pop and accenting sun-kissed glowing skin. Inject some navy, cerulean or periwinkle into your summer wardrobe and instantly feel the mood-enhancing effects. Turns out that summertime blues are actually a good thing.

I Love Mom: Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100

Mom does all the dirty work. She keeps every member of the family fed and clean and on course; she tends to the home and the animals and the friends; she’s in charge of all the parties, holidays and events. She’s always coming and going, she never sits still. She’s many things, and she works hard. Give mom something she would never ever buy for herself-a mom rarely splurges. Thank her for teaching you the ABC’s, taking care of you when you were little and sick, and for being a constant smiling face and open ear. Show her on Mother’s Day, with a thoughtful gift, just how much you appreciate all that she does, and that you still marvel at how she keeps it all together.

Royal Frocks for the Royal Wedding

Planning on joining the other millions of women watching the royal wedding on April 29th? Why not do it in high style and get dressed for the occasion. Just because you weren’t born with a royal title doesn’t mean you can’t look and dress like one. Also, with the help of Rent the Runway, looking like royalty doesn’t mean you have to pay the price tag of one either. Their stylists are on-hand to help you pick the right dress for you, as well as make sure each frock will fit your figure perfectly. Go ahead, let that inner princess out. *Tiara optional, but highly encouraged!

Gift Guide: Foodie Finds

What do you pick for the picky eater? Will your foodie scoff at something from a big-box store, and laugh at your selections from the Whole Foods cheese section? Foodies are notoriously discriminating when it comes to what they will deign to eat, but, good news! Fabulous and artisan foods are huge right now, as are offbeat flavor combinations and exotic treats. People are taking creating (and eating) interesting, different and delicious foods very seriously these days. The even better news is that this trend translates into unrivaled YUM all around. Here’s a list to get you started. Stock up and always have something awe-inducing on hand to wow (and silence) the foodie in your life.

Best New Prints To Liven Up Your Walls

As the hopeful rays of springtime sunshine slowly stretch out, you begin to notice your place is looking so blah and dully familiar in this brighter lighting. When was the last time you decorated, when you moved in? Your parents hand-me-down furniture is fine but it is the decoration that really speaks to who you are and what you love. The easiest, cheapest and most effective way to mix it up and update your digs is with some eye catching new prints. It doesn’t matter if you buy them from a big box retailer or an indy design house- buy whatever instantly grabs you. Lively and bold, simple and sweet- it all works if it makes you happy. Use one large print for impact or curate a smaller collection for a subtler effect, and feel free to recycle frames you already own. Let the art do all of the work and be proud of how cool your home looks.

Think Spring: Inspiring Finds

The thaw has begun. Patches of green grass are becoming visible, the days are getting longer, and the crocuses are peeking out of the ground. Unfortunately we can’t go from the long, cold winter to a total spring embrace over a weekend, but these little bright spots can inspire hope for the new season. Add a pop of springtime color, or a floral pattern, or really anything that makes you feel warm and happy. Spring is springing, and here are some inspiring items to get the season into full swing.

Sunny Crafts for Dreary Winter Days

With actual sunny days months away for most of the country, some of us are feeling a little gray. Snap out of that funk with these fun and fresh craft kits, perfect for both occupying a rainy and/or snowy afternoon and brightening up your life.

The Best Quilts and Duvets for Under $200

The bedding in this collection has designer style for days. But with no ridiculous designer prices in sight, these pieces are perfect for adding some spice to your boring old bedrooms.

High-End Photo Albums
Get ready for a Spring Fling!

It may only be January, but now that the days are longer and the sun is starting to peek out, it’s hard not to get carried away with some of the season’s hottest spring dresses.

Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony

Who doesn’t like team work? Chloe Sevigny and Opening Ceremony have teamed up to give you some pretty rocking outfits. Here’s some of Mighty Goods’ favorites.

Spring 2011 Sandal Round-Up

This little piggy went to the market, and this little piggy went WHEE WHEE all the way home with a new pair of sandals for the summer! Set those feet free after a long hard winter with some of Spring’s newest and coolest sandals. The gladiator trend is still going strong, as well as neutral colors or very colorful tribal and animal prints.

