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Rucksacks Reviews and Buyer's Guide (Jan 2019)

There seem to be an endless number of rucksacks on the market, so it can be really difficult to choose which one you should buy.

Not only do have to consider the size and features of your new rucksack. You also need to consider the quality, so you don't risk buying a pack that cannnot handle both your adventures and your every day life.

The 503 Best Rucksacks

1Gregory BaltoroGregory Baltoro
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4.77900 reviews
2Osprey EscapistOsprey Escapist
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4.741,826 reviews
3Osprey AtmosOsprey Atmos
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4.742,483 reviews
4Osprey AetherOsprey Aether4.72985 reviews
5Osprey ExosOsprey Exos4.691,085 reviews
6Osprey PorterOsprey Porter4.681,371 reviews
7Gregory DenaliGregory Denali4.6739 reviews
8Lowepro RidgelineLowepro Ridgeline4.6552 reviews
9Osprey RavenOsprey Raven4.64213 reviews
10Lowe Alpine AirZoneLowe Alpine AirZone4.6343 reviews
11Osprey ArielOsprey Ariel4.62520 reviews
12Osprey TalonOsprey Talon4.591,548 reviews
13The North Face BancheeThe North Face Banchee4.5928 reviews
14Osprey AuraOsprey Aura4.59784 reviews
15Camelbak LoboCamelbak Lobo4.59722 reviews
16Dakine SessionDakine Session4.5723 reviews
17Osprey AceOsprey Ace4.5672 reviews
18Deuter FuturaDeuter Futura4.55142 reviews
19Osprey XenithOsprey Xenith4.55177 reviews
20Gregory JadeGregory Jade4.53151 reviews
21Dakine OtisDakine Otis4.5318 reviews
22Vaude AsymmetricVaude Asymmetric4.5319 reviews
23Osprey FarpointOsprey Farpoint4.521,371 reviews
24Fox ConvoyFox Convoy4.5210 reviews
25Brooks PickwickBrooks Pickwick4.5224 reviews
26Camelbak AventuraCamelbak Aventura4.52123 reviews
27Arcteryx AlphaArcteryx Alpha4.5127 reviews
28Osprey MutantOsprey Mutant4.5139 reviews
29Deuter ACTDeuter ACT4.51323 reviews
30Camelbak FourteenerCamelbak Fourteener4.51266 reviews
31Deuter WalkerDeuter Walker4.5012 reviews
32Direct Action Dragon EggDirect Action Dragon Egg4.501,178 reviews
33Burton MetalheadBurton Metalhead4.50108 reviews
34Under Armour HudsonUnder Armour Hudson4.5014 reviews
35The North Face Iron PeakThe North Face Iron Peak4.48245 reviews
36Osprey KestrelOsprey Kestrel4.47980 reviews
37Deuter AircontactDeuter Aircontact4.4759 reviews
38Osprey VerveOsprey Verve4.4767 reviews
39Gregory AmberGregory Amber4.46120 reviews
40Black Diamond Dawn PatrolBlack Diamond Dawn Patrol4.4620 reviews
41Osprey TempestOsprey Tempest4.45358 reviews
42Ultimate Direction FastpackUltimate Direction Fastpack4.4574 reviews
43Deuter FreeriderDeuter Freerider4.4563 reviews
44Osprey CometOsprey Comet4.44526 reviews
45The North Face BerkeleyThe North Face Berkeley4.44235 reviews
46Osprey XenaOsprey Xena4.4458 reviews
47Knomo BeauchampKnomo Beauchamp4.4497 reviews
48Dakine HeliDakine Heli4.43336 reviews
49Marmot KompressorMarmot Kompressor4.43173 reviews
50Burton Day HikerBurton Day Hiker4.41120 reviews
51The North Face ReconThe North Face Recon4.4114,042 reviews
52Osprey MantaOsprey Manta4.41341 reviews
53Dakine EveDakine Eve4.41347 reviews
54Thule CrossoverThule Crossover4.401,060 reviews
55Marmot Urban HaulerMarmot Urban Hauler4.4041 reviews
56Osprey TransporterOsprey Transporter4.40506 reviews
57The North Face SurgeThe North Face Surge4.405,653 reviews
58Vango PacVango Pac4.4022 reviews
59Mammut CargonMammut Cargon4.4013 reviews
60Patagonia Black HolePatagonia Black Hole4.391,230 reviews
61Osprey MeridianOsprey Meridian4.3988 reviews
62Under Armour RecruitUnder Armour Recruit4.39789 reviews
63Jack Wolfskin MoabJack Wolfskin Moab4.3917 reviews
64Dakine PromDakine Prom4.387,210 reviews
65Osprey QuasarOsprey Quasar4.38422 reviews
66Oakley GearboxOakley Gearbox4.3824 reviews
67Vaude AstrumVaude Astrum4.3830 reviews
68Osprey StratosOsprey Stratos4.37836 reviews
