Top 30 Best Hardcase luggage in 2018

We have read and checked 69,341 reviews to make this top 30 list!

First, here's the best reviewed hardcase luggage of all the many bags we have checked:

Lojel Rando

Most hardside luggage is of great quality, but unfortunatly there are also some bags that aren't worth considering.

It therefore pays to spend some time checking the many brands and models, so you can make sure you choose a quality bag that fits your needs.

To help you choose, we have read and checked 69,341 reviews to find the best reviewed hardcase luggage.

Now, let's take a look at the 30 best rated hardcase luggage here in 2018:

Rankhardcase luggageRating
1Lojel RandoLojel Rando4.8
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2Brics CapriBrics Capri4.8
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3Titan X2Titan X24.7
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4Ben Sherman NottinghamBen Sherman Nottingham4.5
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5Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of BoundsKenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds4.5
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6Travelpro MaxliteTravelpro Maxlite4.5
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7Samsonite SilhouetteSamsonite Silhouette4.5
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8Andiamo PanteraAndiamo Pantera4.5
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9Samsonite OmniSamsonite Omni4.5
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10Travelers Choice TasmaniaTravelers Choice Tasmania4.5
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11Kenneth Cole Reaction ReverbKenneth Cole Reaction Reverb4.4
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12Delsey HeliumDelsey Helium4.4
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13Delsey ChateletDelsey Chatelet4.4
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14Travelers Choice SedonaTravelers Choice Sedona4.4
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15Goplus GlobalwayGoplus Globalway4.4
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16Rockland MelbourneRockland Melbourne4.3
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17Samsonite WinfieldSamsonite Winfield4.3
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18Gabbiano GenovaGabbiano Genova4.3
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19Samsonite InovaSamsonite Inova4.3
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20Nautica AhoyNautica Ahoy4.2
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21Kenneth Cole Reaction RenegadeKenneth Cole Reaction Renegade4.2
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22London Fog CambridgeLondon Fog Cambridge4.2
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23Tommy Hilfiger ClassicTommy Hilfiger Classic4.2
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24Samsonite FreeformSamsonite Freeform4.1
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25Samsonite NeopulseSamsonite Neopulse4.1
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26Perry Ellis TractionPerry Ellis Traction4.1
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27Skyway NimbusSkyway Nimbus4.0
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28Samsonite SSamsonite S'cure4.0
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29Travelers Club ChicagoTravelers Club Chicago4.0
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30Delsey CruiseDelsey Cruise4.0
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List based on 69,341 checked reviews.

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Not sure what hardcase luggage to choose? Read on as we are going to take a closer look at each bag!

Hardcase luggage on conveyor belt

The hardcase luggage buyers guide

Choosing luggage, particularly pieces that you have to take on an airplane can be quite tricky. There is just so much that you have to take into account to find the right option. Hardside luggage, especially, requires you to consider quite a lot before you make a purchase. After all, you are trying to make an investment.

If you don’t want to end up with a white elephant case on your hands, you need to be able to understand how to choose a piece of hardside luggage. To make this process a little easier for you, we have decided to create an article that shows you everything that you need to do. Here is all of the information that you should be aware of.

Hardside Luggage: What You Need to Know About the Buying Process (Buyers Guide)

Hardside luggage is a relatively new type of suitcase and isn’t as prominent among travelers. So, when it actually comes time to make a decision, you may not find that you have all that much information to go on. This can make it difficult to know whether you are choosing the right piece of luggage for yourself. Well, if you want a little bit more help in this department, you have come to the right place. Here is what you need to know:

Hard vs. Soft Luggage

When it comes to luggage, the first decision that you will have to make is between hard shell luggage and soft shell cases. As the name suggests, hardside luggage comes with a tough shell while soft shell suitcases are often made from fabric. Now, these two types of luggage have their own set of advantages and disadvantages so let’s take a look at what each of them has to offer:

Soft Shell Luggage

You are probably quite familiar with soft shell luggage as they still tend to be one of the more commonly used options. The reason that people tend to go for this type of luggage is because it is easier to pack more items into it. Since there is less rigidity to the exterior, you can also stuff in a few extra things. This flexibility also means that it is easier to fit the smaller versions of these cases into the overhead compartments in planes. The downside, of course, is that neither the case nor the things inside are afforded all that much protection. Also, the higher quality soft shell bags tend to be quite heavy as well.

