Top 200 Best Hiking Backpacks

Few things feel worse than carrying a hiking backpack that doesn’t fit properly. Some hiking backpacks are just not good to walk with, even if the brands call them hiking packs, expedition packs and so on.

It’s super important that you spend some time finding a hiking backpack that suits you, so you will enjoy your adventures instead of cursing about your pack the whole time.

You need to make sure the backpack you choose is comfortable to carry over long distances and at the same time, you need to chose the right size and also make sure quality of the pack is good enough.

The 210 Best Hiking Backpacks

RankHiking BackpackRating
1Mountain Hardwear Direttissima 35Mountain Hardwear Direttissima 355.00
5 reviews
2The North Face Shadow 30+10The North Face Shadow 30+105.00
2 reviews
3Gregory Tempo 8Gregory Tempo 85.00
9 reviews
4Lowe Alpine Eclipse 35Lowe Alpine Eclipse 355.00
6 reviews
5Fjallraven High Coast 185.00
2 reviews
6Lowe Alpine Vector 30Lowe Alpine Vector 305.00
3 reviews
7Gregory Sucia 28Gregory Sucia 285.00
3 reviews
8Gregory Velata 30Gregory Velata 305.00
2 reviews
9Granite Gear Athabasca 24LGranite Gear Athabasca 24L5.00
15 reviews
10Ortovox Trad 355.00
4 reviews
11Kelty Revol 65Kelty Revol 655.00
3 reviews
12Exped Thunder 70Exped Thunder 705.00
3 reviews
13Kelty Sira 45Kelty Sira 455.00
1 review
14Mammut Creon Zip 28Mammut Creon Zip 285.00
2 reviews
15Slumberjack Rail Hauler 2Slumberjack Rail Hauler 25.00
1 review
16Berghaus TwentyFourSeven 25Berghaus TwentyFourSeven 255.00
1 review
17Lowe Alpine AirZone Z 25Lowe Alpine AirZone Z 255.00
42 reviews
18Montane Ultra 55Montane Ultra 555.00
3 reviews
19Kelty Yukon 48Kelty Yukon 485.00
3 reviews
20Burton Dayhiker 25LBurton Dayhiker 25L5.00
2 reviews
21Ethnotek RajaEthnotek Raja5.00
9 reviews
22Kelty Sanitas 34Kelty Sanitas 345.00
2 reviews
23Deuter Groeden 32Deuter Groeden 324.95
19 reviews
24Deuter Climber 22Deuter Climber 224.94
15 reviews
25Patagonia Ascensionist 40Patagonia Ascensionist 404.93
3 reviews
26Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor 40-60LSierra Designs Flex Capacitor 40-60L4.92
9 reviews
27Gregory Juno 20Gregory Juno 204.88
16 reviews
28Gregory Denali 100Gregory Denali 1004.87
38 reviews
29Mammut Lithium Speed 204.86
7 reviews
30Kelty Trekker 65Kelty Trekker 654.84
15 reviews
31Deuter Attack 20Deuter Attack 204.83
6 reviews
32Vaude Asymmetric 48+8Vaude Asymmetric 48+84.83
19 reviews
33Deuter Pace 304.82
11 reviews
34Osprey Xenith 88Osprey Xenith 884.82
196 reviews
35Gregory Baltoro 65Gregory Baltoro 654.80
830 reviews
36Patagonia Crag Daddy 45Patagonia Crag Daddy 454.80
2 reviews
37Kelty Redcloud 90Kelty Redcloud 904.80
11 reviews
38The North Face Aleia 22LThe North Face Aleia 22L4.80
5 reviews
39Osprey Kyte 66Osprey Kyte 664.78
298 reviews
40Gregory Drift 10Gregory Drift 104.78
9 reviews
41Jack Wolfskin Moab Jam 18Jack Wolfskin Moab Jam 184.78
16 reviews
42Granite Gear Lutsen 45Granite Gear Lutsen 454.77
63 reviews
