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Last updated July 2, 2019

Packing your stuff in a duffel bag feels great, so it's no wonder that more and more people have begun to pack their stuff in a duffel bag.

So the only problem is to choose the right duffel bag. Not all duffel bags are created equal, so you really need to spend time comparing the different brands and models.

The Best Duffel Bag

Having checked thousands of duffel bag reviews, we can say that the YETI Panga is the best choice for most people.

The YETI Panga got a rating of 4.68 out of 5, while the average rating in the list below is just 4.04.

YETI Panga
This is the best reviewed duffel bag.
How we rate the bags

We have checked 256,425 duffel bag reviews, so we can show you the weighted average rating of all the bags.

Using the average ratings, you can check what all the reviewers think instead of just viewing the subjective opinion of one specific reviewer.

It's much simplier to find the best bags that way.

Also Great

If the YETI Panga isn't your style, you might also consider the Sherpani Fallon.

The Fallon is a close runner-up with a rating of 4.63 out of 5 - and it's usually cheaper than the Panga.

Sherpani Fallon
The second-best reviewed duffel bag.
Finally, you might consider the Patagonia Black Hole.

The Black Hole is the third-best rated duffel bag with a rating of 4.58.

Patagonia Black Hole
The third-best reviewed duffel bag.
Below is the list of all top 132 best duffel bags. Great if none of the three bags above are your style.

The 132 Best Duffel Bags

PS: We have checked 256,425 reviews to make this top 132 list!

