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  • Connector Pens


    Coloring pens that click together to make desk art.

    $10 at Plastica Shop | Buy

    | Posted 07 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Bomber


    This tee features a bomber launching television sets out over an unsuspecting populace. The set screens spell out “fear.” A little forced perhaps, but funny nonetheless.

    $35 at Twice Shy | Buy

    | Posted 03 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • S Bench


    Designer Michael Cannamela is responsible for this striking, s-shaped bench. It comes in walnut. maple or cherry wood, and is made to order. Use the extra storage to display a rare books collection, or showcase a selection of your least wearable, but most striking pairs of shoes.

    $1,300 at Velocity Art and Design | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 03 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Flask Chrome Slim



    $25 at Fitsu | Buy

    (holds 3 oz.)

    | Posted 02 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Hip Flask with Cigarette Case


    ON SALE and BY REQUEST It only holds 2 oz. of booze, but it doubles as a cigarette case. I didn’t even know they made these any more. Ideal for sentries, gangster molls, and dance-hall floozies.

    $28 at Brands on Sale | Buy

    (Regularly $33.)

    | Posted 02 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Blomus Stainless Steel Flask


    BY REQUEST “My Fiance and I decided to buy a special, useful gift to each other to celebrate our wedding: His & Hers Flasks. Could you suggest a good place, a little off the beaten path, to buy some flasks?” You two really know how to start a marriage off on happy footing. This is the most unique, yet non-gimmicky flask I came across. It’s brushed stainless steel and holds 7.1 oz. Sleek and reasonably priced. More options above.

    $19 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 02 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Squirrel Patch


    Thanks, Tim!

    $5 at Ferdinand Home Store | Buy

    ( 2.5" x 3.5")

    | Posted 01 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Xocolatl Hot Chocolate


    Delicious. Xocolatl (pronounced Choco-la’tl) emphasizes the “hot” part of hot chocolate. It’s based on a traditional Aztec drink that combines chocolate with a whomp of chilies and a little cinnamon. If you need a gallon of water to get through a tamale, don’t try this at home. But if you can appreciate a dessert with some kick, this cocoa is the spice of life.

    $9 at Dagoba | Buy

    (12 oz.)

    | Posted 01 Mar, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Western Plaid Shirt



    $60 at Banana Republic | Buy

    | Posted 28 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Turquoise Silk Pillows



    $55 at Gumps | Buy

    (No longer available.)

    | Posted 25 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Square Cuff Links


    Tabitha sent me a note to tell me about Konzuk’s amazing jewelry, and I’m most grateful. These cufflinks are made of powder-coated steel, and you can choose which color you prefer. They also make neat stuff that incorporates concrete, and some enviable wedding ring sets.

    $170 at Konzuk | Buy

    | Posted 25 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Sonicare Toothbrush


    Brushing your teeth manually can be so taxing. Thank goodness for Sonicare. It will make your teeth clean and pristine. The brush gives a beep after you’ve been brushing for two minutes, so you can daydream while it does all the work. Passersby will shield their eyes from your blinding smile.

    $60 at Amazon | Buy

    | Posted 24 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Snowboard Art


    Big stickers for your snowboard.

    $70 at Original Snowboard Art | Buy

    | Posted 23 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Bike Chain Bracelet



    $10 at Urban Dreams | Buy

    | Posted 23 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Claw Tongs


    Finally, the perfect servingware for your Thanksgiving turkey platter. Actually, they’d look swell in a bucket of ice too. Made of silverplated bronze, the claw tongs are designed by–who else?–Michael Aram. I may very well love this man. Michael? Call me.

    $50 at Tabula Tua | Buy

    (8" L)

    | Posted 22 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Perch Bird Feeder


    Amy Adams’s ceramic bird feeder is sleek, functional, and easy to hang. Fill it with seed, and the finches will flock to admire your good taste.

    $96 at Velocity Art and Design | Buy

    ( W 7.5" x D 6.5" x H 5.0")

    | Posted 22 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Babydoll Pliner


    Your puppy is tough. He can run full force into the patio door, whack his head, and pop right back up. He can catch a Frisbee at 50 mph with his teeth. Now you can get him his own leather jacket made of calfskin with eyelet detailing. If he’s the best guard dog around, he might as well dress the part.

    $310 at Henry and Lulu | Buy

    | Posted 21 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Classic Century Teapot


    I’ve spent way too much time on eBay looking for the perfect teapot. This honey is a reissue of a 1952 design by Eva Zeisel. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe, totally usable, and worthy of display. Several pieces in the collection have the same utilitarian, yet sculptural feel to them. Click around and see if you fall for one too.

    $70 at Crate and Barrel | Buy

    | Posted 21 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Single Origin Varietal Chocolate Bars


    Guittard recently launched a line of origin-specific chocolate bars. They offer three 65 percent bittersweet varietals. The Sur del Lago comes from Venezuela, the Ambanja from Madagascar, and the Chucuri from Columbia. Each has it’s own unique and delicious flavor. Pick up a bottle of wine to match each region, and have some friends over for a tasting.

    $4 at Guittard | Buy

    (per 2 oz. bar)

    | Posted 17 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Make Magazine


    A must have for your mad scientist, Make Magazine is a DIY magazine for technical projects. If you don’t already have a mini-monorail in your backyard, it’s about time. Make walks you through big projects and little hacks. The ultimate inspiration for the ingenuitive geek in your life.

    $35 at Amazon | Buy

    (For four issues.)

    | Posted 17 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Round 7-Day Pill Case



    $3 at Container Store | Buy

    | Posted 16 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Down-Filled Scarf


    I dig this puffy, down-filled scarf. Much sportier than anything grandma can whip up with the knitting needles. It’s water-resistant polyester, machine washable, and has a zipper pocket on one end.

    $48 at Nordstrom | Buy

    | Posted 15 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Cobblestone Bud Vase


    These petite bud vases make instant arrangements. They’re handmade of glazed ceramic and come in white or blue.

    $35 at Re-Modern | Buy

    (4" tall)

    | Posted 15 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Leather Card Cases


    BY READER REQUEST Just got an email with the following specs: “I need a business-card case that doesn’t suck and isn’t trying too hard. I got my very first business cards recently-much rejoicing-and am sort of at a loss for what to put them in. I want something functional, but not flashy. I don’t want something that screams “Can you believe I have business cards?! Woohoo!” because my personality does that very, very well. I also don’t want something that looks like a hand-me-down from my father. I’m the youngest person in my office, so I want to avoid anything too youthful; otherwise, I would so be using a Hello Kitty case already.” Congrats on the milestone, wage earner! These colorful leather card cases are energetic, but not immature. Technically, they’re set up like mini-wallets, but they’ll work just as well to stow your business cards. They come in seven different color combinations, so take your pick.

    $25 at Wishing Fish | Buy

    (4" x 3")

    | Posted 15 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason
  • Stainless Steel Card Holder



    $17 at Wedding Depot | Buy

    (3.6" x2.5")

    | Posted 15 Feb, 2005 by Margaret Mason

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