69Osprey KyteOsprey Kyte4.37326 reviews
70Thule VersantThule Versant4.3776 reviews
71KAVU RopeKAVU Rope4.375,401 reviews
72Deuter Speed LiteDeuter Speed Lite4.36850 reviews
73Camelbak HelenaCamelbak Helena4.36160 reviews
74Thule LegendThule Legend4.3545 reviews
75Mammut TrionMammut Trion4.3521 reviews
76Carhartt LegacyCarhartt Legacy4.35532 reviews
77Manhattan Portage DakotaManhattan Portage Dakota4.3528 reviews
78Dakine FrankieDakine Frankie4.35473 reviews
79Burton Treble YellBurton Treble Yell4.3532 reviews
80Tamrac AnvilTamrac Anvil4.35215 reviews
81Chrome BravoChrome Bravo4.3460 reviews
82Deuter ClimberDeuter Climber4.3415 reviews
83OGIO RenegadeOGIO Renegade4.341,716 reviews
84Jansport KlamathJansport Klamath4.3436 reviews
85Michael Kors RheaMichael Kors Rhea4.34183 reviews
86The North Face BorealisThe North Face Borealis4.3317,612 reviews
87Deuter GigaDeuter Giga4.3346 reviews
88Deuter RaceDeuter Race4.33443 reviews
89Camelbak ScoutCamelbak Scout4.3388 reviews
90Osprey RaptorOsprey Raptor4.33600 reviews
91Osprey DuroOsprey Duro4.3386 reviews
92The North Face Base CampThe North Face Base Camp4.334,221 reviews
93Dakine ExplorerDakine Explorer4.33291 reviews
94Maxpedition FalconMaxpedition Falcon4.33555 reviews
95Osprey CelesteOsprey Celeste4.32184 reviews
96Deuter PaceDeuter Pace4.3211 reviews
97Timbuk2 RambleTimbuk2 Ramble4.3240 reviews
98Arcteryx CambieArcteryx Cambie4.3118 reviews
99Osprey NebulaOsprey Nebula4.31276 reviews
100Osprey RadialOsprey Radial4.31191 reviews
101Burton EmphasisBurton Emphasis4.3133 reviews
102Camelbak Rim RunnerCamelbak Rim Runner4.31355 reviews
103The North Face SlingshotThe North Face Slingshot4.3115 reviews
104Burton AnnexBurton Annex4.30208 reviews
105Osprey FlareOsprey Flare4.30375 reviews
106Kipling SeoulKipling Seoul4.306,211 reviews
107Vera Bradley CampusVera Bradley Campus4.302,729 reviews
108Mammut LithiumMammut Lithium4.3010 reviews
109Osprey JetOsprey Jet4.29150 reviews
110The North Face JesterThe North Face Jester4.2920,182 reviews
111The North Face FlyweightThe North Face Flyweight4.2994 reviews
112Kelty Red CloudKelty Red Cloud4.29269 reviews
113Everki AtlasEverki Atlas4.29556 reviews
114Dakine 101Dakine 1014.29748 reviews
115Jansport Digital StudentJansport Digital Student4.291,183 reviews
116Patagonia IronwoodPatagonia Ironwood4.2860 reviews
117Burton TinderBurton Tinder4.28613 reviews
118Dakine FoundationDakine Foundation4.2881 reviews
119Camelbak SolsticeCamelbak Solstice4.2837 reviews
120Tenba RoadieTenba Roadie4.28149 reviews
121Pacsafe VenturesafePacsafe Venturesafe4.27479 reviews
122Dakine DLXDakine DLX4.2783 reviews
123Camelbak MotherlodeCamelbak Motherlode4.2786 reviews
124Mindshift Gear FirstLightMindshift Gear FirstLight4.2711 reviews
125Mountainsmith ApproachMountainsmith Approach4.2661 reviews
126Thule UpslopeThule Upslope4.2647 reviews
127Mountainsmith ApexMountainsmith Apex4.2662 reviews
128Camelbak Cloud WalkerCamelbak Cloud Walker4.26354 reviews
129Under Armour Storm UndeniableUnder Armour Storm Undeniable4.2612,158 reviews
130Osprey DayliteOsprey Daylite4.251,060 reviews
131Osprey NovaOsprey Nova4.25150 reviews
132Osprey SyncroOsprey Syncro4.251,040 reviews
133Pacsafe MetrosafePacsafe Metrosafe4.252,303 reviews
134Camelbak SkylineCamelbak Skyline4.2568 reviews
135Maxpedition KodiakMaxpedition Kodiak4.2518 reviews
136Aqua Quest StylinAqua Quest Stylin4.25270 reviews
137Deuter FoxDeuter Fox4.24139 reviews
138Black Diamond Pipe DreamBlack Diamond Pipe Dream4.2416 reviews
139Dakine MissionDakine Mission4.241,296 reviews
140EVOC StageEVOC Stage4.24104 reviews
141The North Face MicrobyteThe North Face Microbyte4.24478 reviews
142Thule SubterraThule Subterra4.23308 reviews
143Pacsafe CitysafePacsafe Citysafe4.231,454 reviews
144Dakine HadleyDakine Hadley4.23211 reviews
145The North Face RooThe North Face Roo4.2369 reviews
146Vango SherpaVango Sherpa4.2329 reviews