Hard Shell Luggage

The main benefit of hard shell cases is that the outer part of the luggage is incredibly strong. It is meant to be able to withstand being dropped and mishandled. The materials ensure that the suitcase stays intact and that the items inside are also well protected. Surprisingly enough, hard shell cases are actually quite light due to the way that they are built. So, although they may not look like it, they can actually rival soft cases when it comes to weight.

Which One is Better?

It actually isn’t a case of which one is better but rather, which one is right for you. One of the reasons that hardside luggage is becoming more popular is because of its durability and longer lifespan. Also, with weight restrictions becoming stricter and more expensive with airlines, these type of suitcases actually help you to stay in check when packing.

What Is Hardside Luggage Made Of?

Hardside luggage is actually made of several materials. The materials that are used depend on the manufacturer as well as what the main purpose of the bag is. For instance, a case that is meant to be durable may be made from a different material than one that needs to be lightweight.

The most commonly used materials are hi-tech plastics. These include polycarbonate, ABS plastic, and polypropylene. If your main goal is to minimize the amount of weight of the luggage, then you should opt for ABS which is the lightest of all of these options. Of course, while it is strong it may also not afford you the same level of protection as the other materials.

Polycarbonate is a bit heavier than hardside luggage made from ABS plastic. The upside to this is that polycarbonate is also stronger. So, you can expect your suitcase to be able to take a bit more battering around and still be virtually unscathed.

If you want a suitcase that is tough yet flexible, you should look for ones that are made from polypropylene. Cases made from this type of material are quite hardy and much more capable of protecting the items inside your suitcase. Despite this, these suitcases are actually quite light.

Now, a hard shell material that it isn’t mentioned too often is aluminum. Luggage that is made from aluminum tends to be quite pricey, not to mention rather heavy as well. The payoff to these downsides is that these cases are practically indestructible – well at the hands of impatient airport baggage handlers, at least. They also happen to be nearly impossible to break into due to the special lock system on such suitcases.

Sizes of Hardside Luggage

There is quite a bit of variation associated with hardside luggage sizes and capacities so you should be able to find one that is best suited to you. Here is a guide:

Carry-on Luggage

This refers to hardside cases that you can take aboard an aircraft and store in the overhead compartment above your seat. For these type of bags, you have to be careful about the size as well as the weight that you are carrying. As a rule of thumb, a bag that has dimensions greater than 22 x 15 x 9 cannot be considered as carry-on luggage.

Checked Luggage

With checked luggage, you have a little bit more freedom when it comes to size and weight. This does, of course, differ from airline to airline. It is typical to find that any bag that exceeds linear inches (length x width x height altogether) 62 inches will be considered excess luggage. For cases that are bigger than this, you may be expected to pay an additional fee.

Taking Weight Into Consideration

Along with the size, you will also need to think about how much each piece of hardside luggage weighs. As mentioned, airlines will restrict how much you can carry onboard as well as check in as baggage. The more that your hardside case weighs, the less that you will be able to pack into it due to these limitations.

Internal Storage Organization Features

Hardside cases don’t have exterior pockets or compartments of any kind. So, you have to rely on the internal capacity of the case to store all items. This is why you should look for as many organization features as you can. This can usually be divided into mesh pockets, small pouches, straps, and even dividers.

The main purpose of such features is to help you to separate various items from one another so that it is easier to locate when the case is opened. Of course, they can serve another purpose too. There may be instances in when you do not fill up the luggage to full capacity. In this case, you will need to ensure that all of the items are secured so that they don’t move around during the journey.

Expansion Feature

In many cases, hardside luggage is built to allow only a certain amount of items and will can’t fit any more than that. However, there are certain designs that do give you the chance to expand your luggage so that it can carry even more items. This is often managed by additional length of fabric with a separate zipper attached. The average hardside suitcase can expand anywhere from an inch to almost five inches. As you can imagine, making use of this feature does mean that you will be carrying more weight as well.

The Wheeling Options

These days, you will be hard-pressed to find hardside luggage that doesn’t come with wheels attached at the bottom. These fixtures certainly make it easier for you to transport your luggage from one place to another. While you may not think that the wheels on your suitcase are all that important, you should pay closer attention to them.

The first thing you will need to do is to figure out if you want a suitcase that has only two wheels at the bottom or four. It is now becoming more common to see hardside cases with four wheels as these do make it simpler for you to maneuver through tight spots. The four wheels – also known as spinners – can move in a 360 direction which makes it easier for you to turn the suitcase and pull it in this manner.

