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  • BBQ Toolbox


    Know any dedicated carnivores? This reader-recommended BBQ Toolbox includes a stainless steel barbeque turner with serrated edge, a basting brush, long tongs, and grill brush, a grill mitt, hamburger rub, hot sauce, a grill lighter, and a bottle-top basting brush.

    $95 at Dina Bean | Buy

    | Posted 27 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Tumi Flow Expandable Messenger Bag


    A big bag with simple lines. It features removable padded sleeve for your laptop, lots of pockets, and an expandable main compartment, so you can use it as a mini duffle bag when the occasion arises.

    $175 at Luggage Online | Buy

    (Sold out.)

    | Posted 26 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Brown Zip Front Crew


    This 100 percent cotton-knit crewneck sweatshirt comes in light grey, brown, and black.

    $84 at Chocosho | Buy

    | Posted 26 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Kangol Herringbone Cap


    Just promise me you won’t bust out the knickers.

    $40 at Nordstrom | Buy

    | Posted 23 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Hamsa Mezuzah


    Bless your home with this utterly un-ugly silver mezuzah. It’s handmade in Tel Aviv by designer Shirley Lev, and includes the scroll and hardware to mount it on your doorframe.

    $130 at Uncommon Goods | Buy

    ( 5"H x 1.75"W x .75"D)

    | Posted 19 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Safari Chef Portable Grill


    The Safari Chef is my new favorite camping gizmo. It’s a lightweight stove, grill, non-stick griddle, wok, and boiling pan in one. Everything stacks up nice and neat, and zips into a small carrying bag. My sister in law gave us one for Christmas, and now a few of our friends have bought their own after using ours. For portability and versatility, I prefer it to our two-burner Coleman stove. Not built for backpacking, but great for everything else.

    $80 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 19 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Megazooka


    A superior cube toy, or hours of fun for the preteens, megazookas shoot a strong blast of air up to 20 feet. No batteries or electricity required. It’s sort of like a squirt gun, or rather a supersoaker, but for winter.

    $25 at Think Geek | Buy

    (17" x 15" by 11" assembled)

    | Posted 16 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Keypod


    You’re funding the locksmith’s summer vacations, and you’ve spent way too much time sulking on the porch. Use a key safe to attach a key to your car, or a safe place outdoors. Now you just have to remember the combination.

    $36 at Extreme Horizon | Buy

    (Price converted from pounds.)

    | Posted 16 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Snap to It



    $30 at Kenneth Cole | Buy

    | Posted 15 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Customized Playing Cards


    Choose whatever photo you like for the back of these playing cards. They come packaged in a tin, so you just add a bow.

    $27 at Image Station | Buy


    | Posted 13 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Travel Scrabble


    We went camping recently, and friends brought along this handy travel-Scrabble game, so we could play by the campfire. The tiles snap into their racks, and the ridges on the board are deeper, so you can even play while you’re in transit. Plus, it’s itty bitty, so you can slip it right into your backpack and still have room for the Scrabble Dictionary. Nerd.

    $25 at Flight 001 | Buy

    (6.5" X 10.5" X 2.25" (closed)

    | Posted 13 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Vocal Smoke Alarm


    This smoke alarm lets you record a message in your own voice, using your kids’ names. You can call to them, or provide instructions in your own voice. When the detector senses smoke, it sounds an alarm, plays your message loudly, and switches on a bright light. Extra-annoying when you burn the toast, but a potential life-saver when it wakes your deepest sleeper in a fire.

    $70 at Smart Home | Buy

    | Posted 13 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Monkey Straw


    Sterling silver monkey straw! Am I kidding? Only I know for sure.

    $155 at Tiffany & Co. | Buy

    | Posted 13 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • iPod Nano


    It can store 1,000 songs, and it’s wee-tiny. For a limited time, the Apple Store is offering free engraving and shipping.

    $249 at Apple Store | Buy

    | Posted 09 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Cordster


    A doodad that attaches to the back of your iPod and stores your headphones in a neat coil. You can leave it on or remove it at whim, because it’s attached with extra-strength Velcro. The Velcro itself attaches with a rubber adhesive, which the manufacturer claims will come off without leaving any kind of mark.

    $5 at Cordster | Buy

    | Posted 09 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Stainless Steel Men’s Bracelet



    $95 at Mondera | Buy

    | Posted 09 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • 22-Piece Stainless Steel Grill Set



    $40 at Sharper Image | Buy

    (Regularly $80)

    | Posted 07 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Digital Keychain Breath Alcohol Detector


    You can touch your nose; you can pretty much walk a straight line; you can say the alphabet backward; you can… crash your car into a phone pole. Maybe you’ve only had a couple drinks, but once you’ve had anything at all, you’re in no position to judge your sobriety. So, if you must drive, at least keep one of these on hand. The Digital Keychain Breath Alcohol Detector tests your breath alcohol content with the push of a button. So it’s totally easy to use when you’re wasted.

    $60 at Smart Home | Buy

    | Posted 01 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Millbrook Leather Driving Moccasins



    $118 at J Crew | Buy

    | Posted 25 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Lighter



    $24 at Room and Company | Buy

    | Posted 22 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Our Favorites Gift Set


    If you have a picky friend, or one who just doesn’t need any more stuff, send along Dean & DeLuca’s box of chart-topping treats. It includes: Molinari Sopressata, Raye’s Down East Schooner Mustard, Starr Ridge olive oil, Dean & DeLuca’s Grafton Round cheddar; strawberry jam from Italy, espresso brownies with nuts, Aldo’s hazelnut biscotti, Dean & DeLuca’s Kansas City Blend coffee, Virginia salted peanuts, Bella Viva mixed dried fruits, and Brent’s Beer Brittle , and Bridgewater Bark.

    $130 at Dean & DeLuca | Buy

    | Posted 19 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Pant’s Favorite Ringer


    Daddy needs a martini. Just in case you can’t see it in the image, that’s a little pacifier as garnish. Full disclosure: These clever shirts were made by my clever friend Melissa, who likes her martinis in a sippy cup.

    $20 at Café Press | Buy

    | Posted 11 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Retro Phone Handset


    Geeky folks have been hacking old headsets to work with cell phones for a while. I’ve been waiting for these to move off of eBay and into prime time, and finally Think Geek is making them available to people who don’t “know someone who knows this one guy who doesn’t get out of his basement much.”

    $35 at Think Geek | Buy

    | Posted 10 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Soleil Cufflinks


    QUICK PICK Resin and silver.

    $70 at Lazuli Jewelry | Buy

    ( Length: .75", Width: .5")

    | Posted 08 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • The Ring Thing


    What is it with designers and quirky bottle openers? Here’s yet another take on a classic tool. You’ll never go thirsty again.

    $10 at Mango | Buy

    | Posted 28 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason

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