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  • Mini Tissue Boxes


    A miniature box of tissues sporting Lotta Jansdotter designs don’t cost much at all (five dollars! That’s equivalent to an extra-pump latte.) but will provide plenty of playful, colorful fun for a special gal’s desk.

    Posted: 30 Nov, 2011
  • Paper Pot


    Hippest tissue box ever. Also disguises toilet paper rolls.

    Posted: 15 Oct, 2010
  • Paper Pot


    A tissue box that lets you use regular tissues or a roll of toilet paper.

    via Kirtsy

    Posted: 13 Jul, 2009
  • Tissue Case


    This tissue box is made of plywood and lets you place either a cardboard box or a stack of tissues inside. It’s surprisingly tough to find an attractive tissue box, so snap it up if you’ve been looking.

    Posted: 26 May, 2006
  • Ahchoo! Box Tissue Box


    Never put out an ugly floral tissue box again. This bold option comes packed flat, and you click the panels into place.

    Posted: 18 Apr, 2006
  • Toro Tissue Ring


    I hate, hate, hate setting out a cardboard tissue box with some awful abstract-tulip print. Who designs this crap? Do I need a windmill landscape on my tissue box? I don’t. Then again, decent tissue box covers (ones that aren’t made of shiny mauve plastic) are always too expensive to justify purchase. The Toro tissue ring is the design solution I’ve been looking for. You rip open that hideous cardboard box, remove the tissues, and set your ring on top. It’s weighted to let you pull tissues through one at a time. And it’s not ugly. Pick one up now, before they start etching daisies into the metal.

    Posted: 24 Nov, 2004
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