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  • Portland Growler


    Is Dad serious about craft beers? Does he wax poetic about hefeweisens, pale ales, bitters, and stouts? He’ll definitely appreciate this 64oz. capacity personalized ceramic beer growler. Fill it with his favorite local ale for extra gift-giving panache.

    $70 at Red Envelope | Buy

    | Posted 16 May, 2014 by Janet
  • Personalized Bath Caddy


    We’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t love a good, long bubble bath, and this acacia wood bath caddy is the ultimate in soak-time luxury. It expands to fit different tub sizes, and features slots to prop up a tablet or book, a wine glass holder, and a neat little spot for a bowl of snacks.

    $75 at Red Envelope | Buy

    | Posted 05 May, 2014 by Janet
  • Black Ceramic Eco-Friendly Travel Mug


    The chic-est to-go cup of coffee comes courtesy of Artwares By Yevgenia, where the artist paints delicate and beautiful blooms on housewares. Silver and gold dandelions and Queen Anne’s Lace sparkle against this black ceramic tumbler. Watch out, Starbucks.

    $95 at Artwares By Yevgenia | Buy

    | Posted 04 Apr, 2014 by Rene
  • Colette Mini Rose Ring


    It’s pretty stinkin’ unfair that some areas of the US are still covered in snow and slush, even though spring is officially underway. Bring a little spring to your digits with this delicate blooming ring, available in either rose or yellow gold.

    $35 at Mr.Kate | Buy

    | Posted 31 Mar, 2014 by Janet
  • You’re Pretty Card


    You are, you know.

    $3 at Letter Happy | Buy

    | Posted 31 Mar, 2014 by Rene
  • Spiked Armor Bracelet


    Channel your inner She-Ra with this bad-ass macrame, pave, alloy and onyx bracelet (who knew there was such a thing?). The spikes are cool, rich, and effectively deliver the don’t mess with me message, glamorously loud and clear.

    $188 at Jewels By Dunn | Buy

    | Posted 19 Mar, 2014 by Rene
  • The Beauty Station


    Whoa. Take your beauty routine to the next level -probably a few levels up, actually- with this oh-so organized, oh-so cool Beauty Station from iSkelter. Made from bamboo, the sleek station houses up to 30 cosmetics, brushes and tools in handy little slots and drawers, and doubles as a docking station for multiple mobile devices. Now you can settle in for that cat eye tutorial you’ve always wanted to try.

    $79 at iSkelter | Buy

    | Posted 17 Mar, 2014 by Rene
  • Assembly Crossbody Bag


    What first drew us to this crossbody bag was the gorgeous, unexpected shade of blue. What do we even call that, besides MINE? Waxed canvas makes for a durable bag, and the frame, along with brass accents, keeps it ladylike and interesting.

    $95 at Kate Spade Saturday | Buy

    | Posted 14 Mar, 2014 by Rene
  • Agate Druzy Slice Necklace


    A slice of agate is twice as nice. This natural gem add color, texture, and interest to an otherwise everyday-ready necklace. Layer two necklaces to amp up the boho-chic vibe.

    $50 at Double V Jewelry | Buy

    | Posted 05 Mar, 2014 by Rene
  • iSlide Wallet Case


    Travel light with this slim, grab-and-go wallet case. Easily stashed in your pocket, Athleta’s sleek (and pretty) case keeps your essentials handy for quick jaunts or days when you simply cannot decide which handbag to use.

    $22 at Athleta | Buy

    | Posted 05 Mar, 2014 by Rene
  • Klub Nico Motif Heels


    Technically, these filigreed leather heels are for brides, but what’s stopping you? The 3.5” heels will make your legs look amazing, and the intricate filigreed ankle wrap and toe straps are a dressy touch to any outfit.

    $250 at BHLDN | Buy

    | Posted 04 Mar, 2014 by Janet
  • Black & Gold Circle Ring


    Black and gold is such a rich combo, especially in a sophisticated and simple design, like this ring from Meander Works. Classy enough for everyday but just a snotch different- just how we like our baubles.

    $98 at Meander Works | Buy

    | Posted 03 Mar, 2014 by Rene
  • Julie Vos Acorn Pendant


    Aren’t acorns supposed to be lucky, or something? Whether or not they are, this textured pendant on a 39-inch gold chain will be the lucky finishing touch to many an outfit. Made from 24k gold plate and oxidized gold.

