This Free Backpacker Card Game Will Help You Travel the World

Backpacker card game

It’s time to play cards and learn about new fantastic backpacker destinations at the same time!

Just print out all the free cards below (the prints are size A4). Cut the cards out with a scissor and then you are ready to connect with any backpacker you meet.

Click on the images above to see larger, print-ready versions of the cards

How to play

It’s super easy to play this game.

Start out by shuffling the cards and deal all the cards face down. Each player must get the same number of cards and they must all hold their cards so they can only see their top card.

The player next to the dealer starts out by choosing a category (restaurant meal, taxi, hostel night, etc.) from his/her top card. The category value is then read out for the other players.

The other players then read out the value on their top cards for the same category. The one with the best value wins and that player collects the cards from all the other players.

The collected cards are placed at the bottom of the winning player’s stack and then it’s his/her turn to choose a category.

If two or more cards have the same top value, all the cards are placed in the middle. The involved players then takes another card from the top of their stack and compares the value on these cards. The one with the best value wins all cards, including the cards in the middle.

When a player has all the cards, he/she is declared the winner of the game.

The best values

The best value is the lowest value for these categories: Restaurant meal, taxi, hostel night and draft beer.

It’s the highest value for the categories average temperature and internet speed.

Last updated on September 21, 2017