See You In September: Teacher Gifts

Statement people love to to say to teachers: “At least you get the summers off, right?!” Ha ha! Only, no. Not the the goods ones, at least. Teachers work long days, staying well after the bell rings and over vacations to prep their classrooms, educate themselves, and prepare materials for the next looming school year. And most of them do it with a surprisingly upbeat attitude. Teachers are essentially the daytime guardians of our children who are also burdened with the unseemly task of teaching them math. Can you remember anything about fractions? I didn’t think so. Treat your kids’ educators, coaches, aids- hell, even the bus driver- to something nice. Say thank you for handling the attitudes, the rolling eyes, the late parents, the body fluids and the little ears that wouldn’t listen. Say thank you for keeping them safe, engaged and growing. Say thank you for the math, the language and all that fun that is too quickly forgotten.

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  • Page Flags


    This might be the only possible way to cheer up a calculus text book. At least the page flags are bright and hopeful, even if the students aren’t.

    $7 at Spoon Sisters | Buy

    | Posted 23 Jun, 2011 by Rene
  • Growbottle


    An educational gift is most fitting for teacher appreciation, no? This former wine bottle (don’t tell the children) finds new life as a hydrogarden, packed with pebbles and seeds and ready to get growing. Your favorite teacher can leave this in the classroom or hoard the herbs at home.

    $35 at Uncommon Goods | Buy

    | Posted 23 Jun, 2011 by Rene
  • Imak Ergonomic Back Cushion


    Though teachers do spend a ton of time on their feet, they are also often hunched at a desk, sifting through homework and writing reports. This might not be a glamorous gift but a tired teacher will thank you endlessly for the cushiony support.

    $25 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 23 Jun, 2011 by Rene
  • Letterpress Journals


    Notes, notes, everywhere, but can this overwhelmed teacher keep track of her busy days? Give her a journal to jot it all down in, and help her clear the post-it cemetery off of her desk. Or, if this teacher is already uber-organized, a set of journals is a great way to remember milestones, achievements, and the funny things her students say.

    $8 at Kates Paperie | Buy

    | Posted 22 Jun, 2011 by Rene
  • Notepad Clock


    Hello, multi-tasker. A great desk timekeeper for a teacher who doesn’t want to be caught watching the clock by his students, with a bonus notepad for the endless educational to-do lists.

    $25 at MOMA Store | Buy

    | Posted 22 Jun, 2011 by Rene
  • Hard Candy Stylus And Pen


    Your favorite teacher may have gone digital long ago, but papers still need a letter grade scrawled at the top. Hard Candy offers a two-for-one with a sleek ballpoint pen with a stylus on the opposite end, suitable for iPads or pointing at naughty students.

    $35 at Target | Buy

    | Posted 22 Jun, 2011 by Rene
  • Jonathan Adler All Occasion Card set


    Never get caught sheepishly sending a card AFTER the important birthday/promotion/baby/etc. This chic set by Jonathan Adler organizes your greetings by occasion and comes stocked with sixteen of Adler’s own designs. All you need are salutations and stamps.

    $16 at Nordstrom | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jun, 2011 by Rene
  • Donation


    This genius nonprofit hooks up willing donors to classrooms who need supplies. Fulfill a teachers need of books, paper towels, crayons- or simply give a monetary donation. Not having to dig into his own pocket will make the teacher you’re supporting all the more grateful.

    $50 at Donors Choose | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jun, 2011 by Rene
  • Clairebella Clipboard


    Thank your favorite teacher or coach with a stylish and personalized clipboard. By making an everyday item more attractive and their very own, a little shine is added to those mundane tasks educators endure day in and day out.

    $36 at Phine And Whimsey | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jun, 2011 by Rene
  • F In Exams Book


    Have no fear- this is not a test. What this is is a collection of hysterically incorrect answers culled from those menacing little blue exam books. This is a great gift for recent grads or for teachers who could use a laugh.

    $10 at Patina Stores | Buy

    | Posted 07 Jun, 2011 by Rene