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  • Mom Cup


    Mom’s been up all night feeding, rocking, and changing diapers. Some coffee is in order. And, it’s your turn to hold the baby.

    $14 at Wandersketch | Buy

    | Posted 03 May, 2012 by Christy
  • Paloma Picasso Mom Pendant


    She’ll adore this simple, sterling silver “mom” pendant, featuring the handwriting of the youngest daughter of Pablo Picasso. Good things come in little blue boxes from Tiffany.

    $200 at Tiffany & Co. | Buy

    | Posted 01 May, 2012 by Christy
  • Mom Since…Tote


    Diaper bags are great for the essentials, but what about everything else? An extra bag always comes in handy. Personalize this tote with that special year she became a mom.

    $35 at Pamela Fugate Designs | Buy

    | Posted 01 May, 2012 by Christy
  • With Love House Red Wine


    Does mom have a hankering for some Bordeaux? Wet her whistle and warm her heart with a sentimental bottle of Swanson Vineyards House Red. At the end of a long day, anybody’s mother could use a glass of wine.

    $25 at Swanson Vineyards | Buy

    | Posted 26 Apr, 2012 by Rene
  • Whimsical Dots Custom Stamp


    Make a dotty impression with your return address. This monogram stamp from Three Designing Women is an easy way to turn an ordinary envelope into charming custom correspondence.

    $40 at Paper Source | Buy

    | Posted 24 Apr, 2012 by Christy
  • 19 Piece Spring Ballotin


    Celebrate your mom with a big fancy box of chocolates- an indulgence she would never ask for but will always appreciate. She will be so impressed with your gift-giving she just might share a delicious, chocolaty treat with you.

    $30 at Godiva | Buy

    | Posted 24 Apr, 2012 by Rene
  • An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails


    You’ve just moved in, and you need some beverage inspiration for the housewarming you’re hosting. Filled with illustrations, stories, and recipes, An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails is a unique resource. You might just find your new signature drink.

    $20 at Elizabeth Graeber | Buy

    | Posted 17 Apr, 2012 by Christy
  • Milo Micro-Suction iPhone Stand


    Milo props your phone up wherever you need it, whenever you need to be hands-free. Suction to your desk or any surface for easy video conferencing or mindless movie watching.

    $15 at Blue Lounge | Buy

    | Posted 10 Apr, 2012 by Rene
  • The Macbeth Collection Party Tray


    Who is ready to party? Looking for a fabulous housewarming, shower, or wedding gift this spring? We love personalized and functional gifts, and this tray from The Macbeth Collection fits the bill. Pick a print and add a monogram or personalize the tray any way you like. Your recipient will delight over a gift made especially for them, that they will actually use.

    $78 at Orange And Pear | Buy

    | Posted 05 Apr, 2012 by Rene
  • Ziggy Plate


    Planning a picnic? Add a burst of zig zag color to your spread with a set of colorful melamine plates. Note: The Ziggy is equally suited for your kitchen table, should April showers send you indoors.

    $8 at French Bull | Buy

    | Posted 04 Apr, 2012 by Christy
  • Fella & Dame Tea Cup Set


    Just so we’re clear as to who’s tea cup belongs to who, this upcycled set has been cleverly labeled to helpfully avoid arguments. Which one of you is the fella and which is the dame is totally up to you.

    $22 at Cyanide Stitches | Buy

    | Posted 29 Mar, 2012 by Rene
  • Oregon Love


    Does Oregon hold a special place in your heart? Or, maybe it is Italy or South America? Wherever it may be, Poppy & Pinecone has created original watercolors of your special state, country, or continent. So, where is your heart?

    $20 at Poppy & Pinecone | Buy

    | Posted 13 Mar, 2012 by Christy
  • Boulder Bracelet


    Jewelry doesn’t have to be larger-than-life to be a statement piece. This Boulder Bracelet from artist Monika Reed makes a delicate, simple statement that is most definitely eye-catching.

    $28 at One Sydney Road | Buy

    | Posted 13 Mar, 2012 by Christy
  • Fun Slide Photograph



    Alicia Bock’s fine art photograph captures the anxious excitement of that perennial carnival favorite, the Fun Slide. This 8” X 8” photograph is ready for framing, and even more than ready to add a dose of fun to your walls.

    $35 at Alicia Bock | Buy

    | Posted 12 Mar, 2012 by Rene
  • White Daisy Ring


    Are grey skies hovering outside your window? Brighten your look and your day with this cheerful Daisy Ring. Wear it as a reminder of the sunshine to come.

    $9 at Poxie Jewelry | Buy

    | Posted 12 Mar, 2012 by Christy
  • I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie


    We can’t think of a better way to tote your library haul than with this cotton canvas bag from Pamela Fugate Designs. Of course, you’re free to mix it up and carry other things too.

    $35 at Pamela Fugate Designs | Buy

    | Posted 09 Mar, 2012 by Christy
  • Garland Bowl


    Celebrate in a subltle way with a sweet string of garland decorating this handmade, multi-purpose bowl. A great gift for new homeowners, couples or a gracious host.

    $26 at Viruset | Buy

    | Posted 09 Mar, 2012 by Rene
  • Green Butterfly Pouch


    You don’t need much, just a few cards and some cash. Maybe your cell phone and some lip gloss. Bonus? This pouch can be your something green on the 17th.

    $32 at Mama Bleu Designs | Buy

    | Posted 08 Mar, 2012 by Christy
  • Winter White Linen Dinner Napkins


    What do you give the hostess with the mostest? Something truly original, like this set of hand-printed linen napkins. People rarely splurge on such fanciness for themselves, and a set as pretty as this will certainly be appreciated and saved for good company.

    $40 at Giardino | Buy

    (set of 4)

    | Posted 08 Mar, 2012 by Rene
  • Flower Skull Necklace by Betsey Johnson


    This bold necklace manages to marry an edgy skull with bright flowers in a way that only Betsy Johnson can. Wear this funky statement necklace with…everything.

    $185 at Piperlime | Buy

    | Posted 07 Mar, 2012 by Christy
  • Foxy Necklace


    If you’re foxy and you know it, flaunt it. Instead of your usual jewelry standby, wear a fantastic red fox for some crafty style. This one from Le Animale is particularly clever.

    $28 at Le Animale | Buy

    | Posted 01 Mar, 2012 by Christy
  • Helping Hands Salad Servers


    Reach out and toss a salad with handmade wild olive wood salad servers. Made in Kenya, this set of servers will make a great hostess gift for anyone who enjoys a little whimsy at their table. Meanwhile, we’re still debating whether these helping hands could double as back scratchers.

    $36 at Swahili African Modern | Buy

    | Posted 01 Mar, 2012 by Rene
  • Prism Pendant Necklace


    This stunning prism pendant necklace has a definite vintage vibe that will go with most anything. Just be sure to stand near a window on a sunny day to see its sparkly light show.

    $39 at Foxtail Boutique | Buy

    | Posted 29 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • Houndstooth Dress


    We are especially drawn to this houndstooth dress from H&M. Made of knee skimming jersey with three-quarter length sleeves, we may have just found our go-to spring dress. Bonus? It is a super budget friendly addition to your wardrobe.

    $18 at H&M | Buy

    | Posted 28 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • Ethel’s Fleur-de-Lis Gloves


    Step one to successful gardening: dress the part. Green thumb or not, with these fleur-de-lis gloves you’ll look stylish while you’re pulling weeds.

    $22 at Terrain | Buy

    | Posted 28 Feb, 2012 by Christy

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