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Nylon backpacks Reviews and Buyer's Guide (Jan 2019)

Nylon is one of the most popular backpack materials, but unfortunately not all nylon backpacks are of the same quality.

Some nylon backpacks aren't good enough for every day use, so it's really important that you take care and check the different brands and models before you buy.

Also make sure you look beyond the materials and consider the size of the different models and whether they have the features you need.

The 296 Best Nylon Backpacks

RankNylon BackpackRating
1Gregory BaltoroGregory Baltoro
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4.77900 reviews
2Osprey EscapistOsprey Escapist
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4.741,826 reviews
3Osprey AtmosOsprey Atmos
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4.742,483 reviews
4Osprey AetherOsprey Aether4.72985 reviews
5Mystery Ranch SteinMystery Ranch Stein4.7012 reviews
6Osprey ExosOsprey Exos4.691,085 reviews
7Osprey PorterOsprey Porter4.681,371 reviews
8Camelbak HAWGCamelbak HAWG4.6829 reviews
9Gregory DenaliGregory Denali4.6739 reviews
10Osprey RavenOsprey Raven4.64213 reviews
11Osprey ArielOsprey Ariel4.62520 reviews
12Camelbak SparkCamelbak Spark4.6228 reviews
13Osprey TalonOsprey Talon4.591,548 reviews
14The North Face BancheeThe North Face Banchee4.5928 reviews
15Osprey AuraOsprey Aura4.59784 reviews
16Osprey DynaOsprey Dyna4.5955 reviews
17Dakine SessionDakine Session4.5723 reviews
18Osprey AceOsprey Ace4.5672 reviews
19Osprey XenithOsprey Xenith4.55177 reviews
20Gregory JadeGregory Jade4.53151 reviews
21Osprey FarpointOsprey Farpoint4.521,371 reviews
22Arcteryx AlphaArcteryx Alpha4.5127 reviews
23Osprey MutantOsprey Mutant4.5139 reviews
24Camelbak FourteenerCamelbak Fourteener4.51266 reviews
25Deuter WalkerDeuter Walker4.5012 reviews
26Fjallraven DuffelFjallraven Duffel4.49324 reviews
27Osprey KestrelOsprey Kestrel4.47980 reviews
28Sea to Summit Big RiverSea to Summit Big River4.47552 reviews
29Osprey SkarabOsprey Skarab4.4769 reviews
30Gregory AmberGregory Amber4.46120 reviews
31Black Diamond Dawn PatrolBlack Diamond Dawn Patrol4.4620 reviews
32Sherpani SoleilSherpani Soleil4.46108 reviews
33Osprey TempestOsprey Tempest4.45358 reviews
34Deuter FreeriderDeuter Freerider4.4563 reviews
35Osprey XenaOsprey Xena4.4458 reviews
36Dakine HeliDakine Heli4.43336 reviews
37Exped LightningExped Lightning4.4247 reviews
38Burton Day HikerBurton Day Hiker4.41120 reviews
39The North Face ReconThe North Face Recon4.4114,042 reviews
40Osprey MantaOsprey Manta4.41341 reviews
41Thule CrossoverThule Crossover4.401,060 reviews
42Granite Gear AthabascaGranite Gear Athabasca4.4015 reviews
43Osprey TransporterOsprey Transporter4.40506 reviews
44The North Face SurgeThe North Face Surge4.405,653 reviews
45The North Face RouterThe North Face Router4.40607 reviews
46The North Face LonghaulThe North Face Longhaul4.4024 reviews
47Mammut CargonMammut Cargon4.4013 reviews
48Patagonia Black HolePatagonia Black Hole4.391,230 reviews
49Osprey MeridianOsprey Meridian4.3988 reviews
50Osprey StratosOsprey Stratos4.37836 reviews
