Top 30 Best Checked luggage in 2018

We have read and checked 34,260 reviews to make this top 30 list!

First, here's the best reviewed checked luggage of all the many bags we have checked:

Anne Klein Manchester

As you know, it's quite important that the luggage you are travelling with is of high quality.

You don't want your bags to open up in the middle of the airport - or to fall apart when you try to squeeze a bit more in.

It's therefore super important that you spend some time checking the different brands and models available, so you can make sure you choose a great new bag.

To help you choose, we have read and checked 34,260 reviews to find the best reviewed checked luggage.

Now, let's take a look at the 30 best rated checked luggage here in 2018:

Rankchecked luggageRating
1Anne Klein ManchesterAnne Klein Manchester4.8
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2Ricardo Beverly Hills RoxburyRicardo Beverly Hills Roxbury4.6
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3Osprey MeridianOsprey Meridian4.6
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4Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar VistaRicardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista4.6
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5Eagle Creek Load WarriorEagle Creek Load Warrior4.6
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6Travelpro MaxliteTravelpro Maxlite4.5
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7Samsonite SilhouetteSamsonite Silhouette4.5
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8Samsonite OmniSamsonite Omni4.5
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9Osprey SojournOsprey Sojourn4.5
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10Kenneth Cole Reaction ReverbKenneth Cole Reaction Reverb4.4
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11Delsey HeliumDelsey Helium4.4
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12Eagle Creek ORVEagle Creek ORV4.4
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13Travelpro Platinum MagnaTravelpro Platinum Magna4.4
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14Brics LifeBrics Life4.4
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15Eagle Creek Gear WarriorEagle Creek Gear Warrior4.4
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16Samsonite MightlightSamsonite Mightlight4.4
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17Delsey ChateletDelsey Chatelet4.4
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18Travelpro CrewTravelpro Crew4.4
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19Eagle Creek Lync SystemEagle Creek Lync System4.4
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20Delsey AeroDelsey Aero4.4
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21Samsonite WinfieldSamsonite Winfield4.3
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22Samsonite AspireSamsonite Aspire4.3
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23Werks Traveler 5.0Werks Traveler 5.04.3
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24Nautica AhoyNautica Ahoy4.2
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25Kenneth Cole Reaction RenegadeKenneth Cole Reaction Renegade4.2
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26Travelpro Tpro BoldTravelpro Tpro Bold4.2
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27Briggs & Riley ExploreBriggs & Riley Explore4.1
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28Samsonite SSamsonite S'cure4.0
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29Samsonite CruisairSamsonite Cruisair3.9
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30Briggs & Riley TorqBriggs & Riley Torq3.8
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List based on 34,260 checked reviews.

How we rate the bags

We have checked 34,260 checked luggage reviews, so we can show you the weighted average rating of all the bags.

Using the average ratings, you can check what all the reviewers think instead of just viewing the subjective opinion of one specific reviewer.

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Not sure what checked luggage to choose? Read on as we are going to take a closer look at each bag!

The checked luggage buyers guide

These days, traveling by plane is more popular than ever which is why you need the right checked luggage to take with on your journeys. What many people don’t realize is that there is a lot more to checked luggage than you can imagine. From type to size and material, this is a large subject matter.

This is why you need to be aware of all that there is to know about this type of baggage and we endeavor to help you. If you want to find the perfect piece(s) of luggage for you, you have come to the right place. Read on and be enlightened about what type of luggage is a good fit for your travels.

Choosing Checked Luggage the Right Way

Buying checked luggage for the first time can actually be a daunting thing. This is because you finally realize just how many options are available to you. While all of this variety is a good thing, it can also end up confusing you quite a bit. Considering that checked luggage isn’t cheap, we’ve come up with a few guidelines that will make it a bit easier to make the best possible choice.

The Types of Checked Luggage

There are several types of checked luggage to choose from, depending on what type of journey you are taking:

Duffel/Travel Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are essentially rectangular or barreled shaped pieces of luggage that have two straps that allow you to carry it parallel to the ground. The other version of this type of bag is the travel duffel bag. The only difference here is that the travel option comes with a wheel and handle system to make it easier to take around with you.

The main benefit with duffel bags is that they are lightweight and great if you want to cut down on checked luggage fees. At the same time, there are space and size limitations which means that there is only so much that you can carry in these bags.

These are the most common types of airline luggage that you see and are often accompanied by wheels and handles. These bags are available in numerous different sizes so you are sure to find one that fits the duration of your trip. The advantage of suitcases is that you can pack a lot more in here and they often have compartments to aid with organization.

Hard Shell and Soft Shell Cases
If you want to buy suitcases, you will need to determine if you want a suitcase that has a hard shell or a soft shell. Soft shells tend to be the most popular and are often made from thick fabric. They allow you to store numerous items in there as they often can expand quite easily.

