Top 10 Best Photography Backpacks in 2018

Man with photography backpackIt can be a bit of nightmare to choose a new photography backpack.

There are so many models to choose from and the quality of the backpacks vary a lot depending on the brand and the exact model.

At the same time, not all of the backpacks are going to fit your needs. Some of them are going to be too big and heavy, while other models will not be big enough for all the gear you need to bring around.

Having checked many thousands of photography backpack reviews, we can say that the Burton Focus 30L is the best choice for most people.

Burton Focus 30L

Burton Focus 30L

The best reviewed photography backpack
Rated 4.59 out of 5

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PS: We have checked 19,112 reviews to make this top 10 list!
1Burton Focus 30LBurton Focus 30L4.59Check Price
2Incase Reform Action4.54Check Price
3Canon Deluxe 200 EGCanon Deluxe 200 EG4.51Check Price
4LowePro Hatchback 22LLowePro Hatchback 22L4.50Check Price
5Mountainsmith Borealis 35LMountainsmith Borealis 35L4.50Check Price
6LowePro PassportLowePro Passport4.49Check Price
7Lowepro Flipside 200Lowepro Flipside 2004.48Check Price
8Tamrac Jazz 36Tamrac Jazz 364.48Check Price
9LowePro Slingshot 200 AWLowePro Slingshot 200 AW4.46Check Price
10Mountainsmith Tour FX4.46Check Price

How we rate the bags

We have checked 19,112 photography backpack reviews, so we can show you the weighted average rating of all the bags.

Using the average ratings, you can check what all the reviewers think instead of just viewing the subjective opinion of one specific reviewer.

It’s much simplier to find the best bags that way.

Not sure what photography backpacks to choose? Read on as we are going to take a closer look at each bag!

1 – Burton Focus 30L

4.5 review stars Rating 4.59 based on 22 reviews

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Burton Focus 30L

Here’s what the reviewers think about the Burton Focus 30L:

Reviewers like these things about the Burton Focus 30L

  • Several users noted that the Burton Focus pack has customizable camera-specific compartments to keep an entire kit protected and at the ready.
  • Reviewers said that it has a padded laptop compartment for on-site editing.
  • According to those who have tried that pack, the bag has easy access compartments.
  • Reviewers thought that its heater pockets extend battery life.
  • Users found that its trap door compartment expands storage space.
  • Users also praised its load-balance waist harness that lets them pack on the pounds without falling down.
  • Users also noted that it has a removable padded case with customizable internal compartments.
  • Several reviewers have noticed that its compression system is great.
  • Other reviewers found that the bag has a vertical board/tripod carrier.
  • A lot of testers noted that it features a dual side panel light stem storage.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • A reviewer thought that the bag is ridiculously large.
  • Another reviewer said that the bag has compartments that don’t make much sense.

2 – Incase Reform Action

4.5 review stars Rating 4.54 based on 82 reviews

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Here’s what the reviewers think about the Incase Reform Action:

Reviewers like these things about the Incase Reform Action

  • Many users thought it looks nice.
  • Some reviewers like how it stands on its own.
  • Others are pleased to find the backpack comes with several layers to protect their laptop and other belongings.
  • A number of users find it high quality, functional and sleek looking.
  • Some users love its beautiful minimalist design that is versatile for business and weekend.
  • Others find it light weight yet strong and sturdy.
  • Some users thought it’s the perfect bag for smart commuting.
  • Padded laptop compartment is lauded by a lot of users as it protects their laptop against bumps.
  • Many reviewers also love its padded , adjustable shoulder straps.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • Other users thought the internal pockets are too deep.
  • Some reviewers said the material is a bit stiff.

3 – Canon Deluxe 200 EG

4.5 review stars Rating 4.51 based on 4095 reviews

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Canon Deluxe 200 EG

Here’s what the reviewers think about the Canon Deluxe 200 EG:

Reviewers like these things about the Canon Deluxe 200 EG

  • Most of the buyers said that the bag is sleek and stylish.
  • Buyers also appreciated the dividers of the case.
  • Reviewers mentioned that ample space is available for the accessories.
  • The padding of the bag keeps the contents safe as confirmed by the users.
  • Users also said that accessing all the areas of the bag is quite easy.
  • The small pockets on the front are of great help as highlighted by a few users.
  • Reviewers recommend this bag for moderate use.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • Some users mentioned that the bag is too tight for certain cameras and accessories.
  • Other users said that the size of the bag is too small.

