Newborn Essentials

There is a mountain of baby shower gifts in your living room and you have no idea where to start. Have no fear: Babies require surprisingly little in their first days. You, however, will likely need a few more tools and tricks to ease through the transition of parenthood. Here is a short list of those tried-and-true staples seasoned parents swear by, and few new things that will make life a little easier while you become acquainted with the new love of your life.

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  • Boppy Pillow


    Another great multitasker, the Boppy helps you feed your baby without killing your back, and can also serve as a baby resting zone.

    $26 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 27 Oct, 2010 by Rene
  • Kimono Snapsuits


    Kimono style bodysuits and tops make dressing a squirmy infant infinitely easier; fantastic news for you, considering how many times a day you’ll be changing this kiddo.

    $19 at Land of Nod | Buy

    | Posted 27 Oct, 2010 by Rene
  • Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag


    Durable and smartly designed, Skip Hop’s diaper bags offer loads of space and storage for all the bits required to leave the house with a baby.

    $54 at Skip Hop | Buy

    | Posted 26 Oct, 2010 by Rene
  • Aquaphor


    It isn’t fancy but oh-so necessary. Aquaphor heals and sooths what ails your little baby-dry skin, cradle cap, diaper rash, boo-boos, and whatever else pops up.

    $18 at | Buy

    | Posted 26 Oct, 2010 by Rene
  • DwellStudio Burp Cloth and Bib Set


    The spit-up will start flying shortly after the baby arrives, and you will never have enough burp cloths or bibs on hand. For the sake of your clothes, furniture, and carpet, stock up.

    $32 at Bed Bath & Beyond | Buy

    | Posted 25 Oct, 2010 by Rene
  • Seed Organic Moses Basket


    It’s true you should never wake a sleeping baby - but with a Moses basket you can move him around the house and he will never be the wiser.

    $329 at babyearth | Buy

    | Posted 25 Oct, 2010 by Rene
  • Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine


    A little white noise goes a long way when soothing a baby to sleep. This sound machine also has a lullaby setting and an iPod dock for baby’s first playlist.

    $36 at | Buy

    | Posted 22 Oct, 2010 by Rene
  • Combi POD Bouncer


    Babies love the vibration and gentle motion of a bouncer seat, so quit feeling guilty and put your little bundle down, just for a minute. It might be nice to go to the bathroom by yourself.

    $80 at babiesRus | Buy

    | Posted 22 Oct, 2010 by Rene
  • Itzbeen Baby Care Timer


    Free up all of that brain space marked BABY and lean on the Itzbeen to keep track of feedings, naps and diaper changes.

    $25 at Target | Buy

    | Posted 21 Oct, 2010 by Rene
  • Nursing Cover


    You’re just getting the hang of this breastfeeding thing and you don’t need to be worrying about exposing yourself to your in-laws, innocent bystanders at Starbucks, etc. An added bonus to a nursing cover is it helps easily distractible babies focus on the task at hand. Win-win!

    $35 at Bebe au Lait | Buy

    | Posted 20 Oct, 2010 by Rene
  • Baby Bjorn Carrier


    Keep your little one snugly against you without throwing your back out. Baby Bjorn is the oldie-but-goody baby carrier, for good reason: these things never wear out and babies love them.

    $170 at giggle | Buy

    | Posted 19 Oct, 2010 by Rene
  • Aden + Anais Swaddles


    These super soft muslin blankets are excellent multi-taskers. Use them to swaddle your baby up for bed, throw one down on the floor for a play mat, keep in the stroller as a blanket or sun shield, toss one over your shoulder for burping - the uses are limitless, and they get softer after each wash.

    $45 at aden + anais | Buy

    | Posted 18 Oct, 2010 by Rene