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  • Belif First Aid Anti-Hangover Soothing Mask


    Although the name of this masque might lead you to think it’s only for the morning after you indulged in too many martinis, we assure you, there are many more times it’s perfect for. Stayed outdoors in the sun too long and have a wicked sunburn? Hormonal acne? Itchy, puffy skin from allergies? This soothing mask, which contains chamomile and xylitol, deeply moisturizes and refreshes anytime your skin needs help.

    $34 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 23 Jul, 2015 by Janet
  • Mast Brother’s Sea Salt Chocolate Bar


    If you’re going to cheat, cheat with the good stuff. Mast Brother’s chocolate bars are made with hipster love in Brooklyn and use globally sourced, high quality cacao to pack an intensely chocolatey punch.

    $10 at Blue Ribbon General Store | Buy

    | Posted 20 Jul, 2015 by Rene
  • Super Choc-O-Food


    I was sold at Choc-O, but feast your eyes on these amazing chocolate bars that could feed a small army: Nuts, fruit, and soy salt combine to create an out-of-this-world, more-than-a-dessert delight.

    $60 at Commune | Buy

    | Posted 16 Jan, 2015 by Rene
  • Ellie Charm Bracelet


    A classic charm bracelet, with a cause: Each charm purchased benefits a specific cause, such as The African Wildlife Foundation,, and Room To Read. Looking good while doing good is alway fashionable.

    $150 at Altruette | Buy

    | Posted 08 Sep, 2014 by Rene
  • You’re Pretty Card


    You are, you know.

    $3 at Letter Happy | Buy

    | Posted 31 Mar, 2014 by Rene
  • Perennial Malese Cross


    Why send soon-to-wilt flowers when you can instead send perennial seeds? The brilliance of Bloembox is that each cute little package contains plantable tissue paper-seed-ribbon that will grow into the same bloom that tops the box. It is a gift and a gardening project all in one.

    $19 at Bloembox | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jan, 2014 by Rene
  • Feather Of Positivity Necklace


    Keep thinking good thoughts while wearing a stylish, positive reminder-cum-necklace. Mark & Graham’s Feather of Positivity will surely look stylish as it works its karmic, optimistic powers on your life.

    $99 at Mark and Graham | Buy

    | Posted 10 Jan, 2014 by Rene
  • Port-A-Plant


    Add some color and fun to a desktop and a smile to someone’s face with Port-A-Plants’ easy to assemble paper plants. Unless a pair of scissors is involved, there is no way to kill this cheery trio of paper plants.

    $15 at Chronicle Books | Buy

    | Posted 16 Dec, 2013 by Rene
  • Dark Chocolate Cranberry Cookies


    Any awkward encounter or frosty reception will soon make way for holiday cheer when you present freshly baked cookies. Fact: No grudge can hold up in the presence of baked goods. Dark chocolate and cranberry cookies make for the perfect post-dinner snack, and these tasty treats also benefit kids fighting cancer.

    $30 at Cookies For Kids Cancer | Buy

    | Posted 19 Nov, 2013 by Rene
  • Stack Wines


    Here is a great reason to kick off picnic season. Stacks are a set of four wine ‘glasses’ zipped up in a sleeve for easy transport. Unzip, pop the glasses apart, and toast to the return of outdoor drinking. It is that easy, and yes, the wine is that good.

    $13 at Liquorama | Buy

    | Posted 01 Apr, 2013 by Rene
  • Laptop Desk


    Picture it: You are being served a delicious breakfast in bed. Or better yet, you are lounging on the veranda, sipping tea while a gentle spring breeze rustles the pages of the magazine you are leafing through. Sigh. A girl can dream, right? If you are lucky enough to nab either of these experiences, EJbutik’s smart little laptop desk/tray is a great way to balance your scones or iPad. Desks are available in several sizes, wood finishes and fabric choices, but we think a whitewashed surface and spring-inspired floral is the way to go.

    $46 at EJbutik | Buy

    | Posted 11 Mar, 2013 by Rene
  • Meet Chippmunk


    Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a personal coupon stash? Without the actual paper coupons cluttering up your bag, of course. And no math required- no figuring out minimum purchases and percentages off. And zero expiration dates, and not even a mention of restrictions. Then, if you could pair those miracle coupons with an easy and streamlined way to shop with them, well, now we’re talking retail heaven. Think of all of the time you would save, no longer wandering the mall aimlessly or numbly staggering around the internet, waiting for something- but you don’t quite know what- to jump out and grab you. That you can also get a really great deal on.

    Yes, technically, you could hire a personal shopper and train them to do your gift purchasing and coupon corralling for you, but man, that would be super time consuming and expensive.

    What you need in a gift home base- a jumping off point to begin your purchases. A website that would, say, present you with a wide array of shops that have oodles of gifts ready and waiting- all within your budget.

    You should meet Chippmunk. Chippmunk, this clever little creature, is your virtual, fur-covered personal shopper with buck teeth. Chippmunk snatches coupons likes acorns, for tons of major retailers, and sorts them by your budget and by what type of gift you’re looking for. You set the parameters, and Chippmunk scuttles around gathering the best deals for you. All in one, easy place.

    Don’t panic, you don’t need to know exactly what you’re looking for, which is actually the best thing about Chippmunk. Thinking about sending flowers to your Nana for her birthday, or clothing to a friend’s new baby? Tell Chippmunk, and he’ll get you started on the right path. Chippmunk will tell you that FTD has the best deal for Nana, but you might also want to look atProFlowers, too- they’ll toss in a free balloon. And BabyGap will ship that new baby gift for free if you use the right coupon code, which Chippmunk has oh-so thoughtfully grabbed for you, just in case.

    So you might not be able to get out of doing all of the work of gift-giving, but Chippmunk can make it infinitely easier and keep you both under budget and sane. Oh, and it’s totally free. Amazing, we know! Go on and go, we don’t mind- you know you want to check it out.

    $0 at Chippmunk | Buy

    | Posted 05 Mar, 2013 by Rene
  • Green Verbena Hand Sanitizer


    Ditch the hospital-grade Purell in favor of something far more fresh-scented. Sabon creates hand sanitizer in lovely scents, including our favorite, green verbena. You will fight germs while smelling like a burst of springtime instead of a waiting room.

    $15 at Sabon | Buy

    | Posted 07 Feb, 2013 by Rene
  • Working Man’s Hygiene Kit


    Manly men still need soft, moisturized skin and lips - but they don’t want to admit it, or display frou-frou bottles in the shower and on the sink. This kit includes walnut scrub, hand repair, after-shower soap, knuckle wax, foot relief, and “xtreme” lip balm, packaged in suitably masculine wrapping.

    $50 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 24 Jan, 2013 by Janet
  • Lovebirds Cookie Platter


    Some gals and guys aren’t really into candy, but gourmet cookies send their hearts a-racing every time. Instead of a box of chocolates, this selection of twelve hand-decorated, hand-baked chocolate sugar cookies is sure to be a hit come February 14th. We especially adore the lovebirds cookies - how tweet!

    $35 at Trish Lynch | Buy

    | Posted 22 Jan, 2013 by Janet
  • Smart Planet Ocie4 Eco Filtered Water Bottle


    If you resolved to drink more water this year, but hate the taste of tap water and are tired of forking out $1-$2 a bottle for spring water, you’re in luck. This eco-friendly little contraption safely filters tap water for a clean, fresh flavor on the go. The filter will purify up to 100 gallons of water, and an extra replacement filter is included.

    $12 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 11 Jan, 2013 by Janet
  • Succulent Garden


    Flowers die pretty quickly, but succulents are far too hearty to bump off that fast. This little green garden is a great way to say thank you that will last beyond the holidays. The sleek bamboo box makes for a subtle centerpiece, too.

    $30 at Pro Plants | Buy

    | Posted 02 Jan, 2013 by Rene
  • Marrakech Tea Tins


    A beautiful tea tin can hold endless treats- tea, sweets, or any little ‘thank you’ you can think of. Teavana’s Marrakech tins are a lovely way to present a gift, and are really a gift themselves.

    $12 at Teavana | Buy

    | Posted 21 Nov, 2012 by Rene
  • Cocktail Hour Gift Set


    What time is it? It is cocktail hour somewhere in the world, and best you be prepared should one pop up on your social calendar. Stonewall Kitchen has the essentials covered in this cute little set that includes a pomegranate cosmo mixer, cheese ball mix and sea salt crackers. All that’s missing is the booze and a fabulous location.

    $18 at Stonewall Kitchen | Buy

    | Posted 19 Nov, 2012 by Rene
  • Bella Figura Wine Set


    A bottle of red, a bottle of white- a perfect pair for any wine enthusiast. Pasanella & Figilio’s organic wine set will impress and refresh hosts in need of some holiday unwinding.

    $35 at Pasanella and Son | Buy

    | Posted 17 Nov, 2012 by Rene
  • Knitted Cup Cozy


    Your morning coffee deserves to be cozy, too. Wap this hand-knitted cup cozy around your mug to keep your hands warm but not hot and your beverage toasty.

    $18 at Natalya's Studio | Buy

    | Posted 05 Nov, 2012 by Rene
  • Yellow Beaded Bracelet


    A bracelet that serves as a cheery hello for you is the best kind of accessory. Bold yellow beads- teeny, tiny, hand-stitched beads- pack a punch of sunshine and add a bit of neon to keep you right on trend.

    $40 at Jeannie Richard | Buy

    | Posted 14 Sep, 2012 by Rene
  • Colorful Finch Coin Purse


    Jessica Kagan Cushmans bird themed coin purse is an adorable option for holding actual coins or other small things. It might be small in size, but it is big on style with its colorful finch graphic and hidden cheetah print lining.

    $28 at Bluefly | Buy

    | Posted 11 May, 2012 by Christy
  • Pride & Prejudice Special Edition


    We arent judging this classic by its cover, but we do love this swan decorated special edition of Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth Bennet herself would be smitten with its bird motif and silky ribbon bookmark.

    $20 at ModCloth | Buy

    | Posted 11 May, 2012 by Christy
  • Graphic Charms


    Pick the Mother of Pearl charm that speaks to you, or layer a few on at once. These graphic pendants are as artful as they are wearable.

    $16 at Jayson Home and Garden | Buy

    | Posted 05 May, 2012 by Rene
  • Fun Slide Photograph



    Alicia Bock’s fine art photograph captures the anxious excitement of that perennial carnival favorite, the Fun Slide. This 8” X 8” photograph is ready for framing, and even more than ready to add a dose of fun to your walls.

    $35 at Alicia Bock | Buy

    | Posted 12 Mar, 2012 by Rene
  • I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie


    We cant think of a better way to tote your library haul than with this cotton canvas bag from Pamela Fugate Designs. Of course, youre free to mix it up and carry other things too.