I Do! Wedding Gifts Under $100

Friends announce they are getting married. Yay! You are so happy for them! You really think its a great match. You will absolutely be there to celebrate with them. And now you need to cough up some dough for a shower gift, a wedding gift, a new outfit for the swanky reception, a hotel room, a bar tab and who knows what else. You start sweating. You love them, this happy couple who have decided to make it official. You also love paying your rent and your 401K. You want to give them something special to commemorate the bigness of the decision, of the occasion, of their love- and you can totally do that. Better yet, you can absolutely do that without going broke. Breath easy and check out this collection of cool, useful and just plain lovely gifts that come in under $100. None will leave your wallet wheezing but all will certainly impress the newlyweds to-be.

Get Glam for Bikini Season

Don’t be the girl afraid to come out of the locker, like the girl wearing an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini. This is the year to shine in some fashionable pieces of stretch fabric, whether your preferred style is a string, one-piece, or mono-kini. These skin baring styles will sure to get you pumped for some serious pool or beachside tanning this summer.

Winter Getaway Bags

It’s been snowing for, what, 46 straight days now? Time to escape the slush and gray skies and make a break for a more enjoyable locale- specifically one with sun, sand, and no snow emergencies. Here are the top choice bags that will stow just what you need and not weigh you down as you grab that last flight out of town before the storm hits.

Vintage Valentines

There are so many unique ways to show your partner you care this Valentine’s Day. But this year, why not take a step back in time and send your love the old fashioned way with a creative and vintage gift that is just as timeless as your everlasting romance.

New Year, New Man

It’s a new year, which means breakout styles and trends abound. So why not help your favorite man by staying on top of the hottest new looks with our compilation of this year’s rising fashion trends for men.


2010 may have come and gone, and 2011 will whiz by just as fast. The only constant in your wardrobe is that LBD (little black dress.) Update your closet with some new LBDs for the season and watch them faithfully stay in your closet for the next decade.

Getting an Earful

It’s time to get LOUD, with your accessories that is. Have fun with some bold earrings and let the praises be heard!

Happy Birthday Kids! Great Gifts Under $25

Your kid parties like a rock star- a different fete every weekend. Invitations seem to pour out of backpacks and a social calendar must be maintained. Ah, the life of the school-aged set. Save time (and brainpower) scrambling for gifts and load up on these sure-fire winners, and always have a happy birthday boy or girl.

It Bags for 2011

Whether it’s a present for a girlfriend, or a present for yourself, spoil the one you love with one of these must-have IT bags for 2011.

Happy New Baby! Shower Gifts Under $50

You don’t need to know a lot about babies to know they require a lot of stuff. Clothes, toys, gear- their needs are endless. Don’t be intimidated by the never-ending registry lists and instead opt for something sentimental or just too cute to pass up. Little gestures go a long way, and remember, you don’t have to break the bank to give someone you love a thoughtful, useful and adorable baby gift.

Tokens of Love

It doesn’t take a lot to let someone know you care. Not a lot of time, not a lot of money, and nothing too big or grand is required. The little things are truly what count. Something unexpected, but lovely, to set a heart aflutter and send a rose to the cheek. These little gifts pack a sweet punch and make it perfectly clear how you feel.

Office Desks for New Year Productivity

Stay on task this year with the help of these super-stylish and functional desks.

Back to School Clothes 2009
Gifts for Graduates

Yes, yes, you know they want cash. But you also know the cash will be gone in a week, and you’d prefer to give them something lasting. Here’s to gifts that are a little more commemorative than a $100 tucked in an envelope.

Green is Good: 10 Green Gifts for $20 or Less

Giving a gift is a lovely, kind and touching gesture. Giving an eco-friendly gift is all that paired with a conscientious nod to Mother Nature. This guide proves you do not need to break the bank, nor be wasteful, to give thoughtfully.

Cupcake Craze

Regular cakes are just so…square. Today’s sweet trend is all about the round delicacy we lovingly call the cupcake. From kitchenware and creative party planning to fashion favorites and delectable decor, the cupcake craze has made regular cakes a thing of the past.

Warm Toes are Happy Toes

The days of flip flops and open-toed pumps are drawing to a close. Instead of clinging to your warm-weather shoes, embrace some stylish and warm boots. Remember, winter is a fickle mistress. Before you know it, you will wake up and there will be… SNOW. Don’t get caught unprepared.