RankDuffel BagRating
1YETI PangaYETI Panga
Available on Amazon
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597 reviews
2Sherpani FallonSherpani Fallon
Available on Amazon
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58 reviews
3Patagonia Black HolePatagonia Black Hole
Available on Amazon
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1,398 reviews
4Floto MonteverdeFloto Monteverde
41 reviews
5Amy Butler MarniAmy Butler Marni
59 reviews
6Marmot Long HaulerMarmot Long Hauler
358 reviews
7Fjallraven DuffelFjallraven Duffel
296 reviews
8Osprey TransporterOsprey Transporter
611 reviews
9NRS MeshNRS Mesh
421 reviews
10Adidas SquadAdidas Squad
2,041 reviews
11eBags Mother LodeeBags Mother Lode
59,958 reviews
12Mammut CargonMammut Cargon
18 reviews
13Watershed ColoradoWatershed Colorado
27 reviews
14Watershed MississippiWatershed Mississippi
12 reviews
15Osprey ShuttleOsprey Shuttle
81 reviews
16Kelty DodgerKelty Dodger
23 reviews
17Osprey MeridianOsprey Meridian
127 reviews
18Eagle Creek Load WarriorEagle Creek Load Warrior
602 reviews
19Thule CrossoverThule Crossover
1,257 reviews
20Metolius Crag StationMetolius Crag Station
12 reviews
21Baggallini WeekenderBaggallini Weekender
148 reviews
22Mountainsmith Travel TrunkMountainsmith Travel Trunk
276 reviews
23Lug Puddle JumperLug Puddle Jumper
1,606 reviews
24Sherpani ZoeSherpani Zoe
81 reviews
25The North Face FlyweightThe North Face Flyweight
96 reviews
26NRS Purest MeshNRS Purest Mesh
77 reviews
27Nike GymNike Gym
334 reviews
28Dakine StashableDakine Stashable
93 reviews
29Adidas DiabloAdidas Diablo
35,630 reviews
30Hex SneakerHex Sneaker
22 reviews
31Thule SubterraThule Subterra
480 reviews
32Under Armour Storm UndeniableUnder Armour Storm Undeniable
6,060 reviews
33Watershed OcoeeWatershed Ocoee
98 reviews
34Adidas TeamAdidas Team
12,108 reviews
35Tommy Bahama MojitoTommy Bahama Mojito
694 reviews
36Briggs & Riley BaselineBriggs & Riley Baseline
2,035 reviews
37The North Face ApexThe North Face Apex
624 reviews
38Dakine EQDakine EQ
5,371 reviews
39Patagonia Storm FrontPatagonia Storm Front
13 reviews
40Watershed ChattoogaWatershed Chattooga
70 reviews
41Adidas DefenderAdidas Defender
8,569 reviews
42Watershed YukonWatershed Yukon
27 reviews
43Incase EOIncase EO
219 reviews
44WANDF FoldableWANDF Foldable
277 reviews
45Eddie Bauer StowawayEddie Bauer Stowaway
528 reviews
46Sherpani MilliSherpani Milli
75 reviews
47The North Face Base CampThe North Face Base Camp
6,174 reviews
48Pacsafe ToursafePacsafe Toursafe
144 reviews
49Eagle Creek No Matter WhatEagle Creek No Matter What
2,375 reviews
50Patagonia HeadwayPatagonia Headway
249 reviews
51Filson FieldFilson Field
107 reviews
52Speedo TeamsterSpeedo Teamster
5,292 reviews
53Eagle Creek PackableEagle Creek Packable
217 reviews
54Lug PropellerLug Propeller
145 reviews
55Under Armour UndeniableUnder Armour Undeniable
7,086 reviews
56Dakine RangerDakine Ranger
24 reviews
57Arcteryx CarrierArcteryx Carrier
63 reviews
58Burton BackhillBurton Backhill
89 reviews
59Bellino MatrixBellino Matrix
26 reviews
60Mountainsmith StashMountainsmith Stash
11 reviews
61Fila CypressFila Cypress
62 reviews
62Thule ChasmThule Chasm
448 reviews
63Timbuk2 WingmanTimbuk2 Wingman
339 reviews
64The North Face RefractorThe North Face Refractor
57 reviews
65Oakley LinkOakley Link
38 reviews
66Brics LifeBrics Life
161 reviews
67Eagle Creek MorphusEagle Creek Morphus
32 reviews
68Tommy Bahama Bahama MamaTommy Bahama Bahama Mama
534 reviews
69Nike BrasiliaNike Brasilia
8,461 reviews
70OGIO Half DomeOGIO Half Dome
715 reviews
71Kelty BristolKelty Bristol
38 reviews
72Ricardo Beverly Hills Malibu BayRicardo Beverly Hills Malibu Bay
326 reviews
73Adidas SantiagoAdidas Santiago
49 reviews
74Nike HoopsNike Hoops
2,758 reviews
75Osprey TrilliumOsprey Trillium
79 reviews
76Patagonia ArborPatagonia Arbor
619 reviews
77Gregory StashGregory Stash
79 reviews
78Henty WingmanHenty Wingman
151 reviews
79Travelpro Tpro BoldTravelpro Tpro Bold
338 reviews
80Wildkin MajesticWildkin Majestic
2,209 reviews
81ClaireChase ExecutiveClaireChase Executive
1,747 reviews
82Gregory AlpacaGregory Alpaca
98 reviews
83Eagle Creek ORVEagle Creek ORV
189 reviews
84K3 ExcursionK3 Excursion
85 reviews
85Wally Bags CollegiateWally Bags Collegiate
182 reviews
86Eagle Creek Cargo HaulerEagle Creek Cargo Hauler
1,114 reviews
87Timbuk2 NavigatorTimbuk2 Navigator
330 reviews
88Pacsafe DuffelsafePacsafe Duffelsafe
52 reviews
89Buxton ExpeditionBuxton Expedition
36 reviews
90Ergodyne ArsenalErgodyne Arsenal
2,029 reviews
91Outdoor Research RangefinderOutdoor Research Rangefinder
34 reviews
926 Pack Fitness Beast6 Pack Fitness Beast
51 reviews
93Delsey ChatillonDelsey Chatillon
559 reviews
94Victorinox WerksVictorinox Werks
596 reviews
95Timbuk2 QuestTimbuk2 Quest
59 reviews
96CalPak Silver LakeCalPak Silver Lake
2,163 reviews
97High Sierra AccessHigh Sierra Access
10,022 reviews
98The North Face Rolling ThunderThe North Face Rolling Thunder
434 reviews
99Tumi TahoeTumi Tahoe
42 reviews
100Briggs & Riley ExchangeBriggs & Riley Exchange
21 reviews
101CalPak ChaletCalPak Chalet
207 reviews
102Burton BoothausBurton Boothaus
23 reviews
103Calpak PlatoCalpak Plato
177 reviews
104Granite Gear Cross TrekGranite Gear Cross Trek
692 reviews
105Eagle Creek Gear WarriorEagle Creek Gear Warrior
557 reviews
106Bixbee SparkaliciousBixbee Sparkalicious
103 reviews
107World Traveler LeopardWorld Traveler Leopard
6,011 reviews
108World Traveler PaisleyWorld Traveler Paisley
6,511 reviews
109Under Armour IsolateUnder Armour Isolate
188 reviews
110World Traveler DamaskWorld Traveler Damask
8,654 reviews
111World Traveler ChevronWorld Traveler Chevron
10,597 reviews
112World Traveler ZebraWorld Traveler Zebra
7,649 reviews
113CalPak HollywoodCalPak Hollywood
500 reviews
114Black Diamond StoneBlack Diamond Stone
826 reviews
115Herschel NovelHerschel Novel
2,846 reviews
116Timberland Jay PeakTimberland Jay Peak
481 reviews
117Phantom Aquatics WalrusPhantom Aquatics Walrus
327 reviews
118Eagle Creek ExpanseEagle Creek Expanse
273 reviews
119Samsonite AndanteSamsonite Andante
3,010 reviews
120Brics ProntoBrics Pronto
70 reviews
121Filson PullmanFilson Pullman
10 reviews
122Herschel PackableHerschel Packable
499 reviews
123High Sierra AT8High Sierra AT8
119 reviews
124Pathfinder RevolutionPathfinder Revolution
123 reviews
125High Sierra SportourHigh Sierra Sportour
351 reviews
126Nike AlphaNike Alpha
73 reviews
127DeMarini StadiumDeMarini Stadium
53 reviews
128Biaggi ZipSakBiaggi ZipSak
1,063 reviews
129Seattle Sports DownstreamSeattle Sports Downstream
24 reviews
1305.11 Tactical NBT5.11 Tactical NBT
18 reviews
131Pacsafe PouchsafePacsafe Pouchsafe
26 reviews
132Biaggi HangerooBiaggi Hangeroo
235 reviews