43Osprey Viva 50Osprey Viva 504.77
54 reviews
44Osprey Aether AG 70Osprey Aether AG 704.77
807 reviews
45Deuter GigantDeuter Gigant4.77
46 reviews
46Deuter Aircontact 65+10Deuter Aircontact 65+104.76
58 reviews
47Gregory Amber 60Gregory Amber 604.75
118 reviews
48Exped Lightning 60Exped Lightning 604.75
38 reviews
49Osprey Skarab 32Osprey Skarab 324.75
48 reviews
50Osprey Xena 70Osprey Xena 704.74
57 reviews
51Deuter Helion 80Deuter Helion 804.74
7 reviews
52Thule Versant 60Thule Versant 604.73
47 reviews
53The North Face BorealisThe North Face Borealis4.73
16,594 reviews
54Osprey Atmos AG 65Osprey Atmos AG 654.73
2,451 reviews
55Patagonia Storm FrontPatagonia Storm Front4.73
11 reviews
56Osprey Raven 14Osprey Raven 144.73
163 reviews
57Osprey Ariel 65Osprey Ariel 654.72
441 reviews
58Mountainsmith Apex 60Mountainsmith Apex 604.72
44 reviews
59Marmot Kompressor 18Marmot Kompressor 184.72
141 reviews
60The North Face ReconThe North Face Recon4.71
13,500 reviews
61Dakine EveDakine Eve4.71
347 reviews
62Patagonia Linked 16Patagonia Linked 164.70
13 reviews
63Osprey Kestrel 38Osprey Kestrel 384.70
860 reviews
64Gregory Jade 53Gregory Jade 534.70
108 reviews
65Osprey Escapist 25Osprey Escapist 254.70
1,357 reviews
665.11 Tactical Rush 245.11 Tactical Rush 244.70
8,484 reviews
67Deuter Fox 40Deuter Fox 404.69
81 reviews
68Osprey Exos 58Osprey Exos 584.69
966 reviews
69Osprey Jet 18Osprey Jet 184.69
150 reviews
70Deuter Traveller 60+10Deuter Traveller 60+104.69
9 reviews
71Osprey Aura AG 65Osprey Aura AG 654.69
763 reviews
72Osprey Raptor 10Osprey Raptor 104.69
469 reviews
73Osprey Skimmer 30Osprey Skimmer 304.69
139 reviews
74Gregory Wander 70Gregory Wander 704.69
31 reviews
75The North Face Angstrom 204.68
10 reviews
76Thule Upslope 35Thule Upslope 354.68
49 reviews
77Dakine Prom 25LDakine Prom 25L4.68
7,200 reviews
78Slumberjack Carbine 2500Slumberjack Carbine 25004.68
60 reviews
79Lowe Alpine Cerro Torre 65:85Lowe Alpine Cerro Torre 65:854.68
23 reviews
80Vaude Astrum 70+10Vaude Astrum 70+104.68
30 reviews
81Osprey Tempest 30Osprey Tempest 304.67
313 reviews
82Osprey Quasar 284.67
395 reviews
83Salomon Skin Pro 10Salomon Skin Pro 104.67
15 reviews
84Kelty Coyote 80Kelty Coyote 804.66
185 reviews
85Osprey Talon 22Osprey Talon 224.64
1,348 reviews
86Sherpani IndieSherpani Indie4.64
19 reviews
87Osprey Farpoint 40Osprey Farpoint 404.64
1,299 reviews
88Deuter ACT Lite 50+10Deuter ACT Lite 50+104.63
280 reviews
89The North Face Terra 65The North Face Terra 654.63
276 reviews
90Kelty Redwing 44Kelty Redwing 444.62
1,859 reviews
91Deuter Futura 32Deuter Futura 324.62
133 reviews
92Kelty Redtail 27Kelty Redtail 274.62
13 reviews
93Vaude Brenta 30Vaude Brenta 304.62
20 reviews
94Patagonia Nine Trails 28Patagonia Nine Trails 284.61
24 reviews
95Gregory Zulu 40Gregory Zulu 404.60
358 reviews
96Deuter Quantum 60+104.60
25 reviews
97Maxpedition FatboyMaxpedition Fatboy4.60
546 reviews
98Slumberjack Strider 26LSlumberjack Strider 26L4.60
6 reviews
