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  • The Time Is Now Calendar


    2007 CALENDAR GUIDE Nikki McClure’s calendar is officially a Mighty Goods favorite. It’s inspiring, touching, and features twelve lovely paper cut designs. Also, it’s good for the planet, as it’s printed on acid-free, chlorine-free, recycled paper using soy ink. The perfect gift.

    $16 at Elsewares | Buy

    (12" x 12")

    | Posted 01 Dec, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Graphic Travel Clutch


    BUDGET HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE For the girl with airplanes in her eyes.

    $24 at fred flare | Buy

    | Posted 17 Nov, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Tord Wine Glasses


    BUDGET HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE When I found out that Tord Boontje was collaborating with Target, I couldn’t wait to see what he’d come up with. Of course, most of it sold out immediately, and here’s why: You can pay $72 for a set of six gorgeous Tord Boontje glasses, or you can get four for $16 at Target. And now they’re back in stock! There’s a whole line of reasonably priced dinnerware ripe for the giving, but you might want to act fast.

    $16 at Target | Buy

    (no longer available)

    | Posted 15 Nov, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Slope Martini Pitcher with Stir Rod


    BUDGET HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE “Shaken, not stirred” is for guys who like a watered-down martini. He is not one of those guys.

    $13 at CB2 | Buy

    (no longer available)

    | Posted 15 Nov, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Custom Silver Bracelet


    Write a love letter for her wrist.

    $60 at Elsewares | Buy

    | Posted 06 Nov, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • White Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet


    A sweet, barely there bangle that will appeal even to women to don’t wear much jewelry. She can throw it on with a T-shirt, and keep it on when she changes for an evening out.

    $295 at Mondera | Buy

    | Posted 01 Nov, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Wood Cuban Link Bracelet


    This limited edition silver bracelet has bits of wood inlay snaking up its sides, seamlessly incorporated into the links. I like men’s jewelry on the quiet side, and this combination of craftsmanship and casual style will work for generations.

    $2,800 at Versani | Buy

    | Posted 01 Nov, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Alice Park Wallet


    You can’t see it in the little photo, but this kidskin wallet has a small stripe of colored contrast stitching along the bottom. So you get a classic fold wallet with a little bit of charisma.

    $65 at This is Auto | Buy

    | Posted 27 Oct, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Jerky Society 3 Months


    Eight ounces of top-quality beef jerky every month for three months. Nothing says love like a meat subscription.

    $45 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 19 Oct, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Little Small Clothespin People


    I want to devour these. You’ll find a new doll on the site most weekday mornings. Each little small person is handmade and unique. I think they’d make amazing Christmas ornaments, but they’d also be sweet in shadowboxes in the nursery.

    $30 at The Small Object | Buy

    | Posted 19 Sep, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Wide Silver Band


    Simple, comfortable, and unique.

    $85 at Versani | Buy

    | Posted 24 Aug, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • All-Weather Foosball Table


    How have you lived without this? They’ve been sold out for months, but should be back in stock starting August 15.

    $3,998 at Design Within Reach | Buy

    | Posted 11 Aug, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Wooden Briefcase


    Hello, lover.

    $265 at MoMAstore | Buy

    | Posted 03 Aug, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Scope Backpack


    A backpack sleek enough for meetings, ergonomic enough that your arm won’t go numb from the dreaded mono-strap.

    $140 at Wallet Shoppe | Buy

    | Posted 03 Aug, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Sterling Wrap Necklace/Bracelet


    Christine Lim recommends Lucina Company’s jewelry, saying: “I initially heard of them because all their jewelry is fair trade and organic, so I was expecting hemp or recycled button crafts. But, Lucina’s jewelry is such a high quality! I got some red earrings from them and get complimented on them all the time!” Mighty Goods too is pro fair trade and anti ugly things. This piece plays right into our world view.

    $95 at Lucina Company | Buy

    | Posted 02 Aug, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Nine Piece Honey Sample Set


    (Via Daily Olive)

    $78 at Bee Raw | Buy

    (Plus $10 shipping.)

    | Posted 01 Aug, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Anchor Old Potrero 18th Century Style Rye


    A pet project of the Anchor Steam Brewery on San Francisco’s Potrero Hill, Old Poetrero Rye is their attempt to recreate the original American whiskey. Rye is nearly impossible to find in bars or liquor stores, so if you know a whiskey lover, this is a can’t-miss gift. Old Potrero is made in a small copper pot still at the distillery, and aged for a year in Oak barrels. There’s never enough to go around, so get yours while it’s in season and available.

    $61 at Beverages and More | Buy

    | Posted 25 Jul, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Militia Tag


    $80 at Lazuli Jewelry | Buy

    ( H 1.5" x W: .7")

    | Posted 25 Jul, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Centric


    A stress-reducing mobile fashioned of bent wood and bamboo. Via Happy Mundane.

    $198 at Adrift Mobiles | Buy

    (49"D x 21"H)

    | Posted 24 Jul, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Fake Diamond Necklace


    Danielle Maveal has several variations on this delicate pendant. The modern chair, the Chihuahua, the goldfish. I already got mine, because I know you kids and how you rush in. Get yours while they’re still cheap. This is her Etsy store, so if you like the design but don’t see any images that grab you, check back for more options as they pop up.

    $22 at PreciousPup | Buy

    | Posted 28 Jun, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Laptop Lunch Bento Box Set


    A reader wrote in to say: “This is an awesome lunchbox for kids, my standby birthday gift! Compartment setup really encourages people to avoid pre-packaged foods in favor of more eco-friendly (and healthy) options. Everyone on the playground has been asking me about ours.” The site calls them American-style bento boxes and says they’re dishwasher safe. Sounds good to me.

    $37 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 28 Jun, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Hippo Mug


    ON SALE Also comes in red. If you’d like a set, Split Design offers pelicans, camels, elephants and more in the same spare design.

    $11 at Split Deisgn | Buy

    (Regularly $13.)

    | Posted 23 Jun, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Sonia Spencer Cuffs


    I wish they were glass, but then they’d be a million bucks and would break the first time you wore them out, so Lucite is a reasonable compromise. These organic-form cuffs come in turquoise, navy, pink, purple, red.

    $25 at This is Auto | Buy

    (1" in diameter.)

    | Posted 23 May, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Pink Limes Brooch


    You may have retired your sparkly rhinestone brooches, but don’t dismiss the genre altogether. The right brooch, this brooch for example, can update a handbag or add some pop to your black turtleneck. Pink Jade cube surrounded by smooth Chalcedony briolettes.

    $34 at Spipo | Buy


    | Posted 15 May, 2006 by Margaret Mason

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