Welcome Home: Doormats

Your home is the heart of your life, and the doormat outside sets the tone for what visitors can expect of your decor and perhaps your personality: Bright and cheerful, formal and reserved, utilitarian and sleek. Whichever you are, the doormat does much more than clean off soles. It adds a pop of color, or humor, or style to your entrance and gives a glimpse of who you are.

Scarf Wrap Up

Scarves are where fashion folds into function. It has to look good, of course, but when the autumn leaves are all gone and the temperature dips lower and lower it has to also keep you warm. Here is a collection of some cute and cozy options that you will love to nuzzle into, but also love how they look.

Best Kids Rain Wear

It’s that time of year when the skies open up and the rainy season drenches our favorite little family members. So how do you keep them dry and happy? We’ve got you covered- literally.

We’ve scouted out some of this season’s best rain wear picks for kids- ranging from boots and jackets to must-have umbrellas. So when your kid narrows in on that large rain puddle with a gleam in their eye, you can breath easy knowing they’re prepared.

Our Favorite Winter Outerwear

Baby, it’s cold outside! But if you’ve got the right coat, there’s no need to stay cooped up inside.

Bundle up in style with today’s abundant range of outerwear, from vintage classic to modern trend-setter. Whether you’re attending the annual tree lighting, going for a walk with man’s best friend, or heading into work, we’ve found the right coat to keep you merry and bright.

Holiday Travel Essentials

There is a moment every fall when you think, Is it really worth the time, effort, and money to make it home for the holidays? Should you skip the long lines, the crabby people and the cold weather while attempting to get to mom’s and instead spend your vacation time on a tropical beach sipping margaritas in peaceful solitude? Tempting.

Here are a few key items that will make the schlep a little more comfortable, make the whole undertaking a bit more bearable, and make you all the more thankful when you finally arrive wherever it is you are heading.

Baking for the Holidays

The holidays go with baking like holly goes with ivy. Whether you’re continuing old traditions or creating new ones with those you love, you’re likely involving baking in the mix. We understand the fun that can be had in a kitchen with family and friends, which is why we’ve compiled some of the season’s best baking gear to whip you into sweet shape.

Accessories that’ll make your NYE sparkle

It’s that time of year to make resolutions, turn a new leaf, and kiss the person next to you after a couple of glasses of sparkly. Make it memorable with these unforgettable accessories that will make you shine brighter than Times Square’s ball drop.

NYE Dresses for under $100

Even though your New Year’s resolution to spend less money technically doesn’t need to start until January 1st, why not start now with some of these fabulous dresses? They are all under $100 and you still walk out looking fabulous for the countdown!

The Girlfriend Gift Guide

This year, give her the gift of luxury. Let her indulge in bubble baths, foot soaks and eye cream. Encourage novelties like deep conditioning treatments and exotic make-up. Why? Because it’s Christmas and she’ll love how thoughtful your gifts of total bliss are.

Necklace Roundup
Let’s Get Physical

You know that gym membership you’re paying for but not using? Why not use that cash to purchase some new work-out accessories instead? Something shiny and new will put a pep in your step, renew your vow that you will NOT gain any weight this winter and maybe get you out the door more often. Though little can make exercise any more desirable, these items may, at least, make it considerably more convenient, stylish and fun.

Must Buy Xmas Gifts for Every Girl

The must have items this Christmas for every lady and her interests.

Lamps We Love

As the days get shorter, everyone knows the perfect way to light up a room is with the right lamp. But how can you brighten up your space while avoiding the tacky cotton floral shades?

We’ve hunted high and low for modern and fun lighting that will make your home sparkle, with unique shades, designs and colors that will match any style.

Fall Fashion Staples for a Seasonless Wardrobe

Just because the seasons change, doesn’t mean you need to relegate your Summer clothes to the back of the closet. Here’s some Fall fashion staples that will transition your Summer outfits straight to a fashion forward Winter.

Book Ends
Xmas Gifts for Every Man

Let’s face it, you may know everything about your man but gift giving can be just as painful as shopping for a bikini. Let this guide keep you worry free until it’s time to wear two pieces of lycra in public.

Stand-Out iPad Cases

Now that everyone has an iPad, it’s time to differentiate yourself with some amazing cases. Here are some of the best looking ones out right now.