51Osprey KyteOsprey Kyte4.37326 reviews
52Thule VersantThule Versant4.3776 reviews
53Camelbak HelenaCamelbak Helena4.36160 reviews
54Thule LegendThule Legend4.3545 reviews
55Mammut TrionMammut Trion4.3521 reviews
56Granite Gear NimbusGranite Gear Nimbus4.3558 reviews
57Manhattan Portage DakotaManhattan Portage Dakota4.3528 reviews
58Chrome BravoChrome Bravo4.3460 reviews
59Granite Gear VirgaGranite Gear Virga4.3457 reviews
60Gregory CompassGregory Compass4.3453 reviews
61Osprey SkimmerOsprey Skimmer4.34164 reviews
62Jansport KlamathJansport Klamath4.3436 reviews
63Michael Kors RheaMichael Kors Rhea4.34183 reviews
64Gregory TempoGregory Tempo4.3311 reviews
65The North Face BorealisThe North Face Borealis4.3317,612 reviews
66Camelbak ScoutCamelbak Scout4.3388 reviews
67Osprey RaptorOsprey Raptor4.33600 reviews
68Osprey DuroOsprey Duro4.3386 reviews
69Mystery Ranch CouleeMystery Ranch Coulee4.3212 reviews
70Deuter PaceDeuter Pace4.3211 reviews
71Osprey MokiOsprey Moki4.32128 reviews
72Osprey RadialOsprey Radial4.31191 reviews
73Camelbak Rim RunnerCamelbak Rim Runner4.31355 reviews
74The North Face Big ShotThe North Face Big Shot4.30172 reviews
75Mountainsmith DayMountainsmith Day4.30621 reviews
76Mammut LithiumMammut Lithium4.3010 reviews
77Osprey JetOsprey Jet4.29150 reviews
78The North Face FlyweightThe North Face Flyweight4.2994 reviews
79Timbuk2 CommandTimbuk2 Command4.293,826 reviews
80Gregory JunoGregory Juno4.2816 reviews
81Osprey WaypointOsprey Waypoint4.2833 reviews
82Camelbak SolsticeCamelbak Solstice4.2837 reviews
83Pacsafe VenturesafePacsafe Venturesafe4.27479 reviews
84Osprey VivaOsprey Viva4.2678 reviews
85Mountainsmith ApproachMountainsmith Approach4.2661 reviews
86Thule UpslopeThule Upslope4.2647 reviews
87Mountainsmith ApexMountainsmith Apex4.2662 reviews
88Camelbak Cloud WalkerCamelbak Cloud Walker4.26354 reviews
89Osprey DayliteOsprey Daylite4.251,060 reviews
90Granite Gear BlazeGranite Gear Blaze4.2564 reviews
91Pacsafe MetrosafePacsafe Metrosafe4.252,303 reviews
92Camelbak SkylineCamelbak Skyline4.2568 reviews
93Mountainsmith BorealisMountainsmith Borealis4.2533 reviews
94Thule SaplingThule Sapling4.2437 reviews
95Deuter FoxDeuter Fox4.24139 reviews
96Black Diamond Pipe DreamBlack Diamond Pipe Dream4.2416 reviews
97Dakine MissionDakine Mission4.241,296 reviews
98EVOC StageEVOC Stage4.24104 reviews
99The North Face MicrobyteThe North Face Microbyte4.24478 reviews
100Thule SubterraThule Subterra4.23308 reviews
101Timbuk2 BruceTimbuk2 Bruce4.2330 reviews
102Pacsafe CitysafePacsafe Citysafe4.231,454 reviews
103Osprey SirrusOsprey Sirrus4.22482 reviews
104Thule StirThule Stir4.22123 reviews
105Tumi VoyageurTumi Voyageur4.22573 reviews
106Maxpedition SitkaMaxpedition Sitka4.22420 reviews
107Kavu Pack AttackKavu Pack Attack4.22884 reviews
108Osprey OzoneOsprey Ozone4.20508 reviews
109Patagonia PaxatPatagonia Paxat4.2095 reviews
110Backcountry Access FloatBackcountry Access Float4.2010 reviews
111Gregory DevaGregory Deva4.19380 reviews
112EVOC FREVOC FR4.19294 reviews
113Outdoor Research IsolationOutdoor Research Isolation4.1930 reviews
114High Sierra LoopHigh Sierra Loop4.1912,771 reviews
