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  • Eyn iPhone Storage Case


    Moms are pretty much constantly on the go, and lugging around a huge purse or diaper bag of “must-haves” gets old, fast. This cute phone case cuts down on the clutter, is available in four colors and features: a screen protector, kickstand feature, and a secret storage compartment for up to three bank cards and some cash.

    $30 at Orange and Pear | Buy

    | Posted 06 May, 2014 by Janet
  • Backpackers Cologne


    Smell like the great outdoors- only, just the nice smelling parts of it. Completely natural, Backpackers Cologne is distilled from plants, bark, and other flotsam found on the forest floor to create an earthy and refreshing fragrance.

    $55 at Juniper Ridge | Buy

    | Posted 27 Mar, 2014 by Rene
  • Mayim’s Vegan Table: More than 100 Great-Tasting and Healthy Recipes from My Family to Yours


    Whether you know her as Blossom, Amy Farrah Fowler, or an insanely smart, funny neuroscience PhD who advocates for girls in science, and is a trained breastfeeding educator and attachment parenting guru (or all of the above), Mayim Bialik just seems like someone who’d be fun to hang out with. Pull up a chair at her kitchen table and settle in for some good vegan home cookin’ that even the kids will love - yes, really! - with her new cookbook. From mac n’ cheez to sushi, there’s something for everyone.

    $15 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 03 Mar, 2014 by Janet
  • Awesome Tiger Notecard


    Sometimes we all need a friend to tell us we’re freakin’ fabulous, yes? Yes, indeed. Featuring a fierce tiger prowling across the cover, this card is guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient’s face and a spring in their step.

    $5 at Banquet Atelier & Workshop | Buy

    | Posted 25 Feb, 2014 by Janet
  • Cedar & Bergamot Beard Tonic


    Beards are still having a moment, and if you’re rocking full-on Abe Lincoln or just a shadowy Sonny Crockett, you need to keep that hair in check. This delicious-smelling beard tonic will nourish those rough hairs, as well as moisturize the skin beneath, thanks to all-natural oils.

    $16 at Herbivore Botanicals | Buy

    | Posted 19 Feb, 2014 by Rene
  • Foldable BBQ Grill


    Nothing says “love” to a manly man like the gift of his very own portable barbeque and some choice T-bone steaks. Perfect for travel or small apartment balconies, this charcoal grill weighs a measly eight pounds and folds flat for storage.

    $40 at Opulent Items | Buy

    | Posted 07 Feb, 2014 by Janet
  • I Think You’re Sharp Pencil Set


    From Paper Source comes the perfect little I-Like-You gift for kids, co-workers, students, or whoever it is that sharpens your pencil. (If you know what I mean. And I think you do.) Sharpen this pleasingly pink set of pencils and hand them out to your favorites.

    $10 at Paper Source | Buy

    | Posted 29 Jan, 2014 by Rene
  • The Soup & Bread Cookbook


    When it’s so cold outside that, when you blow bubbles, they freeze rock solid and roll along the ground, nothing beats hot, homemade soup and bread. Cooking and baking will help keep the house, and you, warm from the inside out. We’re making the new potato & chive soup and onion-dill buns for dinner tonight, in fact.

    $18 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 08 Jan, 2014 by Janet
  • The Hooknook


    If you’ve vowed to get more organized in 2014, these combination hook-and-container gizmos are a great place to start. Mount a few by your door to hold your purse, keys, phone, and all those other daily must-haves you always seem to spend 20 precious minutes searching for.

    $12 at The Container Store | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jan, 2014 by Janet
  • Port-A-Plant


    Add some color and fun to a desktop and a smile to someone’s face with Port-A-Plants’ easy to assemble paper plants. Unless a pair of scissors is involved, there is no way to kill this cheery trio of paper plants.

    $15 at Chronicle Books | Buy

    | Posted 16 Dec, 2013 by Rene
  • Listography


    Make a list and check it twice. Listography is a journal of prompted lists- favorite food, guiltiest pleasure, favorite pair of shoes- to help spark thinking and writing. And what lady doesn’t love a list?

    $17 at Barnes & Noble | Buy

    | Posted 13 Dec, 2013 by Rene
  • Ted Baker Carota Slippers


    Guys, there are slippers, and then there are SLIPPERS. These manly mocs are stylish, but still warm, thanks to a super soft faux fur lining. The soles even have a grippy tread, so if you’re looking to pull a Risky Business-style slide across wooden floors, you’ll want to take these slippers off first - it works best in just socks.

    $80 at Asos | Buy

    (On sale)

    | Posted 13 Dec, 2013 by Janet
  • Beige Natural Wooden Watch


    Truth be told, we don’t really need watches anymore, not since our cell phones took the place of ‘em. But what dapper gent wouldn’t love this wooden watch? The manufacturer even plants a tree for every timepiece sold, helping to offset deforestation.