4 – LowePro Hatchback 22L

4.5 review stars Rating 4.50 based on 2428 reviews

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LowePro Hatchback 22L

Here’s what the reviewers think about the LowePro Hatchback 22L:

Reviewers like these things about the LowePro Hatchback 22L

  • A reviewer thought that the LowerPro Hatchback is a mid-sized backpack that doubles as a photo backpack and a multi-purpose backpack, thanks to its highly customizable interior.
  • Users mentioned that it is highly versatile and customizable.
  • Reviewers pointed out that it has an excellent build quality.
  • According to some reviewers, it has the perfect size for carrying many items without getting too heavy.
  • Other reviewers noted it comes with a right amount of compartments and pouches, adjustable straps, velcro pads, and zippers.
  • They also noticed that its main compartment could be divided into two smaller compartments.
  • Others noted that it is fastened with velcro pads.
  • Testers noted that its lower compartment could be fitted with paddings that hold and protect the camera gear.
  • Several reviewers indicated that its dividers could be arranged in a number of ways as to accommodate a specific gear.
  • Another user thought that the bag is very comfortable to carry.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • A reviewer thought that the bag is not as convenient to access as a messenger bag.
  • A few other reviewers noted that its stitching got loose on the top handle after a couple of weeks.

5 – Mountainsmith Borealis 35L

4.5 review stars Rating 4.50 based on 33 reviews

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Mountainsmith Borealis 35L

Here’s what the reviewers think about the Mountainsmith Borealis 35L:

Reviewers like these things about the Mountainsmith Borealis 35L

  • A lot of users have mentioned that the Mountainsmith Borealis is an ideal bag for travel because it could function as a solo bag for a weekend trip.
  • Other users noted that the camera sits deep in its well-cushioned bottom compartment.
  • They also said that it has a side tripod attachment area.
  • Users found that it’s a great compliment to an airline carry on for longer trips.
  • According to some users, the bag is thoughtfully well-built.
  • They further indicated that the bag has stash areas in the waistband that can hold essentials.
  • Reviewers thought that it is a perfect all-around bag.
  • Testers found that it has extra storage for water, snacks or a jacket.
  • Many wrote that weight is distributed great with the big padded straps.
  • Several of those who have tried the bag praised its.
  • They also noted that the bag is light and surprisingly well-structured, so will be very comfortable on long hikes.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • A reviewer had an issue with its flimsy waist buckle.
  • Another user thought that the bag is much larger than expected.

6 – LowePro Passport

4.5 review stars Rating 4.49 based on 2277 reviews

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LowePro Passport

Here’s what the reviewers think about the LowePro Passport:

Reviewers like these things about the LowePro Passport

  • Users thought the ability to have their iPad with the camera in a single pack,makes this a fantastic day camera bag.
  • Many reviewers liked how they can easily stash the camera when it’s not in use, by just sliding the bag from back to front.
  • Others love the zipped interior mesh pocket where they can store small items like wallet or lipstick.
  • Many find this camera sling bag very versatile and perfect for day trips while on tour.
  • A lot of users find the interior surprisingly roomy with enought space for their Sony a7s, an additional lens, a speedlight, extra batteries, wall chargers, kindle, and some other stuff.
  • A user said it’s fairly comfortable to tote around all day and a fine companion to carry around his camera gear.
  • Many appreciate how lightweight yet durable the fabric is.
  • Others loved how the extendable zip adds more space when needed.
  • One user finds it perfect for carrying while disc golfing.
  • A reviewer said this bag has loads of potential and smart design for multiple purposes, with or without a camera.
  • A user who took it on a cruise loved how it carries everything he needs without becoming too bulky or heavy.
  • Many users thought it’s a stylish looking bag.
  • Some users love how the padded inserts keep their camera and other stuff safe and protected.
  • Other users noted how they could wear the bag with ease even when it’s loaded down.
  • One user finds the front outside pocket very invaluable for carrying water bottle.
  • Many users find the outside pockets convenient for keeping a selfie stick and other miscellaneous things.
  • One owner said that if you’re looking for a simple,lightweight,effecient day bag,LowePro Passport is absolutely perfect.
  • Many users agree that the LowePro Passport is absolutely perfect for the intended purpose.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • Other reviewers find the bag extremely thin.
  • Some thought the zippers are hard to operate when wearing the bag.
  • A number of users thought the bag is not protective enough.

