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  • Lucky Sanskrit Necklace


    As a daily reminder to yourself or to throw a little good fortune someone else’s way, the Lucky necklace from Rosenna Sammi does the job in elegant sanskrit. Choose silver or gold to deliver your shiny, stylish good wishes.

    $120 at Rosenna Sammi Jewelry | Buy

    | Posted 04 Oct, 2013 by Rene
  • Rubber Milano Skeleton Watch


    Boring conference call? Gaze into the gears and bits of this watch from TKO and let your mind wander as the minutes tick by. The soft, rubber band is comfy and a nice juxtaposition against the metal inner-workings and crystal hour markers.

    $100 at TKO Watches | Buy

    (On sale)

    | Posted 02 Oct, 2013 by Rene
  • Utility Bag In Sunset Stripe


    Snazz up your khaki trench or black pea coat with a handbag bursting with colorful pizazz. This durable, cotton twill satchel is a roomy commuters dream come true (pockets, pockets, and more pockets!) with a shoulder or cross-body strap and stripe-y style to spare.

    $175 at Kate Spade Saturday | Buy

    | Posted 02 Oct, 2013 by Rene
  • Welles Bracelet


    Add bling to your outfit without being over the top with this antiqued brass bracelet set with chunky, dusky pink Swarovski stones. Simple, gorgeous, and timeless - every gal needs a piece like this.

    $72 at Sheer Addiction Jewelry | Buy

    | Posted 02 Oct, 2013 by Janet
  • Jules Smith Americana Lock Bracelet


    Lock it up and throw away the key. Jules Smiths’ posh and industrial door lock-inspired bracelet is a sharp and stunning statement piece that will secure your style ranking.

    $69 at Shopbop | Buy

    | Posted 27 Sep, 2013 by Rene
  • Tiny Heart Tiara Ring


    You may be too old to wear a pink, plastic sparkly tiara on your head every day (dang it), but this delicate crown-inspired ring is a fashionable substitute. Tiny clear crystals glimmer at the center of each heart, catching the light with every movement of your hand.

    $16 at CreaMellow | Buy

    | Posted 26 Sep, 2013 by Janet
  • nOir Jewelry Cone and Pyramid Ring Set


    Because sometimes, you want jewelry that says, “Dude, don’t mess with me, I just came to this club to dance”, amirite? Just be careful when you lift your hand to your face to scratch an itch or brush your bangs aside - no sense in putting your eye out.

    $90 at nOir Jewelry | Buy

    | Posted 16 Sep, 2013 by Janet
  • Jo Malone Nutmeg & Ginger Body Creme


    Indulge your skin with this heavenly spice-scented body cream. Just a dab keeps skin soft as cashmere, and the warm scent of sandalwood, cedarwood, nutmeg, and ginger is pure fall. Be forewarned: It’ll make you crave gingerbread something fierce.

    $75 at Jo Malone | Buy

    | Posted 16 Sep, 2013 by Janet
  • IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson West Broadway Satchel


    We cart our belongings in brightly colored cotton beach totes and carry-alls most of the summer, and look forward to transferring them to a tailored leather bag when cooler weather comes around. This caramel-hued leather satchel has an adjustable, removable crossbody strap for flexibility, and plenty of storage space for your wallet, keys, and other must-haves.

    $158 at Stefani Bags | Buy

    | Posted 05 Sep, 2013 by Janet
  • Peacock Bracelet


    Gunmetal is the new gold, and this chunky bracelet proves it. A central embellishment of faceted glass stones and cabochon-cut epoxy in tones of blue and green evokes peacock feathers, and the triple-chain bracelet fastens securely with an adjustable clasp.

    $79 at Stella & Dot | Buy

    | Posted 28 Aug, 2013 by Janet
  • Color-block Jewelry Box


    Your jewelry will look even better stored away in hand-painted, rounded, color-blocked boxes. Buy an assortment of colors (because we can’t pick just one) and add some lively organization to your space.

    $13 at Paragraph Loop | Buy

    | Posted 22 Aug, 2013 by Rene
  • Skeeter Totem Necklace


    Wear this totem necklace around your neck as a daily reminder to live your life to the fullest, and to add some serious sparkle to your day. The druzy stone dazzles while the wise words will inspire.

    $165 at Devri Wear | Buy

    | Posted 22 Aug, 2013 by Rene
  • Personalized Greek Key Coffee Mug


    Our inner preppies are loving this personalized mug from Monogram Goods. Suck up to new teachers or create a set for a family of coffee lovers. Whatever you do, make sure you make one for yourself while you’re at it.

