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  • The Intellitracker


    Part fitness tracker, part Big Brother, this wristband is here to get your butt in gear. It tracks calories, steps, heart rate, sleep, and more: It tells time, notifies you of incoming texts, emails and calls on a Bluetooth-compatible device, and… well… This part is a little intrusive, but cool: If you haven’t moved much for an hour, it vibrates to encourage you to get up and bust a move.

    $170 at Title Nine | Buy

    | Posted 07 Jan, 2015 by Janet
  • Hello Superfoods Bento Box


    Making a resolution to eat better in the new year has never tasted so good! This delicious candy gift box is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the superfoods nutrition trends we’re all bombarded with on social media, from green tea caramels to dark chocolate-covered, acai-infused blueberries.

    $60 at Sugarfina | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jan, 2015 by Janet
  • Seattle Chocolates 12 Bar Stack


    Chocoholics everywhere will drool over this grown-up candy bar assortment. Twelve truffle bars in flavors ranging from Pike Place Espresso to Rainier Cherry are packaged with a cute brown grosgrain ribbon for gifting.

    $37 at Seattle Chocolates | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jan, 2015 by Janet
  • Nano Drone Quadcopter


    Aw, look at the cute little droney-woney! At just 2” across, and available in 3 colors, it’s a great stocking stuffer for your favorite gadget addict. Be forewarned; they may use it to dive bomb you at the breakfast table.

    $33 at Morrison Innovations | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2014 by Janet
  • Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer


    Sriracha + beer = OMGholydelciousnessgetinmyglass. Made with the original Huy Fong Sriracha hot sauce and quality Rogue Farms ingredients, it’s pricy for a single bottle, but true craft beer and hot sauce aficionados will savor every spicy sip.

    $13 at Rogue | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2014 by Janet
  • The Big Book of Bacon: Savory Flirtations, Dalliances, and Indulgences with the Underbelly of the Pig


    True carnivores know no meal is complete without bacon. Smoky, salty, greasy, delicious bacon. Treat your favorite baconaholic to this cookbook-slash-textbook dedicated to their favorite food, and prepare for them to treat you to gustatory greatness.

    $15 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2014 by Janet
  • Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit


    Is his beard a lush thing of (manly) beauty and a joy forever, or is it a matted, dry, tangled mess? Help him up the style ante on his chinstrap, goatee, or Van Dyke with this care kit specially formulated for coarser facial hair. Includes Beard Wash, Beard Control, and a reinforced boar bristle brush.

    $25 at Details for Men | Buy

    | Posted 16 Dec, 2014 by Janet
  • S’well Birchwood Water Bottle


    It fits into car cupholders. It keeps drinks cold for up 24 hours, or hot for up to 12. It’s stylish. Forget giving this water bottle to our favorite gents, we want one for ourselves!

    $45 at Distinctive Decor | Buy

    | Posted 16 Dec, 2014 by Janet
  • Faux Fur Dip Dye Throw


    Even the worst windchill can’t pierce this insanely thick, luscious (faux!) fur blanket. The ombre turquoise gradient adds depth and visual interest, but that’s purely secondary to the cushy warmth.

    $119 at West Elm | Buy

    | Posted 16 Dec, 2014 by Janet
  • Lands End Ice Scraper Glove


    Well, now, this might be the best idea we’ve ever seen. Keep this hybrid ice scraper-slash-glove in your car for those times when your windshield is iced over, but you forgot your gloves inside the house. Available in five colors and suitable for gifting to guys and gals.

    $15 at Lands' End | Buy

    | Posted 16 Dec, 2014 by Janet
  • Native Union POP DESK Headset


    Entrepreneurs on the go can now have their office phone with them anywhere. This phone headset allows mobile, Skype, and VOIP calls while you charge and sync the phone with your main computer, and frees up desk space - no need for a traditional landline phone.

    $50 at Native Union | Buy

    | Posted 04 Dec, 2014 by Janet
  • Buck 941 Travelmate Kit Chocolate Paperstone Knife


    MacGyver would be jealous of this knife-slash-multitool, and all your guy’s friends will be, too. The knife is serrated and extra sharp, and the sheath includes a multitool with bootle opener, can opener, flat head screwdriver and BBQ grill scraper. Genius!