Still, two wheels can still come in quite handy. There are often good on more uneven surfaces and are better equipped to handle a variety of environments. At the same time, since you need to bear some of the weight of the luggage, it can be a bit tiresome to keep handling this type of luggage.

In most instances, the wheels on hardside luggage tend to be more exposed and don’t have the protection of the luggage frame. This is why it is quite important to check that the wheels are durable and will not break easily. This doesn’t mean that the wheels should be made from a harder material, though. A more flexible material will work better as it is less likely to crack against rocks or other hard obstacles. On a similar note, you should stick with larger wheels as well. These are less likely to get stuck in ruts or small spaces and will handle more smoothly.

More Food for Thought – Square vs. Round Edges

Hardside luggage will either have square edges on its frame or round edges. While this may seem like a stylistic feature, it is actually a functional one. The round edges on a suitcases means that it is less like to get scratched or become damage and withstands wear and tear quite well. On the other hand, the square edged suitcases have the benefit of allowing you more internal storage space. So, it is up to you to decide whether you want durability or space when examining the corners of a suitcase.

This is what you need to be aware of when choosing any and all types of hardside luggage.

Popular Hardside Luggage Brands

Here are some of the most popular brands that make hardside luggage:


Delsey has been producing innovative luggage for more than seven decades. Based in Paris, Delsey strive for an elegance and boldness in their collections that display a passion for history and architecture. Their collections are designed to fulfill the needs of both business and leisure travelers. Delsey luggage goes through rigorous quality tests to make sure they are fit for purpose. Delsey Helium, Delsey Chatelet, Delsey Cruise and Delsey Bastille are some of the popular hardside luggage from Delsey.

Delsey used to make leather cases for photographic equipment and cameras as a cottage industry but soon Delsey was to become the number one French supplier of cases for photographic equipment and that was the beginning of the of the success story.

Although famous for their luggage today, it was only in 1970 that Delsey took off into the world of travel. That same year the Delsey Airstyle, the first rigid luggage line, was launched and since then Delsey is developing products with more improved function and design each time.

Kenneth Cole Reaction

Kenneth Cole Reaction is a U.S. Based men’s sportswear collection which focuses on denim, graphic tees, and woven shirts. They also provide some great quality hard side luggage including Kenneth Cole Reaction Revern and Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds.

At Kenneth Cole Productions, they strive to maintain respect for human rights and high standards of business ethics throughout their worldwide operations. This brand tries to innovate packaging and product on an ongoing basis to honor their responsibility to natural and human resources. Kenneth Cole Productions works diligently to create programs, benefits, and policies that contribute to a positive, environmentally responsible and safe working space for their associates and workers throughout their business.

Their huge collection of products also includes footwear, outerwear, pants, dress shirts, ties, bags, luggage, jewelry, sunglasses, and fragrance.


Merax manufactures innovative products that are helpful to simplify and enhance the lives of the modern users through offering a wide number of all-inclusive specialized equipment that falls under the categories of Office, home, pets, fitness, kids and travel all of which are internationally sourced from the global market.

The Merax brand’s Travel sector focuses on multi-set suitcases that have a variety of specialized features like multi-directional spinner wheels and TSA security locks and ergonomic aluminum telescoping handles. Their signature color and size diversification aid them in fulfilling an array of both creativity and travel need with solid PC+ABS materials to provide essential structure. Merax Travelhouse is the most popular hard side luggage by Merax.

To further propel its global success and groundbreaking product development this brand strives to utilize its expansive platform. They provide their consumers with an unprecedented online shopping experience that offers products for daily use in all aspects of life, globally connecting consumers with experiences to remember.


Nautica is a brand that combines classic style and a true spirit of adventure. The Nautica collection of luggage, bags and travel accessories embrace the iconic Nautica look while offering quality, design, and value. Nautica Ahoy is most popular and functional hardside luggage by Nautica.

Nautica carry-ons, duffels and luggage will keep them organized and looking great while on the go. They are constructed from durable polyester fabric and include features like a removable wet pouch for toiletries, exterior easy access pockets, an ergonomic and locking handle and spinner wheels for easy maneuverability. Each piece is designed to be affordable and dependable while remaining stylish. Organizational compartments and fully lined interiors make sure the user’s items get there safely, while the sporty designs make sure the user look good.