147Osprey SirrusOsprey Sirrus4.22482 reviews
148Thule StirThule Stir4.22123 reviews
149Tumi VoyageurTumi Voyageur4.22573 reviews
150Dakine NoraDakine Nora4.2189 reviews
151Jansport EnvoyJansport Envoy4.2170 reviews
152The North Face Wise GuyThe North Face Wise Guy4.21708 reviews
153Dakine 365Dakine 3654.21585 reviews
154Victorinox AltmontVictorinox Altmont4.211,208 reviews
155Triwonder MarathonerTriwonder Marathoner4.21993 reviews
156Skip Hop DuoSkip Hop Duo4.211,393 reviews
157Hazard 4 EVACHazard 4 EVAC4.21334 reviews
158Dakine CapitolDakine Capitol4.21789 reviews
159Think Tank Urban DisguiseThink Tank Urban Disguise4.2119 reviews
160Osprey OzoneOsprey Ozone4.20508 reviews
161Kelty RedcloudKelty Redcloud4.2011 reviews
162Fjallraven RavenFjallraven Raven4.20290 reviews
163Osprey QuestaOsprey Questa4.20151 reviews
164Mountainsmith Clear CreekMountainsmith Clear Creek4.2074 reviews
165Timbuk2 JetTimbuk2 Jet4.203,406 reviews
166Everki BeaconEverki Beacon4.20497 reviews
167Dakine CosmoDakine Cosmo4.20837 reviews
168Tamrac ZumaTamrac Zuma4.20118 reviews
169Gregory DevaGregory Deva4.19380 reviews
170Patagonia ToromiroPatagonia Toromiro4.1968 reviews
171Burton ProspectBurton Prospect4.19767 reviews
172EVOC FREVOC FR4.19294 reviews
173Outdoor Research IsolationOutdoor Research Isolation4.1930 reviews
174High Sierra LoopHigh Sierra Loop4.1912,771 reviews
175Eddie Bauer StowawayEddie Bauer Stowaway4.19309 reviews
176Seibertron FalconSeibertron Falcon4.191,317 reviews
177Diadora SquadraDiadora Squadra4.192,030 reviews
178The North Face Hot ShotThe North Face Hot Shot4.18101 reviews
179Deuter PicoDeuter Pico4.1892 reviews
180Teton Sports OutfitterTeton Sports Outfitter4.18330 reviews
181Black Diamond EpicBlack Diamond Epic4.1816 reviews
182Lowe Alpine Cerro TorreLowe Alpine Cerro Torre4.1823 reviews
183Black Diamond StoneBlack Diamond Stone4.1732 reviews
184Camelbak MULECamelbak MULE4.17231 reviews
185Patagonia Storm FrontPatagonia Storm Front4.1713 reviews
186Dakine FactorDakine Factor4.17312 reviews
187Jansport OdysseyJansport Odyssey4.17282 reviews
188Dakine GardenDakine Garden4.171,316 reviews
189Dakine PointDakine Point4.1765 reviews
190Deuter GigantDeuter Gigant4.1746 reviews
191Black Diamond BulletBlack Diamond Bullet4.1659 reviews
192Dakine JewelDakine Jewel4.161,522 reviews
193Pacsafe VibePacsafe Vibe4.16319 reviews
194Mammut LightMammut Light4.1644 reviews
195Jansport Scout4.161,405 reviews
196Targus GridTargus Grid4.1618 reviews
197Gregory ZuluGregory Zulu4.15428 reviews
198Black Diamond SpeedBlack Diamond Speed4.1548 reviews
199Arcteryx GranvilleArcteryx Granville4.1548 reviews
200Dakine CampusDakine Campus4.154,858 reviews
201Timbuk2 RaiderTimbuk2 Raider4.15283 reviews
202TYR AllianceTYR Alliance4.151,312 reviews
203Dakine TourDakine Tour4.15555 reviews
204Jansport City ScoutJansport City Scout4.15598 reviews
205Outdoor Research Dry SummitOutdoor Research Dry Summit4.1546 reviews
206The North Face TallacThe North Face Tallac4.1588 reviews
207Maxpedition CondorMaxpedition Condor4.15495 reviews
208Dakine HanaDakine Hana4.15193 reviews
209Osprey FairviewOsprey Fairview4.14116 reviews
210Gregory JGregory J4.1468 reviews
211Travelon Anti-Theft SignatureTravelon Anti-Theft Signature4.147,906 reviews
212MindShift Gear PhotoCrossMindShift Gear PhotoCross4.1416 reviews
213The North Face TerraThe North Face Terra4.13294 reviews
214The North Face VaultThe North Face Vault4.134,935 reviews
215Dakine DuelDakine Duel4.13683 reviews
216Eagle Creek No Matter WhatEagle Creek No Matter What4.132,055 reviews
217The North Face HomesteadThe North Face Homestead4.1315 reviews
218Burton WheelieBurton Wheelie4.13327 reviews
219Black Diamond BbeeBlack Diamond Bbee4.1239 reviews
220Deuter GuideDeuter Guide4.1217 reviews
221The North Face PivoterThe North Face Pivoter4.121,339 reviews
222Dakine DetailDakine Detail4.12234 reviews
