Top 10 Best Makeup Bags in 2018

You probably use makeup almost every day, so it really pays to go for a makeup bag that fits your style and have room for all your stuff.

You should also be aware that the quality of the bags vary a bit. Not all makeup bags and cosmetic cases are of the same quality, so it pays to spend some time comparing the different brands and models.

Having checked tens of makeup bag reviews, we can say that the Keokee Clear is the best choice for most people.

Keokee Clear

Keokee Clear

The best reviewed makeup bag
Rated 4.46 out of 5

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PS: We have checked 156 reviews to make this top 10 list!
1Keokee ClearKeokee Clear4.46Check Price
2Jacki Design Miss CherieJacki Design Miss Cherie4.36Check Price

How we rate the bags

We have checked 156 makeup bag reviews, so we can show you the weighted average rating of all the bags.

Using the average ratings, you can check what all the reviewers think instead of just viewing the subjective opinion of one specific reviewer.

It’s much simplier to find the best bags that way.

Not sure what makeup bags to choose? Read on as we are going to take a closer look at each bag!

1 – Keokee Clear

4.5 review stars Rating 4.46 based on 107 reviews

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Keokee Clear

Here’s what the reviewers think about the Keokee Clear:

Reviewers like these things about the Keokee Clear

  • A lot of users find it the perfect compact bag that’s super handy.
  • Others find it very useful for jewelry, ear buds, phone chargers and other small items.
  • Some travelers find it perfect for storing toiletry items.
  • Others find it very handy for carrying bottled liquid.
  • Many users thought it has good quality zippers and sturdy stitching.
  • Others love how spacious enough it is to hold travel essentials, bottles, cosmetics, toothpaste and some extras.
  • Some reviewers find it a great organizing kit for organizing small items in backpacks or around the house.
  • many users love its thick plastic which doesn’t scratch or wear easily.
  • Sturdy, well constructed, spacious, convenient and practical are cited as the main reasons for choosing this bag.
  • Some users find it fashionable but not too loud or tacky.
  • Other reviewers love how the gusset allows the bag to stand up which makes organizing and retrieving items so much easier.
  • Many users thought it’s the perfect case for air travel.
  • Others find the small zippered pouch a nice bonus for other random items.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • Some users find the plastic very stiff and inflexible.
  • Others thought the bag looks fine but too small.

2 – Jacki Design Miss Cherie

4.5 review stars Rating 4.36 based on 49 reviews

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Jacki Design Miss Cherie

Here’s what the reviewers think about the Jacki Design Miss Cherie:

Reviewers like these things about the Jacki Design Miss Cherie

  • Most of the users said that the bag has got a great appeal.
  • The bag rolls up for easy storage as mentioned by most reviewers.
  • Users confirmed that there are multiple zip clear compartments in the bag.
  • Other users said that the bag comes in multiple color options.
  • The inside pouches of the bag are well made as suggested by most reviewers.
  • Most of the buyers liked the top handle of the bag for easy carry.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • The size of the bag was too small in length for some users.
  • Few users mentioned that the stitch quality is below par.

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Notes about this top 10 list

The list was last updated 19/09/2018.

The list shows the best reviewed makeup bags from a much bigger list of selected products. The list should not be considered a complete list of all available, excellent makeup bags

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