Salt Cellar Roundup

Inexplicable but true, salt cellars are just more posh than shakers.

Keep one by your stove for a last-minute pinch, a big one on your dining table next to the pepper grinder, or individual cellars at each place setting for elegant evenings in.

Fun Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Isn’t it always the little stuff that makes them the happiest? Sure, they asked Santa for a Wii and you for an iPad, but without fail they end up poring over the odds and ends in their stocking, mesmerized and thoroughly entertained by all the bright and clever bobbles you have packed in there. Don’t break the bank stuffing that stocking, but do stuff it with cool and unique little gifts that will keep them occupied throughout the holidays.

Gifts That Sparkle

Give the gift of sparkle and shine to your loved one. While always popular for holiday parties, daytime sequins are especially on-trend these days. The glittery items we’ve gathered here are so chic and wearable, they will be favorites for day and evening, this winter and throughout the year.

Gifts That Give Back

The end of the year is the best time to rack up some good karma and bestow goodwill to your fellow man. Pair that with crossing lines off of your shopping list and it really couldn’t get any better. Give a gift to someone you care for and benefit a cause near and dear to your heart, and know that the spirit of the season is still thriving.

Geek Gifts

What do you get the geek who has everything? Those with geekier tendancies can be tricky to shop for; either their interests whiz right over your head or they already own all of the gear they could want. Any one of these items will get the nerdy pulses running and show the geeks on your list that you truly get them.

Holiday Stockings

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…” And hopefully they looked good, too. Let’s face it, it might be time to toss out the department store stocking you’ve had since childhood. It smells like the attic and is falling apart after too many years of stuffing with treats. This holiday must-have accessory has to hold all the loot and reflect your style sensibility, and no time like the present (Christmas-time) to update. Choose carefully and enjoy dumping out the contents on Christmas morning.

Thank You Kindly: Host Gifts

They’re feeding you an enormous feast and letting you crash on the sofabed. Let them know how much you appreciate their generosity and, frankly, that they know you well enough to not expect a home-made pie. The thoughtfulness of the gesture makes an impact beyond whatever the actual gift is, and isn’t that what this time of year is all about?

Newborn Essentials

There is a mountain of baby shower gifts in your living room and you have no idea where to start. Have no fear: Babies require surprisingly little in their first days. You, however, will likely need a few more tools and tricks to ease through the transition of parenthood. Here is a short list of those tried-and-true staples seasoned parents swear by, and few new things that will make life a little easier while you become acquainted with the new love of your life.

Humorous Halloween Costumes

Have some fun with these hilarious adult costume ideas this Halloween.

Happy Halloween to the Kids

Ever since last Halloween, your kids have been non-stop talking about costumes, carving and candy.

So what tricks (or treats) do you have up your sleeve this year? If you’re out of ideas- fear not. Prepare your kids for a ghoulishly good time with some of our fantastic Halloween finds!

Backpack Round Up

The backpack is the ultimate in school-aged personal expression. Your kid is blurting out her favorite TV show/hobby/color/sport in one accessory. You’re thinking: Will it last? Will it give my child a hump? It costs how much? You may think it’s ugly, but it’s what she wants. And anyway, there will certainly be a new one next year.

Floral Frenzy

From purses and blouses to necklaces and home dcor, a floral invasion is upon us. But how do you embrace the flower frenzy without looking like Great Aunt Betty’s couch?

Check out these fun floral finds, all featuring lovely, modern florals, sans bouquet and vase. And remember, there are plenty of places other than the garden for flowers in your life.

Albums You Should Hear

2010 has offered a wealth of extraordinary new music. Here are some highlights from bands that you may or may not know of already, and which may just up your cool factor.

Wine 101

Youve sent out your invitations and selected the vino for the evening. Only problem is that you havent a clue where to begin. Openers? Stemware? Decanters?

From glasses and grapes, to gadgets and dcor, weve compiled an eclectic list of the basics as well as the innovative that will guarantee a smash hit for your next wine party (even if its just a table for one).

Gifts of Meat

Buying gifts for guys can be a pain. Your guy doesn’t want much, and when he does want something he just buys it for himself. Which is why you’re banging your head against your desk agonizing over a present.

Here’s our idea: Meat. Men, for the most part, enjoy meat and activities related to its preparation. And if your guy is a vegetarian? Booze.