223Oakley Kitchen SinkOakley Kitchen Sink4.121,245 reviews
224Under Armour HustleUnder Armour Hustle4.124,161 reviews
225Osprey RevOsprey Rev4.12375 reviews
226Deuter EnergyDeuter Energy4.12136 reviews
227Travelon Anti-Theft ClassicTravelon Anti-Theft Classic4.1237,378 reviews
228Quechua ForclazQuechua Forclaz4.126,007 reviews
229Vaude SplashVaude Splash4.1226 reviews
230Osprey MiraOsprey Mira4.11176 reviews
231Camelbak ClassicCamelbak Classic4.11773 reviews
232Mountain Hardwear South ColMountain Hardwear South Col4.1110 reviews
233Oakley LinkOakley Link4.1128 reviews
234Patagonia LinkedPatagonia Linked4.1023 reviews
235Everki TitanEverki Titan4.10136 reviews
236Kelty RedwingKelty Redwing4.091,902 reviews
237Gregory AlpinistoGregory Alpinisto4.0942 reviews
238Osprey VariantOsprey Variant4.09109 reviews
239Eagle Creek Load HaulerEagle Creek Load Hauler4.09119 reviews
240Clava VachettaClava Vachetta4.092,735 reviews
241Osprey KamberOsprey Kamber4.0870 reviews
242Burton ExportBurton Export4.0816 reviews
243Gregory MiwokGregory Miwok4.0795 reviews
244Black Diamond MissionBlack Diamond Mission4.0714 reviews
245Osprey KobyOsprey Koby4.0735 reviews
246Timbuk2 QTimbuk2 Q4.07328 reviews
247Burton Kettle Pack4.0784 reviews
248Dakine StashableDakine Stashable4.0659 reviews
249Peak Design EverydayPeak Design Everyday4.06579 reviews
250Herschel Little AmericaHerschel Little America4.062,485 reviews
251Fjallraven RucksackFjallraven Rucksack4.06645 reviews
252Mountainsmith ScreamMountainsmith Scream4.0518 reviews
253Timbuk2 VaultTimbuk2 Vault4.0521 reviews
254Osprey KodeOsprey Kode4.0518 reviews
255Orange Mud EnduranceOrange Mud Endurance4.0511 reviews
256Herschel DawsonHerschel Dawson4.05118 reviews
257Jansport Cool StudentJansport Cool Student4.05239 reviews
258Tumi SinclairTumi Sinclair4.0537 reviews
259Timbuk2 The DivisionTimbuk2 The Division4.0523 reviews
260Gregory SalvoGregory Salvo4.0442 reviews
261Osprey ViperOsprey Viper4.04508 reviews
262Poler ClassicPoler Classic4.0456 reviews
263Burton BackhillBurton Backhill4.0458 reviews
264Adidas ExcelAdidas Excel4.04914 reviews
265Black Diamond BlitzBlack Diamond Blitz4.0312 reviews
266Jansport SuperbreakJansport Superbreak4.03333,203 reviews
267High Sierra Fat BoyHigh Sierra Fat Boy4.034,474 reviews
268Everki VersaEverki Versa4.03332 reviews
269The North Face OverheadThe North Face Overhead4.0312 reviews
270Herschel SupplyHerschel Supply4.0310,867 reviews
271The North Face IsabellaThe North Face Isabella4.02452 reviews
272Dakine RangerDakine Ranger4.0223 reviews
273Patagonia Nine TrailsPatagonia Nine Trails4.0124 reviews
274Timbuk2 ClassicTimbuk2 Classic4.019,380 reviews
275Burton WestfallBurton Westfall4.0110 reviews
276High Sierra CurveHigh Sierra Curve4.013,315 reviews
277Kelty CoyoteKelty Coyote4.00200 reviews
278Deuter AirliteDeuter Airlite4.0082 reviews
279The North Face AccessThe North Face Access4.0094 reviews
280Osprey MomentumOsprey Momentum4.00195 reviews
281Marmot CalistogaMarmot Calistoga4.0025 reviews
282Burton KiloBurton Kilo4.00736 reviews
283Thule GuidepostThule Guidepost4.0030 reviews
284Deuter QuantumDeuter Quantum4.0025 reviews
285Mammut NeonMammut Neon4.0011 reviews
286Teton Sports Mountain AdventurerTeton Sports Mountain Adventurer4.0067 reviews
287Eagle Creek ConvertabriefEagle Creek Convertabrief4.0015 reviews
288High Sierra SwerveHigh Sierra Swerve4.0018,918 reviews
289Black Diamond CirqueBlack Diamond Cirque3.9918 reviews
290Arcteryx SebringArcteryx Sebring3.9922 reviews
291Thule ChasmThule Chasm3.99294 reviews
292Osprey ZealotOsprey Zealot3.99233 reviews
293Eddie Bauer AdventurerEddie Bauer Adventurer3.9933 reviews
294Patagonia CragsmithPatagonia Cragsmith3.9811 reviews
295Black Diamond NitroBlack Diamond Nitro3.9845 reviews
296Arcteryx CarrierArcteryx Carrier3.9860 reviews
297Speedo TeamsterSpeedo Teamster3.98377 reviews
298Quechua ArpenazQuechua Arpenaz3.9812,391 reviews