    $35 at Pamela Fugate Designs | Buy

    | Posted 09 Mar, 2012 by Christy
  • Elasticized 3/4 Sleeve Jersey Top


    Old Navy, youve done it again. Ever the master of cute, inexpensive tops, this blousy cotton blend is available in an array of spring-ready hues. Dress it up with jewelry for going out after work, or keep it casual for a walk in the park in seemingly effortless style.

    $23 at Old Navy | Buy

    | Posted 14 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • I. Ronni Kappos Rainbow Necklace


    If you find yourself reaching for the same jewelry every day, give this vibrant alternative a try. Designed by I. Ronni Kappos and crafted from vintage german glass from the 20s and 30s, this limited edition rainbow of color will add colorful flair to any outfit.

    $230 at Beklina | Buy

    | Posted 13 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • House of Harlow 1960 Feather Locket


    This necklace from House of Harlow 1960 is a stunner. Flip open the shiny black faux cabochon framed by golden feathers, and youll find a locket. Now, whose photo will you keep hidden?

    $186 at Ron Robinson | Buy

    | Posted 07 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • Stretch Pink Flower Ring


    Is winter still behaving like winter in your neck of the woods? Brighten your day with a color block combo of hot pink and bright orange. Pair this cheerful daisy ring with, well, just about anything that needs a bit of cheer.

    $20 at 1928 Jewelry | Buy

    | Posted 07 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • Prada Baroque Round Sunglasses


    There is nothing low-key about these fancy sunnies from Prada. Oversized round frames with swirls on the side will take any outfit from plain to glamorous. We can all use a little glamour now and then.

    $290 at Nordstrom | Buy

    | Posted 03 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • Mixed Stripe Scarf


    Stripes are popping up all over. Mix it up with stripes of a different color and wear this knit scarf as a winter weather necklace alternative.

    $40 at Loft | Buy

    | Posted 02 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • Chemex Coffee Maker


    Give that utilitarian coffee maker on your counter a rest, and add some flair to your morning caffeine routine. Designed by a chemist for brewing simple drip coffee minus the bitter, the Chemex Coffee Maker is museum worthy. Really. Its actually displayed in several museums. Hows that for flair?

    $40 at Crate and Barrel | Buy

    | Posted 01 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • Spindelabra


    Recycling has become second nature - Hipcycle takes it to the next level with upcycling. This Spindleabra is uniquely made from reclaimed wood staircase spindles that would otherwise have gone straight to the landfill. Yep, thats pretty hip.

    $90 at Hipcycle | Buy

    | Posted 01 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • Birds of a Feather Ceramic Teacup Set


    With a removable tea strainer, this ceramic birds of a feather teacup set is perfect for brewing your favorite loose tea. Buy two for your bird of a feather, and you have a sweet way to say lets share a cup of tea together.

    $23 at Ruche | Buy

    | Posted 19 Jan, 2012 by Christy
  • Summer at Tiffany


    You’ve seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and you’re familiar with that little robin’s egg blue box. For a more intimate look at Tiffany and a glimpse into 1945 Manhattan, this memoir from Marjorie Hart is a sweet must-read.

    $5 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 13 Jan, 2012 by Christy
  • Wicked Witch in the Book


    Not ready to give up on actual books? Hold your place with a pair of wicked witch legs, ruby slippers and all. Just be sure to keep an eye out for her sister. Handmade by Olena Mysnyk.

    $25 at My Bookmark | Buy

    | Posted 05 Jan, 2012 by Christy
  • Fierce Claw Ring


    You might drive a minivan, but you can rock the carpool in fierce style with this wrap around animal claw ring. Available in antique gold or silver, its made of lead-free metal so its fierce and safe.

    $10 at LYLIF | Buy

    | Posted 04 Jan, 2012 by Christy
  • Zebra Print Sloop


    You love the animal print trend, but youve worn your leopard print flatsa lot. The zebra print Sloop by French Sole is a hushed alternative in slipper-like comfort. Shoe + Slipper = Sloop. Yes, please.

    $105 at French Sole | Buy

    | Posted 03 Jan, 2012 by Christy
  • Crochet Slippers


    Pad across those cold morning floors in stylish grey and yellow slippers, handmade just for you. White Noise Maker created the pattern and crochets these toe warmers to order, ensuring high quality and a spot-on fit.

    $19 at White Noise Maker | Buy

    | Posted 20 Dec, 2011 by Rene
  • Fortitude by Glassybaby


    Give the gift of goodwill with this blown glass votive made by Glassybaby, headquartered in Seattle and founded by cancer survivor, Lee Rhodes. Available in multiple colors with unique names like Saturday Morning and Bff, Glassybaby donates to a multitude of charities dedicated to helping others.

    $44 at glassybaby | Buy

    | Posted 05 Dec, 2011 by Christy
  • Arrow Tribal Drawings Notebook


    A handmade notebook by Paper Ephemera, in a manly arrow motif, is perfect for to-do lists, ideas or fantasy football rosters. Stuff this sweet little notebook in your fella’s stocking.

    $7 at Paper Ephemera ARMINHO | Buy

    | Posted 08 Nov, 2011 by Rene
  • I Will Achieve My Goals Clipboard


    With great goals come lengthy lists. Start writing.

    $34 at Decoy Lab | Buy

    | Posted 19 Oct, 2011 by Rene
  • Blue Ink Ballon Pill Box


    Keep the ibuprofen- or your drug of choice, or maybe breath mints, that’s your business- handy in a preciously tiny pillbox. Seriously, a hot air balloon? This could not get any cuter.

    $5 at Mmim | Buy

    | Posted 23 Sep, 2011 by Rene
  • Stay Gold Embroidered Wall Hanging


    Simply stated, a sweetly displayed quote from The Outsiders adds a warm and homey touch to your pad.

    $24 at Monkey And Squirrel | Buy

    | Posted 02 Sep, 2011 by Rene
  • Bones Salt and Pepper Shaker


    The hip bone is connected to the…salt shaker? This is the ideal gift for your favorite orthopedist or that one clumsy friend who can’t stop crashing into things. This bony set from Stiles in Clay will either make them wince or laugh-hopefully both- and, eventually, season their dinner.

    $35 at Alexis Bittar | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jul, 2011 by Rene
  • Caracas Cookies


    Mix up the traditional tea time assortment with some tropical flair. Elsylee’s scrumptious poppy seed thumbprint cookies are buttery and delicious with sweet mango-pineapple yumminess in the center. Give a gift of a dozen Caracas cookies to a foodie looking to stretch their sweet sensibilities, and reward yourself with a few for being oh-so thoughtful.

    $9 at Elsylee | Buy

    (price is for 12)

    | Posted 04 Apr, 2011 by Rene
  • Some E-Cards Valentine’s Day Cards


    Not in the mood for sappy, romantic Hallmark cards that don’t express what you really want to say for Valentine’s Day or for other trivial holidays? Try Some E-Cards and give the light of your life a big laugh… and maybe some flowers on the side, just to be nice.

    $0 at some ecards | Buy

    | Posted 11 Feb, 2011 by Melissa
  • The Coral Candle


    A lively candle with a coral color.

    $25 at Well Dressed Home | Buy

    | Posted 12 Oct, 2010 by Jeff
  • Set of 24 City Push Pins


    Feature your continental side. Give your message board a worldly flair with these colorful metal pushpins.

    $20 at Ballard Designs | Buy

    | Posted 23 Sep, 2010 by Sonya
  • Mineral Beauty


    Need some inspiration? Place this art print on the wall in front of your desk to help promote creativity and innovation.

    $390 at Modani | Buy

    | Posted 14 Sep, 2010 by Sonya
  • Leaf Silhouette Freehand Custom Portrait


    There are lots of reasons why you would need a custom made leaf silhouette: bragging rights, conversation starters, and of course the aesthetic benefits of having a leaf that looks just like you.

    $65 at Etsy | Buy

    (via jennyleefowler)

    | Posted 01 Sep, 2010 by Vanessa
  • Original Paper Cut Quote


    Surround yourself with positive reinforcement. This simple and elegant paper cut can be framed and placed anywhere in your living space that you frequent.

    $45 at Etsy | Buy

    (from mrYen)

    | Posted 26 Aug, 2010 by Vanessa
  • Forgiveness Rock Record


    One of the best albums of the year, Broken Social Scene is back with more amazing music.

    $14 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 24 Aug, 2010 by Vanessa
  • Laphroaig Single Malt (15 years)


    Graduation? This calls for a drink.

    $160 at | Buy

    | Posted 02 Jun, 2010 by Margaret Mason
  • Robot Plushie


    Since when are robots cuddly? More robot propaganda.

    $30 at Saint Angel | Buy

    | Posted 28 May, 2010 by Margaret Mason
  • Castle Key Bottle Opener


    $12 at Anthropologie | Buy

    | Posted 27 May, 2010 by Margaret Mason
  • 20x200 Art Gift Certificate


    It isn’t entirely safe to choose art as a gift for someone, which is why 20x200 offers gift certificates for their limited edition prints, ranging in price from $20 to $2,000. You choose your price range, the recipient chooses what to hang on their walls.

    $20 at 20 x 200 | Buy

    | Posted 26 May, 2010 by Margaret Mason
  • Robot Bank


    Gets kids accustomed to surrendering their resources, for the day when robots rule the planet.

    $34 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 21 May, 2010 by Margaret Mason
  • Festivities Glass


    One margarita, extra salt. Make that two.

    $8 at Anthropologie | Buy

    | Posted 18 May, 2010 by Margaret Mason
  • Flower Boxes


    Tissue paper flowers that you fluff upon arrival.

    $20 at 789design | Buy

    | Posted 16 Mar, 2010 by Margaret Mason
  • Chick bag


    $6 at Flirtdeux | Buy

    | Posted 15 Mar, 2010 by Margaret Mason
  • You’re Magical


    Now that’s a compliment.

    $5 at Egg Press | Buy

    | Posted 27 Jan, 2010 by Margaret Mason
  • Luxury Plush Foot Duvet


    Don’t try to resist their puffy sweetness, you’re imagining how these would feel on your feet right now.

    $10 at Restoration Hardware | Buy

    | Posted 31 Dec, 2009 by Margaret Mason
  • Noddy Ooak Teddy Bear


    There aren’t nearly enough toddlers dragging teddy bears around by one arm these days. This is America people. Let’s get on our game.

    $39 at TN Crafty Cat | Buy

    | Posted 07 Dec, 2009 by Margaret Mason
  • Porcelain Fortune Cookies- Set of 12


    You always order takeout for Thanksgiving anyway. Might as well make it a tradition.

    Fill these fortunes with gratitudes and dial your local purveyor of fine egg rolls.

