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  • Menu Wine Runner


    The Menu Wine Runner is truly genius. Stack six bottles of wine fear-free thanks to it’s sturdy rubber and stainless steel design. When you’ve emptied all the bottles, roll this runner up and store away until you replenish your supply.

    $50 at Grounded | Buy

    | Posted 11 Jul, 2012 by Rene
  • Carved Wooden Bottle Openers


    Hand-carved wood with brass details, these bottle openers are as stylish as they are rustic. Pick from a menagerie of animals- we’re partial to the sweet elephant.

    $30 at Pop Deluxe | Buy

    | Posted 10 Jul, 2012 by Rene
  • Satellite Bowl


    Lacquered wooden spokes make this bold bowl, aptly named Satellite, a striking centerpiece. Uses include containg fruit, serving bread and making your dining room table infinitely cooler.

    $48 at MOMA Store | Buy

    | Posted 09 Jul, 2012 by Rene
  • Charley Harper Sunset Glasses Set


    Todd Oldham has brought Charley Harper’s iconic illustrations to a new glassware collection exclusively for Fishs Eddy. This beautiful and unique set makes for a perfect wedding or hostess gift for fans of good design or those with fond memories of Harper’s work.

    $34 at Fishs Eddy | Buy

    (Set of 6)

    | Posted 09 Jul, 2012 by Rene
  • Paintchip Placemats


    Bone up on the color wheel over breakfast with a clever pair of placemats that mimic paintchip samples from Avril Loreti. Multiple hues are available to match your spot on the color spectrum.

    $36 at Avril Loreti | Buy

    (Set of 2)

    | Posted 06 Jul, 2012 by Rene
  • Grace Eco Waterproof iPod Case/Speaker


    Protect your phone or iPod during your summertime adventures. The Eco Extreme case can hold any cell phone or MP3 player and will protect it from just about everything. The waterproof, rubberized body even floats, should your pool party get out of hand.

    $60 at Indigo | Buy

    | Posted 06 Jul, 2012 by Rene
  • Happy Days Punch Bowl


    Who says punch bowls are old fashioned? This cheerful acrylic bowl from designer Matz Borgström is ideal for cool al fresco refreshments, and the modern design and sleek style will make it a tabletop stand-out.

    $40 at Broadway Panhandler | Buy

    | Posted 04 Jul, 2012 by Rene
  • Pierced Heart Truffle Plate


    A charming set of 8 plates perfect for small bites, these saucers will remind the bride and groom of their sweet wedding day. These plates are also a sentimental gift for an anniversary, too.

    $28 at BHLDN | Buy

    (Set of 8)

    | Posted 03 Jul, 2012 by Rene
  • Waste-Free Snack Kit


    Picnic weather is finally here, and even if you can’t spend the afternoon lolling in the grass you can at least grab your lunch break on a bench in the sun. This kit from Kids Konserve is the green way to eat al fresco- every piece, from the recycled cotton napkin to the reclaimed stainless steel containers- are as eco-friendly as can be. Let’s hope your actual lunch is just as healthy.

    $35 at Branch Home | Buy

    | Posted 03 Jul, 2012 by Rene
  • Mr. And Mrs. Cocktail Glass Set


    Two highball glasses featuring a gold moustache and lips will charm the Mr. and Mrs. and will surely feature prominently on their newlywed bar. Cheers to that.

    $18 at Furbish | Buy

    | Posted 02 Jul, 2012 by Rene
  • Beer Making Kit


    Add beer making to your summer DIY list. Brooklyn Brew Shop sells convenient 1 gallon kits with everything needed to brew varieties like Bruxelles Blonde or Coffee & Donut Stout.

    $40 at Brooklyn Brew Shop | Buy

    | Posted 28 Jun, 2012 by Christy
  • Madras Ruler


    School is out for summer but you can always use a ruler- especially one so cute. This birch wood ruler features preppy, summer-ready madras that can easily double as a bookmark for your trashy beach reading.

    $5 at Night Owl Paper Goods | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jun, 2012 by Rene
  • Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper Set


    Heading to a birthday cook-out or graduation party? You can’t get any more on-point than cheeseburger themed wrapping paper. Your gift is sure to stand out -deliciously so- from the pile.