15 Bridesmaid Gifts Under $50

You have twelve bridesmaids. While they’re grousing about paying for the dresses, you’re wondering how you’re going to afford gifts for everyone. Let us help.

And while you’re looking, you might also want to read our 15 Unique Gifts for Bridesmaids guide.

Rain Gear Roundup

How are you supposed to splash in puddles if you aren’t properly equipped? We’ve put together a few sweet looks for rainy season. If you’re wearing cute boots maybe no one will notice the frizzy hair.

Mother’s Day Roundup
Easter Bonnet Update

One Easter bonnet please. No frills.

Easter Baskets for Grownups 2010

The Easter bunny was always so good to you as a child, he would never abandon you just because you got taller.

Shape Up Roundup

Your New Year’s resolve to work out more is beginning to wan. Motivate yourself with some cute new workout gear, and maybe a doughnut.

Gifts for Your Valentine

Last Valentine’s Day, you wore black and ordered in. This year you’re in love, which means you’ll need a token of affection. But how “token” are we talking? And more importantly, is it too soon for lingerie?

Valentine’s Day Flowers Roundup

Hey look! Flowers you can order online, and they’re not ugly. Thanks, Internet.

Letterpress Valentine Cards

Getting a Valentine in the mail is just lovely, don’t you think? Me too. Plus, you were too overwhelmed to send out holiday cards. If you don’t send Valentines, how will everyone know you finally got that tattoo?

The Cozy Up Guide

Winter! The one season where you have absolutely zero guilt about snuggling in with a good book for 17 hours or so. When there’s a blizzard outside, you can be absolutely sure that no one in town is having more fun than you and your dominoes.

Stocking Stuffers

You make Santa look good, my friend.

Budget Gifts for Under $30

You’re rich in company, but not so much otherwise. Our picks under $30 for the generous soul on a limited budget.

Personalized Gifts, Because You Are Crazy Thoughtful

Gifts that say, “I’m really sorry I bought your birthday present at the minimart last year.”

Revenge Fantasy Holiday Dresses

You know your ex will be there with the new girlfriend. The new girlfriend is disasterously smart, and cute, and funny. All of which is making it impossible to hate her. But that doesn’t mean you can’t outdress her.

Holiday Cards for Design Geeks

Last year, you hand-gilded 200 cards – you had gold leaf under your fingernails until mid-February. This year, you’re letting someone else do the heavy lifting while you mull some wine and stuff your face with gingerbread.

Well. Maybe you’ll just calligraph a few of the addresses.

Coats That Make You Want to Take Up Flashing

So good you could go naked underneath. If it weren’t for the snow. Stupid snow.

Cozy Wear for Kids

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Tea Towel Roundup
Something in the Water: Jellyfish Madness
Back to School for Grownups 2009

Whether you need some new stuff for your dorm room, or you just think better on paper, it’s not fair that kindergarteners get all the back-to-school fanfare. Stupid kindergarteners.

Here are a few nice things for the big kids in your life.

15 Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Your groomsmen are smart. The kind of guys who can help you with your dissertation, or take you to Vegas for a bachelor party and tell you where to put your money.

You won enough to fund the breakfast buffet for your whole crew, with a little left over for some thoughtful gifts.

15 Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

They bought airline tickets and uncomfortable sage shoes, made naughty cupcakes for your bachelorette, and listened in while you sobbed over various bridal atrocities. And let’s be honest, no matter how carefully you selected it, they probably won’t wear the dress again. Really.

You owe them the world, but for now they’ll get a token of your affection. Later? Bail money.

2009 Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads

Dad spent days practicing how to fold the stroller in a single smooth motion. He takes the baby to the playground every day, even though the baby cant unfurl its fingers yet. In the few moments he could be sleeping, he lays awake imagining the myriad ways he could accidentally break the baby.

Whats he gonna do with a tie?

2009 Father’s Day Gift Guide

I guess you could get him something he needs. A bottle of scotch and a fresh pack of tube socks it is!

Actually, that would make an awesome gift. But here are some other options, just in case your Dad isn’t a scotch drinker.

Gifts for Students

Your baby nephew is leaving for university. While you’re weeping softly about how old you are, check out our picks for the college bound kid.