    $36 at Yoga Goat | Buy

    | Posted 10 Nov, 2009 by Margaret Mason
  • Star Trek: The Original Series


    If there’s a new baby in the house, your TiVo won’t be able to keep up with the demand.

    $188 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 04 Jun, 2009 by Margaret Mason
  • Stain Teacup


    A teacup that starts out white, then stains according to your drinking habits. Sort of like your teeth.

    via Tea Finely Brewed

    $51 at Wood | Buy

    (Price converted from British pounds.)

    | Posted 19 Mar, 2009 by Margaret Mason
  • Make Your Own Ice Cream Flavor


    Customized ice cream. Was there ever a more perfect gift for a pregnant woman?

    $50 at eCreamery | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jan, 2009 by Margaret Mason
  • Two-Layer Union Suit


    I’m suggesting this purely for the photo op of your entire groomscore in red underalls.

    $40 at LL Bean | Buy

    | Posted 23 Dec, 2008 by Margaret Mason
  • Film Movement Subscription


    A genius movie-of-the-month club for film lovers. Every month, subscribers receive a feature-length, award-winning film and a short from one of the top film festivals. These are movies that aren’t yet available to the public.

    You can print out or email the gift notification, so this makes an excellent last minute gift. If $132 is too steep, Film Movement also offers six-month ($68) and three-month ($36) subscriptions.

    $132 at Film Movement | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2008 by Margaret Mason
  • Skase Tea Cup Set


    A scuptural teacup with a Manchurian walnut “saucer.” Looks as good on your desk as it does in your hand.

    via Kanye West

    $37 at Steve Watson | Buy

    | Posted 05 Dec, 2008 by Margaret Mason
  • Jersey Sleep Pants


    $30 at Eddie Bauer | Buy

    (On Sale, regularly $40.)

    | Posted 25 Nov, 2008 by Margaret Mason
  • Tartan Trap-Door Long Johns with Hood


    $83 at Toddy | Buy

    (Price converted from Australian Dollars.)

    | Posted 21 Nov, 2008 by Margaret Mason
  • Royal Goodnight Robe


    On sale.

    $60 at Anthropologie | Buy

    (Regularly $118.)

    | Posted 20 Nov, 2008 by Margaret Mason
  • Artist Series Bandages


    She’s clumsy, but artistic.

    $7 at Urban Outfitters | Buy

    | Posted 19 Nov, 2008 by Margaret Mason
  • Heath Bud Vase


    The glaze on this pottery begs to be licked. Or at least caressed. Slowly.

    $22 at Canoe | Buy

    | Posted 27 Oct, 2008 by Melissa Summers
  • The Sanctuary Foaming Bath Soak


    The Brits: don’t you love how they have a classier term for “bubble bath”? Bubble baths are for toddlers. Foaming bath soaks are for hard-working people who deserve a stiff drink and magazine escape. Now available at Target, so you can stop asking your UK friends to ship you a bottle.

    $11 at Target | Buy

    | Posted 29 Jul, 2008 by Margaret Mason
  • Zelco “itty bitty” Book Light


    The rest of the house is asleep. Mom finally gets to read.

    $30 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 29 Apr, 2008 by Margaret Mason
  • Classic Bunny Slippers


    Just knowing that exists makes the Internet a little more pinchable.

    $30 at Bunny Slippers | Buy

    | Posted 13 Mar, 2008 by Margaret Mason
  • Fierce Bunny


    These angry, handmade rabbits are totems with lucky pennies sewn in their bellies.

    $85 at Sonja Ahlers | Buy

    | Posted 11 Mar, 2008 by Margaret Mason
  • Downloadable Audio Books and Magazines


    Subscribe and choose from 40,000 titles available on audio. Do I want an audio subscription to the New Yorker? Yeah, I do.

    $24 at | Buy

    (For first three months.)

    | Posted 06 Feb, 2008 by Margaret Mason
  • My So-Called Life - The Complete Series


    Angst: The Videos

    $70 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 24 Dec, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Playing cards by Poster Designers


    A deck of cards created by 56 different poster designers.

    $10 at | Buy

    | Posted 18 Dec, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Mix Tape USB Drive


    A cassette tape with a USB stick hidden inside. When you want to give music like you mean it, but you’d still like them to actually play it.

    From the Cool Hunting 2007 Holiday Gift Guide.

    $13 at Insound | Buy

    | Posted 07 Dec, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Sigg Thermos


    There are few things as pleasant as opening a thermos to find that your coffee is still toasty.

    $28 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 30 Oct, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Denyse Schmidt Dots & Jots Mini Journal Set


    A pretty, surprisingly high-quality notebook set for your favorite list maker. The individual journals are so compact and lightweight that they’re convenient to take along anywhere.

    $15 at Peek Keep | Buy

    | Posted 29 Oct, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection


    Robots rip on kitschy movie classics. This two-disc set includes Manos: The Hands of Fate and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

    $20 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 29 Oct, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • The War - A Film By Ken Burns and Lynn Novick


    An excellent, epic seven-episode documentary on WWII.

    Fifteen fascinating hours for the history buff.

    $78 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 26 Oct, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Taking Things Seriously: 75 Objects with Unexpected Significance


    A small collection of bobby pins abandoned by a departed lover, a blameless wide-mouth jar, a residual ceramic horn from a college student’s “unicorn stampede.” This charming book contains 75 photographs of sentimental objects and the stories behind them. When your copy arrives, head to your favorite coffee shop and settle in for a happy afternoon.

    $12 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 08 Oct, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Lavender Soothe Set



    If you’re giving bath or body products as gifts, lavender is a classic choice. This lovely set comes in a fair-trade woven grass box.

    It features the basics: body cream, bath salts, and silky, thick shea hand cream that comes in a glass jar. Apparently I am a complete sucker for a glass jar.

    Mighty Goods readers get a 15 percent discount at check out with the code Mightygift15.

    $34 at Pharmacopia | Buy

    | Posted 26 Sep, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Cora Carafe


    $10 at CB2 | Buy

    | Posted 10 Sep, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Petite Pattern Book Series


    These books give my brain stretch marks. Each one has 140 patterns presented in EPS files for Illustrator and JPEG files. That means you can change the size and color of every pattern to design your own wrapping paper, stationery, recipe cards, whatever. I believe there are eight books in the series, and you’ll want every last one.

    $30 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 06 Sep, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Natori Vibrant Print Pajamas


    She may work from home, but she still needs a power suit.

    Via Things I’ve Bought That I Love

    $140 at Saks Fifth Avenue | Buy

    | Posted 16 Jul, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Masala Chai


    A subtle, authentic Chai Blend that doesn’t taste as though someone mixed lumps of brown sugar into the tea. Spicy, cozy, and delicious.

    $8 at Portsmouth Tea Company | Buy

    (2.2 oz)

    | Posted 19 Jun, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Full Bloom Teaset


    Ship your mom a little peace and quiet. Full Bloom Tea makes gorgeous floral teas that “blossom” in hot water. This beautifully appointed gift box contains twelve assorted blooms, a glass teapot, and two glass teacups.

    $59 at Full Bloom Tea | Buy

    | Posted 18 Apr, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Dream Cream


    A seriously soothing, all-natural body cream for folks with chronically dry skin. The little tub goes a long way, and the cream has a pleasant herbal scent - like lavender with a bit of rosemary.

    $21 at Lush | Buy

    | Posted 20 Mar, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Craft: Transforming Traditional Crafts


    From the creators of Make magazine, Craft is a DIY magazine for folks who like more robots, squids, and LED lights in their projects.

    $35 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 19 Mar, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Mr. Bubble Original Bubble Bath



    Forget the fancy lavender hand soap. If your host has kids, this is their soap of choice.

    $4 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 13 Feb, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Rejuvenation Gift Set


    Tea Forte’s choice teas come in aesthetically pleasing pyramid-shaped bags. The mesh bags even have wired tags that hook over the side of your cup, so you’ll never have to fish around in scalding tea for an escapee. This soothing gift set comes with a lidded tea cup, tiny trays for the used tea bags, and a selection of whole-leaf teas. It’s a bundle of calm escape, and you don’t even have to wrap it.

    $40 at Tea Forte | Buy

    | Posted 23 Jan, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Key Nightie


    Unlock only the sweetest dreams with this comfy tee-style nightgown. Comes in black, red, olive, natural, and silver.
    _-Guest posted by Evany

    $26 at Petaline | Buy

    | Posted 11 Jan, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Silk and Cashmere Cable-Knit Throw and Pillow



    ‘Tis the season to buy cashmere. You’re actually saving like $200 just by buying yourself the cashmere throw you’ve always wanted. Maybe you can save even more by getting yourself a scarf.

    $149 at Williams Sonoma Home | Buy

    (Regularly $395.)

    | Posted 02 Jan, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Stroke Socks


    STOCKING STUFFER GUIDE Everyone deserves a happy pair of socks. These come in ten different color combinations.

    $12 at Elsewares | Buy

    | Posted 30 Nov, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Buddha Bowl


    BUDGET HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE The perfect excuse to drink your soup.

    $18 at Flavour Design | Buy

    | Posted 14 Nov, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Er’go Thinks Pink


    I’m a sucker for citrus, and this grapefruit-scented candle makes the whole room smell like sun. The $20 tag is good price for a long-burning soy candle, and a percentage of your purchase goes to fight breast cancer.

    $20 at Er'go Candles | Buy

    (no longer available)

    | Posted 24 Oct, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Pool Luxe Kimono Flower Panoramic Journal


    Acid free.

    $18 at Paper Source | Buy

    | Posted 20 Sep, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Hakbijl Night Carafe


    Fill this with water and place it near your bed before you head out for a night of carousing. This simple tool will cut your hangover in half. Bedside carafes, not just for the old and infirm anymore!

    $18 at Global Table | Buy

    (9 tall)

    | Posted 11 Sep, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Earl Grey Lavender Tea


    This Earl Grey with a hint of sweet lavender is a nice update on a classic. Ideal between bites of shortbread, the tea comes in cute little boxes that make you feel like you’re opening a present for yourself every time you make a cup of tea.

    $8 at Revolution Tea | Buy

    (For twenty servings.)

    | Posted 05 Sep, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Numi Tea Flower Chest


    Tea that blooms. Each tea rosette can be brewed up to three times, and they look spectacular sea creatures in a glass teapot.

    $45 at Sur La Table | Buy

    | Posted 10 Aug, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Tissue Case


    This tissue box is made of plywood and lets you place either a cardboard box or a stack of tissues inside. It’s surprisingly tough to find an attractive tissue box, so snap it up if you’ve been looking.