299Exped SummitExped Summit3.9815 reviews
300Trunki PaddlepakTrunki Paddlepak3.97163 reviews
301Camelbak OctaneCamelbak Octane3.97172 reviews
302Fossil BucknerFossil Buckner3.97105 reviews
303Gregory StoutGregory Stout3.96154 reviews
304Ultraspire AlphaUltraspire Alpha3.9631 reviews
305Deuter CompactDeuter Compact3.9644 reviews
306Timbuk2 SpireTimbuk2 Spire3.96604 reviews
307Jansport Big StudentJansport Big Student3.96122,684 reviews
308Gregory VerteGregory Verte3.9510 reviews
309Patagonia ArborPatagonia Arbor3.95576 reviews
310Watershed AnimasWatershed Animas3.9545 reviews
311Vaude BrentaVaude Brenta3.9517 reviews
312Jansport High StakesJansport High Stakes3.9521,479 reviews
313Dakine CrystalDakine Crystal3.9535 reviews
314Hynes EagleHynes Eagle3.942,810 reviews
315Jansport Right PackJansport Right Pack3.9418,204 reviews
316Deuter Trans AlpineDeuter Trans Alpine3.9319 reviews
317Dakine SwitchDakine Switch3.9335 reviews
318Pacsafe CamsafePacsafe Camsafe3.93362 reviews
319Gregory ParagonGregory Paragon3.9259 reviews
320The North Face FoveroThe North Face Fovero3.9211 reviews
321Gregory MavenGregory Maven3.9211 reviews
322Gregory MatiaGregory Matia3.9210 reviews
323Dakine TrekDakine Trek3.92142 reviews
324Jansport BaughmanJansport Baughman3.92258 reviews
325The North Face Rolling ThunderThe North Face Rolling Thunder3.92381 reviews
326Timbuk2 AceTimbuk2 Ace3.92140 reviews
327Columbia BeaconColumbia Beacon3.9222 reviews
328Snugpak EnduranceSnugpak Endurance3.9258 reviews
329Arcteryx PenderArcteryx Pender3.9110 reviews
330Mountain Hardwear ScramblerMountain Hardwear Scrambler3.91150 reviews
331Dakine GretaDakine Greta3.9114 reviews
332Timbuk2 EspecialTimbuk2 Especial3.91493 reviews
333Oakley EnduroOakley Enduro3.9184 reviews
334Mountain Hardwear OzonicMountain Hardwear Ozonic3.9111 reviews
335The North Face KabanThe North Face Kaban3.9173 reviews
336Osprey UltralightOsprey Ultralight3.91459 reviews
337Patagonia AtomPatagonia Atom3.91262 reviews
338Kipling ChallengerKipling Challenger3.91842 reviews
339Petzl BugPetzl Bug3.9116 reviews
340Canon DeluxeCanon Deluxe3.914,095 reviews
341Timbuk2 BlinkTimbuk2 Blink3.9068 reviews
342Dakine GromDakine Grom3.90662 reviews
343Incase CityIncase City3.90326 reviews
344Jansport HoustonJansport Houston3.90210 reviews
345Ortlieb VelocityOrtlieb Velocity3.8969 reviews
346Jansport AgaveJansport Agave3.89495 reviews
347Victorinox VX SportVictorinox VX Sport3.89359 reviews
348Gregory SulaGregory Sula3.8815 reviews
349The North Face CobraThe North Face Cobra3.8823 reviews
350Burton HikerBurton Hiker3.8881 reviews
351Eagle Creek XTAEagle Creek XTA3.8836 reviews
352Osprey TrilliumOsprey Trillium3.8742 reviews
353Herschel RetreatHerschel Retreat3.87549 reviews
354High Sierra AggroHigh Sierra Aggro3.8739 reviews
355Wildkin DinomiteWildkin Dinomite3.872,030 reviews
356Burton ApolloBurton Apollo3.87118 reviews
357Kelty RiotKelty Riot3.8617 reviews
358Dakine GeminiDakine Gemini3.8547 reviews
359JanSport Half PintJanSport Half Pint3.853,513 reviews
360Herschel ParkerHerschel Parker3.85117 reviews
361Exped CloudburstExped Cloudburst3.8450 reviews
362Fjallraven GreenlandFjallraven Greenland3.8475 reviews
363Fjallraven KankenFjallraven Kanken3.8411,098 reviews
364Jansport EquinoxJansport Equinox3.8414 reviews
365Patagonia YerbaPatagonia Yerba3.83153 reviews
366Arcteryx IndexArcteryx Index3.8355 reviews
367Timbuk2 RogueTimbuk2 Rogue3.82482 reviews
368Arcteryx AltraArcteryx Altra3.8271 reviews
369Arcteryx CierzoArcteryx Cierzo3.8156 reviews
370Thule CapstoneThule Capstone3.81126 reviews
371Tumi AlphaTumi Alpha3.81465 reviews
372Gregory MayaGregory Maya3.80107 reviews
373Maxpedition RemoraMaxpedition Remora3.80108 reviews
374Timbuk2 ParksideTimbuk2 Parkside3.80688 reviews
375Under Armour TranceUnder Armour Trance3.8029 reviews
376Oakley MethodOakley Method3.80127 reviews
377Dakine LidDakine Lid3.7925 reviews