115The North Face Hot ShotThe North Face Hot Shot4.18101 reviews
116Black Diamond StoneBlack Diamond Stone4.1732 reviews
117Granite Gear LutsenGranite Gear Lutsen4.1766 reviews
118Patagonia Storm FrontPatagonia Storm Front4.1713 reviews
119Black Diamond BulletBlack Diamond Bullet4.1659 reviews
120Pacsafe VibePacsafe Vibe4.16319 reviews
121Mammut LightMammut Light4.1644 reviews
122Gregory ZuluGregory Zulu4.15428 reviews
123Black Diamond SpeedBlack Diamond Speed4.1548 reviews
124Dakine CampusDakine Campus4.154,858 reviews
125Timbuk2 RaiderTimbuk2 Raider4.15283 reviews
126The North Face ApexThe North Face Apex4.1531 reviews
127Outdoor Research Dry SummitOutdoor Research Dry Summit4.1546 reviews
128Osprey FairviewOsprey Fairview4.14116 reviews
129Camelbak SequoiaCamelbak Sequoia4.14105 reviews
130Osprey VoltOsprey Volt4.14142 reviews
131The North Face TerraThe North Face Terra4.13294 reviews
132Dakine DuelDakine Duel4.13683 reviews
133Black Diamond BbeeBlack Diamond Bbee4.1239 reviews
134Deuter GuideDeuter Guide4.1217 reviews
135The North Face PivoterThe North Face Pivoter4.121,339 reviews
136Timbuk2 RobinTimbuk2 Robin4.1256 reviews
137Camelbak ZoidCamelbak Zoid4.1264 reviews
138Osprey RevOsprey Rev4.12375 reviews
139Travelon Anti-Theft ClassicTravelon Anti-Theft Classic4.1237,378 reviews
140Camelbak SkeeterCamelbak Skeeter4.1187 reviews
141Osprey MiraOsprey Mira4.11176 reviews
142Osprey HydrajetOsprey Hydrajet4.1122 reviews
143Mountain Hardwear South ColMountain Hardwear South Col4.1110 reviews
144Patagonia LinkedPatagonia Linked4.1023 reviews
145Osprey WayfarerOsprey Wayfarer4.1019 reviews
146Gregory TargheeGregory Targhee4.0971 reviews
147Gregory AlpinistoGregory Alpinisto4.0942 reviews
148Osprey VariantOsprey Variant4.09109 reviews
149Osprey KamberOsprey Kamber4.0870 reviews
150Gregory MiwokGregory Miwok4.0795 reviews
151Black Diamond MissionBlack Diamond Mission4.0714 reviews
152Mountainsmith VibeMountainsmith Vibe4.0727 reviews
153Dakine StashableDakine Stashable4.0659 reviews
154Mountainsmith ScreamMountainsmith Scream4.0518 reviews
155Herschel DawsonHerschel Dawson4.05118 reviews
156Gregory SalvoGregory Salvo4.0442 reviews
157The North Face DiadThe North Face Diad4.0481 reviews
158The North Face OverheadThe North Face Overhead4.0312 reviews
159Herschel SupplyHerschel Supply4.0310,867 reviews
160Arcteryx BrizeArcteryx Brize4.0213 reviews
161Dakine RangerDakine Ranger4.0223 reviews
162Mountainsmith World CupMountainsmith World Cup4.0211 reviews
163High Sierra TitanHigh Sierra Titan4.021,308 reviews
164MHM SaluteMHM Salute4.0234 reviews
165Patagonia Nine TrailsPatagonia Nine Trails4.0124 reviews
166Deuter AirliteDeuter Airlite4.0082 reviews
167The North Face AccessThe North Face Access4.0094 reviews
168Osprey MomentumOsprey Momentum4.00195 reviews
169Thule GuidepostThule Guidepost4.0030 reviews
170Mammut NeonMammut Neon4.0011 reviews
171Thule StravanThule Stravan4.00126 reviews
172Osprey SpinOsprey Spin4.0063 reviews
173Black Diamond CirqueBlack Diamond Cirque3.9918 reviews
174Thule ChasmThule Chasm3.99294 reviews
175Osprey ZealotOsprey Zealot3.99233 reviews
176Granite Gear CrownGranite Gear Crown3.99158 reviews