Hard shells, on the other hand, are typically made from tough plastic. The purpose of these cases is to be able to withstand wear and tear and to protect the items inside the bag. Surprisingly enough, they can also be quite light. They don’t, however, accommodate too many items all that well.

Travel Packs
These are the bags that you typically see tourists with. While they are basically backpacks, these are quite a bit larger and can’t be taken as carry-on luggage. These packs are useful because they are lightweight, can contain a lot, and can be easily carried on your back. They also tend to be quite weatherproof and so are great if you are going exploring.

Dimensions and Capacity of Checked Luggage

Checked luggage is essentially a piece of baggage that is too large to be considered carry-on luggage. Basically, any bag that has a length greater than 22 inches is often considered large enough to be checked luggage. This, however, is not all that you need to keep in mind when considering the various sizes available for checked luggage.

First and foremost, beware of luggage that claims to be official airline luggage size’. This is misleading because each airline sets its own rules about what sized baggage is acceptable. So, it isn’t a case of one-size-fits-all. Despite this, there is a rule of thumb that you can follow. In most cases, if your bag is greater than 62 linear inches (length + weight + height) it will automatically be considered as oversized luggage. This means that you may have to pay additional fees to be allowed to check the bag in.

Usually, a bag that is between 23 and 24 inches long can be considered to be of medium size while a bag that is around 25 to 27 inches is labeled as large. If the piece of luggage measures between 28 and 32 inches, it can be considered cargo.

Capacity of Luggage
Most checked luggage has a volume of at least 50 liters although this can easily go up to 120 or more liters. Here is a rough idea of how much you may need, depending on the length of your trip:

  • 50 – 60 liters: this is a good option for a weekend trip as it should be able to carry all of the clothes that you may need. There may not be much room for else, though.

  • 60 – 80 liters: a bag of this size will work for a trip that is between a week or two long, depending on what you are taking and how you are packing.

  • 85+ liters: pieces of luggage that can contain more than this is usually a good choice if you are going on an extended trip and want to take as much as possible with you.

Of course, these are just basic guidelines. In the end, it is all about the kind of items you are taking, how much you need, and even where you are going.

Luggage Sets
If you want to buy suitcases, you will actually find that you have the option to buy them as sets. This means that you can get four or more bags of varying sizes. This can prove to be useful for those that travel quite often for various reasons. This way, you will always have a bag that is precisely the size that you need.

Organization Features

When traveling, it is good to have all of your items neatly and separately stored so that you are able to easily locate everything that you need quickly. This is why it is important to check the organization features on the checked luggage that you wish to buy.

With duffel bags, there aren’t too many internal organization options although you may find some small compartments and pockets. You should, however, be able to find one or more external compartments where you can keep items that you want readily available.

Soft shell suitcases tend to have quite a bit of organization features including large internal pockets, mesh compartments, and various pockets, and even external pockets. So, if you are looking to separate as many items as possible, this type of luggage will serve you well.

Hard shell suitcases do have a few pockets, straps, and perhaps even dividers in the internal storage compartment. So, it does allow you to organize your items. At the same time, there aren’t any pockets on the outside of the suitcase.

The one thing that you should keep in mind about external pockets is that there is usually no way to secure them. Due to this, you should avoid putting anything that is valuable in these pockets as it will not be very difficult to steal.

Security Features

You need your checked luggage to be incredibly secure as you will not be able to lay eyes on your bags for extended periods of time. This leaves thieves with plenty of opportunities to break into your bag and steal anything they can find in there.

If you are really concerned about security, then a hard shell suitcase is probably a better option than all others as these can be quite difficult to break through. Of course, duffel bags, soft shell cases, and even travel packs made of thick and tough fabric could also be similarly burglary-proof.

Without a doubt, though, the zipper on your checked luggage is the weakest point on your suitcase. This is why you need to consider the strongest possible option. There are two styles for you to choose from – the chain zipper and the coil zipper.

The coil zipper is simply two coils lying parallel to each other that can be zipped up. The chain zipper, however, consists of interlocking teeth. On average, chain zippers tend to be stronger and more difficult to break apart. On this note, they will probably last longer as well.

The Appearance of Your Checked Luggage

Since there is a greater demand for checked luggage than ever, there are also a lot of stylistic options as well. You can find bags and suitcases in all kinds of prints and colors. The reason that aesthetics can play a role in your luggage choice doesn’t actually have anything to do with a fashion statement. Rather, choosing a bag that is either brightly colored or easily distinguishable can make it easier to find on the carousel at baggage pick-up. There will be no chance of you missing it then.

