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  • Fierce Claw Ring


    You might drive a minivan, but you can rock the carpool in fierce style with this wrap around animal claw ring. Available in antique gold or silver, it’s made of lead-free metal so it’s fierce and safe.

    $10 at LYLIF | Buy

    | Posted 04 Jan, 2012 by Christy
  • Zebra Print Sloop


    You love the animal print trend, but you’ve worn your leopard print flats…a lot. The zebra print Sloop by French Sole is a hushed alternative in slipper-like comfort. Shoe + Slipper = Sloop. Yes, please.

    $105 at French Sole | Buy

    | Posted 03 Jan, 2012 by Christy
  • Canon Camera Lens Mug


    Shutterbugs will love this Canon camera lens mug. It looks just like a 24-105mm black lens, but with a stainless steel lining perfect for your double tall latte. Prefer Nikon? There’s a version for you, too.

    $24 at Photojojo | Buy

    | Posted 03 Jan, 2012 by Christy
  • Angora Cable Snood


    Do you have an orange crush? Spice up your wardrobe with this pumpkin snood. Pair it with something blue, and you can cheer on Tim Tebow in style.

    $56 at Topshop | Buy

    | Posted 30 Dec, 2011 by Christy
  • Bicycle Old Fasioned Glass


    Queen said it best: I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike! This set of screen-printed old fashioned glasses will charm any lucky recipient. Sipping cocktails out of whimsically designed glasses in a rainbow of colors? Weeeee!

    $75 at Vital | Buy

    (Set of 10)

    | Posted 29 Dec, 2011 by Rene
  • Words Of Wisdom Hand-Cut Silhouette


    Tina Tarnoff spent who knows how much time cutting this sheet of paper into a work of art. The level of detail is mind-blowing, and the Einstein quote is inspiring. This silhouette makes for a lovely and motivating gift, perfect for any wall in need of some wisdom.

    $85 at Tina Tarnoff | Buy

    | Posted 28 Dec, 2011 by Rene
  • Sparkle Smartphone Case


    A subtle sparkle is hard to find- luckily C. Wonder got it right with their smartphone cover. The slightly sheen-y taupe sleeve will keep you iPhone safe and sound, while giving it just a little bit of glamour.

    $28 at C. Wonder | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2011 by Rene
  • Poem Cup And Saucer


    Let your morning cuppa inspire some deep thoughts. With an attached pen and included notebook, the Poem set encourages creativity and keeps everything handy. At the very least you can jot down your to-do list while getting motivated with a cup of coffee.

    $50 at Greener Grass Design | Buy

    | Posted 16 Dec, 2011 by Rene
  • The Louvre: All the Paintings


    If Paris isn’t in the budget right now, art lovers can still get up close and personal with all the paintings in the Louvre. Seriously. All 3,022 paintings on display in the permanent painting collection are in this book. And you won’t have to fight the crowds or stand on your tippy toes to see Mona.

    $45 at Barnes & Noble | Buy

    | Posted 15 Dec, 2011 by Christy
  • Cocktail Recipe Coasters


    Handmade ceramic coasters by Robert Siegel boast old-school cocktail recipes with a smooth glazed finish. A unique (limited edition!) and easy, grab-and-go hostess or Yankee Swap gift that will stand out from the rest of the loot. Maybe hoard one set for yourself, too.

    $48 at Robert Siegel Handmade | Buy

    (set of 4)

    | Posted 06 Dec, 2011 by Rene
  • Fortitude by Glassybaby


    Give the gift of goodwill with this blown glass votive made by Glassybaby, headquartered in Seattle and founded by cancer survivor, Lee Rhodes. Available in multiple colors with unique names like Saturday Morning and Bff, Glassybaby donates to a multitude of charities dedicated to helping others.

    $44 at glassybaby | Buy

    | Posted 05 Dec, 2011 by Christy
  • Postcup


    Send greetings the old fashion way, with a modern twist. Write a message on Postcup and the lucky recipient will have it forever. Make sure you really mean what you write- this note won’t wash off.

