Kind of Blue: Blue Accents

Hold the phone- we don’t mean blue in that weepy, tear-soaked way. Blue gets a bad rap for being depressing, but some of the happiest things on Earth are blue- a cloudless sky, for one. Don’t sing the blues, embrace them in your wardrobe. A dash here, a spot there- blue is infinitely more versatile than we give it credit for. Not only does the right shade of blue flatter most complexions, it just makes you feel happier. (The Bluebird of Happiness knows what’s up.) Ranging from navy to turquoise to cerulan and all the shades inbetween, blue is going to have a big impact on summer fashion. Get a leg up on the season and start incorporating pieces into your wardrobe that will leave you feeling good and looking blue, in the best possible way.

Follow Me on Pinterest | Posted: 16 Feb, 2012 by Rene

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