Buyers Guide to Duffel Bags

[toc] If you are looking for a versatile, sturdy, and efficient bag, then you must be thinking of a duffel bag. Although this type of carrier has been around for quite some time, it still remains as popular as ever. So, regardless of what you need it for, a duffel bag is sure to suit your purpose well.

Of course, this brings you to actually choosing the best possible bag for you and your endeavors. Since this can be a bit of a longwinded and confusing process, we have decided to provide you with some pointers. This guide will tackle all of the relevant subject matter for you:

The Complete Guide to Choosing a Duffel Bag

At a glance, you may think that you know all about duffel bags. After all, you have either seen them being used or used them yourselves for most of your life. Well, believe it or not, there is probably a great deal about these bags that you don’t know.

This is because there tends to be a considerable level of difference between each duffel bag. They vary by manufacturer, function, design, and even material. So, you will need to be fully informed if you are to actually find one that is well-suited to you. Here is all that of the information that you require:

Types of Duffel Bags

First things first, let’s tackle the types of duffel bags that you can choose from:
  • Gym Duffel Bag: this is probably the most common types of duffel bags available. They tend to be large enough to carry your equipment, although they do come in a variety of sizes. The key features of this bag are strength and durability.

  • Travel Duffel Bag: this type of bag is actually becoming quite widespread these days. You can choose either a rolling duffel bag or a design with no wheels. These bags are sturdy and lightweight and have large capacities.

  • Unstructured Duffel Bag: while most duffel bags can keep their shape when empty, unstructured bags are meant to do the opposite. This makes them easy to put away and store when they are not in use. These bags are also quite light. Unstructured bags can be categorized either as foldable duffel bags or collapsible duffel bags.

How Will You Be Using Your Duffel Bag?

Being aware of the types of duffel bags alone isn’t enough. You will also need to take into consideration what it is that you need this bag for. There are a few reasons that people look to duffel bags as their preferred form of luggage. Understanding these requirements makes it easier for you to decide on one that is right for you.

For instance, there are various types of travel duffel bags available to you. You are probably most familiar with the ones that are taken on airlines. These keep their shape well and are able to carry a larger number of items as well as protect them too. The travel duffel bags without wheels are often used as carry on luggage while those with wheels tend to be bulkier and so work better as checked luggage.

Of course, this is not the only type of travel that you may be doing. If you are more of an explorer, then the duffel bag that you will need will differ slightly. For one thing, it is going to need to be lighter and have backpack-like straps so that it is more comfortable for you to carry around. In the event that you will be out in all types of weather, you will require a design that has weatherproof features.

Since one of the main advantages of a duffel bag is its volume capacity, these bags can be quite popular for businesspeople who are either traveling or just want to carry a larger number of items. Here, form is just as important as function. This is why, in this instance, you may want to choose a duffel bag that is slightly more expensive, looks good, and is made from more luxurious looking materials.


The next thing you will need to ponder is the size of the duffel bag that you are going to get. Here, it is all about how much you want to carry and the length of the trip that you are going on. Of course, keep in mind that there are some special rules as far as a carry on duffel bag is concerned. If this is the type of bag that you want then you will need a smaller bag that is able to adhere to the regulations of both domestic and international airlines.

Looking for a gym bag that is able to take the bare minimum or want a duffel bag that will hold clothes and small toiletries for a day? Then you will find that one with a volume of around 25 to 30 liters is satisfactory.