99Maxpedition LunadaMaxpedition Lunada4.60
6 reviews
100Outdoor Research IsolationOutdoor Research Isolation4.59
30 reviews
101Gregory Salvo 24Gregory Salvo 244.58
38 reviews
102Deuter KikkiDeuter Kikki4.58
89 reviews
103Deuter Pico4.58
92 reviews
104Quechua Arpenaz 104.58
12,391 reviews
105Maxpedition JumboMaxpedition Jumbo4.58
6 reviews
106Osprey Stratos 24Osprey Stratos 244.57
776 reviews
107Dakine Garden 20LDakine Garden 20L4.57
1,310 reviews
108Gregory Paragon 58Gregory Paragon 584.56
48 reviews
109High Sierra Rappel 50High Sierra Rappel 504.56
180 reviews
110Gregory Matia 28Gregory Matia 284.55
8 reviews
111High Sierra Cirque 30High Sierra Cirque 304.55
143 reviews
112Dakine Mission 25LDakine Mission 25L4.54
1,294 reviews
113Deuter Trans Alpine 24Deuter Trans Alpine 244.53
19 reviews
114Deuter Airlite 224.53
72 reviews
115The North Face VaultThe North Face Vault4.53
4,888 reviews
116Dakine Duel 26LDakine Duel 26L4.53
683 reviews
117Dakine Nora 25LDakine Nora 25L4.53
86 reviews
118Osprey Volt 60Osprey Volt 604.53
121 reviews
119Deuter GigaDeuter Giga4.52
42 reviews
120Maxpedition Sitka GearslingerMaxpedition Sitka Gearslinger4.52
420 reviews
121Osprey DayliteOsprey Daylite4.51
932 reviews
122Dakine Greta 24LDakine Greta 24L4.51
14 reviews
123Jansport HatchetJansport Hatchet4.51
630 reviews
124Marmot Graviton 34Marmot Graviton 344.50
6 reviews
125Deuter Zugspitze 24Deuter Zugspitze 244.50
2 reviews
126Deuter Speed Lite 10Deuter Speed Lite 104.50
549 reviews
127Deuter Rise Lite 284.50
2 reviews
128Zomake Ultra4.50
5,030 reviews
129Teton Sports TalusTeton Sports Talus4.50
30 reviews
130Osprey Sirrus 36Osprey Sirrus 364.49
469 reviews
131Granite Gear Virga 2Granite Gear Virga 24.48
55 reviews
132Thule Guidepost 75Thule Guidepost 754.48
31 reviews
133Quechua Forclaz 40 Air4.47
6,001 reviews
134Patagonia Snow DrifterPatagonia Snow Drifter4.46
18 reviews
135Deuter Pulse TwoDeuter Pulse Two4.46
5 reviews
136Dakine Capitol 23LDakine Capitol 23L4.46
789 reviews
137Teton Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000Teton Sports Mountain Adventurer 40004.45
67 reviews
138Gregory Alpinisto 354.44
38 reviews
139The North Face FlyweightThe North Face Flyweight4.44
94 reviews
140High Sierra Summit 45High Sierra Summit 454.44
333 reviews
141Patagonia Cragsmith 45Patagonia Cragsmith 454.43
11 reviews
142Gregory Deva 60Gregory Deva 604.43
358 reviews
143Thule Stir 35Thule Stir 354.43
118 reviews
144Fjallraven Kanken 13Fjallraven Kanken 134.42
8,696 reviews
145Venture Pal LightweightVenture Pal Lightweight4.42
8,130 reviews
146Nike Cheyenne 3Nike Cheyenne 34.41
12 reviews
147Montane Anaconda 18Montane Anaconda 184.40
5 reviews
148Gregory Maven 55Gregory Maven 554.40
10 reviews
149Maxpedition KodiakMaxpedition Kodiak4.40
18 reviews
150Gregory J 38Gregory J 384.39
68 reviews
151Osprey Manta 28Osprey Manta 284.38
330 reviews
152High Sierra Pathway 704.38
218 reviews
153Mountainsmith DayMountainsmith Day4.38
622 reviews
154High Sierra Titan 55High Sierra Titan 554.37
