Getting an Earful

It’s time to get LOUD, with your accessories that is. Have fun with some bold earrings and let the praises be heard!

Follow Me on Pinterest | Posted: 11 Jan, 2011 by Melissa

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  • Noir Scales Hoop Earrings


    Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake that boot-ay! Give your booty some accompaniment with the jingling of Noir’s Scales Hoop Earrings.

    $57 at 80�s Purple | Buy

    (Available in Matte Gold & Matte Silver)

    | Posted 18 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • KD2024 Sterling silver earrings


    Show some of that animal magnetism with KD2024’s toothlike sterling silver earrings. ROWR!

    $99 at Far Fetch | Buy

    | Posted 17 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • LOW LUV X ERIN WASSON Shark’s Tooth Earrings


    So the movie Jaws scared the living daylights out of you when you were a kid. It’s time to fight those demons and show Jaws whose boss. Low Love x Erin Wasson collab Shark’s Tooth Earrings are the perfect accessory with a lot of bite.

    $63 at forward by Revolve | Buy

    | Posted 17 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • House of Harlow 1960 Tribal Drop Earrings


    House of Harlow’s Tribal Drop Earrings are a little bit Art Deco, a little bit Retro, and A LOT of fun! Pair it with an all black or color blocked outfit and rock out!

    $100 at Shopbop | Buy

    | Posted 14 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • Nicole Miller Clear Tassle Earrings


    Infuse a little tough rocker chic into your accessories with Nicole Miller’s Clear Tassle Earrings. Don those jeggings with some serious heels and you’ll give Debbie Harry a run for her money.

    $52 at edressme | Buy

    (Also available in Blue)

    | Posted 14 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • Alex Monroe Peacock feather earrings


    Unlike our fine feathered friends, we females aren’t relegated to the ugly browns and blacks while the males get to strut in all their fabulous glory. Strut away in Alex Monroe’s Peacock feather earrings and maybe those birdies will learn a thing or two from you!

    $185 at Far Fetch | Buy

    | Posted 13 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • Noir Dagger Earrings


    Take a stab at making a statement with Noir’s Dagger Earrings and show everyone you can be your own knight in shining armor.

    $53 at 80�s Purple | Buy

    (Originally $62)

    | Posted 13 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • Campise Feather Earrings


    Channel your inner bohemian and don some gorgeous feather earrings from Campise. Or for some more flair, tie your hair to one side and only wear one feather in your exposed ear.

    $75 at ron herman | Buy

    | Posted 13 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • Nicole Miller Geometric Glass Dangle Earrings


    Cool, sophisticated and edgy. Nicole Miller’s Geometric Glass Dangle earrings pair easily with any type of ensemble.

    $135 at edressme | Buy

    | Posted 13 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • In God We Trust Hammered Bar Studs


    Simple and with a hand-crafted look, In God We Trust’s Hammered Bar Studs are sure to be your everyday ear candy for 2011.

    $80 at Tobi | Buy

    (Available in 14k Gold for $180)

    | Posted 11 Jan, 2011 by Melissa