Laptop Bag Roundup
2009 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Perfect gifts for mom on Mother’s Day, her birthday, or just because you haven’t called in six months.

Easter Baskets for Grown Ups, 2009

He lost his last baby tooth, and never saw the Tooth Fairy again. She moved out of her parents’ house, and suddenly Santa stopped delivering on the stockings.

This Easter, let your beloved know that the Easter Bunny is still present and accounted for. And his taste seems to be improving.

Mugs Roundup

I’m particular about mugs. I like them handmade with a silky, Frankoma-style glaze that feels good against my lips. I need the handle to be just so – big enough to fit four fingers comfortably. I like the bottom to be slightly rounded, so I can cup the warm mug in my palm.

This is why I’m mostly drinking out of latte bowls these days. Anyway, here are some fun, pretty examples I’ve run across on my mug hunt. May you find the mug f your dreams.

My Kinky Valentine

Cupid made a list, and it seems you’ve been very naughty this year.

Keep up the good work with our kinky Valentine’s Day picks. Roses are for suckers.

Tokens of Affection Under $15

These mementos are a perfect fit for your beloved’s pillow. Wrap one in brown paper and surprise your Valentine.

Valentine Card Roundup

Amongst all those bills, a Valentine.

Guest Editor: Melissa Summers from Mighty Haus

Melissa Summers is the editor of Mighty Junior, our shopping site for kids, and Mighty Haus, our design and shopping blog for people who love to nest. Her personal website, Suburban Bliss, attracts thousands of readers each day. Summers is a sought-after expert on blogging, who has been interviewed by the Today Show, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, among others. She lives in Detroit with her husband and two children, and we like her very much.

Perfect Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

Your cat totally knows that everyone else is getting presents. What gives? Your dog is blissfully unaware, but does that mean he should miss out on the action?

We don’t think so either.

Fascinator Roundup

New Year’s Eve is your excuse to acquire a very sophisticated party hat. Beats the hell out of a tiara.

Of-the-Month-Club Gift Guide

Whether you’ve put off gift buying too long, or are just looking for something particularly special, gift clubs are terrific last-minute options.

We’ve collected a few of our favorite clubs for your consideration. If there’s anything better than coming up with the perfect gift, it’s reminding the recipient how thoughtful you are every few weeks.

Gift Guide Roundup 2008

If our obsessive gift guides arent enough for you, youre a child after our own hearts. This guide roundup features the best items from twelve other guides, and links so you can check out the rest of the loot. Happy shopping.

Gifts for Smart People

You need a gift for someone thinky, someone who wants to know about everything – what happened, how it works, why it all got started. Fortunately, the globally curious have a lot of hobbies.

We’ll find the gifts, you make sure they remember to eat.

Gifts for Hipsters

You need a gift for someone who’s possibly a little cooler than you, and we can help. Our two-step plan for impressing a hipster?

  1. Choose something from our picks below.
  2. Stop calling them a hipster.
Thoughtful Gifts for Employees

They’re your team, and you want good things for them. Here you’ll find a few small things that are very good indeed.

Nativity Set Roundup
16 Perfect Gifts for Geeks

You may have to talk them out of wearing T-shirts and sneakers to your sister’s wedding, but your laptop has never been healthier, your blog has never looked cooler, and you’re learning more about power tools every weekend. The nerd in your life deserves something special.

Holiday Pajamas Roundup

Every year, on Christmas Eve, our family opens one gift. It’s always brand new pajamas to wear on Christmas morning. To me, new jammies are the ultimate luxury. Actually, new socks are up there too.

2008 Stocking Stuffers for Women

She’s all grown up, but she clearly enjoys chocolate more than your average seven year old.

After all the baking, card assembling, and holiday-calendar wrangling, Santa has this girl’s back.

Advent Calendar Roundup 2008

Advent calendars combine nostalgia, anticipation, and celebration. I wish every month had reminders to celebrate a little bit every day.

2008 Stocking Stuffers for Guys

Last year, he addressed all the Christmas cards, planned the holiday meal for your family, and stayed up until 3 a.m. wrapping gifts. If Santa doesn’t give him Good Boy status, there’s been some kind of clerical error.

2008 Holiday Card Guide

A cup of cocoa, a new pen, and a fat roll of stamps – your friends are wondering what you’ve been up to. It’s been a good year. Tell them all about it.