    $55 at Tortoise Life | Buy

    | Posted 26 May, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Atomic Bonzai Kit


    Low-maintenance cardboard greenery for a black thumb’s home or office.
    ?Guest posted by Evany Thomas

    $22 at Chocosho | Buy

    | Posted 03 May, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Candy Bracelets


    Like Fruit Stripe Gum! But for your arm!
    ?Guest posted by Evany Thomas

    $3 at Polaire | Buy

    (8" diameter)

    | Posted 02 May, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Ahchoo! Box Tissue Box


    Never put out an ugly floral tissue box again. This bold option comes packed flat, and you click the panels into place.

    $21 at Orange Skin | Buy

    (no longer available)

    | Posted 18 Apr, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • PostSecret


    PostSecret is a website that asks users to send in handmade postcards with their secrets on the front. The moving results are displayed on the site weekly, many others are collected in this new book.

    $15 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 14 Apr, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • O Magazine


    You know about it, but have you read it? One of the few women’s magazines that leaves you feeling recharged, inspired, and good enough just as you are. A perfect gift for your favorite smart woman.

    $24 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 29 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Bacon Strip Bandages


    Raw healing power.

    $4 at Sprout Home | Buy

    | Posted 21 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Origami Kits


    Each kit contains an instruction guide and twenty or thirty sheets of paper printed with designs that make the end product even cuter. You can choose from twelve different kits with varying degrees of difficulty. This is a great activity for a kids’ party, and it lets the kids create their own party favors.

    $13 at Finger Magic | Buy

    | Posted 08 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Mighty Leaf Tea Sampler


    Delicious! When I admitted to being a tea freak, a bunch of my readers (most notably, Elise) sent notes urging us to post about Mighty Leaf Teas. I feel silly to have forgotten about Mighty Leaf for so long, because they’re an old favorite. Mighty Leaf packs tasty, whole-leaf tea into convenient, silky tea bags. (Most other tea bags are filled with crushed, bitter leaf flakes that are practically undrinkable.) This sampler gives your favorite tea snob 108 moments of peace, and many of the teas are even better on second brewing. Includes: Breakfast Americana, Earl Gold, Vanilla Bean, Orange Jasmine, Marrakesh Mint, Green Tea Tropical, African Nectar, Chamomile Citrus, and Mint Melange. (If you want the tea, but don’t need the pretty box and menu, you can purchase a refill box for only $54.)

    $95 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 21 Feb, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Big Dreams Quilt


    ON SALE I’m so sick of $400 duvet covers. If I’m throwing down some serious cash, I want something with heft, you know? This quilt is hand-stitched with red thread. It would work equally well in a chic modern loft or a kitschy mountain cabin. When it gets dirty, you can throw it in the machine, so you can let the kids drag it wherever. (Unlike the $400 duvet.)

    $95 at Pillows and Throws | Buy

    | Posted 16 Feb, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Masters of the Universe Boxer Shorts


    VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT GUIDE By the power of Gray Skull, buy him these boxers! They are 100 percent cotton and feature He-Man and Skeletor locked in battle. If he doesn’t love them, it may be because he’s dead inside.

    $12 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 27 Jan, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Tilla Flowers by Michelle Ivankovic


    VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT GUIDE If you’re one of those guys who avoids giving flowers because they just die anyway, this silver-plated bunch will catch your eye. You get eighteen delicate flowers packaged as a bouquet. It even comes with a little gift tag.

    $50 at Unica Home | Buy

    (21" tall)

    | Posted 26 Jan, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Wooly Warmer


    Her feet are like ice. Give her something to warm them on when you’re snuggled in bed. Besides your torso, I mean.

    $28 at Flight 001 | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 20 Jan, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Organic Calming Chamomile Herbal Tea


    ON SALE Though I’m a tea fanatic, I’ve never much enjoyed herbal teas. This chamomile tea has made me a convert. When you open the tin, you’ll find a jumble of sweet-smelling, whole chamomile flowers that look lovely in your cup. It has a touch of lavender and jasmine that make it a bit spicier and more honeyed than an average chamomile tea, but the effects are just as soothing. The site suggests reusing brewed blossoms in your bath, which sounds just fine.

    $11 at The Healing Sun | Buy

    (Regularly $13. 1.9oz - makes approx. 40 cups)

    | Posted 17 Jan, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • August Silk Soleil Paisley Pajama Set


    ON SALE Sexy, and yet not ludicrously uncomfortable.

    $36 at Macy's | Buy

    (Regularly $72.)

    | Posted 11 Jan, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Andy Warhol Sleep Mask


    You choose from Marilyn Monroe or Jackie O. Lined with silk.

    $10 at Bust Boobtique | Buy

    (Item no longer available.)

    | Posted 14 Dec, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Dirty Found Magazine #1


    STOCKING STUFFERS How we love our indie porn. Found Magazine has been collecting sexy, pervy, lewd found items since the magazine’s inception. They finally compiled all of them in Dirty Found. Get your unairbrushed, non-corporate, regular joe sex right here.

    $10 at Atomic Books | Buy

    | Posted 08 Dec, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • 2006 Zagat Movie Guide


    The compact Zagat Movie Guide covers nearly 1,300 movies and has dozens of indexes that let him search by genre, decade, Oscar nominations, and more. Package it with a gift certificate for a month of unlimited mail-order movie rentals ($18 from Netflix) and some Raisinettes.

    $0 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 06 Dec, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Chic Chez


    When you’re entertaining at home, you know you’re just going to kick off your heels anyway. My Sweet Feet makes slippers that look like dress shoes, so you can pad around comfortably without damaging your ensemble.

    $64 at My Sweet Feet | Buy

    (Price converted from Australian dollars.)

    | Posted 28 Oct, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Longevity Noodle Card


    $6 at Joy by Mel Lim | Buy

    | Posted 28 Oct, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • T-Cup with Lid


    Cold hands, warm cup. Makes your afternoon tea even cozier.

    $22 at Global Table | Buy


    | Posted 27 Oct, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Chunky Knit Throws


    A hand-knitted throw for the couch. Good for hot coco and winter naps.

    $80 at Linens n Things | Buy

    | Posted 13 Oct, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Wake-Up Glass


    Turns out that it’s not diet-conscious to drink a whole pint of juice at a go. These petite, vintage-design juice glasses will remind you why people used to go to the trouble of squeezing the juice themselves.

    $2 at Crate and Barrel | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 10 Oct, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Women’s Satin Pink Terry Robe


    BY REQUEST A while ago, Lauren sent a note: “I’m looking for a short, above-the-knee bathrobe that is nice to enough for me to paddle around the dorm halls in on my way to the shower, and cheap enough that I can still buy my books without forgoing food for a week. Can you help?” I like this sweet, affordable robe from Target. It’s cute, but not indecent, and you can throw it in the wash.

    $18 at Target | Buy

    | Posted 29 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • DKNY Life Play Bath Robe


    ON SALE A luxury version of a classic.

    $70 at Macy's | Buy

    (Regularly $90.)

    | Posted 29 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Knee-High Tube Socks



    $10 at American Apparel | Buy

    | Posted 09 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Wooden Lacquered Tray


    A pink and orange lacquered tray makes tea time blindingly cheerful. Pop some Gerbera daisies in a bud vase and you’re good to go.

    $20 at Target | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 30 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Pink and Brown Down Throw


    A few weeks ago, I go a note from Jay Arnold gushing about these down throws from Target. He called them a “steal” and noted that they’re super soft and warm. They come in several colors, the cover is made of a polyester micro-fiber, and the fill is 75 percent duck down and 25 percent fiber. Also, (and you know I’m a sucker for this), you can throw them in the washing machine.

    $15 at Target | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 22 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Whimsical Cami Pajama


    These jammies are cotton and machine washable, so they’ll take anything the baby can throw at you. Also, when you’re still wearing them at 6 p.m., your man won’t find himself wondering where the magic has gone.

    $35 at Victorias Secret | Buy

    | Posted 08 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • McSweeny’s Book Release Club


    McSweeny’s makes lovely books that feel good in your hands and on your brain. Now you can get ten books just as they roll of the presses for only $10 each. Among them, you’ll find A Book of Noisy Outlaws, Evil Marauders, and Some Other Things, a collection of childrens stories from Nick Hornby, Jonathan Safran Foer, Neil Gaiman, George Saunders, Kelly Link, Jon Scieskza, and others. You also get The Best of McSweeneys Vol. 1, The Believer Book of Writers Talking to Other Writers, A Field Guide to Couples’ Sleeping Positions and Their Meanings, and more. That’s nearly a year of reading for your smartest and most beloved friend. Or you can hoard them for yourself, gather them in your arms, and whisper to them in the night as you inhale their pulpy, innocent, printed sweetness. OK, that’s just me.

    $100 at McSweeny's | Buy

    | Posted 01 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • 1980s Retro Candy Gift Box


    Lemon Heads, Atomic Fireballs, Pixy Stix, Jolly Ranchers… how long has it been since you ate a piece of candy that turned your tongue completely green? This Retro Candy Gift Box brings the Quickie Mart to your doorstep. Just skip the soda when you break open your Pop Rocks. We all know what happened to Mikey.

    $24 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 20 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Animal Bookplates


    $7 at Plain Mabel | Buy

    | Posted 18 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • A Home at the End of the World


    by Michael Cunningham A few excerpts: “I was my father’s daughter. i wanted to be loved by someone like my tough judicious mother and I wanted to run screaming through the headlights with a bottle in my hand. That was the family curse. We tended to nurse flocks of undisciplined wishes that collided and canceled each other out. The curse implied that if we didn’t learn to train our desires in one direction or another, we were likely to end up with nothing.” “He had big square hands and face blank and earnest as a shovel.” “I tried to make myself stop caring about what I looked like. As she started in the with scissors, I reminded myself that our lives are made of changes we can’t control. Letting little things happen is good practice.” “Woodstock is what towns were supposed to become before the old future got sidetracked and a new one took its place I appreciate the kindness of its quiet streets and the people’s cheerful determination to live in ways that are mainly beside the point.”

    $11 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 07 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Bonne Bell Lipsmacker


    Oh, man this takes me back. The lip gloss of choice from the days when you judged your makeup by how good it tasted, and whether you could get it at the roller rink. Comes in cotton candy, strawberry, vanilla, watermelon, and Dr. Pepper.

    $2 at | Buy

    | Posted 30 Jun, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Band Shades


    Band Shades are invisible bandaids for every skin tone. the adhesive part is clear, and then you choose the antiseptic pad shade that most closely matches your color. (via the O List)

    $4 at Band Shades | Buy

    | Posted 09 Jun, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Grandma’s Chicken Soup


    Have you ever been far away from a loved one who’s sick and wished you could do something to make them feel better? Now you can send them some homemade chicken soup. This one comes with or without matzah balls.

