The Fabulous & Frugal Bride: Wedding Gowns Under $500

From the food to the location, brides and grooms want the very best for their big day, and the big party with all of their family and friends. What newlyweds don’t want is the hefty bill that comes with a top-notch photographer or an open bar. Everything associated with a wedding is expensive, and it is difficult to keep it all balanced. There are definitely ways to trim the budget, but who would think the almighty wedding gown would be one of them?

Gowns have come a long way in recent years and now more than ever anyone can have access to an inexpensive and attractive gown. You don’t have to settle for bargain basement blah, either- several big name designers quietly make low-key (but still gorgeous) wedding gowns for the mass market. You can feel fantastic and look like a million bucks, but you don’t have to stretch that dress budget to the upper limit to do so. Here are some beautiful and affordable alternatives that will make you just as joyful on that happy day.

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