If you want to either carry larger items or will be gone for a weekend then you should look for a duffel bag that can hold up to 50 liters in capacity. A duffel bag that is larger than this is suitable for week-long trips. If you are planning on heading out on an expedition, then you may want to consider a bag that can hold up to 200 liters.


In addition to capacity, size can also be an issue. As you can imagine, if you are traveling by air, each airline will request that even your checked luggage be within the boundary of certain dimensions. While there are no such restrictions on gym or commuter duffel bags, you should still contemplate the size. Bags that are either too large or too long can be difficult to carry around with you. So, you should always choose ones that match your height, size, and your carrying capabilities.


Another thing to pay attention to is the material or fabric that the duffel bag is made from. Now, typically most duffel bags are made from some variation of polyester or nylon. However, if you are looking for a slighter higher end, more luxurious option, then you may prefer one in leather. The thing to keep in mind about leather is that it is quite high maintenance so you will have to care for it properly if you want it to last for longer. Also, bags made from this material don’t always age well so you may not be able to use them for too long if using them for professional purposes.

If you don’t expect too much wear or tear, duffel bags made from high denier nylon or polyester will work well for you. Of course, if you are planning on using and abusing your duffel bag, you may want to consider using ripstop or ballistic versions of the material. These are less likely to tear even when there is a lot of friction involved.

If you will be spending a lot of time outdoors then it stands to reason that your bag will have to endure changes in weather. In this case, weatherproofing features will come in quite handy. If you are anticipating a lot of rain, then you will need a bag that is made from water resistant or waterproof materials. For sunny areas, fabric that is protected against UV light will be more useful.

Organization Features

Typically, duffel bags aren’t known for their pockets or compartments. They tend to comprise of one large, main compartment where all of your items can be stored. Now, if organization isn’t your main goal or if you are headed out on a short trip, then this will serve you well. However, if you are carrying a greater number of items and want some semblance of orderliness, then you will require more isolated sections.

If you want a bag to take to the gym or the great outdoors, then consider the fact that you may have to store wet or sweaty items. In these instances, mesh pockets on the outside of the bag tend to be most useful as they allow you to keep the items separate and air them out as well.

Now, for carry on luggage, external pockets may make sense as they allow you to be more organized. Also, since the bag will rarely leave your sight, there aren’t security concerns either. Nonetheless, if you want a duffel bag for checked luggage, you will find that these outside pockets are a bit redundant. Since you can’t lock or secure those items can easily be stolen from the compartments.

The Straps

There are actually three different ways that you can carry your duffel bag:

The traditional way is with two short carrying handles that meet in the middle. These are often secured together with a piece of fabric and Velcro. With these, you can hold the bag in one hand and carry it parallel to the ground. This system works well for lightweight bags with medium dimensions. Just ensure that the fabric that holds the handles is well padded so that the grip is more comfortable.

Then, you have the option of a cross-body strap that goes diagonally across your torso. This is a good choice for bags that are a little longer and are a bit bulky. For the greatest level of comfort, look for a wider strap with a padded portion that can rest on your shoulder.

More recently, you are able to find duffel bags that have a carrying system much like that of a backpack. This is ideal for bags that are quite heavier or if you have to travel a greater distance, carrying your bag. These straps afford you greater stability. Just ensure that the straps are well-padded and are slightly wider.

This is a good set of pointers to help you choose a duffel bag that will suit you perfectly, regardless of what you need it for.

26 More Duffel Bags

Classic duffel bags and models that haven't yet got enough reviews to be ranked.

RankDuffel BagRating
1The North Face LandfallThe North Face Landfall
27 reviews
2Kelty AscenderKelty Ascender
19 reviews
3Bugatti VailBugatti Vail
18 reviews
4CalPak RoverCalPak Rover
822 reviews
5Maxpedition LunadaMaxpedition Lunada
206 reviews
Dakine DescentDakine Descent
High Sierra WinslowHigh Sierra Winslow
Mountain Hardwear LightweightMountain Hardwear Lightweight
Timbuk2 RaceTimbuk2 Race
Exped TransitExped Transit
Exped TempestExped Tempest
Boreas ErawanBoreas Erawan
Montane TransitionMontane Transition
Cotopaxi ChumpiCotopaxi Chumpi
Matador TransitMatador Transit
Outdoor Research AntimatterOutdoor Research Antimatter
Lole DeenaLole Deena
DMM VoidDMM Void
OMM AdventureOMM Adventure
Fila DonlonFila Donlon
Fila DroneFila Drone
Nike DepartureNike Departure
Coach DuffletteCoach Dufflette
NRS WatershedNRS Watershed
Volkl All ProVolkl All Pro
Samsonite To The ClubSamsonite To The Club

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