378OGIO BanditOGIO Bandit3.78915 reviews
379Nike BrasiliaNike Brasilia3.788,941 reviews
380Burton BravoBurton Bravo3.7663 reviews
381Kelty LakotaKelty Lakota3.7665 reviews
382Granite Gear SonjuGranite Gear Sonju3.7515 reviews
383Black Diamond CreekBlack Diamond Creek3.7448 reviews
384Arcteryx ArroArcteryx Arro3.73116 reviews
385Burton KettleBurton Kettle3.73343 reviews
386Osprey AirporterOsprey Airporter3.73107 reviews
387Pacsafe UltimatesafePacsafe Ultimatesafe3.7310 reviews
388Thule CovertThule Covert3.73241 reviews
389Jansport DriverJansport Driver3.7315,747 reviews
390The North Face ElectraThe North Face Electra3.72250 reviews
391Eagle Creek AfarEagle Creek Afar3.7252 reviews
392OGIO TribuneOGIO Tribune3.72715 reviews
393OGIO GambitOGIO Gambit3.70162 reviews
394Terra Nova LaserTerra Nova Laser3.7044 reviews
395High Sierra KenleyHigh Sierra Kenley3.7032 reviews
396High Sierra SportourHigh Sierra Sportour3.70156 reviews
397Vango ContourVango Contour3.7022 reviews
398Granite Gear BuffaloGranite Gear Buffalo3.69130 reviews
399Lowepro TahoeLowepro Tahoe3.69351 reviews
400Berghaus TrailheadBerghaus Trailhead3.6914 reviews
401Pacsafe SlingsafePacsafe Slingsafe3.68379 reviews
402High Sierra SentinelHigh Sierra Sentinel3.67508 reviews
403XD Design BobbyXD Design Bobby3.67414 reviews
404Nike CheyenneNike Cheyenne3.6713 reviews
405Mountain Hardwear HuecoMountain Hardwear Hueco3.6636 reviews
406Patagonia RefugioPatagonia Refugio3.661,519 reviews
407Black Diamond MercuryBlack Diamond Mercury3.6631 reviews
408Salomon SenseSalomon Sense3.66140 reviews
409Cabin Max MetzCabin Max Metz3.663,350 reviews
410Oakley WorksOakley Works3.65158 reviews
411Outdoor Research RangefinderOutdoor Research Rangefinder3.6531 reviews
412Ultimate Direction MeowUltimate Direction Meow3.6576 reviews
413Skip Hop ChelseaSkip Hop Chelsea3.65250 reviews
414Jansport JavelinaJansport Javelina3.6421 reviews
415Orange Mud HydraquiverOrange Mud Hydraquiver3.64129 reviews
416Case Logic KontrastCase Logic Kontrast3.64101 reviews
417The North Face ShadowThe North Face Shadow3.6314 reviews
418Herschel Pop QuizHerschel Pop Quiz3.62999 reviews
419Dakine AtlasDakine Atlas3.62113 reviews
420Jansport ReillyJansport Reilly3.6114 reviews
421Eagle Creek Universal TravelerEagle Creek Universal Traveler3.6140 reviews
422Deuter GrodenDeuter Groden3.6120 reviews
423Salomon AgileSalomon Agile3.6011 reviews
424Dakine CaravanDakine Caravan3.6012 reviews
425Jansport SinderJansport Sinder3.5992 reviews
426Berghaus ArrowBerghaus Arrow3.5927 reviews
427Geigerrig GuardianGeigerrig Guardian3.5925 reviews
428Snugpak SleekaSnugpak Sleeka3.5939 reviews
429Jansport KatahdinJansport Katahdin3.5815 reviews
430High Sierra TechHigh Sierra Tech3.5885 reviews
431Patagonia LightweightPatagonia Lightweight3.57629 reviews
432Incase IconIncase Icon3.56372 reviews
433Black Diamond HaloBlack Diamond Halo3.5516 reviews
434Jansport Spring BreakJansport Spring Break3.55358 reviews
435Booq BoaBooq Boa3.5540 reviews
436Black Diamond MagnumBlack Diamond Magnum3.5324 reviews
437Thule EnRouteThule EnRoute3.52768 reviews
438High Sierra OpieHigh Sierra Opie3.51315 reviews
439Blackburn OutpostBlackburn Outpost3.50175 reviews
440Kelty BuellerKelty Bueller3.5022 reviews
441Black Diamond OnyxBlack Diamond Onyx3.4915 reviews
442Burton Snake MountainBurton Snake Mountain3.4925 reviews
443Dakine IntervalDakine Interval3.4925 reviews
444Pacsafe IntasafePacsafe Intasafe3.49159 reviews
445Jansport SentinelJansport Sentinel3.4927 reviews
446Black Diamond BoltBlack Diamond Bolt3.4833 reviews
447Camelbak AreteCamelbak Arete3.47203 reviews
448Burton CadetBurton Cadet3.47146 reviews
449Jansport DigibreakJansport Digibreak3.471,783 reviews
450Herschel SettlementHerschel Settlement3.471,608 reviews
451Marc Jacobs TrooperMarc Jacobs Trooper3.4628 reviews
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Buyers Guide to Rucksacks