The traditional backpacks, luggage, messenger bags and duffels manufactured by Nautica come in the brand's bold colors with a variety of sizes for any type of journey. Nautica brand continues to capture the essence of an active, spirited lifestyle while maintaining quality and value in all their designs From their classic line of clothing to their ever-expanding selection of accessories, including luggage.

Ricardo Beverly Hills

Ricardo Beverly Hills, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets luggage and travel accessories. The company offers carry-on and checked luggage, rolling bags and totes, duffel and garment bags, and travel essentials; and backpacks, briefcases and messenger bags, and totes and handbags. The Ricardo Beverly Hills Roxbury is one of the most popular hardside luggage by them.

They sell their products online, as well as through department stores, specialty stores, and online retailers in the United States and internationally. The company was founded in 1978 and is based in Kent, Washington.

Today, Ricardo Beverly Hills is an international company with corporate headquarters in the greater Seattle area. We are committed to creating effortless travel experiences for our community through our proprietary brands Ricardo Beverly Hills, Skyway, American Explorer and Stephanie Johnson as well as private label and licensed brands.


Rockland has been producing high-quality luggage for the style conscious traveler for more that For 20 years. Rockland Melbourne and Rockland Sonic are some of the popular hardside-luggage from Rockland.

Their products are globally recognizable for their bright patterns and graphic designs, Rockland luggage prides itself on manufacturing trendy bags that are at the cutting edge of fashion and design. The hardside range from Rockland luggage is extremely lightweight and durable and is made of polycarbonate and ABS. The split construction of the cases makes packing easy. The Rockland luggage includes innovative design ideas such as durable heavy duty nylon material, multi-directional spinner wheels or inline skate wheels, modern telescoping push-button handles and elastic pockets as well as interior mesh and zip pockets to keep things organized.

Rockland luggage offers a srtess-free travel for the stylish traveler rushing through busy airports. Rockland bags are stain-resistant, durable, easy to clean and lightweight. Rockland luggage are famous as functional, classic and versatile companion.


Samsonite is a company that creates stylish and high quality solutions for modern travelers. Samsonite introduces the lightest and strongest collection of Lightweight luggage. Some popular hard side luggage by Samsonite are the Samsonite Winfield, Samsonite Omni, Samsonite Cruisair, Samsonite S'cure, Samsonite LIFTwo, and Samsonite Firelite.

They has continued to hold their heritage and craftsmanship as an innovator for the past 100 years, In their quest to uphold the Samsonite reputation, Samsonite’s European designers developed the “S’Cure” line of suitcases, which features a revolutionary lightweight, yet durable, material and textured shells and to make sure ensure that the prototype would work like the final product, Materialise engineers used a combination of Additive Manufacturing technologies, (stereolithography and laser sintering), to produce a complete suitcase that included functional latches, a textured case, handles, and wheels.

Today, Samsonite leads the luggage industry with their core values, innovation and design into product categories and with consumer targets.


Timberland LLC is a USA based retailer and manufacturer of outdoors wear with a focus on footwear and hard side luggage. Timberland Boscawen is the most popular hard side luggage by Timberland.

Timberland manufactures products for people intending outdoor use. The company also sells apparel, such as clothes, watches, glasses, sunglasses and leather goods.

The rich New England heritage of their company inspires their unique product designs and culture. The outdoor lifestyle whether that involves wooded trails or city streets have a great impact on every aspect of their business, every store they open, everything they make has been founded.

Traveler's Choice

Travelers Choice is a distributor and manufacturer of some of the greatest quality travel products for both the retail and wholesale markets. Travelers Choice Sedona, Travelers Choice Toronto and Travelers Choice Freedom are the most popular and well performing hard side luggage by Travelers Choice.

They make every effort to provide a unique, modern, and practical case or bag specifically designed for today’s traveler. As one of the leading suppliers of quality luggage in the industry Traveler’s Choice has achieved and maintained an exemplary record.

Since 1984, Traveler’s Choice Travel ware has been known globally for its dedication to quality and commitment to excellence. Travelware by Traveler’s Choice manufactured products ranges from polyester & ballistic nylon soft cases, to ABS & polycarbonate hard cases. The main product categories of these collections are vertical and horizontal Pullmans, pilot cases, wheeled carry-ons, casual luggage and sports carry-ons.

The 3 best reviewed hardcase luggage in 2018

Rankhardcase luggageRating
1Lojel RandoLojel Rando4.8
Check price »

2Brics CapriBrics Capri4.8
Check price »

3Titan X2Titan X24.7
Check price »

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