Nerd Alert: too cool for school glasses

Once upon a time, glasses meant you were doomed to be labeled a Nerd. Now with contacts and Lasiks, everyone can be “Four-Eyes” free. But why go with the crowd? Grab those glasses and wear them proudly while shouting, I am PROUD to be a NERD!

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  • LGR Lamu Optical Glasses


    LGR’s Lamu optical glasses are quite the show-stopper. The bright tortoise shell frames the eyes and the face just so, as if it were a moving portrait.

    $267 at Far Fetch | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • Cutler & Gross Grey Frames


    Cutler & Gross’ tonal grey frames are simplistic in theory but make quite an impact on your face. It’s just the right amount of smart and sexy for work or play.

    $368 at Far Fetch | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • Warby Parker Fillmore Glasses


    Half clear and half tortoise shell, Warby Parker’s Fillmore glasses are bound to fit any mood you might be in. You’ll look perfectly retro with its keyhole bridge, but also refreshingly modern.

    TIP: Warby Parker will ship you up to 5 pairs of glasses free for home try-ons with no obligation to buy. All shipping for purchases are also free within the US.

    $95 at Warby Parker | Buy

    (Also available in Sandalwood Matte and Revolver Black)

    | Posted 21 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • Pieces Clear Round Glasses


    Pieces’ oval shaped glasses would compliment any face shape, and the tortoise shell color just makes it look as if you hit those books really really hard. Either way, it’s a win-win situation!

    $21 at Asos | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • Cutler & Gross 0876 Frames


    Move over grandpa, those glasses are mine! Cutler & Gross’ 0876 Frames are handmade in Italy with horned rim combination frames. These are the retro nerd glasses, reinvented in a sleek new modern frame.

    $430 at Blackbird | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • 3.1 Phillip Lim Parker Eyeglasses


    With this brown and yellow gradient fade on the frames, who could resist Phillip Lim’s Parker Eyeglasses? Just the right mix of old world charm and new world class, pop these on with anything and you’ll look ahead of your class.

    $250 at La Garconne | Buy

    | Posted 20 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • Prism New York Clear Glasses


    What do the 80’s and Texas have in common? A penchant for big things. Big hair, big accessories, and big bold colors. Prism gets just the right amount of “big” with New York’s Clear Glasses.

    $205 at Prism | Buy

    (Price is in British Pounds, ships worldwide. Available in a variety of other colors and styles.)

    | Posted 20 Jan, 2011 by Melissa
  • Bourgeois Colorado with Clear Lenses


    Bourgeois’ Colorado glasses are beautifully marbled in teal or red to compliment your outfit any day of the week.

    $295 at Refinery 29 | Buy

    | Posted 20 Jan, 2011 by Melissa