    $30 at Grandma | Buy

    (For half a gallon.)

    | Posted 02 Jun, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Dots and Jots


    Denyse Schmidt used vintage fabric patterns to create this sweet mix-and-match stationery set. It comes with a sheet of stickers and 16 sheets and that will inspire you to write more letters. Refreshing to find some fun writing paper without a ludicrous price tag.

    $8 at Chronicle Books | Buy

    | Posted 19 May, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Candela


    I know you’ve seen these babies everywhere, but a friend of mine mentioned that they’re terrific for homes with kiddos. All the romance of candlelight, none of the open flame. Good point. They turn on when you lift them from the charging base, and last for about for five hours. They also turn on instantly during a power failure.

    If you prefer the look of votives, they make those too.

    $69 at Vessel | Buy

    | Posted 18 May, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Blow Monkey Nail Dryer


    A tiny monkey to dry your nails? Now this is first-world livin’.

    $10 at Totally Funky | Buy

    (Price converted from GBP.)

    | Posted 11 May, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Asiatic Lilies


    If your mom is a more traditional sort, send her your love with a bouquet. Code MDAY2005 gets you 15% off any bouquet at Kabloom through May 15. If your mom’s not big on roses, send her a bunch of these happy, affordable lilies. With care, they’ll last about a week.

    $30 at Kabloom | Buy

    | Posted 03 May, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Classic Terry Robe


    This comfy, Turkish cotton terry cloth robe is a perfectly legitimate excuse to be lazy. You can monogram or personalize it with up to ten characters for a small extra charge. Throw in a bottle of toenail polish and a box of bonbons while you’re at it.

    $79 at Pottery Barn | Buy

    | Posted 03 May, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • eBay Gift Certificates


    You’d like to add to your mom’s collection, but what do you know about retro dish towels? Fortunately, for collectors, the hunt is half the fun, and now you can give her hours of entertainment searching eBay for the pieces that suit her best. Certificates range in price from $5 to $200, and they’re good for any vendor who accepts payments via Paypal. Best of all, you can send the certificate immediately, via email, or print one out and deliver it yourself. The ultimate thoughtful, last-minute gift.

    $25 at eBay | Buy

    (You determine the price, from $5 to $200.)

    | Posted 03 May, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Martha Stewart Living or Books


    Martha is free, and crafty as ever. Her magazine, Martha Stewart Living, is full of projects worth ripping out and saving, whether your mom loves to garden, cook, collect, or create. If mom already has a subscription, consider getting her a compilation book like Good Things or Good Things For Organizing. She’ll be dusting the plant leaves in no time.

    $28 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 03 May, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Omron Premium Pedometer


    This pedometer counts steps, aerobic steps, distance in miles, and calories burned. It does not tell you your pulse, give you inspiring quotations, or microwave your lunch. In other words, it’s a lightweight, simple option for those who choose walking as their primary form of exercise. You can clip it to a belt or tuck it in a pocket and get going.

    $30 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 03 May, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • iPod Shuffle 512MB


    Seriously, she goes to the gym with an AM/FM radio walkman that she bought in 1982. Get her an iPod Shuffle today, and you’ll have just enough time to load it with 120 of her favorite songs, or some choice NPR clips, and give it to her over Sunday brunch. Though you may have to explain what it is. It ships in one to two business days, and shipping is free!

    $99 at Apple Store | Buy

    | Posted 03 May, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Asian Serving Tray


    You don’t have breakfast in bed enough. Sunday mornings should be all about pajamas, The New York Times, and buttery toast. Maybe the problem is that you don’t have a dreamy breakfast tray. This one is made of solid wood and has hand-carved legs. Live the dream.

    $98 at Gump's | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 28 Apr, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Magazine Rack


    If you ever wished your bathroom could look more like a doctor’s office waiting room, consider this stainless steel magazine rack. It keeps your magazines tidy and at ready. Mounting hardware included.

    $313 at Room and Company | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 25 Apr, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Orchid Pillow


    $35 at Z Gallerie | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 25 Apr, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Dysentery T-Shirt


    I never thought the game-nostalgia merchandise craze would extend to Oregon Trail, but this shirt proves me wrong. I linked out to Bitter Shirts because they made it, and therefore have the best price on it, but the Busted Tees shirt description is not to be missed:

    “You bought 1350 lbs of this shirt but you can only carry 200 back to the wagon.”

    $15 at Bitter Shirts | Buy

    | Posted 21 Apr, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • T-Shirt Quilts


    If your significant other has been after you to ditch your decrepit collection of concert tees, there may be hope. Stitch’T makes quilts out of old T-shirts, and you can even ask them to make a custom quilt out of your old T-shirts. Get yourself a cozy throw and open up some closet space.

    $300 at Stitch'T | Buy

    (Price varies by size.)

    | Posted 20 Apr, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Ice Cream Scoop


    The perfect ice cream scoop. Tie a ribbon around the handle, and pick up a pint of gourmet ice cream on your way over. You will be invited back.

    $17 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 18 Apr, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Everything is Illuminated


    by Jonathan Safran Foer Please read this book, it’s exceptionally satisfying. An excerpt: “She always saw through him, as if he were just another window. She always felt that she knew everything about him, that could be known-not that he was simple, but that he was knowable, like a list of errands, like an encyclopedia. He had a birthmark on the third toe of his left foot. He wasn’t able to urinate if someone could hear him. He thought cucumbers were good enough, but pickles were delicious–so absolutely delicious, in fact, that he questioned whether they were, indeed made from cucumbers, which were only good enough. He hadn’t heard of Shakespeare, but Hamlet sounded familiar. He liked making love from behind. That, he thought, was about as nice as it gets. He had never kissed anyone besides his mother and her He had never seen another man naked, and so had no idea if his body was normal. The word “butterfly” made him blush, although he didn’t know why He admired magicians more after learning the secrets of their tricks.”

    $11 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 18 Apr, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Tamara Hensick Big Wishes Wishbone


    What do you wish for your loved ones? Health, Joy, Prosperity. Welcome babies into the world, wish your girlfriend well at her new job, get your brother’s married life off to a solid start. You can give them as is, or attach your own tag with a wish written out.

    $3 at Melange | Buy

    (1 1/2" L x 1" W)

    | Posted 15 Apr, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Journal Memory Boxes


    BY REQUEST This acid-free, 100 percent cotton journal features a suede-lined compartment where you can store mementos. The box closes with a magnetic clap, so your treasures will stay put. You could use it as a baby book, storing a locket of hair, baby booties, and a snip of blankie fabric. Or use it as a travel journal and secret away bits of stone from the piazza, a wine label, and a stalk of lavender from the guest-cottage garden.

    $25 at Kate's Paperie | Buy

    | Posted 13 Apr, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Airyusha Robotan Toilet Paper Holder


    Talk about robot butler. This little robot head screws into your bathroom wall and dispenses toilet paper out of his mouth. It’s made of ceramic and comes with a roll of toilet paper.

    $35 at Audio Cubes | Buy

    (Available in black, white, yellow or red.)

    | Posted 08 Apr, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Shure E3c Sound Isolating Earphones


    Yes, all of us know that iPod headphones are crappy. Several of my friends have solved the problem by buying a pair of these babies, and now all of them are evangelists. One of them read that, when you’re wearing them, you feel as though the music would come out of your mouth if you opened it. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    $165 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 07 Apr, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Anything Fun Is Wrong


    QUICK PICK, blank journal.

    $11 at Buy Olympia | Buy

    (5" x 8.5")

    | Posted 05 Apr, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • A Working Girl Can’t Win


    If you have an office full of women, this book of poetry by Deborah Garrison is such a fun gift – proof that poetry needn’t be inscrutable to be intelligent. My favorite poem:

    The Firemen

    God forgive me– It’s the firemen,
    leaning in the firehouse garage
    with their sleeves rolled up
    on the hottest day of the year. As usual, the darkest one is handsomest.
    The oldest is handsomest.
    The one with the thin, wiry arms is handsomest.
    The young one already going bald is handsomest. And so on.
    Every day I pass them at their station:
    the word sexy wouldn’t do them justice.
    Such idle men are divine– especially in the summer, when my hair
    sticks to the back of my neck,
    a dirty wind from the subway grate
    blows my skirt up, and I feel vulgar, lifting my hair, gathering it together,
    tying it back while they watch
    as a kind of relief.
    Once, one of them walked beside me. to the corner. Looked into my eyes.
    He said, “Will I never see you again?”
    Gutsy, I thought.
    I’m afraid not, I thought. What I said was I’m sorry.
    But how could he look into my eyes
    if I didn’t look equally into his?
    I’m sorry: as though he’d come close, as though this really were a near miss.

    $8 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 05 Apr, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Good Earth Teas


    Tuck a few Good Earth teabags in your purse and you’ll never have to submit to the indignity of Lipton again. Their original Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Blend, is like a chai without all the calories and prep work. It also makes a feisty, satisfying iced tea. Their Green Tea Blend includes lemon grass, which gives it a mild tang.

    $3 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 01 Apr, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Boostaroo


    The Boostaroo is a portable amplifier and splitter that works with MP3 players, DVDs, laptops, Gameboys, or portable TVs. It can give you 100 percent volume kick and lets you share any device with up to three people.

    $25 at Think Geek | Buy

    | Posted 29 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Girl Scout Cookies


    When I moved to a big city, it never occurred to me that I’d be sacrificing my Girl Scout cookies. The wee green ones don’t come to my door or stake out the grocery stores I frequent. My cupboards are cookie-free, and I’m starting to have withdrawal symptoms. The Girl Scouts don’t sell cookies online, but I did find a site where you can download a mail-order form and have Lemon Cremes delivered direct to your door. You have until the end of April to stuff your freezer with Peanut Butter Patties and Caramel deLites before the cookies disappear for another year. Stock up.

    $4 at Girl Scouts, Patriots' Trail Council | Buy

    | Posted 29 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Confederacy of Dunces


    John Kennedy Toole committed suicide in 1969 and never saw the publication of his novel. Confederacy of Dunces is a hilarious and tragic book that explores the life of decidedly unlikable Ignatius J. Reilly. Excerpts: “Your total ignorance of that which you profess to teach merits the death penalty. I doubt whether you know that St. Cassian of Imola was stabbed to death by his students with their styliPray to him, you deluded fool, you ‘anyone for tennis?’ golf-playing, cocktail-quaffing, pseudo-pedant.” “Santa, honey, that’s a sweet little Blessed Virgin you got on top that TV,” Mrs. Reilly said. Santa said, “Ain’t it nice, though? It’s a little Our Lady of the Television. It’s got a suction cup base so I don’t knock it over when I’m banging around in the kitchen. I bought it by Lenny’s” “Lenny’s got everything,” Mrs. Reilly said. “It looks like it’s made outta nice plastic, too. Don’t break.” “My mentality, uncontrollable and wanton as always, whispered to me a scheme so magnificent and daring that I shrank from the very thought of what I was hearing. “Stop! I cried imploringly my godlike mind. ‘This is madness!’”