1,481 reviews
155Osprey Mira AG 26Osprey Mira AG 264.36
147 reviews
156Gregory Stout 45Gregory Stout 454.35
144 reviews
157Dakine Grom 13LDakine Grom 13L4.35
662 reviews
158Gregory Amasa 14Gregory Amasa 144.33
3 reviews
159High Sierra Long Trail 90High Sierra Long Trail 904.33
585 reviews
160Burton Kettle Pack 20LBurton Kettle Pack 20L4.32
83 reviews
161Gregory Miwok 24Gregory Miwok 244.31
85 reviews
162Patagonia Lightweight 22L4.31
604 reviews
163Mountain Hardwear Hueco 284.30
35 reviews
164Gregory Border 35Gregory Border 354.30
10 reviews
165Maxpedition Condor IIMaxpedition Condor II4.30
328 reviews
166Gregory Sula 24Gregory Sula 244.29
14 reviews
167Thule Capstone 50LThule Capstone 50L4.28
118 reviews
168High Sierra Appalachian 75High Sierra Appalachian 754.28
867 reviews
169Red Rock AssaultRed Rock Assault4.28
4,568 reviews
170High Sierra Explorer 55High Sierra Explorer 554.28
359 reviews
171Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 304.26
150 reviews
172Ferrino Transalp 60Ferrino Transalp 604.25
4 reviews
173High Sierra Hawk 45High Sierra Hawk 454.25
31 reviews
174Gregory Maya 22Gregory Maya 224.23
86 reviews
175Deuter Groden 30Deuter Groden 304.23
19 reviews
176Exped Summit Lite 25Exped Summit Lite 254.23
15 reviews
177Gregory Targhee 32Gregory Targhee 324.22
67 reviews
178Arcteryx Cierzo 18Arcteryx Cierzo 184.17
54 reviews
179Montane Medusa 32Montane Medusa 324.17
6 reviews
180Dakine AtlasDakine Atlas4.15
110 reviews
181Berghaus Trailhead 65Berghaus Trailhead 654.14
14 reviews
182Gregory Sketch 25Gregory Sketch 254.12
76 reviews
183Vaude Jura 30Vaude Jura 304.12
8 reviews
184High Sierra Sentinel 65High Sierra Sentinel 654.12
508 reviews
185Dakine Interval 33LDakine Interval 33L4.10
21 reviews
186OXA UltralightOXA Ultralight4.10
138 reviews
187High Sierra Lightning 35High Sierra Lightning 354.06
8 reviews
188Gregory Patos 28Gregory Patos 284.02
9 reviews
189The North Face Ice Project 45LThe North Face Ice Project 45L4.00
4 reviews
190Salomon TrailSalomon Trail4.00
1 review
191Gregory PierpontGregory Pierpont4.00
1 review
192Kelty Reva 60Kelty Reva 604.00
1 review
193Maxpedition RemoraMaxpedition Remora4.00
108 reviews
194Oakley Icon 3.0Oakley Icon 3.04.00
299 reviews
195Timbuk2 HitchTimbuk2 Hitch4.00
20 reviews
196Watershed WestwaterWatershed Westwater4.00
1 review
197The North Face Fovero 70The North Face Fovero 703.97
7 reviews
198Kelty Riot 22Kelty Riot 223.96
16 reviews
199Kelty Lakota 65Kelty Lakota 653.96
67 reviews
200High Sierra Quickshot 70High Sierra Quickshot 703.93
803 reviews
201Fox Outdoor Tactical Duty3.91
223 reviews
202Kelty Siro 503.80
6 reviews
203Fox Outdoor Rio Grande 75L3.75
204 reviews
204High Sierra Symmetry 183.74
7 reviews
205Mountainsmith Pursuit 503.60
6 reviews
206Mountain Hardwear Rainshadow 263.53
3 reviews
207Kelty Ruckus3.53
30 reviews
208The North Face Litus 223.50
2 reviews
209Salomon Peak 303.40
5 reviews
210Montane Grand Tour 553.33
3 reviews
How we rate the bags