177Rebecca Minkoff JulianRebecca Minkoff Julian3.99123 reviews
178Granite Gear LeopardGranite Gear Leopard3.99121 reviews
179Patagonia CragsmithPatagonia Cragsmith3.9811 reviews
180Black Diamond NitroBlack Diamond Nitro3.9845 reviews
181Arcteryx CarrierArcteryx Carrier3.9860 reviews
182Arcteryx LunaraArcteryx Lunara3.9816 reviews
183Exped SummitExped Summit3.9815 reviews
184Camelbak OctaneCamelbak Octane3.97172 reviews
185Gregory StoutGregory Stout3.96154 reviews
186Black Diamond Super ChuteBlack Diamond Super Chute3.9683 reviews
187Ultraspire AlphaUltraspire Alpha3.9631 reviews
188Deuter CompactDeuter Compact3.9644 reviews
189Timbuk2 SpireTimbuk2 Spire3.96604 reviews
190Gregory VerteGregory Verte3.9510 reviews
191Watershed AnimasWatershed Animas3.9545 reviews
192Vaude BrentaVaude Brenta3.9517 reviews
193Jansport Right PackJansport Right Pack3.9418,204 reviews
194Deuter Trans AlpineDeuter Trans Alpine3.9319 reviews
195Timbuk2 ParkerTimbuk2 Parker3.9331 reviews
196Camelbak CharmCamelbak Charm3.93564 reviews
197Gregory ParagonGregory Paragon3.9259 reviews
198The North Face FoveroThe North Face Fovero3.9211 reviews
199Gregory MavenGregory Maven3.9211 reviews
200Gregory MatiaGregory Matia3.9210 reviews
201Mountainsmith AdventureMountainsmith Adventure3.9263 reviews
202Timbuk2 UptownTimbuk2 Uptown3.92193 reviews
203Snugpak EnduranceSnugpak Endurance3.9258 reviews
204Arcteryx PenderArcteryx Pender3.9110 reviews
205Mountain Hardwear ScramblerMountain Hardwear Scrambler3.91150 reviews
206Timbuk2 EspecialTimbuk2 Especial3.91493 reviews
207Mountain Hardwear OzonicMountain Hardwear Ozonic3.9111 reviews
208The North Face KabanThe North Face Kaban3.9173 reviews
209Osprey UltralightOsprey Ultralight3.91459 reviews
210Patagonia AtomPatagonia Atom3.91262 reviews
211Sherpani CamdenSherpani Camden3.91177 reviews
212Boreas Lost CoastBoreas Lost Coast3.9131 reviews
213Camelbak RogueCamelbak Rogue3.89971 reviews
214Gregory SulaGregory Sula3.8815 reviews
215The North Face CobraThe North Face Cobra3.8823 reviews
216Gregory BorderGregory Border3.8510 reviews
217Salomon HydroSalomon Hydro3.8513 reviews
218Osprey PerigeeOsprey Perigee3.8425 reviews
219Exped CloudburstExped Cloudburst3.8450 reviews
220Deuter HelionDeuter Helion3.8411 reviews
221Arcteryx IndexArcteryx Index3.8355 reviews
222Timbuk2 AviatorTimbuk2 Aviator3.83283 reviews
223Klymit MotionKlymit Motion3.8212 reviews
224Arcteryx AltraArcteryx Altra3.8271 reviews
225CamelBak DaystarCamelBak Daystar3.8211 reviews
226Arcteryx CierzoArcteryx Cierzo3.8156 reviews
227Thule CapstoneThule Capstone3.81126 reviews
228Tumi AlphaTumi Alpha3.81465 reviews
229Gregory MayaGregory Maya3.80107 reviews
230Arcteryx CovertArcteryx Covert3.8012 reviews
231Travelpro Platinum MagnaTravelpro Platinum Magna3.79802 reviews
232Mountainsmith Grand TourMountainsmith Grand Tour3.7510 reviews
233Timbuk2 ShowdownTimbuk2 Showdown3.75236 reviews
234Nathan VaporairNathan Vaporair3.75106 reviews
235Cotopaxi NazcaCotopaxi Nazca3.7521 reviews
236Arcteryx ArroArcteryx Arro3.73116 reviews
237Osprey AirporterOsprey Airporter3.73107 reviews
238Pacsafe UltimatesafePacsafe Ultimatesafe3.7310 reviews
