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  • SleekStor Collapsible Measuring Cups


    Neat! If you’re short on space, these useful silicone measuring cups smoosh into flat discs. You throw them in a drawer, and then pop them out into full sized cups when you’re ready to use them. They come in several colors and are dishwasher safe in your top rack.

    $20 at Chef Resource | Buy

    | Posted 10 May, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Anacapa Bamboo Bar Board


    A little board ideal for serving cheese. Throw a few of your favorite cheeses on top, and tie it up in cellophane and a giant bow.

    $10 at CB2 | Buy

    (no longer available)

    | Posted 10 Apr, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Moleskine Pocket Notebook Cover


    Your Moleskine is indistinguishable from that of any 43Folders enthusiast. How to express your greater sense of refinement? Try a luscious, customized Moleskine cover with optional silk starburst design, silk monogram, or initial stamp. Mmmmm. Totemic. Full disclosure: The artist, Anna Sutton, is someone I know and like. I consider her a good person from whom to buy things. (via The Morning News)

    $168 at A.B. Sutton | Buy

    | Posted 07 Apr, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Baby Cufflinks


    For the first time ever, you want babies.

    $60 at Fancy Jewels | Buy

    (Sterling silver)

    | Posted 07 Apr, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Cigarette Case


    BY REQUEST A reader (was it you?) recently asked me to find a cool cigarette holder so they could use it as a wallet. I don’t know how this baby would do as a wallet, but it’s a top-notch cigarette holder. And as long as you’re killing yourself slowly, you should take advantage of the cool accessories.

    $13 at Ship the Web | Buy

    (3 x 4 x 1")

    | Posted 06 Apr, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Bottle Cap Tripod


    This tripod screw affixed to a bottle cap lets you turn bottles into tripods when you’re on the road. Fits bottles with 28.5 to 30.5 mm diameter.

    $20 at Semson's and Co. | Buy

    | Posted 05 Apr, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Blueberry by Jake Nickell


    From the Threadless crew comes Naked and Angry, a community project where folks with good taste vote on which products get produced. These swanky handmade neckties are their first project. They’re silk and come in solid wood, satin lined collectors boxes. The boxes include authenticity cards and storage bands.

    $105 at Naked and Angry | Buy

    | Posted 03 Apr, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Portable Frying Pan


    You love camping; she hates camping. Have you considered making your campsite more like a hotel room? This frying pan plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car, letting you prepare a hot breakfast anywhere you stake your tent, without the hassle of a camp stove. Bacon is the ultimate bargaining chip.

    $28 at Living in Comfort | Buy

    | Posted 29 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Snacks on the Run Gift


    All the kids love a good snack. The twelve tins in Dean and Deluca’s box of treats includes dark chocolate orange peel, rum cordials, kona beans, milk chocolate caramels; German berries, chocolate mints, licorice and sanded fruit salad; smoked almonds, pistachios, cashews and mixed nuts.

    $75 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 28 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • 40 Weeks +: The Essential Pregnancy Organizer


    A journal-sized pregnancy and new-baby planner that helps you keep track of all the details of new parenthood. Fight the stupefying effects of sleep deprivation with timelines, questions for caregivers, contact lists, and more.

    $20 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 22 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Bacon Strip Bandages


    Raw healing power.

    $4 at Sprout Home | Buy

    | Posted 21 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Tuscan Pepper Mill


    Why is it so hard to find an attractive, functional pepper mill?

    $85 at Bergdorf Goodman | Buy

    ( 10" H)

    | Posted 20 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • SnackShotz Treat Launcher


    Forces your chubby dog to work off a small portion of the calories to obtain the treat. And you thought he liked tennis balls.

    $22 at Dogmatic Products | Buy

    | Posted 17 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Sovereign Beck Ties


    You dig through racks of vintage ties in hopes of finding something unique, but rarely find specimens that aren’t stained beyond repair. Sovereign Beck makes handmade, silk ties with an understated cool that sets them apart. Ditch your Banana Republic clone tie, and go for an upgrade.

    $90 at Sovereign Beck | Buy

    | Posted 09 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Argyle Sock


    This argyle sock has a cool little flourish at the top. Click through for a closer look.

    $9 at Standard Style Boutique | Buy

    | Posted 07 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier


    An ingenious power “strip” that accommodates bulky plugs without blocking precious sockets.

    $13 at Think Geek | Buy

    | Posted 06 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Akemi Candleholder


    $25 at CB2 | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 02 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Persona Business Card Holder


    Stainless steel, holds about eight cards on each side.

    $40 at Junro | Buy

    (3.75" x 2.25")

    | Posted 01 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • View-Master


    They still make view masters, but they’re often some bastardized, futuristic looking version of the ones you knew in your youth. This one is old-school boxy, and the reels are sold separately here. The View-Master is pretty cool on its own, but if you want to turn your gift into a gesture, throw in a pair of plane tickets, and include a reel of your destination.

    $8 at Flight001 | Buy

    | Posted 01 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • The Original Don Featherstone Lawn Flamingo Ornament


    The ultimate house-warming gift. Also, big ups to Amazon for fulfilling our pressing Flamingo Lawn Ornament needs in a speedy and reliable manner.

    $13 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 01 Mar, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Skeleton Cases


    I can’t decide whether this bag says, “I am an aesthete who has nothing to hide,” or, “My disturbingly neat packing suggests that I keep severed human limbs in my freezer.” Either way, no one’s gonna accidentally walk off with your suitcase at the baggage claim. Thanks, Jonathan!

    $399 at Hideo Store | Buy

    ( 21" x 14" x 8", 9.5 lbs.)

    | Posted 28 Feb, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • World Time Clock


    The best designers take elaborate concepts and express them simply. This clock makes me want to find Charlotte Van Der Waals so I can pet her pretty, pretty brain. To read the time in a particular time zone, you just roll the World Time Clock until the correct city is on top. (Each city represents one of the 24 global time zones.) Easy as pie, even with jet lag and a mean mini-bottle hangover.

    $75 at Junro | Buy

    | Posted 24 Feb, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Banana Cell Phone Cover


    Hello? HELLO?

    $10 at Cellfoam | Buy

    | Posted 23 Feb, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • BYO 6-Pack


    The only thing more neighborly than bringing a six-pack is bringing a cold six-pack.

    $22 at Flight001 | Buy

    | Posted 21 Feb, 2006 by Margaret Mason
  • Moderno Leather Journal


    $27 at Kate's Paperie | Buy

    (5" x 7")

    | Posted 21 Feb, 2006 by Margaret Mason

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