We have checked 134,266 Hiking backpack reviews, so we can show you the weighted average rating of all the bags.

Using the average ratings, you can check what all the reviewers think instead of just viewing the subjective opinion of one specific reviewer.

It’s much simplier to find the best bags that way.

Buyers Guide to Hiking Backpacks

Woman with hiking backpack

When it comes to hiking, no trip – however short – is complete without a hiking backpack. Since there is always something for you to carry, you need a bag to contain it all. Now, there are a great number of backpacks available on the market. This can lead to the question of which one is best for your particular trip?

A Guide to Choosing the Best Hiking Backpack

While it may seem easy enough to choose, there are actually a lot of features to consider when choosing your backpack. This includes carrying capacity, materials, weight, durability, suspension systems, and much more. This is why, in this article, we have broken down the various elements for you. Here, you will be able to see what makes the best backpack and find some tips on how to choose the finest one for you. We have also chosen some backpacks that meet all of your needs and expectations when on a hiking trip.

How Long is Your Trip?

Hiking backpacks typically fall under the category of daypacks. As the name suggests, these are backpacks that are medium-sized. They are able to carry all of the items that you will need within a day. This is why, when choosing a backpack, you will first need to determine how long the majority of your hikes. Do they last a day or less? Or, do they extend for about two days at a time? By making the necessary calculations, you can figure out just how small or large your bag needs to be.

Now, it is quite common to reach for a larger bag as you may feel as though it will suit a variety of situations. The downside to choosing a bigger backpack, however, is that it will weigh more. It can be tiresome to carry more weight strictly than necessary, especially over rough terrain. If there tends to be a lot of discrepancy in the duration of your hikes, it is best to buy at least two bags for separate occasions.

The Carrying Capacity of the Bag

When you want to determine how much a particular backpack can carry, you don’t look at the size. Instead, you will need to focus on the carrying capacity or the volume of the bag. It is more common to find the volume of the backpacks to be displayed in liters. However, those that are offered in cubic centimeters tend to be a little more accurate.

Hike Length

Following the point made above, to figure out what capacity is right for you, you will to consider the length of the trip. If you are just planning on spending a day outdoors, then you should opt for a bag that is between 20 and 30 liters. This will be enough for you to put all of the food and water that you will need. There should be enough space for a light jacket as well.

If you will be spending at least one night in the wilderness, you may want a backpack that can hold around 35 to 50 liters. If you plan on spending upwards of three nights, then a backpack between 50 and 80 liters will be a better match.


Another thing to take into consideration is the weather that you will encounter. If you are hiking in the summer, you will need a minimal number of layers and therefore will not require an overly large backpack. In the winter, however, you will need to take a couple of warm, thick layers. You will need a greater amount of space in the backpack.

The Length of the Bag

While you may not need to look at the size of a bag, you will need to examine the length of it. The length of the backpack will determine where it will sit when it is strapped to you. Ideally, the top of the backpack should not be loom over your head. Similarly, it should end just below your hips so that your walking will not be impaired in any way.

Of course, it is not just the length of the bag that you will need to gauge. You will also have to measure your torso. When taking the measurements, you will need to start from the base of your neck. There is a bony protrusion where your neck and shoulders meet. This is where you should place the top of the measuring tape. Then, place each hand around your hip so that each thumb is resting on your back. Make sure that this is being done at the spot just above your hip bones. Your thumbs will mark the spot where you should end measuring your torso.

Now it is simply a matter of finding the backpack that is this long. Extra small backpacks are usually about 15.5 inches long while the slightly longer options are between 16 and 17.5 inches. A regular hiking backpack also considered to be medium sized will be around 18 or 19.5 inches. The backpacks designed for the very tall measure about 20 or more inches.