    $25 at Gift Couture | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jun, 2012 by Rene
  • Surf One-Pocket Plaid Shirt


    Is your fella in need of a new summer wear option? Red, white and blue plaid is a classic warm weather look perfect for firing up the grill in style.

    $65 at Lucky Brand Jeans | Buy

    | Posted 20 Jun, 2012 by Christy
  • U.S. Navy Blanket


    Three Potato Four has reintroduced a vintage blanket that they adore, and you will too. The standard issue Naval blanket from WWII is now made from softer wool and is a versatile piece even in summer: Perfect for picnics in the park or curling up around a campfire, this sturdy blanket is an heirloom in the making.

    $150 at Three Potato Four | Buy

    | Posted 20 Jun, 2012 by Rene
  • Dooney Watch


    You’re sure to be on time for the fireworks show with this functional and understatedly festive watch from Dooney & Bourke. The good news? It’s available in two sizes, so you can rock a his and hers look if you so desire.

    $165 at Dooney and Bourke | Buy

    | Posted 19 Jun, 2012 by Christy
  • Joseph Abboud Cotton Handkerchiefs


    Help the man in your life suit up with American flair. Go plaid or gingham with a pocket square that is both stylish and subtly patriotic.

    $12 at Bluefly | Buy

    | Posted 12 Jun, 2012 by Christy
  • Sea Salt Soap


    Use Sea Salt Soap for washing up or shaving- either way you will smell divine and have super soft skin. You can’t beat the manly man nautical packaging, either.

    $6 at Smallflower | Buy

    | Posted 08 Jun, 2012 by Rene
  • Tumi Alpha Bravo Beale Mini Messenger


    A messenger is the ideal bag when you’re too old for a backpack and too young for a briefcase. Tumi’s Alpha Bravo is made of sturdy nylon with leather trim, keeping the look neat and hip for business trips or jaunts around the globe.

    $195 at Bloomingdale's | Buy

    | Posted 08 Jun, 2012 by Rene
  • Vesper Stripe Tie


    A tie might seem like a lame gift, but certainly not when it is as cool as this one. J.Crew keeps it classic with just a touch of colorful flair, making this English silk striped tie the perfect pulled-together preppy touch for first interviews.

    $60 at J. Crew | Buy

    | Posted 08 Jun, 2012 by Rene
  • Postalco Notebooks


    There is nothing like a fresh, blank notebook to inspire ideas. Postalco creates timeless notebooks that are as durable as they are useful. Pick from plain, lined or graphed sheets and pair with a stellar new pen for an inexpensive but thoughtful gift.

    $14 at Brook Farm General Store | Buy

    | Posted 08 Jun, 2012 by Rene
  • Bandits


    Your dad will go gaga for Bandits, which are basically super strong bungee cords with hooks attached. He can attack the nest of cables behind the televsion, secure…stuff, or organize the shed and potentially the world if left to his own devices. This set of 10 Bandits will be the hit of the year, guaranteed.

    $10 at | Buy

    | Posted 08 Jun, 2012 by Rene
  • Koa Wood Business Card Holder


    This sleek business card case made of rare Koa wood features a tiny turtle, an ancient Hawaiian symbol for longevity, peace and good luck. What better way to send a new graduate out in the world? This unique case is engravable, too, to make your recipient feel extra special.

    $35 at woodulike | Buy

    | Posted 07 Jun, 2012 by Rene
  • Urbanears Plattan Headphones


    Rock on, dad. These sweet headphones from Urbanears allow him to blast his favorite songs without disturbing anyone else, in a too-cool mustard color. Urbanears are compatible not only with stereos but also iPhones, and collapse down into the size of a fist. Feel free to roll your eyes as he -loudly- sings along.

    $60 at Gifts That Give | Buy

    | Posted 07 Jun, 2012 by Rene
  • Polaroid 300 Instant Camera


    Are you old enough to remember Polaroid’s instant cameras of the 1980’s? Considered compact in those days, that clunky ancestor brings us the new Polaroid 300. The concept is the same- small camera, instant photos- but the pictures and camera are even more petite and smarter, with different scene settings. A fun novelty for weddings, parties or just hanging with your friends. Instantly captured memories are the best kind.

    $70 at B & H Photo Video | Buy

    | Posted 07 Jun, 2012 by Rene

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