Additional Features

There are a few other things that you may want to think about when choosing your checked luggage:

With duffel bags and travel packs, and even some suitcases, you can find the option of compression straps. These are straps that are on the outside of the bag and can help to compress the luggage so that it prevents the items from moving inside. It can also help to make your bag look smaller so that you can check it in without incurring additional fees.

Another thing that you may want to consider is an expanding feature. This helps to increase the internal capacity of the suitcase so that you can pack more things in. this can be a good feature to have when you are going on vacation, for instance, and want to bring souvenirs back.

Now you are aware of the right way to choose checked luggage so that you can avoid many of the common mistakes made.

Popular Checked Luggage Brands

Here are some of the most popular brands that make checked luggage:

Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley has introduced several innovations that make packing easier and more efficient. And well known for their Known for its lifetime guarantee. Some of the must-try checked luggage by Briggs & Riley are Briggs & Riley Baseline, Briggs & Riley Torq and Briggs & Riley Explore.

This brand’s exclusive CX expansion and compression technology gives the users more packing space and then returns the bag to its original size. Outside-mounted hardware gives more interior area and a flat packing surface — fewer wrinkles. Briggs & Riley quality and warranty — which applies even in the case of airline wear-and-tear — offer great value.

Briggs & Riley's has been bringing innovation to the travel category since 1993, now they are selling in more than 27 countries worldwide. Their wide range of collection include Carry-On, Checked Luggage, Toiletry Bags, Accessories, Self-Repair Kits etc.


Delsey has been designing quality luggage for the past 70 years. Delsey Helium is one of the popular checked luggage designed by Delsey

Within the last seven decades, Delsey has maintained its classic, chic, and clean design, al while improving the features of their luggage pieces. This reliable and functional luggage brand may be a wise consideration for those who are a business professional or someone who is constantly on the go. Some highlights of this luggage brand are the included TSA combination lock, the interior organization, the overweight indicator, and the super lightweight design.

Delsey has been making luggage since 1946. Due to their commitment to meet the needs of the travelers Delsey have made it for such a long time in the industry. Delsey products go through a rigorous inspection process to make sure they will hold up during travel while remaining comfortable for the traveler to use. The Delsey brand is distributed throughout 110 countries.

Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek is an American company that manufactures luggage. They are also an international wholesaler with distribution to Canada, Europe, and other countries. Eagle Creek provides a wude range of travel accessories. Some must buy products from Eagle Creek are the Eagle Creek Load Warrior, Eagle Creek ORV, Eagle Creek Gear Warrior, Eagle Creek Lync System, Eagle Creek Expanse.

Eagle Creek says their products are an invitation to discover the wonders of humanity and our earth. They take pride in equipping their buyers with versatile gear to take them beyond their fears and outside their comfort zone From city parks to exotic destinations.

From 1996 they have been providing packing solutions that help travelers stay organized. It provides peace of mind and things just seem easier when your stuff is organized and they provide a solution to help the users keep organized by creating more space in their bag.

IT Luggage

Established in 1985, IT Luggage has become well-known throughout the world as a leader in the travel industry by offering modern designs, excellent quality and exceptional value in each of their bags. IT Luggage produces some great checked luggage, among them IT Luggage Valiant is the top performing checked luggage.

They use a lot of research and development along with innovative engineering to design a versatile collection of travel bags that range from nylon carry-on bags to expandable hard sided cases, from multi piece sets to overnight bags, and from backpacks to wheeled cases. Their lightweight designs provide practical solutions to everyone’s travel problems and lend a sophisticated touch to any morning commute, overnight trip, or extended journey. IT Luggage offers bags to accommodate every traveler’s needs and personal sense of style with a variety of durable fabrics in solid colors and bold prints in vibrant colors.

They started importing from China as the first UK luggage company. Their collection includes business cases and laptop cases, hard cases, duffel bags, frameless cases and many other bags.

Kenneth Cole Reaction

Kenneth Cole Reaction is a U.S. Based men’s sportswear collection which focuses on denim, graphic tees, and woven shirts. They also provide some great quality checked luggage including Kenneth Cole Reaction Reverb and Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade.

At Kenneth Cole Productions, they strive to maintain respect for human rights and high standards of business ethics throughout their worldwide operations. This brand tries to innovate packaging and product on an ongoing basis to honor their responsibility to natural and human resources. Kenneth Cole Productions works diligently to create programs, benefits, and policies that contribute to a positive, environmentally responsible and safe working space for their associates and workers throughout their business.

Their huge collection of products also includes footwear, outerwear, pants, dress shirts, ties, bags, luggage, jewelry, sunglasses, and fragrance.


Osprey is based in Cortez, Colorado and has more than 30 years of bag-making experience. Osprey Sojourn, Osprey Meridian is the best Checked luggage by osprey that one must use.