Halloween Costume Guide

Don’t be a kitty cat again. Just don’t.

This is the one day a year you have a chance to be anything you want simply by changing your clothes. Do it up. And if you genuinely want to be a kitty cat? Here’s hoping you’re a seven-year-old.

10 Little Luxuries Under $10

All right, so the economy is in shreds at our feet. We’re saving more, playing less, and feeling a bit gloomy about it all, truth be told. Well, it turns out that treating yourself well doesn’t have to mean throwing caution to the wind. If you have ten bucks, the world is your oyster.

A Handmade Halloween

Now that your costume and decorations are taken care of, you can focus on the important stuff. Like what kind of candy to buy for the trick or treaters.

Presidential Election ‘08 Schwag

You’ve registered to vote, planted the lawn sign, signed up to do some outreach in your neighborhood. Now, where’s your guest soap molded in the shape of your preferred candidate?

That’s what we thought. You have some work to do, citizen.

Dressed Up Round Up

Fifteen cute dress options that let you cut straight to the shoe shopping.

Guest Editor: Evany Thomas of Evany.com

Evany Thomas is one of our favorite people, and author of The Secret Language of Sleep: A Couple’s Guide to the 39 Positions (McSweeney’s). She’s been blogging since 1995, most recently at Evany.com, where her keen fashion sense and arresting wit are on display several times a week. Everything is better with Evany, so we’re pleased to have her with us. Thanks for lending us your excellent taste, Ms. Thomas!

Guest Editor: Sarah Brown from Que Sera Sera

This week, we’re welcoming Sarah Brown, author of Cringe: Teenage Diaries, Journals, Notes, Letters, Poems, and Abandoned Rock Operas. Her personal blog Que Sera Sera has been around since 2001, and she is a world renowned lip gloss expert.

Guest Editor: Melissa from Mighty Junior

Melissa Summers is the editor of Mighty Junior, a shopping site for kids, and editor of Mighty Haus a design and shopping site for people who like to nest. She’s also a columnist for AlphaMom. Her personal website, Suburban Bliss, attracts thousands of readers each day. Summers is a sought-after expert on blogging, who has been interviewed by the Today Show, the New York Times, and the Detroit News, among others. She lives in Detroit with her husband and two children.

Wedding Guest Dresses for Under $100

Reader Megan Humphrey wrote:

“I hate shopping for dresses to wear to weddings, and with a calender full of staring me down, I’m starting to get depressed, and no one likes a depressed wedding guest. So, it’s with this in mind that I’m pitching a summer wedding dress guide. Not wedding gowns or dresses for brides, but dresses for the rest of us, the people who show up, buy presents and try to look our best. ”

Here you go, Megan. We tried to keep them reasonably priced as well, so you can still afford to buy a wedding gift.

Spork Roundup

Nothing says summer camping like the humble spork. Neither spoon, nor fork alone can best its elegant functionality. Lowbrow? High five. Here’s to you, spork. Your day has come.

(And while you’re here, check out our Camping with Kids Guide on Mighty Junior.)

15 Wedding and Shower Gifts Under $40

You paid for the ticket out, the hotel room, something decent to wear, and you still need to buy a gift. Unfortunately, the only thing left on the registry is a sofa. Your love for the new couple is big, but your bank account is shrinking. Here are 15 thoughtful picks for wedding and shower gifts on a budget.

Heirloom Wedding Gifts

They’re perfect, really perfect for each other, and you’re thrilled they’re tying the knot. Choose something sentimental, or go in with some friends on a memorable gift for the couple who deserves more than a fancy blender.

Top Shelf Father’s Day Guide

He doesn’t want another ugly tie. He wants a cold cocktail waiting for him at the end of a long day. And after all he’s done for you, that’s not too much to ask.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Here’s to you.

Cute Shoes Roundup

I spent the morning looking for shoes online, and thought I’d share the bounty.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2008

Tacking your drawings to the fridge, schlepping to games and school plays, bragging about your obvious genius – your mom has always been proud of you. Once a year, you have a chance to show her the feeling is mutual. Mother’s Day is May 11.