    $120 at Red Envelope | Buy

    | Posted 13 Dec, 2013 by Janet
  • Kiehl’s Energizing Men’s Kit


    Even guys like to have smooth, glowing skin when they travel. This kit features travel sizes of Kiehl’s most popular men’s products, including Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub and Facial Fuel Energizing Moisturizer Treatment, Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap, Midnight Recovery Eye, and White Eagle Shave Cream.

    $45 at Kiehl's | Buy

    | Posted 05 Dec, 2013 by Janet
  • Mens Cashmere Socks


    For the man who has everything, or says he doesn’t need anything, we’ve got the perfect gift to make him happy (and quite cozy). Garnet Hill’s cashmere socks are, of course, supple and soft, and come in understated, manly colors. He will definitely thank you.

    $32 at Garnet Hill | Buy

    | Posted 05 Dec, 2013 by Rene
  • Cornetto Trilogy: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End


    We’ve yet to meet a guy who didn’t love the three movies in Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s “Cornetto Trilogy”, and for that matter, most women love it too. Cozy up with a pint of bitters, some crisps, and settle in for a marathon viewing of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End.

    $34 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 04 Dec, 2013 by Janet
  • Long Sleeve Stripe Shirt


    If he’s a manly man, or just likes to dress like one, he will love Splendid’s plaid button-down shirt. Easy to layer, this shirt will freshen up his existing wardrobe for the wintery months.

    $128 at Splendid | Buy

    | Posted 04 Dec, 2013 by Rene
  • Pup Tarts


    Woof, woof! Fido won’t know that these yummy doggy empanadas are good for him and canines in need. Filled with peanut butter and flavors like beef, chicken, and sweet potato, they’re free of preservatives and chemicals and are a tasty treat for any day of the week. Hooray For the Underdog donates some of their proceeds to animal rescue foundations. Prices range from $12 for a small bag, to $23 for a large bag.

    $13 at Hooray For the Underdog | Buy

    | Posted 02 Dec, 2013 by Janet
  • Hanukkah Candles


    Ready to celebrate Thanksgivukkah, the once-in-a-lifetime convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah? (Seriously, it’s awesome - and won’t happen again for 700 years!) Gift your Thanksgivukkah hosts with these lovely candles for their menorahs, made from organic vegetable waxes and available in three color choices, including the traditional Hanukkah blue.

    $18 at Module R | Buy

    | Posted 18 Nov, 2013 by Janet
  • Sony QX10 Smart Lens


    Serious about photography, but hate lugging a GIGANTIC DSLR camera with you everywhere? This funky new wireless “lens camera” works with smart phones and tablets to turn your phone into a professional-quality camera.

    $250 at Photojojo | Buy

    | Posted 02 Oct, 2013 by Janet
  • TPS Mint File Cabinet


    Make filing report cards and homework seem (seem, not actually IS) more fun with this pretty mint green cabinet. With three large drawers and rolling, lockable wheels, it’s both practical and stylish.

    Don’t forget to look for some CB2 coupons at!

    $159 at CB2 | Buy

    | Posted 04 Sep, 2013 by Janet
  • Pinch Provisions Dorm Survival Kit


    Sure, you’ve packed towels, a shower caddy, sheets, and your (shh) teddy bear, but what about all those tiny random things you won’t know you need in your dorm room until, well, you need them? This nifty little kit contains everything from a screwdriver to earplugs to a laundry bag with laundry instructions, to help you get an “A” in dorm living.

    $25 at South Moon Under | Buy

    | Posted 21 Aug, 2013 by Janet
  • SwipeTie


    We love when function and design and style all merge into one perfect, simple, and clever product. Swipe is answering every man’s complaint about smudges and fingerprints on their lenses/iPad/iPhone/tablet of choice. The inside of Swipe’s necktie is lined in microfiber material ideal for cleaning up screens in despair. The SwipeTie is available in a bevvy of stylish colors and prints, keeping the fellas looking good, too.

    $40 at Swipe | Buy

    | Posted 31 Jul, 2013 by Rene
  • Fixie Upper Bike Tool Kit


    Summer means lots of bike rides with friends and family. Bike rides mean the potential for flat tires, and flat tires mean the potential for a ruined summer afternoon. No bueno. Take this compact kit from Wild & Wolf along with you, and you’ll be able to fix a flat on the go in no time, well, flat.

    $25 at ModCloth | Buy

    | Posted 12 Jun, 2013 by Janet
  • Reds Utility Tote


    Eyesore billboards are recycled into handy-dandy totes, bags and more at First World Trash. We dig the multitasker utility tote, which features pockets aplenty and super-tough durability, thanks to PVC plastic and old seat belts.

    $75 at First World Trash | Buy

    | Posted 21 May, 2013 by Rene

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