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Last updated July 3, 2019

You can carry your clothes in a suitcase, but it helps a lot if you use a garment bag instead.

Unfortunately not all garment bags are of the same high quality, so you need to spend some time checking the different brands and models before you choose your new bag.

The Best Garment Bag

Having checked thousands of garment bag reviews, we can say that the Wally Bags Gown is the best choice for most people.

The Wally Bags Gown got a rating of 4.24 out of 5, while the average rating in the list below is just 3.77.

Wally Bags Gown
This is the best reviewed garment bag.
How we rate the bags

We have checked 9,049 garment bag reviews, so we can show you the weighted average rating of all the bags.

Using the average ratings, you can check what all the reviewers think instead of just viewing the subjective opinion of one specific reviewer.

It's much simplier to find the best bags that way.

Also Great

If the Wally Bags Gown isn't your style, you might also consider the Briggs & Riley Baseline.

The Baseline is a close runner-up with a rating of 4.20 out of 5, but it's often more expensive than the Gown.

Briggs & Riley Baseline
The second-best reviewed garment bag.
Finally, you might consider the Piel Executive.

The Executive is the third-best rated garment bag with a rating of 3.91, but it's often more expensive than the Gown.

Piel Executive
The third-best reviewed garment bag.
Below is the list of all top 10 best garment bags. Great if none of the three bags above are your style.

The 10 Best Garment Bags

PS: We have checked 9,049 reviews to make this top 10 list!

RankGarment BagRating
1Wally Bags GownWally Bags Gown
Available on Amazon
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1,639 reviews
2Briggs & Riley BaselineBriggs & Riley Baseline
Available on Amazon
Check Deals
2,035 reviews
3Piel ExecutivePiel Executive
Available on Amazon
Check Deals
233 reviews
4Werks TravelerWerks Traveler
234 reviews
5Delsey ChatillonDelsey Chatillon
559 reviews
6Samsonite SolyteSamsonite Solyte
672 reviews
7Travelpro Platinum MagnaTravelpro Platinum Magna
1,437 reviews
8Samsonite LiftSamsonite Lift
289 reviews
9Travel Select AmsterdamTravel Select Amsterdam
1,716 reviews
10Biaggi HangerooBiaggi Hangeroo
235 reviews

Buyers Guide to Garment Bags

[toc] How many times have you opened your suitcase after a flight only to find that some of your nicest clothes have been crushed beyond recognition? This can be particularly upsetting if you are on a work trip or have a fancy event to attend. Luckily for you, all you really need is a garment bag to make sure that everything arrives in excellent shape.

Like most people, however, you probably haven’t had to go looking for this type of bag. So, understandably, you may not know the features or the aspects to consider. Well, that’s what we’re here for – this is the only guide you will need on how to find the perfect garment bag for yourself.

Garment Bags: Your Guide to Traveling with Well-Kept Clothes

Sometimes, when you are traveling, you need to make sure that your clothes are going to stay as neat and unrumpled as when you packed them in. If you are planning on heading out to business meetings or have to show up for wedding photo shoots, you can’t exactly turn up in crumpled clothing. This is why you have to be extra careful about how you pack your clothes.

Now, for these situations, a regular old bag or suitcase simply will not do. You require a garment bag to make certain that your clothes will arrive at your destination in beautiful condition. If you are having some trouble in deciding which one is for you, we have taken the liberty of compiling a list of things that you need to know:

Built-in vs. Specialized Garment Bags

One of the first things that you will need to settle on is whether you are looking for a bag with a built-in garment bag feature or an actual travel garment bag. The obvious advantage of a built-in bag is that it doesn’t require to purchase additional bags – you have everything that you need in one suitcase. The main downside of these bags, though, is that there isn’t much space for your clothes. At most, you may be able to fit in about two suits or dresses but not more than that.

With specialized garment bags, though, there is a lot more space and organizational features available. This allows you to take a greater amount of clothes on your trip, ensuring that each piece will be kept as neat and immaculate as the last. They also have several other benefits that will be discussed later on in the article.

Are All Garment Bags the Same?

Now, all garment bags serve a similar function – they are meant to carry clothes in a specific manner to avoid crushing or damaging the items. Despite this, it cannot be said that all garment bags are the same. Most of these are suit garment bags. This means that they are designed to carry men’s and women’s business suits. If you want to take something more elaborate like a dress, however, you will need to look for garment bags that have those particular features. This will guarantee that the clothing item will be in a much better condition.

Types of Garment Bags

Here are the most common garment bag designs available:
  • Garment Sleeves: these carriers are a thinner version of garment bags. While they keep the clothes neat and well-pressed, they are also quite lightweight. These sleeves can be used by themselves but most people typically carry them inside suitcases.

  • Duffel Garment Bag: although these aren’t very common, there are garment bags that can be folded up into duffel bags. This allows you to carefully carry your clothes as well as take other items with you, all in a lightweight case.