239Travelpro CrewTravelpro Crew3.721,717 reviews
240Briggs & Riley SympaticoBriggs & Riley Sympatico3.72230 reviews
241Mountainsmith DescentMountainsmith Descent3.7024 reviews
242Terra Nova LaserTerra Nova Laser3.7044 reviews
243High Sierra SportourHigh Sierra Sportour3.70156 reviews
244High Sierra MorayHigh Sierra Moray3.69199 reviews
245Thule DeparterThule Departer3.6874 reviews
246Watershed Big CreekWatershed Big Creek3.6833 reviews
247Gregory PaceGregory Pace3.6726 reviews
248Mountain Hardwear HuecoMountain Hardwear Hueco3.6636 reviews
249Patagonia RefugioPatagonia Refugio3.661,519 reviews
250Ultraspire AstralUltraspire Astral3.6645 reviews
251Black Diamond MercuryBlack Diamond Mercury3.6631 reviews
252Pacsafe DuffelsafePacsafe Duffelsafe3.6647 reviews
253Klymit StashKlymit Stash3.6535 reviews
254Orange Mud HydraquiverOrange Mud Hydraquiver3.64129 reviews
255Case Logic KontrastCase Logic Kontrast3.64101 reviews
256The North Face ShadowThe North Face Shadow3.6314 reviews
257The North Face WavelengthThe North Face Wavelength3.6213 reviews
258Eagle Creek Lync SystemEagle Creek Lync System3.61178 reviews
259Patagonia ChacabucoPatagonia Chacabuco3.6059 reviews
260Salomon AgileSalomon Agile3.6011 reviews
261Geigerrig RigGeigerrig Rig3.60321 reviews
262Nathan HPLNathan HPL3.58162 reviews
263High Sierra HawkHigh Sierra Hawk3.5846 reviews
264High Sierra TechHigh Sierra Tech3.5885 reviews
265Gregory SketchGregory Sketch3.5793 reviews
266Nathan MoxyNathan Moxy3.5741 reviews
267Patagonia LightweightPatagonia Lightweight3.57629 reviews
268Incase IconIncase Icon3.56372 reviews
269Black Diamond HaloBlack Diamond Halo3.5516 reviews
270Black Diamond MagnumBlack Diamond Magnum3.5324 reviews
271Black Diamond ElementBlack Diamond Element3.5232 reviews
272Thule EnRouteThule EnRoute3.52768 reviews
273Timbuk2 SwigTimbuk2 Swig3.5013 reviews
274Black Diamond OnyxBlack Diamond Onyx3.4915 reviews
275Briggs & Riley ExcursionBriggs & Riley Excursion3.4935 reviews
276Camelbak AreteCamelbak Arete3.47203 reviews
277Camelbak ArcCamelbak Arc3.4651 reviews
278High Sierra LightningHigh Sierra Lightning3.4618 reviews
279Mountainsmith ParallaxMountainsmith Parallax3.4639 reviews
280Arcteryx MantisArcteryx Mantis3.4319 reviews
281Herschel PackableHerschel Packable3.34255 reviews
282Camelbak FranconiaCamelbak Franconia3.2627 reviews
283Camelbak DelaneyCamelbak Delaney3.25309 reviews
284Arcteryx BladeArcteryx Blade3.2478 reviews
285Camelbak UltraCamelbak Ultra3.2462 reviews
286Thule ParamountThule Paramount3.2279 reviews
287High Sierra WahooHigh Sierra Wahoo3.22191 reviews
288Salomon S-LabSalomon S-Lab3.2113 reviews
289High Sierra PiranhaHigh Sierra Piranha3.18489 reviews
290Chrome RostovChrome Rostov3.1629 reviews
291Sierra Designs RevivalSierra Designs Revival3.0510 reviews
292Camelbak FlashFloCamelbak FlashFlo3.02163 reviews
293Dakine ShuttleDakine Shuttle2.95139 reviews
294Eagle Creek DeviateEagle Creek Deviate2.8937 reviews
295High Sierra RiptideHigh Sierra Riptide2.8130 reviews
296Sea to Summit Clear StopperSea to Summit Clear Stopper2.8012 reviews
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Buyers Guide to Nylon Backpacks