Osprey has the ability to ensure good labor standards and face-to-face relationships with the factories that manufactures their packs, as well as experience cultural enlightenment and the design inspiration of a cosmopolitan city.their packs ensure a comfortable and precise fit through custom molding technology in the hipbelts. To help the users stabilize the load they are carrying Osprey designed suspension systems such as the AirScape, AirCore, and AirSpeed that absorbs all types of shock while walking. They creates women’s specific designs which are created to conform naturally to a woman’s body.

Osprey’s wide range of products include Backpacking Packs, Hiking Packs, Climbing & Mountaineering Packs, Skiing & Snowboarding Packs, Anti-Gravity™ Packs, , Travel Packs, Wheeled Bags, Duffel Bags, Mountain Biking Packs, Trail Running Packs, Packs for Kids, Women's Packs, Urban Commute Packs, Child Carriers etc.

Ricardo Beverly Hills

Ricardo Beverly Hills is an iconic American brand that manufactures high-quality travel solutions that are clever, compelling and functional. The Ricardo Beverly Hills Roxbury, Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista are the most popular Checked Luggage by them.

Ricardo Beverly Hills is a global leader specializing in the innovation, marketing and design of luggage and travel accessories. Today, they are an international brand. They are committed to creating effortless travel experiences for their buyers.

The brand also offers carry-on and checked luggage, rolling bags and totes, duffel and garment bags, and travel essentials; and backpacks, briefcases and messenger bags, and totes and handbags. It sells its products online, as well as through department stores, specialty stores, and online retailers in the United States and internationally. Through conservation and resource measurement Ricardo Beverly Hills strives to minimize its operational impact on the environment. For nearly 40 years, as a leader in the luggage industry, the company is proud to do its part to improve the planet's health and to be socially responsible.


Rimowa luggage is a renowned luggage supplier that manufactures polycarbonate and aluminum suitcases, briefcases and travel totes that combine old-world craftsmanship with modern technology. One checked luggage to try is the Rimowa Topas.

Rimowa uses the very latest technologies and perfect craftsmanship. Rimowa is a manufacturer that is rich in tradition. They intentionally perform numerous assembly and work processes by hand. The Rimowa design is unmistakable due to the groove structure of its case shells whether traditional aluminum cases or light luggage made of the high-tech material polycarbonate. Today, Rimowa offers several innovative products like the sleek and modern Salsa collection for those who like a little flair and the sturdy Topas Aluminum collection which protects against humidity and extreme temperature changes.

Their exceptional demands when it comes to quality and innovative approach are just a couple of the aspects that make them one of Europe's leading luggage manufacturers.


Samsonite is a global brand that manufactures world-class luggage and luggage accessories. Samsonite introduces the lightest and strongest collection. Some popular checked luggage by Samsonite is the Samsonite Silhouette, Samsonite Omni, Samsonite Mightlight, Samsonite Winfield, Samsonite Aspire, Samsonite Cruisair, and Samsonite S'cure.

Their goal is to satisfy the market, achieve customer delight and meet applicable regulatory and statutory requirement related to the product. Samsonite achieved this by their well-defined quality management procedures, clean environment, and friendly atmosphere and by motivated and trained people.

Samsonite offers the perfect case that allows a stress-free travel experience. Their innovative travel solutions include a dedicated compartment that allows for easier and quicker access to the user’s business essentials at the security check, while their clothes and other holiday items are kept separately.

Samsonite is continuously working on innovative solutions to make travel easier. Their cabin collections also come with a specific focus on features that come in handy for trips where travelers only take hand luggage.


Travelpro is a famous luggage manufacturer. It’s the favorite brand of hundreds of airline crew members. The Travelpro Maxlite is the top performing checked luggage. Other checked luggage to try is Travelpro Platinum Magna, Travelpro Crew, Travelpro Tpro Bold and Travelpro Walkabout.

Travelpro, offers excellent quality, value, and durability. They claim to fame is having been invented by an airline pilot who recognized the need for wheeled luggage and made it work. Their popular Maxlite series includes softside and hardside styles in a range of colors, two-wheel rollaboard or four-wheel spinner. Platinum Magna 2, their high-end line, comes with premium fabrics, leather trim, and a “Worry-Free” lifetime warranty.

Started by a pilot 25 years ago, Travelpro business luggage has every quality frequent flyers and flight crews look for. From computer backpacks and executive luggage to garment bags and suitcases, Travelpro has been the choice of flight crews from more than 80 airlines in addition to countless business travelers throughout the world.

The 3 best reviewed checked luggage in 2018

Rankchecked luggageRating
1Anne Klein ManchesterAnne Klein Manchester4.8
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2Ricardo Beverly Hills RoxburyRicardo Beverly Hills Roxbury4.6
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3Osprey MeridianOsprey Meridian4.6
Check price »

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