New Year, New You

Everyone says it, year after year. The glut of holiday eating, drinking and spending finally catches up with us and we have to cry ‘Uncle!’. This coincides, perfectly, with the impending New Year- a new beginning, renewed hope for change and betterment. I will ride my bike to work. I will not eat the kids leftovers. I will not charge what I cannot afford. What is that saying about good intentions? That they never last? You will hit the gym like clockwork for a week and then you’ll find yourself too busy (and somewhat relieved) to make it there everyday. And then not go again until spring. There is an important interview/date/occasion coming up and even though you’ve vowed to fight credit card debt this year, obviously you need something new and fabulous to wear. Like I said, everyone does it. Our decision is to aim lower for 2012. In general, take better care of yourselves. If you don’t go to the gym everyday, that’s o.k. Just look good while you’re doing it. A random splurge is fine, just don’t max your Amex out. Monthly spa treatments might not pan out, but at least wash your face every night. Little steps make big changes, we hear, and if nothing else these little motivators will make you feel better about yourself in 2012 than you ever have.

Follow Me on Pinterest | Posted: 10 Jan, 2012 by Rene

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