When choosing a backpack, one of the first things that you will need to consider is the material that is made from. This is because this will determine the capabilities and durability of the bag. One of the most common fabrics used to construct backpacks is nylon.

Despite this, you probably don’t know a lot about this material, let alone why manufacturers use it to make different kinds of backpacks. Well, in this guide, you will discover the various properties associated with the material. This will make it easier for you to decide whether nylon backpacks are the right option for you.

A Guide to Nylon Backpacks

There is more to nylon backpacks than meets the eye. There are different types of nylon and they are used to construct specific types of backpacks. This material boasts different strengths as well as properties. Here you will all of the details about nylon and why it is used in backpacks:

The Advantages of Nylon Backpacks

The first question that you will need to answer is why manufacturers tend to use nylon over other materials to construct backpacks. Well, there are several reasons for this:

Balance between Strength and Weight

Nylon has that much sought after ability to be both lightweight as well as strong. This is particularly important when constructing backpacks. A good backpack needs to be able to carry a considerable amount of weight; especially those used as school bags, multi-day packs, and laptop backpacks. At the same time, the bag shouldn’t add to the weight that a person has to carry. Since nylon manages to be heavy-duty while not weighing you down, it fits the bill perfectly.


Nylon backpacks also tend to be a more durable than most others. They are abrasion resistant which means that they are less likely to wear out due to continued friction against other surfaces. Therefore, buying a nylon backpack really is an investment. Even with continuous use, you can still expect it to remain intact. In the same vein, it can also resist damage done by oils, liquids, and other substances.

Water Resistant

By itself, nylon cannot repel water completely but it is water resistant. This is because this material doesn’t absorb water easily. Instead, it remains on the surface, which makes it easier for the liquid to evaporate. Due to this, backpacks made from nylon offer a certain amount of protection against drizzle or small amounts of liquid. It is precisely this feature that also makes these type of backpacks so easy to wash when they are dirty.

Heat Resistant

Although nylon will not hold up well against a naked flame, it is incredibly heat resistant. It will maintain its solid shape until 220°C. This means that nylon backpacks can be used in most climates and you will not have to worry about the backpack disintegrating or losing its shape over time.

Can Be Dyed

While nylon is resistant to many things, it can actually be pre-colored or dyed with relative ease. This is why you will find that nylon backpacks come in an array of colors and with different patterns. Therefore, although your nylon backpack is strong, durable, and resistant to wear, tear, and water, it can still be quite aesthetically pleasing too.

Types of Nylon Backpacks

As mentioned, backpacks can be composed of a variety of nylon materials. Here are the most commonly used types:

Pack Cloth Nylon

Pack cloth nylon is slowly being phased out of the backpack industry. This is because while it has numerous useful properties, it is still quite heavy to carry around. Still, this material is quite strong and durable, making backpacks made from this fabric abrasion resistant. Due to its texture, it is also easy to waterproof. The threads in this material have the same diameter and are quite soft and glossy to the touch when woven together.

Cordura Nylon

Cordura nylon is actually a patented material. It is known as nylon 6.6 in industry terms and is typically available as 500 denier and 1000 denier. One of the treatments used on Cordura nylon is air texturing. This is when air is blown over the material, making it bulkier. This is the reason that one of the most well-known characteristics of Cordura is its abrasion resistance. This type of nylon has the tendency to look and feel a lot like canvas. Cordura nylon tends to be relatively lightweight and can even be puncture resistant to a certain extent. It is not all that water resistant, however.