7 – Lowepro Flipside 200

4.5 review stars Rating 4.48 based on 1814 reviews

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Lowepro Flipside 200

Here’s what the reviewers think about the Lowepro Flipside 200:

Reviewers like these things about the Lowepro Flipside 200

  • According to users, the Lowepro Flipside is streamlined and will carry a pro camera body and still have room for another lens or two and some accessories.
  • Reviewers mentioned that its back compartment entry gives safe and easy access to the camera gear when users are setting up.
  • They also indicated that it has an added security that could be used when on the move.
  • Users took notice of its outer storage panels for keeping gear accessories and personal items close at hand.
  • They noticed that its shoulder straps and backside are adequately padded and comfortable.
  • They also noted that there is an adequate room to store enough gear for a day.
  • Reviewers pointed out that its interior is made up of padded modular dividers that can be customized to their needs by reconfiguring them.
  • They also noted that it includes a separate pouch for accessories.
  • Testers said that the pack has a small zippered pocket on the flap that can hold manuals, filters, or other smaller items.
  • Reviewers mentioned that it is well-built with sufficient rigidity to protect their gear while hiking or biking to an area to photograph.
  • Other reviewers also found that the backpack itself is lighter and less costly.
  • Reviewers indicated that the bag is the right balance of size, weight, and value.
  • Other reviewers mentioned that it carries enough for any shorter outing.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • A reviewer had issues with the zipper that is on the side of the pack that lays on their back.
  • Another reviewer noted that its lower hip strap is not padded at all.

8 – Tamrac Jazz 36

4.5 review stars Rating 4.48 based on 71 reviews

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Tamrac Jazz 36

Here’s what the reviewers think about the Tamrac Jazz 36:

Reviewers like these things about the Tamrac Jazz 36

  • Some users are pleased that it comes with a shoulder strap and top grab handle for carrying options.
  • Others like how the interior touch fastened dividers allow them to configure the bag to suit their gear needs.
  • Some reviewers find the two side mesh pockets great for memory cards and batteries.
  • Some photographers thought the front pockets are ideal for organizing personal items and photo accessories.
  • Others like how the open back pocket keeps manuals within easy reach.
  • MAny users like the adjustable shoulder strap and belt loop for carrying convenience.
  • Some owners thought the velcro and clip are a nice touch to keep the bag secure and closed when necessary.
  • A number of users thought it’s a lightweight and extremely versatile travel bag.
  • Many users thought it’s the perfect size for their camera, lenses and some travel needs.
  • Some photographers describe it as a compact camera bag with adequate storage space.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • Some users find its padding too thin to provide protection.

9 – LowePro Slingshot 200 AW

4.5 review stars Rating 4.46 based on 1812 reviews

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LowePro Slingshot 200 AW

Here’s what the reviewers think about the LowePro Slingshot 200 AW:

Reviewers like these things about the LowePro Slingshot 200 AW

  • Reviewers thought that the LowePro Slingshot is a great bag for quick access.
  • Other reviewers noted that sling includes two removable straps with quick-release buckles for adding capacity.
  • Users found that sits nice on shoulder and around body.
  • Many of the users said that body-side access to main compartment deters theft while you’re on the go.
  • Users indicated that the side access and utility of this were selling points.
  • Those who have used the bag noted that it holds what they want to carry.
  • Reviewers indicated that the bag is designed for smooth operation and extra security.
  • Testers said that it is very convenient to hike, take a shot while moving and continue without having to stop, unpack, shoot, repack and continue on.
  • Other testers also discovered that it is well-padded inside and on the strap.
  • Users thought that the bag is amazing and it is comfortable.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • A user said that it’s so small that big lenses are a pretty tight fit in the camera area.
  • Another user noted that it cannot hold professional lenses.