    $11 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 29 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm


    My nose being stuffed up, I’ve been mouth-breathing for over a week. After the first few days, my lips were angry, and they’d begun to claw at each other. A friend loaned me some of this minty lip-balm, and my kisser was instantly healed. Now I put it on before bed and it lasts until morning, preventing cracking and chapping. I find it more protective than moisturizing, but I hear it smells great, and it has a soothing tingle to it.

    $3 at | Buy

    (.15 oz.)

    | Posted 25 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Braun WK200 Electric Water Kettle


    For people who could use a nice, soothing cup of tea, right bloody now. First, consider herbal. Then pick up a Braun Electric Water Kettle. The water comes to a boil in about a minute, and the carafe has no cord attached so it feels like a regular kettle. It turns off automatically when you remove it from the base, so you never have to worry about waking up to a melted mass of plastic. Also, unlike most electric kettles, it’s not ugly. Pick one up and celebrate with an instant-soup dinner party. Thanks Sara!

    $60 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 15 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • French Knickers


    QUICK PICK They’ll look even better on you if you actually have a butt.

    $22 at Boden | Buy

    | Posted 10 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Connector Pens


    Coloring pens that click together to make desk art.

    $10 at Plastica Shop | Buy

    | Posted 07 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Xocolatl Hot Chocolate


    Delicious. Xocolatl (pronounced Choco-la’tl) emphasizes the “hot” part of hot chocolate. It’s based on a traditional Aztec drink that combines chocolate with a whomp of chilies and a little cinnamon. If you need a gallon of water to get through a tamale, don’t try this at home. But if you can appreciate a dessert with some kick, this cocoa is the spice of life.

    $9 at Dagoba | Buy

    (12 oz.)

    | Posted 01 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Zinnia 310 Thread Count Sateen



    $30 at Garnet Hill | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 28 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Bust Magazine


    Bust isn’t so much a feminist magazine as it is a women’s magazine with feminist ideals. That means you’ll find music, DIY, pop culture, and fashion articles that never make you feel like crap for being single or fat. God bless the editorial staff.

    $17 at Amazon | Buy

    (For four issues.)

    | Posted 24 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Perch Bird Feeder


    Amy Adams’s ceramic bird feeder is sleek, functional, and easy to hang. Fill it with seed, and the finches will flock to admire your good taste.

    $96 at Velocity Art and Design | Buy

    ( W 7.5" x D 6.5" x H 5.0")

    | Posted 22 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Classic Century Teapot


    I’ve spent way too much time on eBay looking for the perfect teapot. This honey is a reissue of a 1952 design by Eva Zeisel. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe, totally usable, and worthy of display. Several pieces in the collection have the same utilitarian, yet sculptural feel to them. Click around and see if you fall for one too.

    $70 at Crate and Barrel | Buy

    | Posted 21 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Single Origin Varietal Chocolate Bars


    Guittard recently launched a line of origin-specific chocolate bars. They offer three 65 percent bittersweet varietals. The Sur del Lago comes from Venezuela, the Ambanja from Madagascar, and the Chucuri from Columbia. Each has it’s own unique and delicious flavor. Pick up a bottle of wine to match each region, and have some friends over for a tasting.

    $4 at Guittard | Buy

    (per 2 oz. bar)

    | Posted 17 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Make Magazine


    A must have for your mad scientist, Make Magazine is a DIY magazine for technical projects. If you don’t already have a mini-monorail in your backyard, it’s about time. Make walks you through big projects and little hacks. The ultimate inspiration for the ingenuitive geek in your life.

    $35 at Amazon | Buy

    (For four issues.)

    | Posted 17 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Round 7-Day Pill Case



    $3 at Container Store | Buy

    | Posted 16 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Sterling Pill Box


    BY READER REQUEST The request: “I would like to find a super cute but not super expensive pillbox, because I am tired of having the choice of carrying the pharmacy standard pink flip top or the big brown prescription bottles, both of which make the inside of my bag look like my grandma’s.” Friends, there are some ugly pill boxes out there. I still have metal scrollwork and enameled butterflies swimming before my eyes, but I finally found this clean, sliver box that disguises your personal pharmacy as a small compact.

    $19 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 16 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Cobblestone Bud Vase


    These petite bud vases make instant arrangements. They’re handmade of glazed ceramic and come in white or blue.

    $35 at Re-Modern | Buy

    (4" tall)

    | Posted 15 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Pornogami : A Guide to the Ancient Art of Paper-Folding for Adults


    VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT GUIDE If you think the crane is impressive, wait until you see the 3-D paper penis. If your Valentine is a crafty sort, this book will spark an immediate interest the ancient art of paper folding. It even teaches you how to fold tips that will impress the most jaded bartender.

    $10 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 01 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Glamour Girl Marabou Slippers


    VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT GUIDE Hilarious! These marabou slippers are too campy to resist. If your sweetheart has a good sense of humor and a weakness for girly goods, treat her to these “classic” satin sandals. The completely reasonable 3-inch heel is perfect for scrambling eggs on a lazy Sunday morning.

    $29 at Fredericks of Hollywood | Buy

    | Posted 01 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Refillable Record Book


    A blank-page, journal with recycled record albums as the cover. It has two inside pockets and takes regular binder pages

    $35 at Buy Olympia | Buy

    | Posted 31 Jan, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Esquire Magazine


    If Maxim makes you uneasy and The Economist makes you sleepy, Esquire is just the thing. It’s like a magazine for young women except, you know, the editors assume their readership is smart. Also, more cars.

    $8 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 27 Jan, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Moonbeam Clock


    Wouldn’t you rather be woken by a “gently illuminating light” than, say, a spine-slamming alarm that sends adrenaline spiking through your veins? Me too. The Moonbeam Clock wakes you naturally with light, and has a backup bell for mornings when you need extra encouragement.

    $36 at L.L. Bean | Buy

    ( 5"H x 7"W x 3"D.)

    | Posted 27 Jan, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Droste Cocoa


    Throw away the Nestle Quick. This unsweetened cocoa from Holland will make your toes curl. Whisk it into hot milk and sweeten with Bailey’s Irish Cream or Frangelico. If you can get your hands on some homemade marshmallows you might be able to ascend. It’s also amazing in baked goods.

    $10 at | Buy

    (About 9 oz.)

    | Posted 26 Jan, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Weleda Skin Food


    This is my new favorite thing! First off, the scent is a blend of lavender, rosemary, and orange oil–so it smells clean and sweet. It’s for very dry skin, so when you first put it on it feels a little thick and gooey. Three minutes later, your skin will feel so silky that you’ll want to purr. You can also use it on chapped lips; it tastes faintly of oranges. I’d read about this stuff a thousand times, but I finally tried it because a reader and firm believer sent me some (thanks, Freddy). Try it. You’ll be passing it out to friends too.

    $15 at Amazon | Buy

    (For 2.5 oz.)

    | Posted 26 Jan, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Hand Tied Romance Bouquet


    Remember last year when you grabbed a sad little bunch of Valentine’s flowers from the convenience store? Turns out that baby’s breath is a highly potent form of birth control. This year, give yourself a fighting chance. Order this gorgeous hand-tied bouquet of pink alstromeria, lemon-scented wax flowers, lavender asters, allium and purple lisianthus, asters, and cremones. From now until Valentine’s Day, code V5AFF gets you 15 percent off everything at Kabloom. The baroque bouquet is awfully nice too.

    $58 at Kabloom | Buy

    | Posted 24 Jan, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • JPG Magazine


    JPG Magazine is a chapbook of photography taken by artists who publish much of their work online. It’s a testimony to how the Web helps talented people find their niche, regardless of their connections. Full disclosure: Heather and Derek Powazek are the publishers, and also my pals. This is JPG Magazine’s inaugural issue, and it’s lovely. It’s fifty-two, full-color pages, and contains the work of thirty-one photographers. It also includes an interview with Emilie Valentine, one of the first photobloggers, and a spread by photographer Noah Grey. If you know someone who gives their camera good morning kisses, or someone who tracks indie publishing gems, this is a thoughtful gift.

    $20 at JPG Magazine | Buy

    (6" x 9")

    | Posted 24 Jan, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Winter Cheer Organic Bouquet


    Red roses on Valentine’s Day are for amateurs. If you’d prefer to be a little unpredictable, choose this modern arrangement in white. This cheerful bunch of oriental lilies, white roses, and white asters looks as though you just gathered it in the backyard. Also, they’re organic, which means that your gift of love isn’t sending insecticide into the drinking water. So that’s a plus.

    $40 at | Buy

    | Posted 24 Jan, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • iTunes Music Store Card


    Prepaid iTunes cards let recipients load their Macs and iPods with whatever they’re into that week. Because songs are only 99 cents each, a $15 card goes the distance.

    $15 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 13 Jan, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Molecule Jewelry


    My friend Judith has stunning taste, especially in jewelry. The other day, I commented on her amazing ring. “It’s a caffeine molecule,” she said. Every so often I see a product line that floors me, and this one has me laid flat. You’ll want every bright, smooth piece Muscovie Designs has on offer, but the molecule jewelry is the wittiest. There are six different options, all representing substances that affect mood. I’ve pictured the Adrenoline Pendant here, but they also offer rings. Science becomes you.

    $175 at Muscovie Designs | Buy

    | Posted 07 Jan, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Nelson Relief Aorta Teapot


    If you like your serving pieces modeled on internal organs–and who doesn’t!–you’ll love this cozy aorta teapot by Jonathan Adler. I like it because it’s modern, but it still looks like a teapot. As opposed to the endlessly irritating novelty teapots that have become the norm: It’s the Chrysler Building! It’s an elephant! It’s Kermit the Frog! Just pour me a damn cup of tea. Comes in white and white.

    $90 at Velocity Art and Design | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 05 Jan, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Brocade Lanterns


    I’ve always wanted to have a small room filled with brocade lanterns. They’re so vibrant when you group different colors-lime, yellow, purple, red. They definitely pull the eye away from all that IKEA furniture. I’ve pictured the yellow, pumpkin-shaped brocade lantern, but the link will take you to a page with several shape and size options.

    $35 at Pearl River | Buy

    | Posted 04 Jan, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Otherwise Engaged


    I expected this novel by Suzanne Finnamore to be a light and fluffy brain break. Instead, it was a bright, funny look at the more brow-raising side of engagement. Some excerpts that had me laughing aloud on the subway: “Talking to him was deeply satisfying. Being with him held a natural pleasure. Perhaps he is gay, I thought.” “I need to feel the air on my face,” says Chad. He seems almost unbearably handsome as he says this. This may be the moment in time when he peaks, like a bosc pear.” “Sure, there are other fish in the sea, but I like these, floating here on top. They’re easier to catch.”