The Suspension System

The suspension system refers to the way that the weight of the pack is distributed by the various straps on the backpack. Usually smaller packs only have shoulder straps while the more heavy duty ones may have hip belts and even sternum straps. The reason that the suspension system is important is because it avoids putting too much weight on your pressure points. This way, rather than making your shoulders take the brunt of the weight, it can be dispersed, settling it around your hips. This is a much more natural method for your body.

Shoulder Straps

With shoulder straps, the main focus is comfort. So, you should look for shoulder straps that are wide so that the weight will be distributed across your shoulders evenly. Another point to look at is padding. Well-padded straps will not dig into your shoulders while walking.

Hip Belts

Hip belts can be considered the main point on the suspension system. The two things to be concerned with hip belts is where they sit and the amount of padding involved. As with the shoulder straps, more padding means less discomfort. This is particularly important as the belt will be sitting where your hip bones protrude. The hip belts should encircle the top of your hip bones. The placement of the hip belt can be remedied by adjusting the shoulder straps.

Sternum Straps

Typically, women can find the placement of sternum straps most disconcerting. To remain comfortable, it needs to sit a couple of inches below your collarbones so that it will not chafe your chest while walking.

Women Specific vs. Regular Backpacks

There are backpacks that cater specifically to the height and dimensions of a female body. Female oriented backpacks are actually some of the few women specific items that are useful. This is because most traditional hiking backpacks are tailored to the average male height. Therefore, women who are shorter than most men might find such backpacks too long for them.

The same argument can be made for women who don’t have a straight-shaped body. Here, the women specific backpacks have sternum straps and hip belts that are made especially for wider hips and chests. As mentioned, these backpacks are usually only helpful for those on the smaller side.

For the truly petite individual, youth backpacks or those that are meant for children may be just as useful.

The Weight of the Pack

There is no fun in dragging a heavy hiking backpack around. This is why there are many companies that cater to light or ultra-light hikers. These backpacks weigh as little as possible so that you can keep the overall weight of your burden down. This is particularly important for those looking to cover the greatest amount of distance, in the shortest amount of time possible.

Of course, these light or ultra-light backpacks aren’t suitable for everyone. These should be avoided if you want to take a lot of equipment with you or if your main concern is comfort.

The Durability of the Bag

Each hiker requires their backpack to withstand different types of abuse. Some hike over mild terrain and with a light load and thus don’t require too much durability. Others, however, hike with a lot of brush or abrasive surfaces and do so with a lot of equipment. Here, the backpack will need to be a lot tougher.

When speaking of backpack durability, there are two important focal points. The first is the type of material that has been used to construct the backpack. For a less durable backpack, you can use one that is made from polyester. For something that is tougher, you can opt for either nylon or Cordura. If you are really concerned with rips or tears, you can even invest in rip-stop material – the same material used for parachutes.

The other thing to look for is how the bag is being held together. Usually, the toughest seams are the ones that have been tightly stitched together. It is preferable to look for a backpack that contains double-stitching that will withstand pressure even more.

Waterproof Features

This is not a feature that every hiker needs. However, if you hike in bad weather or have to cross bodies of water, a waterproof or water resistant backpack will be handy. The first step to choosing this type of backpack is to understand that backpacks aren’t a 100 percent waterproof. At some point, even the most well insulated pack will let water through.

Another important distinction to make is the difference between waterproof and water resistant. Bags that are waterproof can be submerged in water for brief periods of time. Water resistant bags though, will simply keep rain at bay and can’t be placed in water. If you want a backpack that is either water resistant or waterproof, you should choose ones where the pocket openings and seams have been reinforced as well. This is the only way to be sure that the water will not seep inside.

Top Loader vs. Panel Loader

If you are choosing a smaller hiking backpack that will serve you well for shorter trips, the way that you load the bag isn’t important. Nonetheless, if you are going on a multi-day hike, organization becomes a lot more significant.

The panel loaders zip up around the sides. This makes it simpler to organize all of your items as well as retrieve them later on. Nonetheless, it can be a bit cumbersome to open up this type of backpack. Top loaders are those that open up from the top. While these are simple to pack, it can be difficult to pack or unpack your things in any discernible order.

This are the things you will need to consider if you are attempting to choose the best hiking backpack.

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