If you are looking for something stronger and sturdier than a backpack, then a rucksack is a good alternative. Although this term isn’t as popular as it once was, these type of bags are excellent for those who spend a great deal of time in the rugged outdoors. Rucksacks are roomy, durable, and have a great carrying system.

Since the idea of a rucksack might seem a bit jarring to some, it can be difficult to know where to begin with these bags. Anticipating this, we have come with a complete guide on rucksacks. Here, you will be able to see the types, sizes, and various methods that are used to construct these bags. This, in turn, will make your choice a lot easier.

An In-Depth Look at Buying a Rucksack

Are you the kind of person that spends more time outdoors than inside a house? Do you like to head out into the wilderness for days at a time? Or, are you simply looking for a pack that can withstand nearly everything that you throw at it? If the answers to any of these questions are yes, then what you need is a good, old-fashioned rucksack.

What’s most confusing about this type of bag is probably its name. Many people aren’t sure of what a rucksack actually is, let alone how to choose one. Well, in this guide we tackle all of this and more:

Rucksack vs. Backpack

The first thing that we need to deal with is the rucksack definition (vs. backpack), to be more precise. Now, the reason that so much confusion exists is because, in certain places, the terms rucksack and backpack are used interchangeably. So, for many people, they both mean the same thing. Despite this practice, however, there are several discrepancies between the types of bags.

Now, it can be argued that a rucksack is a type of backpack since they share a similar structure. Historically, though, a rucksack has always referred to a larger pack. These were usually used for hiking or camping purposes. Since these bags are also equipped with various external attachment points, they are also capable of carrying greater amounts of gear. The word ‘rucksack’ is also commonly used to describe the tactical packs worn and used by those in the military.

There is another distinction although it isn’t universal when it comes to rucksacks. In many instances, rucksacks have a drawstring closure that allows you to cinch the bag shut. With backpacks, these closures tend to consist of zippers.

Military Rucksacks

Military rucksacks and army rucksacks are in a category all their own. While these packs may look like traditional ones, they have certain features that are greatly improved over those created for mass consumption. For one thing, these bags are more durable and can typically carry greater loads as well.

When considering military rucksacks, the first thing that you will need to decide is between the ALICE and MOLLE models. ALICE is a bit of an antiquated design and it stands for all-purpose lightweight individual carrying equipment. It is essentially an equipment attachment system that works with or without an external frame. Although it is not necessarily comfortable, these rucksacks can carry heavy loads. It can also be a bit difficult to access the items that you may need quickly.