    $9 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 15 Dec, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Philosophy Kiss Me Lip Balm


    I consider this more of a moisturizer than a lip balm. It really soothes and smooths raspy lips. Also, it doesn’t leave an irritating waxy residue once your lips have sucked up all the moisture. Mmmmm. Unctuous.

    $10 at | Buy

    (Recommended by Lance Arthur.)

    | Posted 14 Dec, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Netflix Gift Subscription


    What do you get the guy who you have no idea what to get? A Netflix gift subscription. You pick how many months you want to subscribe, then print up the subscription certificate or send a notice via email. The recipient chooses DVDs online, and Netflix ships them directly to his door. Easy as pie.

    $36 at Netflix | Buy

    (For two months.)

    | Posted 10 Dec, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Clinique Simply Body Butter


    When I was a kid, our backyard fence was heavy with the neighbor’s honeysuckle vine. To this day, the smell of honeysuckle reminds me of wet swimsuits and barbequed ribs. It stands to reason, then, that I’m enamored with this skin cream from Clinique. Smells just like summer in the backyard, and leaves my skin silky. I keep rubbing my hands against my cheeks. Get a sample, and see if you like it too.

    $33 at Clinique | Buy

    | Posted 09 Dec, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Republic of Tea’s Ginseng Peppermint


    I don’t usually like herbal teas, they tend to taste like a bunch of sticks floating in warm water. Glah. This ginseng peppermint tea, however, is tasty. It contains eleuthero (no idea), peppermint, cinnamon, licorice, and echinacea root. It’s minty, of course, and the licorice flavor isn’t discernable, but it leaves a sweet aftertaste in your mouth. If, like me, you’re bouncing off the walls from your five or six “nice cups of tea” a day, give this a try. It will mellow you right out.

    $9 at Republic of Tea | Buy

    | Posted 08 Dec, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Amelie


    Amelie is an attentive movie. It celebrates the small habits and preferences you often only notice about others when you’re falling in love. The director is tender toward human failings, and hopeful about our triumphs.

    $14 at Amazon | Buy

    (In French, with subtitles.)

    | Posted 06 Dec, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Like a Girl T-Shirt


    This is the very first item in the Mighty Goods catalog of products. I find it hilarious. It’s been available for a while from my personal blog, Mighty Girl, so it will look familiar to some of you. I thought it would fit right in over here. Maybe you run like a girl, throw like a girl, catch like a girl. But there’s one more thing you do like a girl, and no one’s complaining about that. Order before December 15 if you’d like a shirt in time for the holidays. Available in men’s and women’s sizes.

    $15 at Mighty Goods | Buy

    ($2.50 shipping in the States.)

    | Posted 06 Dec, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Breakfast Basket Gift Pack


    There’s something hilarious about a gift of meat, and Niman Ranch makes some seriously good meat. They’re known for their humane treatment of animals, feeding them all-natural food, and allowing them to mature, so there are no hormones in your food. Their Breakfast Basket Gift Pack includes award-winning applewood smoked bacon; two different breakfast sausages, thier original link and their maple link; two ham steaks; and 4 thinly sliced New York steaks. They have several other meat packages (if you will), I just especially like the idea of sending someone breakfast.

    $105 at Niman Ranch | Buy

    | Posted 03 Dec, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Cigarette Counter


    Stop! Stop! Stop! Well, at least slow down. The cigarette counter clips right on the top of your latest pack, and tells you how much you’ve really been smoking. Then you can reduce slowly over time. (Or at the very least, keep your pack-a-day habit from creeping up to pack an hour.)

    $5 at Cigarette Counter | Buy

    | Posted 02 Dec, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • The Four Agreements


    Buy this book. It’s remarkable in its simplicity and power. The Four Agreements puts forth a few very simple things you can do to let go of your limits and better your life. The Four Agreements are: 1. Be impeccable with your word. Words shape your world, your viewpoint, and your relationships.

    1. Don’t make assumptions. There’s no sense in obsessing over events that may be figments of your imagination.
    2. Don’t take things personally. People do things because of what’s going on with them.
    3. Do your best. This helps you avoid self judgment. Just trying to live by these rules has rocked my life. I can’t recommend it highly enough, and I’ve forced it on many of my perfectly well-adjusted loved ones. Get one for yourself, and then one for everyone you adore. It’s small enough to fit in a stocking and brief enough to get through in a day. You will like it. (And Oprah likes it too.)

    $10 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 30 Nov, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Toro Tissue Ring


    I hate, hate, hate setting out a cardboard tissue box with some awful abstract-tulip print. Who designs this crap? Do I need a windmill landscape on my tissue box? I don’t. Then again, decent tissue box covers (ones that aren’t made of shiny mauve plastic) are always too expensive to justify purchase. The Toro tissue ring is the design solution I’ve been looking for. You rip open that hideous cardboard box, remove the tissues, and set your ring on top. It’s weighted to let you pull tissues through one at a time. And it’s not ugly. Pick one up now, before they start etching daisies into the metal.

    $18 at Follow Function | Buy

    | Posted 24 Nov, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • OPI: I’m Not Really a Waitress


    This is my favorite OPI color. (It’s nothing like the color-sample swatch shown when you click through.) It goes on pretty much how it looks in the bottle. That is, it’s a rich, sparkly red. The exact color you’d like to see on your toenails when you pull your feet out of the boots and peel off your wool socks. Ten little rubies.

    $7 at | Buy

    | Posted 24 Nov, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Ofoto Calendar


    I’d been looking around for a personalized photo calendar, and Ofoto had the most reasonably priced, easily produced option. You choose from one of eight designs, and then pick which photos you want for each month. You have to sign up for the service to order a calendar, but Snapfish offers one too, though it’s a bit tougher to make. With the Ofoto service, the easiest thing to do is to compile a “calendar” folder in advance, upload it to the service, and pull photos from that. This way, you don’t have to jump from folder to folder (and wait an eternity for each one to load). You can choose to start the calendar on any month you like, so it makes an excellent gift year round.

    $20 at Ofoto | Buy

    (Measures approximately 10"x15".)

    | Posted 18 Nov, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Fandex


    Each Fandex takes a particular subject–dinosaurs, painters, mythology, presidents–and provides you with about 50 cards of information on the subject. The cards are fastened together at the bottom, so they fan out as you read them. Each has a picture at the top, and information on the front and back of the card. In the Body Fandex, for example, one card has a picture of the skeletal system and corresponding information. Surprisingly informative, and fun for car trips, Fandexes come in every flavor. In addition to those mentioned above, Amazon also carries Fandexes on the United States, wildflowers, trees, birds, explorers, the Civil War, American Indians, Shakespeare, first ladies, mummies gods and pharohs, New York, and cats.

    $10 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 12 Nov, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Hula Honeys 2005 Wall Calendar


    If January finds you craving some warmth, put a little summer on the wall. This retro Hula Honeys calendar will make you want to shake it. It’s by Chronicle Books, a publisher that can’t seem to make anything ugly lately. So pin up your honeys, crank up the heater, and pop a drink umbrella in your hot chocolate.

    $10 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 09 Nov, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Demeter Pick-Me-Up Spray


    I like to smell like food. This line of perfume is fantastic because it offers dozens of realistic culinary options to wear behind your ears. I especially favor Earl Grey, Sugar Cookie, and Gin and Tonic. Of course, there are other options if you prefer to smell less edible. Consider Wet Dirt, or Laundromat. Perhaps you can alternate for days when you feel particularly dirty, or squeaky clean.

    $18 at Sephora | Buy

    | Posted 08 Nov, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Readymade Magazine


    If you own more than one glue gun, you’ll probably dig this magazine. Learn how to turn old hardcover books into picture frames, build a small guest cottage on the cheap, or just see how artsy types are putting their homes together. Like Martha Stewart, but with a more modernist aesthetic and less criminal activity. If you have a DIY hipster in your life, a subscription makes a great gift. It can also help you make great gifts yourself. One of the best new(ish) publications I’ve come across. Dig out your X-acto knives and staple guns, and grab yourself a copy.

    $19 at Amazon | Buy

    (for six issues)

    | Posted 03 Nov, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Delicately Hot Caramel Dessert Sauce


    Holy yum! Tina Tovey wrote in to tell me about this sneak-attack sauce, and I owe her one. At first it tastes exactly as you’d expect–a mild, silky caramel. The magic is in the aftertaste. Once the caramel flavor fades a bit, the sauce is spicy. In fact, it’s got quite a kick. So good, I felt like dancing around with my spoon. Eat some, these Cowgirls know their stuff.

    $11 at Cowgirl Chocolates | Buy

    (9.5 oz jar)

    | Posted 02 Nov, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Goldfish Notecard Set


    Just looking at these goldfish note cards makes me feel calm. I love how the design continues from the front to the back, and there’s no pithy message inside. They’re designed for the London National History Museum, and are 5 x 6 inches.

    $16 at National Geographic | Buy

    (for eight cards and envelopes)

    | Posted 29 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Mrs. Dalloway


    Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf, is about how small, seemingly unimportant things can overtake us; how yearning can succumb to expectation. Just thinking about this book makes my throat ache. The novel follows Clarissa Dalloway through a single day of her life as she prepares for a party. The reader is privy to her inner life and how it has colored the lives of her intimates. It’s a complex read, and I was lucky enough to have smart people guide me through the first pass. It’s written in stream of consciousness, which some people find confusing. If that spooks you, buy the Cliff Notes to help you through. If you’re still confused, send me an email. Seriously. I want you to love this book.

    $10 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 28 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Cris Notti Sleep Mask


    You should look just as good getting your beauty sleep as you do after you wake up. Before your next flight, discard the black, crumply mask you bought at the drugstore, and replace it with Cris Notti’s silk sleep mask with lace headband. It’s a much more comfortable alternative, not to mention a sexier option for all of life’s blindfold-related activities.

    $20 at Flight 001 | Buy

    (8 x 4 inches)

    | Posted 25 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme


    It’s unctuous, smooshy, soothing, and makes for a dreamy foot rub. Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme smells like coconut and peppermint, feels like walking through butter, and looks like a cross between a gel and a lotion. Your skin will drink it up.