Fun Stationery Wardrobe

Now that we have the classics out of the way, what about all the fun? There are so many gorgeous cards out there – colorful birthday cards, poignant engagement notes, new baby welcomes. Having cards on hand is half the battle of getting them in the mailbox on time. Soon enough, you’ll be known as the thoughtful one. Which, by the way, you totally are.

Classic Stationery Wardrobe

When I first came across the concept of a stationery wardrobe in a Miss Manner’s guide, I knew I had to have one. Calling cards, letter papers, gift enclosures, it’s all so appealingly civilized. Perhaps we could do without the formal engraved invitations and the RSVP cards at ready, but the rest of it should be quite useful.

Perfect Picnic Guide

It won’t be long before we can shed the cable knits, throw some wine and cheese in a basket, and head out to dine in the open air. Until then, please join us in cursing March and daydreaming about a picnic to spite her. Here’s everything you need to sprawl beneath the apple blossoms with grace.

Easter Baskets for Grown Ups

Easter baskets are so much fun, it’s a shame to abandon them just because you no longer enjoy candy that sticks to your teeth. As it turns out, the Easter Bunny has been saving the good stuff for the grown ups all along.

Unique Host Gifts

Last week, we featured classic host gifts that never fail. This week, we pulled together some quirkier host gift options for those who prefer more individual presents. Who can refuse the gift of bacon?

Classic Host Gifts

You’d ordinarily just grab a bottle of whatever you found at the corner market, but this time your dinner hosts are wine snobs. Searching out the perfect bottle as a host gift is too exhausting to contemplate. Here are some classic alternatives from the Mighty Goods archives. All of these are great options to keep on hand for the people who care enough to make you dinner.


A kitchen torch, because your girlfriend loves creme brulee, even though she never cooks. Monogrammed silver cuff links for the beloved who doesn’t own a shirt with French cuffs. They say it’s the thought that counts, but what exactly were you thinking?

This Valentine’s Day, you’re planning ahead, because you are charming, romantic, funny, and sweet – and you’d like a gift to match. How thoughtful.


Everyone should find a little bit of love in their mailbox on Valentine’s Day. Maybe you were too overwhelmed to send holiday cards, or too mired in resolutions to manage New Year’s greetings. Redeem yourself by gathering up a handful of happy red envelopes and sending them off to your beloveds.

Gift Guide Roundup

This year we put together a murder of gift guides:

Luxury Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Budget Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffers for Grownups

Mighty Junior’s Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Calendar Guide

If you’re still searching for the perfect something, or you just can’t get enough of a good thing, here are our top picks from a few of our favorite magazine and blog guides. If you like what you see, go check out the rest of their ideas.

2008 Calendar Guide

In 2008 you will remember every birthday, every tooth cleaning, every oil change and tune-up. Your mother will get flowers; you will turn your mattress; you will schedule your vacation months in advance. We pick the calendars that will help.

(And while you’re deciding on the right calendar for 2008, take a look at the Decor8 calendar roundups, Part I and Part II, as well. Good stuff.)

2007 Stocking Stuffers for Grownups

You can’t fit in your footie pajamas anymore, and you’d rather have kahlua in your cocoa than marshmallows. Still, stockings are the very best part of Christmas. Here are a few stocking stuffer options for the grownups you love. Nothing over $20.

2007 Budget Gift Guide

Your wallet is aching at the mere mention of the holiday season. Fortunately, your generosity need not be limited by your budget. Here are our gift picks for under $30.

2007 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s late Fall, and you’re already cringing at the thought of frantic holiday crowds, neighbors popping by with unexpected gifts, wrapping until 3 a.m. This year, Mighty Goods has done all your shopping, so you can focus on making merry.

2007 Luxury Gift Guide

Maybe youre feeling especially generous, maybe you did something unforgivable, maybe youre just loaded. Each year, our Luxury Gift Guide offers suggestions for gifts theyll remember for years.

2007 Father’s Day Guide
2007 Mother’s Day Guide
2007 Valentine’s Guide

The heart-shaped box of chocolates was sweet and the bouquet of roses was lovely, but your Valentine deserves a surprise this year. This Valentines Day, let Mighty Goods do your shopping for you.

2006 Holiday Guide
2006 Covet Guide

Maybe you’re feeling especially generous, maybe you did something unforgivable, maybe you’re just loaded. Our Covet Holiday Gift Guide offers suggestions for gifts they’ll remember for years.

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