    $30 at Monogram Goods | Buy

    (Minimum order quantity is 2)

    | Posted 22 Aug, 2013 by Rene
  • The Andrea Bag


    This preppy little bag is beyond durable, thanks to leather and Woolrich wool, and the bright burst of poppy red/orange will warm the chill off of any fall day.

    $375 at Rebecca Ray Designs | Buy

    | Posted 21 Aug, 2013 by Rene
  • Kimberly McDonald Pink Geode and Rose Gold Pendant


    File this pricey piece under, “Yeah, maybe when we win the lottery”, but isn’t it gorgeous? A natural pink geode stone is surrounded by a diamond pave-accented rose gold frame and chain.

    $5,068 at Far Fetch | Buy

    | Posted 20 Aug, 2013 by Janet
  • White Hamsa Necklace


    A hamsa is meant to bring safety and luck to you on your journey towards peace and happiness, and white symbolizes hope and optimism. We can’t think of a necklace that better embodies the Newtown Memorial Fund, which benefits from each necklace sold.

    $32 at Jewelry For A Cause | Buy

    | Posted 14 Aug, 2013 by Rene
  • Shake Rattle & Roll Cocktail Shaker


    A cocktail shaker is a nearly universal gift- except for children’s birthday parties; sorry, kids- because who wouldn’t love adding some retro-cool cocktail flair to their bar? And, more importantly, who doesn’t love a good martini? Izola’s series of stainless steel shakers each have a witty saying etched into them, but we were (obviously) drawn to the straightforward command to shake, rattle and roll.

    $36 at Izola | Buy

    | Posted 13 Aug, 2013 by Rene
  • Charles Albert Multi Color Resin Rose Necklace


    If your accessories motto is, “Go big or go home”, then this is the necklace for you. Seven resin roses in Technicolor-bright hues are framed in gold-plated metal on a chunky, adjustable chain. We’d recommend not wearing any other jewelry when you have this necklace on - nothing could possibly compete!

    Looking to save some cash on your next jewelry purchase at Max & Chloe? Check out the Max & Chloe coupons page at Chippmunk.

    $360 at Max and Chloe | Buy

    | Posted 13 Aug, 2013 by Janet
  • Gold And Diamond Torchon Ring


    Engagement rings can look pretty much all the same, but not this one from single B. Six round diamonds create an oval on a brushed, satin-finished gold band, making this a soft and elegant engagement ring alternative. What’s better, all of the materials are conflict-free and eco-friendly.

    $1,248 at single B | Buy

    | Posted 12 Aug, 2013 by Rene
  • Durban Beast Tapered Bracelet


    Release the beast within you with this animalistic bangle. The hand-painted pattern is close to a zebra or tiger, but isn’t actually either. No matter- the contrasting bright yellow interior gives this bracelet so much pop, who cares what fantasy animal was the inspiration?

    $63 at Alexis Bittar | Buy

    | Posted 12 Aug, 2013 by Rene
  • Rhodochrosite Pet Rock Necklace


    This is not the pet rock from your youth. Rather, this grown-up, pinky-peach rhodochrosite nugget is secured in a golden cage for an everyday-glam necklace with meaning: Rhodochrosite is said to attract new love and cleanse the heart chakra. All that and this lovely gem bauble comes wrapped in some seriously cool, gift-ready packaging.

    $48 at Field Guide Design | Buy

    | Posted 12 Aug, 2013 by Rene
  • In God We Trust Glitter Cuff


    At first glance, this golden brass cuff looks simple. When you look closer, however, you’ll see that the cuff is hand-cut with dozens of tiny facets, so it glitters like golden diamonds whenever the light hits it.

    $60 at Dottie Clover | Buy

    | Posted 12 Aug, 2013 by Janet
  • Buttercup and Co My Forest Ring


    Featuring a vibrant, cabochon-cut green onyx stone, this ring is handcrafted from sterling silver with a brushed satin finish and scalloped silver bezel setting. It’s sure to become one of your favorite go-to statement pieces.

    $60 at Buttercup and Co | Buy

    | Posted 12 Aug, 2013 by Janet
  • ‘Topaz And Amethyst’ Stack Bracelet


    The faux gems on Geoflora’s bracelets are actually painted cement. Brilliant, right? A little bit rough, a little bit glam, and a lot of I Want Those.

    $75 at Geoflora | Buy

    | Posted 06 Aug, 2013 by Rene
  • Kendra Scott Elle Earrings


    Etched gold frames these stunning, dangling abalone shell earrings. No two pairs are alike, and the swirling hues of blue, green, and purple will complement a variety of outfits. Simple, organic, and utterly gorgeous - just like you, right?

    $65 at CUSP | Buy

    | Posted 05 Aug, 2013 by Janet

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