Ballistic Nylon

There is often a lot of confusion between ballistic and Cordura nylon. If you are trying to decide between backpacks made of both these materials, there is only one distinction to remember. Ballistic nylon, due to its weave texture, has greater tensile strength and it is difficult to tear. Ballistic material has a 2x2 basket weave and is usually found in 850 denier and 1050 denier. Backpacks made from ballistic material often look smooth and polished and are great for more professional bags.

Rip-stop Nylon

Rip-stop nylon is actually gaining a lot of popularity in the industry. Over time, it may even replace standard nylon backpacks. As the name implies, rip-stop nylon prevents rips from spreading and effectively tearing a backpack apart. The threads in this type of fabric are heavier and sewn in a grid pattern. This prevents rips from worsening. While rip-stop nylon may not be puncture resistant, it is abrasion resistant. It is also lightweight and incredibly easy to waterproof.

Understanding Abrasion Resistant, Puncture Resistant, and Tear Resistant

While all types of nylon are strong, their strength lies in different categories. This is why one of the ways to distinguish the different types of nylon is to discuss their strength properties. For instance, Cordura nylon is abrasion resistant and relatively puncture resistance. Ballistic nylon is tear resistant and rip-stop material prevents tears from spreading. Let’s take a look at what all of this definitions mean.

Abrasion refers to the contact created when two surfaces are rubbed together. The friction that results can wear away at materials causing pilling and eventually thinning of the fabric. Therefore, abrasion resistance refers to the fact that this process is negligible. So, even if your abrasion resistant backpack were to be in constant contact with another material or even your own skin, it is unlikely to wear out for years to come.

A puncture is caused when a force is applied to a particular area of the material. The fabric is penetrated causing a gap. Backpacks that are puncture resistant, even just a little, are able to withstand greater amounts of force. This means that an object has to strike the backpack quite heavily for it to be able to do any damage.

It is important to understand that even incredibly hard materials can tear and so, there is no real correlation between these two surfaces. Since nylon is a fabric it is not impossible to tear through the material, although the stronger types such as ballistic and rip-stop do require greater amounts of force. What these materials are actually capable of doing, however, is preventing these tears from continuing, largely due to the way that the fibers have been woven together.

Which Nylon Backpack is Right For You?

So, all of the information above may cause you to ask the question, which backpack is right for you? While the use of standard nylon is slowly diminishing in the industry, it is still the most common material used. This is largely because it is affordable, relatively lightweight, water-resistant, and is quite strong. So, if you are just looking for a book bag or don’t really require any special properties, a backpack made from standard nylon will do.

Rip-stop nylon is a good option for people who like to hike or backpack in the wilderness. This is because, it is in these instances, that the rip-stop properties will come in most useful. It is quite normal to snag your backpack on a tree or rock, causing a tear. With a backpack made from rip-stop nylon, however, you can be certain that the tear will not get any bigger, causing all of your belongings to fall out. In fact, the bag should hold quite well until you find your way back to civilization.

Backpacks constructed from ballistics nylon are usually used for travel purposes. This is because it is quite difficult to puncture or tear such bags. In addition to its strength, this type of material has the distinct advantage of looking quite polished. As such, it is favored among business individuals who want a strong yet attractive backpack to carry around.

Cordura nylon is commonly found in heavy-duty and tactical backpacks. It can carry plenty of objects, is very strong, and is very abrasion resistant. It is a good idea to get this type of backpack if you want a truly tough and hardy outdoor bag. This material tends to be more expensive than other types of nylon and is usually an investment.

On its own, nylon backpacks are not waterproof but rather water resistant. These types of uncoated backpacks will work fine in a drizzle as it is able to keep minimal amounts of moisture out. Now, if you want a backpack that can withstand a heavy downpour or even be submerged, you will need backpacks that have been coated with polyurethane. This substance is cold bonded to the backpacks to repel all moisture. There are certain types of nylon such as Cordura and rip-stop that take to this process better than others. As such, they will be much more likely to keep your belongings dry in a storm or similar environment.