These days, most branches of the military rely on the MOLLE model. The acronym refers to the modular lightweight load-carrying equipment design of the bag. Unlike with the ALICE model, the MOLLE rucksack stores everything in different compartments. So, in addition to the rucksack, there is also a tactical assault panel, hydration bladder, and various other modular pouches.

Capacity and Size

Now, usually, a rucksack refers to a backpack that can carry more than 35 liters of items with it. Therefore, it is typically used for trips that last for a day or longer.

If you are going on a hiking trip where you will return home without camping out for the night, you will be able to function with a rucksack that can hold between 35 and 40 liters of things. This means that there will be plenty of space for food, water, a change of clothing, and maybe smaller pieces of gear.

For those that are planning on going on a backpacking trip or will be camping out for longer than a day, you will require a bag with a capacity of between 50 and 75 liters. This way, you will be able to carry all of the supplies and clothing that you will need for the trip. If you will be on the road for much longer than this, then an 80+ liter bag will do.


Now, when choosing the capacity of your rucksack, it is important to note that it isn’t just the length of your trip that matters. You will also need to take into consideration where you are going and what you will need along the way. So, if you are backpacking in the winter or need a lot of equipment, you will need a larger bag even if you will only be gone for a short period of time.

Since most rucksacks are defined as being slightly larger, you will need to think of your own size and height when purchasing one. You should never get one that is a lot bigger or longer than your torso. Ideally, the rucksack should sit between the base of your neck and the top of your hip bones. Even if you do decide to go with a larger bag, you should ensure that it doesn’t tower above your head for one more than a few inches.

Rucksack Material

Remember, with rucksacks, it is all about durability. This is why the most common fabrics that you will come across are canvas and nylon. Here is a little bit more about why these materials are used:

First and foremost, canvas is traditionally a mix of polyester and cotton. The main advantages of this fabric are that it is quite strong thanks to the polyester and will last a long time because of the cotton. A canvas rucksack will either have a core-spun or blended construction.

Rucksacks made of blended canvas are widely available. This is because they are often a great deal cheaper. Here, the fabric is made of short polyester filaments that are mixed with cotton and then woven into yarn. If you are willing to pay a higher price for a more durable canvas option, though, then the core-spun version is better. This option has a polyester core with cotton fibers tightly wrapped around it.

Nylon is popular is because, despite its considerable strength, it is still a cheaper option than canvas. The type of nylon that is used depends on the kind of rucksack that you get. With most traditional versions, you will get mass-produced nylon which is durable but isn’t resistant to wear and tear like canvas. However, the tactical and military versions will probably be made from Cordura nylon, ballistic nylon, or ripstop nylon. All of these are abrasion resistant and perfect for wear and tear, use and abuse.

If you are looking for a rucksack to use in the city and you aren’t really looking for strength, then there are leather rucksacks available as well. These packs are attractive and luxurious and work well even in a professional environment. At the same time, these backpacks aren’t easy to take care of and can peel or wear away with time.

Water Resistance

The fabric that you decide on will determine the level of water resistance that you experience. Canvas isn’t actually water resistant. However, once the cotton fibers in the blend absorb water, they expand. This prevents any more water from entering the bag and can protect your belongings to a certain degree.

Nylon is often made water resistant with the help of durable water-resistant coatings, much like polyurethane. These ensure that the water droplets slide off rather than become absorbed by the material. At the same time, these coatings can wear off after a while.

There are some rucksacks that are actually completely waterproof. These, however, don’t just use water-resistant material, they make certain that the seams are sealed up as well. While there are a few ways to do this, one of the more common options is to sew binding tape on top of the seams inside the bag.

The Suspension System

Rucksacks are built to be load-bearing and hardy packs that are meant to be carried for longer distances. It is this purpose that makes it so important for you to choose the right suspension system for yourself.

The first thing that you should analyze is the shoulder straps. These will need to be tightly sewn at each end to the bag to prevent ripping. At the same time, you will need wide, padded straps that can be adjusted. As previously mentioned, it is important for the rucksack to hang above your waist. This will allow you to move easily with your gait being impeded in any way.

The heavier the load that you are carrying, the more support that you will require. This is why the right hip belt will come in so handy. The belt, too, will need to be padded and should be adjustable around your waist. When trying on the rucksack, the hip belt should rest just above your hip bones for the best fit.

Last but certainly not least, there is the chest strap. This is useful for when a heavy rucksack begins to pull away from your back, messing with your balance. In this case, the chest strap will be able to pull the backpack near, keeping it close to your center of gravity.

If you are a woman and aren’t that tall, it could help to look at women-specific rucksacks. These are better suited to shorter torsos, wider hips, and narrower shoulders. As such, they are a lot more comfortable to wear and make it easier to carry loads.

This is a comprehensive analysis of rucksacks and what you need to look at to decide which is the best one for you.

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