10 – Mountainsmith Tour FX

4.5 review stars Rating 4.46 based on 426 reviews

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Here’s what the reviewers think about the Mountainsmith Tour FX:

Reviewers like these things about the Mountainsmith Tour FX

  • One user said he was very satisfied with the size and quality of the pack.
  • Most hikers found this bag perfect for day hikes.
  • Some praise the well-made large water bottle pockets.
  • One reviewer thought this is a good backpack in the sense that the weight is lower on your body thus making you more agile, and prevents your back from your back from sweating.
  • One owner like it for lots of useful spaces and features.
  • Overall, many users thought it is a well-made and thoughtfully designed bag.
  • One daddy find this bag perfect for a trip to the grocery store with a little one.
  • One owner described it as an excellent all-around bag.
  • A reviewer thought this bag is perfect for family hikes, taking the dog for a walk, hunting, whatever the day calls for.
  • One husband who bought this bag for his wife was happy that it did not cause any pain on her body.
  • Most hikers liked how they could have easy access to water without having to stop.
  • Most users agree that it a decent pack for gear and supplies for a day hike.
  • Some users find this bag very versatile and functional particularly the optional shoulder straps and water holders.
  • One reviewer thought this bag would be excellent at protecting contents from breakage like tablet computer.
  • Some users enjoy its enormous space and cords for carrying extra items on the outside of the pack.
  • One reviewer described the bag as superbly made and intelligently laid out.
  • Users liked its nice padding covered with a breathable mesh on the inside, and has a lumbar pad with channels for some airflow.
  • Others are pleased with the amazing versatility and weight distribution option of the pack.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • One customer complained about the location of the shoulder strap as it tends to either flop around or tap you in the back.
  • One reviewer said that while this is an excellent quality product, the design isn’t very effective.

More exciting bags

You might also be interested in these bag categories!

Buyer’s guide to photography backpacks

If you are a photographer, there is nothing more important to you than your camera and the rest of your gear. This means that protecting and carrying around your equipment is your number one priority. So, how can you find a photography backpack that is worthy of this honor?

There may be a lot more to photography and camera bags than you may have initially have realized. Not only is there a huge selection of packs, they can be further categorized into types. To make the selection a little easier for you, we have asked the tough questions and answered them for you as well. You will find all that you need to know here.

Everything You Need to Know About Picking a Photography Backpack

There are a lot of things to consider when trying to find a fitting photography backpack for yourself. It is important to keep in mind that your final decision will be largely influenced by your equipment, your photography style, and even where you shoot. So, without further ado, here is what you need to be aware of to make the right decision.

The Different Types of Photography Bags

There are actually a variety of photography bags to choose from. Here are the ones that you are most likely to come across on your search:

Waist Belts

Resembling fanny packs, these belts aren’t winning any points in terms of style. However, they can’t be beaten when it comes to function or accessibility. The belts are equipped with several medium and small sized pockets where you can stash your gear. These sections can usually be adjusted to suit your needs. While this does allow easy access to your camera and lenses, there are limitations to how much gear you can carry with you.

Camera Holsters and Pouches

Camera holsters and pouches are designed so that they only carry the camera and a few additional pieces such as lenses or memory cards. Pouches are usually best for smaller cameras while the holsters have greater space for devices like DSLR. These are compact and easy to carry but they don’t really make allowances for any additional gear that you may want to take with you.

Photography Backpacks

Camera backpacks are often favored by serious photographers as they have everything that a photographer on the move may need. There is usually a lot of space with room enough for a camera, the lenses, memory cards, and sometimes even a laptop. There are also separate compartments which help with organizing all of the elements. Of course, due to the suspension mechanism and straps, they are quite easy to tote around as well.

Photography Shoulder Bags

As the name implies, these are messenger-type bags that can be slung over your shoulder. The main draw with these bags is the space that they afford. You can take your camera and various other accessories with you as well. Of course, it can be a little tricky to handle too much of weight with these bags as they do rely on just one strap.

Photography Sling Bags

These bags are a somewhat of a hybrid between photography backpacks and shoulder bags. Although they can carry as much as a backpack, the strap design is more similar to shoulder bags. While there is only one strap, it can be slung diagonally across your torso. This allows you to pull your bag forward while wearing it, making your gear more accessible.

Photography Trolley Cases

These are essentially small suitcases with wheeled sections to make them easier to carry around. These type of photography bags often tend to have hard shells which help to protect all of the gear inside, even from the elements. Also, the interiors often have cutouts which make it easier to store the equipment.

Which Type Do You Need?

The benefit of waist belts, pouches, and holsters is that they are great if you want to travel as light as possible. If you are only planning on taking your camera and a few other essentials, these type of bags will be more than enough for you.

For more technical shots, however, you are going to need something more sizable and durable. If you want to carry more gear or will be away from your home base for a while, you will need to rely on the photography backpacks, shoulder bags, or sling bags. This is especially true for those who plan on relying on their own two feet to get them from one place to another.

