The Adventure in You Founders Share How They Pack Light to Travel the World

Adventure in You Tom and Anna

Hey there! We’re Tom and Anna, the two mischief makers behind our travel blog, Adventure in You. I am from the Philippines and Tom is from Wales. We both met while we were backpacking Southeast Asia and have been together ever since.

How and why did you get into adventuring and traveling?

As mentioned, we met while we were traveling so we were both adventuring way before we started our travel blog. Both of us have always wanted to travel and started saving up for it throughout University and during our first years of work. I am the type to plan and read blogs while Tom, on the other hand, was just the “go-and-everything-will-fall-into-place” type of traveler. Despite having different travel styles, we both just wanted to see more and do more which is still one of our main motivations to keep traveling.

Adventure in You Tom and Anna

How do you prepare for your adventures?

When we were thinking of travel blog names, we knew it had to be adventure related as both of us love pushing ourselves to the limit and experiencing new things.

Generally speaking, because we do a lot of adventure/outdoor related stuff, we want to be physically fit so we try to stay as active as possible. Currently, we are both training to do Everest Basecamp this March, which is exactly what we need to whip us back into shape. As for planning, I generally read loads of blogs and seek the advice of locals. I try not to plan everything to a tee as I believe the best part of traveling happens when you go with the flow, leaving room for spontaneous interactions. I’m a big fan of speaking to locals so I always make sure to ask their recommendations when traveling.

How do you finance your adventures?

Tom and I started our travel blog almost three years ago and luckily, it has been financing our adventures ever since. During the first year, it was tough and we barely made any money but kept at it because we enjoyed the perks. After spending a year of trial and error, we figured out what works, developed a strong monetization strategy and kept growing it.

Starting a travel blog really changed our lives and because of it, we were able to travel the world (five continents and counting), experience so many incredible things that we would have only dreamed of, all while building a business and learning new skills along the way.

We tend to travel slow which means we like to stay in one place three months at a time. This allows us to get a balance between sightseeing and working. We feel extremely blessed to be able to work in an industry that we love, doing something that we love! We want to give back to others which is also a reason why we set up our blog school.

We currently make around six-figures a year from our blog and want to show others how to as well because we believe that everyone should have a chance to live this amazing location independent lifetyle that we love so much!

Adventure in You Tom and Anna

How do you eat and sleep on the road?

In our younger years, we kept to mostly hostels but now that we’re a little older (albeit a little bit wiser), we stick to hotels, airbnbs or couch surfing! We love the local interaction that we would get from staying with locals so we try to do this once in a while.

Next year though, we are planning on buying a Sprinter Van and converting it to drive around the UK and Europe. We’re super excited to live van life as we feel this will really allow us to be outdoors more and really travel at our own pace.

As for tents and sleeping bags, because we move a lot so much, we don’t carry any with us, however, as soon as we reach the UK, we will be stocking up with a few Northface or Black Diamond tents.

Adventure in You Tom and Anna

How do you bring your things with you?

We try to travel light which is why we both only travel with a 40L backpack. Apart from that, we carry our camera gear in our day packs. Tom uses an Osprey 40L bag which he loves while I am using a Standard Luggage 40L but am soon switching as well. Because we’ve been traveling in Southeast Asian countries for a while, we can afford to keep our gear light because we don’t have any winter clothes. However, as you can imagine, doing Mt. Everest with this type of gear is completely unfeasible which is why we’ve been on a shopping spree for the last few weeks.

How do you organize things in your bags?

Packing Cubes for us are a heaven sent and is now something we can’t imagine living/traveling without. It helps keep our stuff organized so we know where everything is. Waterproof bags are a must! Specially when you do a lot of active stuff. For your large bag, make sure you have a rain cover then a small portable dry bag to take with you to the beach, etc. All our electronics go in our day bag so you need to make sure you have a durable brand that is both lightweight yet sturdy.

Adventure in You Tom and Anna

How do your bags and gear hold up?

When it comes to buying outdoor equipment, yes they cost a lot but they will also last you for years. With that in mind, it’s better to splurge a little bit when buying gear so go with trusted brands like Northface, Osprey, Merrell, etc.

Any gear you wish you had brought with you from the beginning?

We both started out with big backpacks! Tom had a 80L bag while I had a 65L. We soon realized that we actually didn’t need that much stuff so we both gradually downsized. Don’t overdo the packing, whatever you need on the road, chances are you will be able to buy it. Now, 40L is the perfect size for us because it’s not too heavy if we have to lug it around moving places and has just the right amount of gear for us.

Adventure in You Tom and Anna

What has been your best adventuring purchase below $100?

Headphone splitters by Belkin (super cheap buy) but is perfect if you travel as a pair so you can share music, watch movies in long buses, planes, etc. It’s one of those things that is super simple yet super useful. Apart from that, packing cubes. As mentioned, they have been game changers for us and how we pack so investing in a good set is a must! I also always travel with headwears which I use as a headband, a tube top, etc. They are super nifty!

What inspired you to write/release your guide books?

We released our Adventures in Southeast Asia guidebooks because we saw the need for it. Nowadays, people are busy so they don’t have time to read through tons of blog articles or an entire book trying to plan their trip, which is why we focused on featuring the best of the best in each area, making it easy for people to find awesome things to do while on the road. In our books, we feature must do adventures, best dishes to try, best beaches, cultural experiences and more. My favorite has to be the Adventures in the Philippines book because I always love talking about my home country and convincing people to come for a visit.

What is your best advice for other adventurers?

Just go for it! Don’t be afraid to pursue your passions and don’t limit yourself by saying the words “I can’t”. As long as you are fit and able, pursue the unknown and always seek adventure. This motto has guided us in our lives and has always encouraged us to keep traveling, keep moving, and keep growing.

Adventure in You Tom and Anna

What will the future bring?

As for now, our big plan is kitting out our van! We will be living in it for at least a year so we want to make it as homely as possible. We will be looking to get a bunch of outdoor toys to go along with it like bikes, surfboards, etc. so we are pretty excited. Apart from our big van life dream, we also set ourselves the challenge of completing the Top 50 Adventure Holidays in the world (naturally, our trip to Everest is one of them!). With that in mind, we’re pretty stoked to travel and do more!

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