This is all of the information that you need concerning nylon backpacks. As you can see, there is quite a lot to decide between these types of backpacks. Doing so, however, will allow you to find your perfect fit.

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RankNylon BackpackRating
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2Tumi Alpha Bravo4.33293 reviews
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Klymit DashKlymit Dash
Salewa ApexSalewa Apex
Salomon X AlpSalomon X Alp
Deuter ZugspitzeDeuter Zugspitze
Mountainsmith LariatMountainsmith Lariat
Gregory TahquitzGregory Tahquitz
Exped CoreExped Core
Mountain Hardwear DryCommuterMountain Hardwear DryCommuter
Heimplanet MonolithHeimplanet Monolith
Mountain Hardwear Frequent FlyerMountain Hardwear Frequent Flyer
Gregory SuciaGregory Sucia
Gregory PatosGregory Patos
Exped TransitExped Transit
Burton GorgeBurton Gorge
Arcteryx KhamskiArcteryx Khamski
Boreas ApertureBoreas Aperture
Chrome YaltaChrome Yalta
Mammut XeronMammut Xeron
Ortovox TradOrtovox Trad
Mountainsmith DivideMountainsmith Divide
Boreas MissionBoreas Mission
Patagonia Fore RunnerPatagonia Fore Runner
Ultraspire ZygosUltraspire Zygos
Kelty SiroKelty Siro
Gregory AmasaGregory Amasa
Kelty RevolKelty Revol
Boreas Tsum TrekBoreas Tsum Trek
Kelty RevaKelty Reva
Exped ThunderExped Thunder
Kelty SiraKelty Sira
Bergans HeliumBergans Helium
Gregory CitroGregory Citro
Gregory DriftGregory Drift
Ortovox PeakOrtovox Peak
Dakine RangeDakine Range
Dakine PoacherDakine Poacher
Arcteryx VoltairArcteryx Voltair
Arcteryx AstriArcteryx Astri
Black Diamond PilotBlack Diamond Pilot
Black Diamond SagaBlack Diamond Saga
Burton RidersBurton Riders
Deuter PulseDeuter Pulse
EMS SectorEMS Sector
Exped BackcountryExped Backcountry
Exped MountainExped Mountain
High Sierra SymmetryHigh Sierra Symmetry
Ortovox Free RiderOrtovox Free Rider
Ortovox Haute RouteOrtovox Haute Route
Ortovox TourOrtovox Tour
Salomon ExtendSalomon Extend
Mammut CreonMammut Creon
Mammut Neon CragMammut Neon Crag
Mammut RideMammut Ride
Mystery Ranch KletterwerksMystery Ranch Kletterwerks
Herschel MammothHerschel Mammoth
Mountain Hardwear LightweightMountain Hardwear Lightweight
Herschel Barlow
Burton AKBurton AK
Mountainsmith WizardMountainsmith Wizard
Dakine ABSDakine ABS
Camelbak BootleggerCamelbak Bootlegger
Pacsafe TravelsafePacsafe Travelsafe
The North Face SnomadThe North Face Snomad
Boreas LagunitasBoreas Lagunitas
Dakine DrafterDakine Drafter
Mammut NirvanaMammut Nirvana
Mammut SpindriftMammut Spindrift
Mountain Hardwear SummitrocketMountain Hardwear Summitrocket
Salomon QSTSalomon QST
Deuter GravityDeuter Gravity
Mountain Hardwear FluidMountain Hardwear Fluid
Mountainsmith SpectrumMountainsmith Spectrum
Arva ReactorArva Reactor
Chrome SomaChrome Soma
Cotopaxi ChumpiCotopaxi Chumpi
Thule VeaThule Vea
Mountain Hardwear BMGMountain Hardwear BMG
Maxpedition JumboMaxpedition Jumbo
Mammut MTRMammut MTR
Watershed WestwaterWatershed Westwater

Last updated on January 22, 2019