    $145 at Waiting on Martha | Buy

    | Posted 20 Feb, 2014 by Janet
  • Foldable BBQ Grill


    Nothing says “love” to a manly man like the gift of his very own portable barbeque and some choice T-bone steaks. Perfect for travel or small apartment balconies, this charcoal grill weighs a measly eight pounds and folds flat for storage.

    $40 at Opulent Items | Buy

    | Posted 07 Feb, 2014 by Janet
  • Love Notes Cupcake Pennants


    You don’t have to bake cupcakes from scratch to show your love- top any treat with these sweet pennants to deliver a tasty and heartfelt message on Valentine’s Day.

    $8 at Go Against The Grain | Buy

    | Posted 07 Feb, 2014 by Rene
  • Daisy Earrings


    Daisy’s aren’t just meant for summertime. Alexandra Beth Designs art deco-inspired dangling earrings are the perfect pop of white to brighten up your face or a muted ensemble during the duller winter months.

    $48 at Alexandra Beth Designs | Buy

    | Posted 04 Feb, 2014 by Rene
  • Soap and Paper Factory Neroli Bubble Bath


    Need a little relaxation? Honey, we all do. Draw yourself a hot bath and pour in some of this divinely scented, moisturizing bubble bath, and your troubles will melt down the drain with the foam. The recycled glass apothecary decanter will look lovely on your bathroom counter, too.

    $30 at Orange And Pear | Buy

    | Posted 03 Feb, 2014 by Janet
  • Custom Wedding Wine Label


    A proposal, a thank-you, an invitation- these adorable wine labels can serve any purpose you need met. Totally customizable, these charming chalkboard-inspired labels will leave your guests, friends, or special someone completely charmed.

    $35 at Pepita Press | Buy

    | Posted 03 Feb, 2014 by Rene
  • Colorado Diana Earrings


    Winter white isn’t limited to clothing, and these scintillating, sparkling earrings are proof positive. They might not be real diamonds, but they’ll make you look just as richly beautiful.

    $69 at Lewis and Clark LTD | Buy

    | Posted 03 Feb, 2014 by Janet
  • Adam and Eve Sleeping Bag


    If you are a lover AND a lover of the great outdoors, then we don’t need to tell you why this sized-for-two sleeping bag is a great idea and a romantic gift for your equally outdoorsy paramour. It’s even rated to withstand temperatures down to 20 degrees Farenheit. Hint, hint.

    $200 at cabela's | Buy

    | Posted 03 Feb, 2014 by Janet
  • More Personalized Valentine’s Day Cupcakes


    Who could deny your love when presented with THIS? More cupcakes are deliciously rich, moist, and, really, just begging to be devoured. A set of nine frozen cupcakes will be delivered to your beloved and can be personalized with your hearts fondest greetings.

    $59 at Williams-Sonoma | Buy

    (Set of 9)

    | Posted 03 Feb, 2014 by Rene
  • Nine Of Hearts iPhone Case


    Wear your heart on your phone for a slyly affectionate touch. Not too cutesy, this minimal, playing card-inspired case will stay stylish (and romantic) long after February 14th.

    $38 at Anthropologie | Buy

    | Posted 29 Jan, 2014 by Rene
  • Dauville Gold Ice Bucket


    We personally do not need a reason to keep a bottle of champagne handy, but if you do, check out the Dauville Ice Bucket at Furbish. So minimal and chic, so downright fancy, you’ll want to keep this gilded, porcelain bucket on display even long after the bubbles fizzle out.

    $80 at Furbish | Buy

    | Posted 29 Jan, 2014 by Rene
  • Balenciaga Rosabotanica


    Think of this perfume as the fragrance equivalent of sexy, but classy, lingerie. A little flowery, a little dangerous, a lot sultry. Notes of green rose, fig leaf, and white amber make for a perfume she’ll appreciate a lot longer than chocolates or a bouquet of flowers.

    $100 at Bloomingdale's | Buy

    | Posted 29 Jan, 2014 by Janet
  • You & Me Ring


    For the understated romantic, tinahdee’s rustic silver ring fits the finger perfectly. A hammered finish and oxidized letters give this ring a roughed-up but elegant finish.

    $92 at tinahdee | Buy

    (On sale)

    | Posted 24 Jan, 2014 by Rene

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