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  • 22-Piece Stainless Steel Grill Set



    $40 at Sharper Image | Buy

    (Regularly $80)

    | Posted 07 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Digital Keychain Breath Alcohol Detector


    You can touch your nose; you can pretty much walk a straight line; you can say the alphabet backward; you can… crash your car into a phone pole. Maybe you’ve only had a couple drinks, but once you’ve had anything at all, you’re in no position to judge your sobriety. So, if you must drive, at least keep one of these on hand. The Digital Keychain Breath Alcohol Detector tests your breath alcohol content with the push of a button. So it’s totally easy to use when you’re wasted.

    $60 at Smart Home | Buy

    | Posted 01 Sep, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Millbrook Leather Driving Moccasins



    $118 at J Crew | Buy

    | Posted 25 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Lighter



    $24 at Room and Company | Buy

    | Posted 22 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Our Favorites Gift Set


    If you have a picky friend, or one who just doesn’t need any more stuff, send along Dean & DeLuca’s box of chart-topping treats. It includes: Molinari Sopressata, Raye’s Down East Schooner Mustard, Starr Ridge olive oil, Dean & DeLuca’s Grafton Round cheddar; strawberry jam from Italy, espresso brownies with nuts, Aldo’s hazelnut biscotti, Dean & DeLuca’s Kansas City Blend coffee, Virginia salted peanuts, Bella Viva mixed dried fruits, and Brent’s Beer Brittle , and Bridgewater Bark.

    $130 at Dean & DeLuca | Buy

    | Posted 19 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Pant’s Favorite Ringer


    Daddy needs a martini. Just in case you can’t see it in the image, that’s a little pacifier as garnish. Full disclosure: These clever shirts were made by my clever friend Melissa, who likes her martinis in a sippy cup.

    $20 at Café Press | Buy

    | Posted 11 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Retro Phone Handset


    Geeky folks have been hacking old headsets to work with cell phones for a while. I’ve been waiting for these to move off of eBay and into prime time, and finally Think Geek is making them available to people who don’t “know someone who knows this one guy who doesn’t get out of his basement much.”

    $35 at Think Geek | Buy

    | Posted 10 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Soleil Cufflinks


    QUICK PICK Resin and silver.

    $70 at Lazuli Jewelry | Buy

    ( Length: .75", Width: .5")

    | Posted 08 Aug, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • The Ring Thing


    What is it with designers and quirky bottle openers? Here’s yet another take on a classic tool. You’ll never go thirsty again.

    $10 at Mango | Buy

    | Posted 28 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Flat Top Tealight Holders



    $12 at Atmosphere Home | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 25 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Countryside Wool Herringbone Guy’s Hat


    I’m a sucker for grandpa style. This here is a lined, wool trainworker hat with adjustable leather strap for fit. Available in burnt orange, black, and chocolate (pictured).

    $44 at Chocosho | Buy

    | Posted 25 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • 1980s Retro Candy Gift Box


    Lemon Heads, Atomic Fireballs, Pixy Stix, Jolly Ranchers… how long has it been since you ate a piece of candy that turned your tongue completely green? This Retro Candy Gift Box brings the Quickie Mart to your doorstep. Just skip the soda when you break open your Pop Rocks. We all know what happened to Mikey.

    $24 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 20 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Grey Zip Front Crew Sweatshirt



    $84 at Chocosho | Buy

    | Posted 20 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Tokyo Platform Bed


    $1,150 at Gumps | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 19 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • P-Touch Home and Hobby Labeler


    You sweet, meticulous soul. Everything in your house is neat as the proverbial pin, but is it labeled? The P-Touch prints out tidy rectangular stickers on clear or colored tape, which you can then affix to drawers, shoeboxes, jars, cords, you name it. Leave the cat alone.

    $28 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 18 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Animal Bookplates


    $7 at Plain Mabel | Buy

    | Posted 18 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Fruit Tray by Rosendahl


    $189 at Modern Atmosphere | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 14 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Fondue Forks


    $9 at Crate and Barrel | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 14 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Bill’s Open Kitchen


    Buy this. You will love it. It’s near impossible to find a cookbook that isn’t packed with recipies calling for butter, bacon, and heavy cream. Many of the options in Bill’s Open Kitchen are delicious, diet friendly, and quick. What’s more, every single recipe comes with a lovely photo of the finished product, so you know in advance what looks appealing.

    $17 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 13 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Jazz Pitcher


    ON SALE Crate and Barrel continues to rock me. This retro, handblown pitcher is half off and zowie. It’s so “Martinis with the Jetsons.” Can you imagine how great it would look filled with Dahlias? You’re imagining it right now.

    $15 at Crate and Barrel | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 12 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • U.S. Out of California


    Finally, something the red states and the blue states can agree on.

    $20 at Mule Design | Buy

    | Posted 12 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Create-Your-Own-Message Scarf


    Lulette will make you a scarf that says anything you like, as long as it’s fewer than twenty characters. You choose the words, the font, and the colors. Your personalized message will repeat four times along the length of the scarf. Way better than than that monogrammed scarf your mom gave you.

    $89 at Lulette | Buy

    (Approximately 5" x 90")

    | Posted 11 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • A Home at the End of the World


    by Michael Cunningham A few excerpts: “I was my father’s daughter. i wanted to be loved by someone like my tough judicious mother and I wanted to run screaming through the headlights with a bottle in my hand. That was the family curse. We tended to nurse flocks of undisciplined wishes that collided and canceled each other out. The curse implied that if we didn’t learn to train our desires in one direction or another, we were likely to end up with nothing.” “He had big square hands and face blank and earnest as a shovel.” “I tried to make myself stop caring about what I looked like. As she started in the with scissors, I reminded myself that our lives are made of changes we can’t control. Letting little things happen is good practice.” “Woodstock is what towns were supposed to become before the old future got sidetracked and a new one took its place… I appreciate the kindness of its quiet streets and the people’s cheerful determination to live in ways that are mainly beside the point.”

    $11 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 07 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Flip Clip


    If you’re tired of your iPod Shuffle thumping against your chest when you’re exercising, try this snap-on clip. It lets you fasten your Shuffle to your shirt, your waistband, your backpack, whatever.

    $20 at DLO Direct | Buy

    | Posted 07 Jul, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Heart Destroy


    I’ve long coveted my friend Jeff’s “I (heart) D3str0y” robot shirt, and I just realized that they make them in women’s sizes. ‘Cause the ladies, we dig some destruction.

    $17 at Threadless | Buy

    | Posted 29 Jun, 2005 by Margaret Mason

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