Best New Prints To Liven Up Your Walls

As the hopeful rays of springtime sunshine slowly stretch out, you begin to notice your place is looking so blah and dully familiar in this brighter lighting. When was the last time you decorated, when you moved in? Your parents hand-me-down furniture is fine but it is the decoration that really speaks to who you are and what you love. The easiest, cheapest and most effective way to mix it up and update your digs is with some eye catching new prints. It doesn’t matter if you buy them from a big box retailer or an indy design house- buy whatever instantly grabs you. Lively and bold, simple and sweet- it all works if it makes you happy. Use one large print for impact or curate a smaller collection for a subtler effect, and feel free to recycle frames you already own. Let the art do all of the work and be proud of how cool your home looks.

Follow Me on Pinterest | Posted: 18 Mar, 2011 by Rene

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