  • Garment Suitcase: these are suitcases that have been specifically designed to carry clothing in as neat a manner as possible. While these bags can be a little heavy, they offer your clothing a considerable amount of protection. These bags are available both with and without wheels.

  • Traditional Garment Bags: despite being similar to suitcases, traditional garment bags don’t have as much structure. As such, they tend to be a bit more lightweight. When unfolded, they resemble garment sleeves but are a great deal more durable.

Wheels or No Wheels – That Is the Question

While shopping you will find that many of the traditional garment bags and suitcases fall under the category of rolling garment bag. This means that they have wheels. So, if you are planning on choosing either of these styles, you will probably have to figure out if you want a wheeled version or not.

The perks to opting for a model without wheels is the ease with which you can carry the bag. These bags tend to be lighter so it is often simply a matter of carrying it on your shoulder wherever you go. Of course, this only really works for lighter loads. Also, since these bags lack wheels, handles, etc. they are also more compact and easier to take with you on the airplane.

Despite being a bit bulkier than its wheel-less counterpart, wheeled luggage does come with its own benefits. First, regardless of how many clothes that you have packed, the bag is easy to take with you. Also, since wheeled bags usually have a more defined structure, your clothes will arrive at their destination in a better condition.

Two Wheels vs. Spinner Wheels

If you do decide to go with wheels, then it is a matter of figuring out if you should choose a model with two wheels or four wheels. The main advantage of a two-wheeled garment bag is durability. Here, the wheels are recessed inside the exterior of the bag. As such, they are less likely to break. This makes them a good choice for pulling across uneven ground. The disadvantage is that these bags can be a bit difficult to pull around, especially if you are carrying a heavier load.

Four wheels are often known as spinner wheels and are a great option for those with more to carry. The four wheels mean that you have to push rather pull your luggage, making it a lot simpler for you to move around. The spinner wheels are also great for getting your luggage through small corridors as they can easily turn the bag. At the same time, the wheels are attached to the outside of the bag, making them a lot more vulnerable to damage.

Carry On or Checked Luggage

Garment bags can be divided into two main types – carry on bags or checked bags. If you aren’t planning on taking too many suits or dresses with you, then a garment bag carry on will make the most sense. This also works for anyone who wants to be extra-sure that their clothes will arrive at the destination in the best condition possible.

The thing about carry on garment bags is that they have to be a particular size. The precise dimensions will depend on the airline that you are flying on. More often than not, though, you will find that the measurements for the domestic flights will stands as 22 inches for length, 9 inches for depth, and 14 inches for width. If the bag is any larger than that, it will need to be sent as checked luggage.

If you really want to make certain that you can take your bag on board with you, you should consider a tri fold garment bag. As you can probably tell by the name, this is a bag that can be folded three times over. This way, it makes for a more compact bag. At the same time, it still keeps your clothes quite neat.

Now, with checked garment bags, you can expect your clothes to be a little more rumpled. This is because the bags do get thrown about a bit. Of course, if the bag has been carefully and tightly packed, this may prove not to be an issue. The great thing about checked garment bags is that you have a lot more room to pack a greater number of clothes in.

Garment Bag Capacity

After you have gone through the previous features, it is time to know figure out the size of the bag required. Or rather, how much capacity it can hold. Most garment bags will specify just how many suits they can hold.

Many garment sleeves can only hold up to one or two suits. The bigger bags are able to carry around three or four. The roomiest ones can often carry around seven suits at a time. So, to determine how much space you need, you should figure out how many functions or events that you need to attend.

If you can’t pin down just how many suits you need and want to stay on the safe side, then you can think in terms of trip length. For these instances, a weekender garment bag will stand out from the competition. They can hold suits and clothes for at least three to four days, allowing you to take everything that you need.

Storage Features

The main purpose of a garment bag is to allow you to neatly store your clothes while traveling. Still, there are a few things to consider. The larger bags also have options for you to take other items such as shoes, toiletries, accessories, etc. Therefore, it becomes necessary to analyze these storage features.

The most important thing here is compartmentalization. This means that there must be a separate section for each of your things. It is excellent if the garment section of the bag can be protected by a layer of material or even mesh.

Speaking of which mesh pockets (or regular pockets) should also be a feature that is included. This way, everything will remain in place, even after a long flight. External pockets are also helpful features. This is particularly useful if you will be taking shoes in the same bag and want to keep them separate.


Most of the garment bags will be made either from nylon or polyester. If you aren’t carrying anything particularly delicate or valuable, you will find that these materials are adequate for keeping your clothes safe. Of course, if you want something a little more durable, you will be able to find garment bags made from ballistic nylon. This material prevents wear and tear and can reduce the probability of your clothes being punctured.

If you are going on a business trip or want a good looking bag, there are garment bags made from leather. It is important to keep in mind that these are high maintenance bags and should probably be only used as carry on luggage. Even then, you will need to pay special attention to ensure that there are no scuff marks or wear on these bags.

This is essentially all that you will need to take into consideration when looking for travel garment bags.

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