    $52 at Bailey Doesn't Bark | Buy

    | Posted 15 Nov, 2011 by Rene
  • Cardboard Chandelier


    A high-class look on a low, low budget. Assemble this cardboard chandelier yourself and hang in your home for some eco-friendly fabulousness. Feeling creative? Bust out the magic markers and glitter and make this chandelier a creation of your very own.

    $32 at Seequin | Buy

    | Posted 15 Nov, 2011 by Rene
  • Whiskey Lover Set By Teroforma


    Make like the country club set and enjoy some whiskey by a roaring fire this winter. Teroforma has made a one-stop set for distinguished imbibing- minus the hooch, of course. The set includes two crystal tumblers (fancy!) and 6 whiskey stones that will keep the good stuff nice and cold. Cheers to that!

    $60 at Seltzer Studios | Buy

    | Posted 10 Nov, 2011 by Rene
  • A-Fold iPad Stand


    You might not be prepared to part with the amount of cash an iPad costs, but you can give him a stellar iPad stand instead. The A-Fold can hold the iPad vertically or horizontally, and is finished in soft rubber to prevent bang-ups and slipping. Aren’t you thoughtful?

    $48 at MOMA Store | Buy

    | Posted 10 Nov, 2011 by Rene
  • Arrow Tribal Drawings Notebook


    A handmade notebook by Paper Ephemera, in a manly arrow motif, is perfect for to-do lists, ideas or fantasy football rosters. Stuff this sweet little notebook in your fella’s stocking.

    $7 at Paper Ephemera ARMINHO | Buy

    | Posted 08 Nov, 2011 by Rene
  • Oveja Sheep Candle


    Cardamom and rosewood make this quirky candle deliciously scented.

    $13 at Bliss Living Home | Buy

    | Posted 26 Oct, 2011 by Rene
  • I Will Achieve My Goals Clipboard


    With great goals come lengthy lists. Start writing.

    $34 at Decoy Lab | Buy

    | Posted 19 Oct, 2011 by Rene
  • Salt And Pepper Puzzle People


    We go together like salt and pepper. Handmade ceramic shakers by artist Celeste Welch are the perfect gift for the perfect couple who spice up each other’s lives.

    $45 at Celeste Welch | Buy

    | Posted 18 Oct, 2011 by Rene
  • Wine Cork Board


    Love wine, cute home decor and keeping your loose ends tacked up in one place? Get organized in a vino-inspired way. This cork board is compiled of -wait for it- corks from wine bottles, which makes it far more interesting and attractive than a standard Office Depot number.

    $60 at Lizze Joe Designs | Buy

    | Posted 17 Oct, 2011 by Rene
  • Stay Gold Embroidered Wall Hanging


    Simply stated, a sweetly displayed quote from The Outsiders adds a warm and homey touch to your pad.

    $24 at Monkey And Squirrel | Buy

    | Posted 02 Sep, 2011 by Rene
  • Bright Side Print


    It could always be worse.

    $15 at Vapor Qualquer | Buy

    | Posted 30 Aug, 2011 by Rene
  • Felt Colored Pencil Roll


    Get crafty, or color away the afternoon with your very own grown-up set of colored pencils. Wrap them all up in a sturdy wool roll with suede ties. Crayola is for kids, man.

    $28 at Spartan | Buy

    | Posted 16 Aug, 2011 by Rene
  • All You Need Is Love Art Poster


    Love is all you need.

    $18 at ColorBee Design | Buy

    | Posted 09 Aug, 2011 by Rene
  • Office In A Jar


    Congratulations on your new job. Here, have a jar stocked with all the old-school desktop doo-dads a budding worker bee could need: Pencil, eraser, paper clips, pins, a ruler and charming tags, to name a few. Don’t just sit there- get to work!

    $25 at Present and Correct | Buy

    | Posted 08 Aug, 2011 by Rene

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