If you want are constantly on the move and also travel across rough terrain, you will find that the camera trolley cases are of better use to you. Of course, you should bear in mind that these type of cases tend to be quite heavy and aren’t always suitable for people on foot.

What Size Backpack Do You Need?

The next thing that you will need to be concerned with is the size of the backpack. Now, this does depend largely on what you plan on taking with you on your next photography expedition. Here are the various sizes you can rely on, contingent upon your gear:

  • 10 – 20 liters: these are usually the most compact photography backpacks that you can find. There is usually enough room for your camera (a point and shoot or DSLR), lenses, memory cards, and a small tablet. Bags that are smaller than 20 liters may be described using internal and external dimensions instead of liters and capacity.
  • 20 – 30 liters: if you are looking to carry just a little more than with a compact case, you should look for backpacks in this range. In addition to your camera and gear, you may be able to fit in a larger tablet or small laptop.
  • 30 – 40 liters: this is a great option if you want to take as much camera gear with you as possible. You should be able to carry an average sized laptop. There may also be loops and lashes on the outside for larger equipment.

Internal Compartments

The last thing that you want is for your very expensive equipment to be falling around, bashing into one another. This is why internal compartments are quite so vital to any photography backpack. Just because a backpack is meant for photography, doesn’t mean that it has those pockets or compartments that you need. This is why you should always check whether there are partitions and slots for your gear.

If it is just a wide internal space, you will need to buy an additional liner which or bag which contains these sections. Depending on the backpack manufacturer, these may be available for purchase separately.

It is always important to first look at the type of camera that you own, the size, and the number and size of accessories that you want to pack. Some of these compartments are tailored for specific camera brands or models. So, you should see if yours is compatible with the internal storage.

Then there are backpacks that have adjustable internal compartments. This will allow you to customize the various sections so that they can suit the equipment that you have. Of course, you will still need to check that the internal capacity can accommodate all of your gear.
You may also discover that your tablets or laptops have a separate sleeve or pouch. This is useful so that all of your equipment is not placed in one area. Also, it helps to ensure that each piece is protected properly.

Which Material Should You Choose?

The material of the photography backpack is essential for a variety of reasons. First, it will decide just how durable your bag is going to be. Now, if you are the type to travel across rough terrain to photograph remote areas or wildlife, then you are going to need something sturdy. Here, it is best to rely on synthetic materials such as ballistic nylon. This material is more resistant to wear and tear and is lighter to boot.

In most cases, it is best to stick with synthetic materials for your camera backpack. While some photographers like to opt for ones made from natural fibers, these have their own disadvantages. For example, they aren’t as tough and can be quite a bit heavier as well.

Let’s say that your gear is going to have to withstand a considerable amount of abuse. Here, you will better off with a hard case made of a tough material such as resin. This should be able to protect your camera and gear even if it is knocked around.

There are some backpacks that are a combination of nylon and resin. Most of the bag is made from nylon to keep the weight down but the compartments containing the equipment are constructed from resin. This lets you have the best of both worlds.

The Straps

As mentioned in an above section, photography backpacks can come with either one strap or two. Among the one strap version, there is the regular shoulder bag and the sling bag. These type of backpacks are best suited to smaller weights as they are not equipped well enough to deal with too much load. If you are planning on carrying something heavier, the sling bag should offer better weight distribution.

In terms of support and comfort, however, you can’t beat the two strap photography backpack. This is because it helps to balance the weight out between your shoulders so that the straps don’t cut into your skin. If you want to take the maximum amount of gear possible, it is best to look for backpacks that have waist straps at least. This is because these will make sure that your hips will carry most of the weight and prevent back pain. Although not always necessary, sternum straps can also provide added comfort and support.

Additional Features

There are certain other features that you should look out for when shopping for a photography backpack. These are:

Tripod and Gear Slots

If you want to carry tripods or larger pieces of equipment, you will need to do so on the exterior of the bag. This is why you should look for cinch straps and other fixed points on the front of the backpack where you can put these pieces.

D-rings, loops, and other types of hooks will let you add other pieces of gear. Of course, since these will move around as you walk, they are not meant for delicate gear.

Water Resistant and Waterproof Features

The last thing that you can afford is to let any of your equipment get wet. If you only want it to be able to keep the water out during a mild shower of rain, look for water resistant materials or compartments. However, if you want your backpack to withstand a heavy downpour or to even be submerged in water, look for rubber materials or those that are completely waterproof.

