Xmas Gifts for Every Man

Let’s face it, you may know everything about your man but gift giving can be just as painful as shopping for a bikini. Let this guide keep you worry free until it’s time to wear two pieces of lycra in public.

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  • The Historian: Woolrich’s Civil War Blankets


    Woolrich supplied Civil War troops with blankets from 1861-1865. These days,, historical groups and Hollywood alike buy bolts of their fabric to create authentic uniforms and blankets for re-enactments. Now he can also be a part of the history of the US and Woolrich.

    $82 at Woolrich | Buy

    (Prices starting from $82)

    | Posted 13 Dec, 2010 by Melissa
  • The Techie: offGRID Backup Battery Case


    What do you call a techie when his gadgets run out of juice? A wreckie. OffGrid’s Backup Battery Case will double his phone’s battery life allowing him to stay in the know 24/7.

    $70 at Incipio Tech | Buy

    (Available starting mid-December)

    | Posted 10 Dec, 2010 by Melissa
  • The Musician: Tumi Travel Speaker


    Does your man feel the need to air guitar constantly (hopefully with pants on, sorry Tom)? Well now he can wherever he goes with Tumi’s Travel Speaker. Don’t let the size fool you, it uses the surface it’s on to amplify the sound for maximum head-banging rockability.

    $125 at Tumi | Buy

    | Posted 09 Dec, 2010 by Melissa
  • The Literary: Kiel James Patrick Bracelets


    Rather than another gift card to buy books, why don’t you let your bookworm represent some of his favorite literary heros? Kiel James Patrick does just that by making bracelets inspired from the likes of John Galt, Hank Reardon, and Paul Bunyan.

    $40 at Kiel James Patrick | Buy

    | Posted 08 Dec, 2010 by Melissa
  • The Artist: Palmer & Son’s Leather Cuff


    Palmer and Son’s Leather Cuff No. 12c is handcrafted from bridle leather and beautifully secured with a pin. Each item is custom built for a uniqueness that your man is sure to appreciate.

    $65 at Palmer and Sons | Buy

    | Posted 07 Dec, 2010 by Melissa
  • The Outdoorsman: Frost River Summit Pack


    Tired of your mountain man’s old and tattered back pack? Replace it with Frost River’s Summit Pack. Its waxed canvas durability and manly details won’t ruin his outdoorsy rep, but tis pack may very well up his “hot rugged” quotient by 100%.

    $144 at Blackbird | Buy

    | Posted 06 Dec, 2010 by Melissa