    $49 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 02 Dec, 2014 by Janet
  • Hollywood Glamour Photo Props


    Throwing a killer Halloween party this year? Make sure your guests have these fun pre-cut paper props for your photo booth. Includes masks, top hat, champagne bottle, and more, all ready to attach to pre-cut sticks.

    $18 at Galison Mudpuppy | Buy

    | Posted 25 Sep, 2014 by Janet
  • Fleet Icon Wallet


    For a guy who insists he doesn’t need a wallet, or a phone cover, comes the Fleet Icon Wallet from Hex. The waxed canvas case houses an iPhone 5 or 5s, and is secretly a wallet, too, with card and cash slots inside. The best part? A hole for the iPhone’s camera.

    $50 at Hex | Buy

    | Posted 09 Sep, 2014 by Rene
  • The Social Type Bummer Card


    Dude. Major bummer. Total downer, man. Although we wouldn’t recommend giving this card on truly sad occasions like funerals, it’s sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face after a particularly no good, horrible, very bad day.

    $5 at Greer Chicago | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jul, 2014 by Janet
  • Boston Marathon Map Pint


    Maybe he’s just a fan of Beantown or has always dreamed of running one of the most popular (and oldest) marathons in the world. Either way, dad will get a kick out of downing his favorite beer out of his new favorite pint glass, which bears the route from Hopkinton to Boston.

    $15 at The Uncommon Green | Buy

    | Posted 25 Jun, 2014 by Rene
  • Nordstrom Makers Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels


    After a long year of reading, writing, and arithmetic, we bet your kids’ teacher could use a chocolate pick-me-up. These divine sea salt caramels are cloaked in deep, dark chocolate for a truly indulgent experience.

    $29 at Nordstrom | Buy

    | Posted 11 Jun, 2014 by Janet
  • Kikkerland Design Portable BBQ Suitcase


    We’re 99% sure James Bond would carry this on his next covert camping trip. Guys and girls with a thing for secret spy gadgets and delicious bbq will love this fold-up grill that looks deceptively like a metal briefcase.

    $80 at Nordstrom | Buy

    | Posted 09 Jun, 2014 by Janet
  • Rate The Whiskey Coasters


    Yay or nay? Dad can rate his whiskey on the rocks with this clever set of letterpress coasters. Fill in the details, pros and cons, and always remember which one was the really pefect drink.

    $10 at Paper Plates Press | Buy

    (Set of 5)

    | Posted 09 Jun, 2014 by Rene
  • Ash Wood Bottle Opener


    The perfect gift for a new or awesome dad: An ash wood bottle opener, a six pack of his favorite beer, and an afternoon to himself. Engrave with his initials, a special date, or just a heartfelt, “Cheers!”

    $24 at Mark and Graham | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jun, 2014 by Rene
  • Double Your Money Clip


    Being a dad can cost a pretty penny. Give your father a money clip to keep his cash tidy, complete with sound spending advice engraged. And stop hitting him up for some bucks, alright?

    $18 at Uncommon Goods | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jun, 2014 by Rene
  • And Another? Bottle Opener


    Doubling - heck, tripling! - as typography art, coaster, and bottle opener, this ampersand-shaped gadget is quite handy to have around. Put it in a gift basket with a couple bottles of wine and some nice wine glasses for a gift that’s sure to be used constantly.

    $12 at The Library Shop | Buy

    | Posted 05 Jun, 2014 by Janet
  • The Ultimate Grilling Rub Collection


    Grilling aficionados know that spice rubs are the best way to get flavor into meat and veggies without marinades and sauces. This four piece kit includes chili-lime rub, potlatch seasoning (good for salmon), spicy chipotle rub, and classic smokhouse rub.

    $28 at Williams Sonoma | Buy

    | Posted 05 Jun, 2014 by Janet
  • Reclaimed Necktie Pillow


    Turn the traditional tie-for-Father’s-Day gift on its head with this fun, funky pillow. The front is covered in dozens upon dozens of upcycled neckties for a bright, colorful twist on home decor.

    $70 at Uncommon Goods | Buy

    | Posted 05 Jun, 2014 by Janet
  • Handy Dad: 25 Awesome Projects for Dads and Kids


    Tire swing? Go-kart? Tree house? Half-pipe ramp? No problem, if Dad has this how-to book! Written by extreme sports athlete and HGTV host, Todd Davis, this book details easy projects for dads & kids that take anywhere from 5 minutes to a whole weekend together.

    $19 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 05 Jun, 2014 by Janet

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