Always make certain that the seams and the zippers have been treated so that they, too, will keep the water out.

Hydration Features

If you are planning on going on long excursions with only your photography backpack, you should look for those with hydration features. At the very least, look for backpacks with water bottle holders. If you want to drink water more easily, though, look for pockets for hydration bladders that can be connected to drink tubes and sip features.

In this article, you will be able to find everything that you need to know in helping you find the perfect photography backpack.

Selected reviews

The Phoblographer reviewed the Peak Design Everyday

The Everyday Backpack stands up to the daily abuses working photographers face living in an urban environment with ease, while holding its own when traveling or being caught in inclement weather without breaking a sweat.

Posted 8 May 2018 by Pauleth Ip – Read full review

The Phoblographer reviewed the Peak Design Everyday

I really, really like the Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L. In fact, it’s the first bag from them that I thoroughly enjoy. I don’t use their Tote anymore because I feel like Manfrotto makes a significantly better product. Their Messenger bag and I never quite got along, and I have yet to test their backpack for a prolonged period of time.

Posted 2 January 2018 by Chris Gampat – Read full review

Shutter Muse reviewed the Peak Design Everyday

The Everyday Sling 5L is an impressive little bag for everyday carry with a small camera kit, or even just everyday carry in general. The weatherproof materials and zippers make it feel indestructible, particularly the awesome new stealthy black model which has a slightly different material style to the Ash and Charcoal bags available elsewhere in the Everyday lineup.

Posted 1 November 2017 by Dan Carr – Read full review

Shutter Muse reviewed the Peak Design Everyday

It’s styled like an urban bag, but rugged enough to spend a good amount of time outdoors. From a functionality standpoint, I love it, and it’s by far my favourite of Peak Design’s “Everyday” series.

Posted 21 August 2017 by Dan Carr – Read full review

Tools & Toys reviewed the Peak Design Everyday

This one isn’t made out of leather, or hand-made in Italy, or designed in LA, but it’s still a masterpiece in its own right. I continue to be surprised by how well designed this product is, considering it’s really Peak Design’s second bag.

Posted 2 May 2017 by Thomas Wong – Read full review

Shutter Muse reviewed the Peak Design Everyday

What makes this bag particularly interesting is that it’s been designed to be a universal carry solution, not just a bag for your camera gear.

Posted 16 November 2016 by Dan Carr – Read full review

Shutterbug reviewed the Peak Design Everyday

They told me that the strap could be twisted upside down when the bag is carried on one shoulder. Maybe. I still prefer having a strap that’s engineered not to slip from my shoulder, especially on a bag so skillfully and thoughtfully designed as this one.

Posted 19 May 2016 by Jon Sienkiewicz – Read full review

Tools & Toys reviewed the Peak Design Everyday

Truly, Peak Design wasn’t lying when they gave this bag the Everyday’ moniker. Peak Design has succeeded in creating a messenger that rises above, ready to be taken on your most strenuous shoot yet or just another day at the office. No matter where my travels take me, I’m confident that the Everyday Messenger will be there beside me every step of the way.

Posted 12 April 2016 by Drew Coffman – Read full review

Shutterbug reviewed the Case Logic Kontrast

Given my druthers, I’d like to see more sturdy YKK zippers and a more robust haul handle (the loop-type handle found at the top of every backpack—the handle one would use to retrieve the bag from an overhead storage bin on an airplane). Small points, don’t let these tiny criticisms detract from your overall impression of this nicely designed and well made bag.

Posted 3 July 2015 by Jon Sienkiewicz – Read full review

Shutterbug reviewed the Case Logic Kontrast

Given my druthers, I’d like to see more sturdy YKK zippers and a more robust haul handle (the loop-type handle found at the top of every backpack—the handle one would use to retrieve the bag from an overhead storage bin on an airplane). Small points, don’t let these tiny criticisms detract from your overall impression of this nicely designed and well made bag.

Posted 3 July 2015 by Jon Sienkiewicz – Read full review

The Gadgeteer reviewed the Case Logic Kontrast

If you need an organized way to carry your action cameras and accessories, but need more room than the GOcase Compact GoPro Case can supply, the Case Logic Kontrast action camera case is the way to go.

Posted 28 June 2015 by Andy Chen – Read full review

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