    $8 at | Buy

    (4 oz.)

    | Posted 25 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • The God of Small Things


    There’s something so delicate about this book. The God of Small Things was Arundhati Roy’s first novel, and it won the Booker Prize. It’s a tragedy that follows the lives of a brother and sister living in India. What struck me most was Roy’s ability to recall and capture how it feels to be a child. The author is meticulous with her details, and her characters never ring false. Highly recommended; it will leave you bereft. A few excerpts: “Kochu Maria’s laugh had that slightly cruel ring to it that young children’s sometimes have. She was frightened by the BBC famines and television wars that she encountered while she channel surfed She viewed ethnic cleansing, famine and genocide as direct threats to her furniture.” “The sun shone through the Plymouth window directly down at Rahel. She closed her eyes and shone back at it.” “The great stories are the ones you have heard and want to hear again. The ones you can enter anywhere and inhabit comfortably. They don’t deceive you with thrills and trick endings. They don’t surprise you with the unforeseen. They are as familiar as the house you live in. Or the smell of your lover’s skin. You know how they end, yet you listen as though you don’t. In the way that although you know that one day you will die, you live as though you won’t. In the great stories you know who lives, who dies, who finds love, who doesn’t. And yet you want to know again.”

    $12 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 21 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Dagoba Dark Chocolate Lavender Bar


    Dagoba makes all kinds of organic, flavored chocolates. They have mint, coffee cinnamon, and chai; but lavender is the best of the lot. The bar is 59 percent cocoa, and the lavender essence is offset with dried wild blueberries. The effect is a crisp, tart flavor undercut by the deep bittersweet of the chocolate. Sprinkle a few shavings atop a chocolate torte, or add a square or two to a cup of hot coco. The spicy aftertaste will win you.

    $3 at World Wide Chocolate | Buy

    ($10 for a four-bar pack)

    | Posted 20 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Reading Is Sexy


    This yellow and green cap-sleeve shirt features a bookish girl next to the slogan “Reading is Sexy.” Hot-librarian glasses never hurt either. Pair it with a pencil skirt, Mary Janes, your horn rims, and the latest copy of The Believer. The shirts are 100 percent cotton, and are made in LA and printed in Washington–so no sweatshops on your conscience. Yay. (Thanks, Dia!)

    $14 at Buy Olympia | Buy

    | Posted 19 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • LightWedge LED Book Light


    This acrylic LED book light is a great idea. Most book lights only brighten one spot on the page, or are too bright to let your bedfellow doze in peace. This one rests over the page you’re reading, evenly illuminating it without a glare. It’s lightweight, packable, and four AAA batteries will give you forty hours of light. Two brightness levels; measures about 7 x 9 inches. (via Funfurde)

    $23 at Alibris | Buy

    (different versions available)

    | Posted 18 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • The Emile Berliner Gramophone Turntable


    First, get yourself an old CD, a photograph, a magazine cover, or even a glossy postcard. Place your chosen “smooth, relatively firm material” on the gramophone turntable, talk into the cup, and you’ve got yourself a record. Brilliant! This is a kit, so you’ll have to put it together. You don’t need any special tools or anything, and it takes about an hour. It’s on backorder everywhere, and the company that makes the kits is based in Japan, but this is worth the wait. (Thanks for the tip, Mike!)

    $60 at Very Cool Things | Buy

    | Posted 14 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Paris Leather Ballet Slippers


    ON SALE At last, your very own ballerina shoes. Where can a girl pirouette if not in the privacy of her own home? I like these because they have rubber soles, so you don’t have to change out of them when your puppy starts scratching at the front door. You might want to lose the tutu though.

    $30 at J. Crew | Buy

    (No longer available)

    | Posted 13 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream


    Have you ever wanted to eat your lotion? Origin’s Ginger Whipped Body Cream makes you soft, sweet, and spicy. Smells just like ginger when you apply it, though the scent is comprised of lemon, lime and bergamot notes. It’s relatively light, especially when compared to the “butters” that have been popular of late. Just the thing to smooth over dewy skin after a bath.

    $26 at Origins | Buy

    (7 oz.)

    | Posted 13 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • The Autobiography Box


    The Autobiography Box by Brian Bouldrey is a memoir kit that comes with a small journal and a series of large cards. The cards prompt your memories, asking you to explain your scars or recall an oddball relative. They also help you structure and dramatize your narrative. If you think you’ve got a novel in you, and who among us doesn’t, this is a fine place to start. Better yet, give the kit to your parents or grandparents and go through it together.

    $14 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 12 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Air-Activated Heatwraps


    Hey, you know how once a month your lower back starts moaning, and your abdomen expands to three times its size, and things that once seemed merely irritating now seem cataclysmic? No? Go away. The rest of you, come closer, I’m about to rock your world. ThermaCare Heatwraps are like hand warmers for your underpants. They have a sticky patch on the back, just like pads. You peel off the backing and affix them to the front of your underwear. There, they rest against your abdomen and release heaty goodness for several hours. This, as you might imagine, feels so good that your mouth will hang open in relief. Also, it decreases your desire lunge for people’s throats when they take the last cookie.

    $7 at | Buy

    (for three)

    | Posted 08 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Kiehl’s Lip Balm No. 1


    This is an unscented, straightforward lip balm for the times when your lips feel like they’ve just been sandblasted. So soft and smooth, it’s instant relief that fits in your pocket. Stock up for ski season; it also comes with SPF.

    $6 at Kiehl's | Buy

    (.5 oz tube)

    | Posted 07 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Dwell Magazine


    Dwell bills itself as the magazine for “nice modernists.” I think of it as a magazine for people who wished they’d gone into design or architecture in college, but instead decided to major in lit. (Projection alert.) Dwell is committed to simple, open, modern living, and I owe the layout of my living room to designs I’ve ripped from its pages. Of course, their living rooms are in homage to Eames, and mine is courtesy of IKEA, but the inspiration is the same. If you’re looking for fresh ideas in home decor, or are building your own home on a budget, you’ll find Dwell invaluable. It’s smart, but accessible, and it will make your everyday life more beautiful.

    $20 at Amazon | Buy

    (eight issues per year)

    | Posted 07 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Personalized Paint By Number


    Here’s your chance to commission a work of art. You send in the photo of your choice, and they send you a kit by mail. The kit includes a paint-by-number replica of your photo, a set of paints, two paintbrushes, and a numbered reference guide. You can send in a picture of your sweetie, your pet, or something more subversive. The vaguely unsettling options are endless.

    $50 at Easy 1-2-3 Art | Buy

    (11x14 textured paper)

    | Posted 06 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Women’s Lace-Trim Camis


    ON SALE Tuck a camisole under your cropped blazer, pair it with a full skirt, or lounge around in pajama pants. These stretchy cotton camis are cheap, sweet, and machine washable. It doesn’t get any better. Pull one on, and dance around in your underwear.

    $10 at Old Navy | Buy

    (regularly $12)

    | Posted 06 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Izze Sparkling Fruit Juices


    Izzehh! (Well, actually it’s pronounced “iz-ee,” but I’m feeling enthusiastic.) It’s possible that I’ve been suckered in by the cool packaging, but these new sparkling fruit juices are tasty. They come in six flavors: blackberry, blueberry, clementine, lemon, pear, and grapefruit, which is my favorite. The carbonation and real-fruit flavors are satisfying when you’re really thirsty. If you don’t feel like having them shipped to your door, you can buy them for a bit less at Starbucks, Target, and Whole Foods Markets. (via Oprah’s O List)

    $2 at Soda Pop Stop | Buy

    | Posted 05 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Red Print Flannel PJs


    ON SALE. It’s a rainy Sunday morning. You’ve got a nice thick newspaper, a few good videos, and a coffee machine that makes extra-foamy lattes. These are the jammies for the day when you don’t plan to change out of them. They’re 100% fine cotton flannel with an elastic waist and a mod print. And they’re $40 off! Buy a pair now, before the holidays send cozy-pajama prices through the roof.

    $58 at Wishing Fish | Buy

    (regularly $98)

    | Posted 04 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • The Tingler


    I know it looks like something you’d use to bring Frankenstein to life, but it’s actually a scalp massager. A hedonic, drool-inducing scalp massager. You must try it. It’s rare as an adult to encounter a completely new sensory experience, but this thing will make your eyes roll back in your head. If you’ve ever seen live belly dancing, you know how it can make you feel vaguely uncomfortable, like it’s a little too sexual to be happening in a public place? The tingler is like that. Essentially, you move the thing up and down on someone’s head and watch their hair rise. The spines, for lack of a better word, are tipped with smooth bits of plastic that slip through your hair and slide around gently on your scalp. You’ve never seen goosebumps like these, people. There’s also a battery-powered option that vibrates, but things that vibrate make much more questionable gifts. Stick with the original, it will melt you.

    $20 at The Herrington Catalog | Buy

    | Posted 04 Oct, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Condensed Knowledge


    Synesthesia is the ability to smell colors and taste music. Mama Cass Elliot did not die by choking on a sandwich. Frottage is the “rubbing of one’s genitals against a nonconsenting, unsuspecting person.” This is stuff you need to know. Condensed Knowledge is a bathroom book from the team at Mental Floss magazine. They make art, literature, and science accessible without being condescending. This is a great gift for curious sorts. It will smarten you right up.

    $11 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 19 Sep, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Big Blue Bath Bomb


    Draw a bath, climb in, and drop the bomb. It fizzes, zips around the tub, and turns the water a deep turquoise blue. So much fun! It’s like bathing in soda pop, except you come out soft and smelling like lemon and lavender. You’ll give up showers for good.

    $4 at Lush | Buy

    | Posted 18 Sep, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Steep Teas


    Tea is good for you. It warms you up, calms you down, and gets you good and thinky. Forget the mug of bitter black water with a limp Lipton bag stuck to the side. Bah! Treat yourself to a tidy little package of quality, whole-leaf tea that tastes as good as it makes you feel. Steep tea is a small, hip company made up of people who obviously love what they’re doing. They mix their own tasty blends, and the flavors are always changing. Steep also has a handy caffeine-content rating system, and their package design is amazing. Their variety packs have helped me figure out what kinds of teas and ingredients I prefer, and the sweet “tea matchboxes” make you feel like you’re opening a small present every time you brew yourself a cup. Try some. You will like it.

    $20 at Steep Tea | Buy

    (for a selection of teas)

    | Posted 15 Sep, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Stupid Creatures


    I love these little guys! John Murphy is an artist who makes mini monsters out of your socks. Each one is handmade, and no two are alike. Look over his gallery for a full range of examples, then buy a beastie for your baby.

    $40 at Stupid Creatures | Buy

    (for ten inches or smaller)

    | Posted 09 Sep, 2004 by Margaret Mason
  • Ona Pitcher


    This sleek, modernist pitcher by Crate and Barrel looks a lot more expensive than it is. It works great as a water pitcher or wine decanter, but it’s a pain to get orange juice pulp out of the handle. Still, it’s such a great piece that it’s worth an extra scrub. If you give it as a gift, tie a bottlebrush into the bow and you’re all set.

    $27 at Crate and Barrel | Buy

    | Posted 04 Sep, 2004 by Margaret Mason