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  • Chenille Blankets for Children


    $45 at Elisa Lou | Buy

    | Posted 08 Feb, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Drum-playing Squirrel Onesie or Tee


    Set the tone early with this percussive little number, or strike a moodier chord with the reindeer-playing-accordian version.
    -Guest posted by Evany Thomas

    $16 at Ferdinand | Buy

    | Posted 25 Jan, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Mama Pendant


    You email them the jpeg, they laminate it and set it beneath a quartz stone. It’s called the “Mama Pendant” but if I were you, I’d send in the photo of you in the Groucho glasses. She loves that one.

    $90 at Fancy | Buy

    ($105 with text.)

    | Posted 22 Jan, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • The First 1,000 Days Baby Journal


    A casual baby book and journal with gorgeous illustrations and creative prompts. There’s room for monthly updates, but also space to record songs, books, and games you play with your baby. It’s compact, so you can tuck it into your diaper bag for trips to the coffee shop, increasing the odds that you’ll actually fill in the pages.

    $11 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 08 Jan, 2007 by Margaret Mason
  • Birds of a Feather Mobile


    If you’d like something for the nursery that doesn’t drain a bit of your soul. (via Anh-Minh)

    $55 at Wishing Fish | Buy

    (18"L x 12"W x 1/8"H)

    | Posted 21 Dec, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • bumGenius Cloth Diaper


    Reader Kylee swears by these cloth diapers. They have stretchy tabs and hook loop fasteners, and require no extra cover.

    $15 at Cotton Babies | Buy

    | Posted 26 Oct, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Dad Field Bag


    Are you carrying a laptop, or a day’s worth of Cheerios?

    $150 at Room & Company | Buy

    (Price includes shipping.)

    | Posted 23 Oct, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Rattle Set Fruit


    $32 at Chloe in Style | Buy

    | Posted 20 Oct, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Baby Princess Leia Costume


    Please buy this. I don’t care if you have a boy. No one will be able to tell once you put the hat on him.

    $22 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 10 Oct, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Pulse Ring


    You send them an EKG printout, they send you a ring with the pulse, name, and date engraved inside. Price varies based on whether you choose titanium, platinum, white or yellow gold. Have it engraved with the baby’s pulse for a new dad, give it to someone who’s recovered from a major illness and is feeling lucky to be kicking, or just use it as a token of love or a wedding band.

    $495 at Roule | Buy

    | Posted 20 Sep, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Personalized Baby Blankets


    Cotton baby blankets with satin edges on which you can print up to 200 characters to create a personalized message. A reasonably priced, unique gift.

    $39 at Fill in the Blankie | Buy

    (Prices vary according to blanket selection.)

    | Posted 07 Sep, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Baby Owner’s Manual


    This helpful book is full of clearly explained tips for keeping the baby alive. By the end, you’ll know how to swaddle with the best of them. Great shower gift.

    $11 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 07 Aug, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Nerd ABCs


    I is for Ichthyosaur.
    K is for Kepler’s Third Law.
    P is for Positive Correlation. While your kid is learning that Doggy starts with D, the kid next door knows how to pronounce Diurnal. Sure, your kid could kick that kid’s ass, but who’ll have the house on the lake when she’s twenty-two? Geek up the nursery with Tiffany Ard’s Nerd ABCs, and ensure a socially awkward, financially rewarding future for your offspring.

    $30 at Tiffany Ard | Buy

    | Posted 18 Jul, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Rollerphants Mobile


    Rolly polly elephants to tumble above the crib.

    $20 at Modern Mini | Buy

    (Item no longer available.)

    | Posted 13 Jul, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Swirly Dots Bodysuit


    $12 at Oliebollen | Buy

    (Item no longer available.)

    | Posted 06 Jul, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Baby Leg Warmers


    These are not only cute, but they make things a little easier – easier to change a diaper or potty train, and no chilly gap between socks and pants.

    $12 at Baby Legs | Buy

    | Posted 29 Jun, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Flopsy Baby Hair Clips


    Hand-stitched felt barrettes in kid-friendly designs–including peapods, popsicles, bunnies, duckies, and martinis. Ok, no martinis.

    $9 at Chloe in Style | Buy

    | Posted 08 Jun, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • “Split” Art Print


    Binth’s entire product line so closely mirrors my tastes that it’s a little uncomfortable. I feel like I should politely request that they stay out of my brain. They’ve just started a line of reasonably priced, gorgeous prints that are perfect for the nursery or your office.

    $85 at Binth | Buy

    (16" x20")

    | Posted 31 May, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Get Your Groove On Pink Smocking Dress


    ON SALE Add big hair bows and enemies will be defenseless against her. For an unspecified period, Black Wagon is having a sale, 10 percent off the entire stock, 15 percent off orders of $100 or more, and so on up until you’re paying practically nothing when you’ve spent a thousand bucks or so. You know how it goes.

    $42 at Black Wagon | Buy

    (Item no longer available.)

    | Posted 24 May, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Sheep Mobile


    $19 at Sparkability | Buy

    (16" x 17")

    | Posted 23 May, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Paulina Quintana for Newborns


    Before you add another cutsie dress-outfit to the pile at your best-friend’s shower, consider this practical, happy set of cotton tops for newborns. She’ll use all three within the first few hours home from the hospital.

    $38 at Nonchalant Mom | Buy

    (For a three pack.)

    | Posted 18 May, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Terry


    These puppies are fashioned from vintage towels. Each one is unique and handmade. Thanks to the weak dollar, they’re pricey, but notable nonetheless.

    $65 at Thorsten Van Elten | Buy

    (Price converted from pounds.)

    | Posted 12 May, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • AllyZabba Baby Blanket


    Softer than a baby’s butt. Compare and contrast, if you don’t believe me. The AllyZabba baby blanket is silk on one side, microfiber plush on the other. It comes in Coral, Kiwi, or Aqua, and each blanket has the same retro-dot pattern on the back. They’re machine washable and buttery delicious. A fine extravagant gift for a baby shower.

    $60 at Ally Zabba | Buy

    | Posted 09 May, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Doly Bird Cushions


    Surround your favorite baby with an entire flock of pillowy bird friends.
    ?Guest posted by Evany Thomas

    $125 at Stars + Infinite Darkness | Buy

    (Set of five ranges from 6 x 5" to 14 x 12"; also available in pink, orange, yellow, and black.)

    | Posted 05 May, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Broken Heart Arrow Dress


    This pretty summer frock from the “Knocked Up?” collection features a stylish mix-match of complementary fabrics, cut to leave plenty of room for a growing bump (or just that second creme brulee).
    —Guest posted by Evany Thomas

    $165 at Built by Wendy | Buy

    | Posted 01 May, 2006 by Margaret Mason

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