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Travel wallets Reviews and Buyer's Guide (Mar 2019)

There are quite a few travel wallets available, but it's important to know that not all of them are of the same high quality!

Some brands are better than others, so it pays if you spend some time checking the different options before you choose your new wallet.

The Best Travel Wallet

Having checked thousands of travel wallet reviews, we can say that the Kate Spade Grand Street is the best choice for most people.

The Kate Spade Grand Street got a rating of 4.49 out of 5, while the average rating in the list below is just 4.10.

Kate Spade Grand Street
Based on 45,615 reviews, this is the best reviewed travel wallet.
Below is the list of all top 22 best travel wallets. Great if the Kate Spade Grand Street above isn't your style.

The 22 Best Travel Wallets

PS: We have checked 45,615 reviews to make this top 22 list!

RankTravel WalletRating
1Kate Spade Grand StreetKate Spade Grand Street
Available on Amazon
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22 reviews
2Jack Georges VoyagerJack Georges Voyager
Available on Amazon
Check Deals
24 reviews
3Michael Kors Jet SetMichael Kors Jet Set
Available on Amazon
Check Deals
9,849 reviews
4Lodis AudreyLodis Audrey
3,283 reviews
5Michael Kors SaffianoMichael Kors Saffiano
88 reviews
6Kate Spade Cedar StreetKate Spade Cedar Street
2,727 reviews
7Travelambo MinimalistTravelambo Minimalist
17,382 reviews
8Lug TangoLug Tango
611 reviews
9Kate Spade Cameron StreetKate Spade Cameron Street
1,353 reviews
10Pacsafe RFIDsafePacsafe RFIDsafe
581 reviews
11Tumi AlphaTumi Alpha
1,958 reviews
12Clava SplitClava Split
316 reviews
13Derek Alexander PassportDerek Alexander Passport
174 reviews
14ClaireChase ExecutiveClaireChase Executive
1,715 reviews
15Piel ExecutivePiel Executive
232 reviews
16Eagle Creek UndercoverEagle Creek Undercover
1,803 reviews
17Eagle Creek SilkEagle Creek Silk
537 reviews
18Bellroy TravelBellroy Travel
162 reviews
19Pacsafe CoversafePacsafe Coversafe
940 reviews
20Frye LoganFrye Logan
247 reviews
21Marc Jacobs Gotham CityMarc Jacobs Gotham City
10 reviews
22The Sak SanibelThe Sak Sanibel
1,601 reviews
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Using the average ratings, you can check what all the reviewers think instead of just viewing the subjective opinion of one specific reviewer.

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Buyers Guide to Travel Wallets

There are some travel essentials that one can’t travel without, especially if you consider yourself a modern-day traveller. And since there are far too many travel mishaps just waiting to happen, why put yourself at risk when you can in fact avoid all of it by making better choices? From secure hand-luggage to multiple-lock suitcases and more, the options are plenty. On the list are of course, travel wallets.

Don’t you absolutely hate it when you’re trying to make it to the check-out counter on time, but simply can’t locate your passport and other travel documents, including Traveller’s Cheques, all of which are importan? Stuffing them in the front pocket of your hand-luggage, handbag or back pocket is not exactly the smartest idea either. Which is why we’re going to be look at the small, yet unbelievably convenient travel wallet; here’s everything you needed to know about them.

Introducing The Travel Wallet

Whether you’re a frequent jetsetter, globetrotter or just the occasional traveller, it can’t be denied that proper planning and the right travel gear can make life a whole lot easier. Travelling doesn’t necessarily mean just boarding a plane and flying somewhere, it also includes road trips and cross-country journeys, so it’s sensible to be armed with everything you need. Especially since the 21st-century has more or less provided us with pretty much everything we need. Of course, knowing what you want is a whole other story. You may want to spend a few minutes thinking about your travel habits, and see what you can change so that everything is more efficient.

As much as travelling involves booking the right flights and packing clothes and other essentials you’ll need, it also includes a few critical items, which could easily prevent you from going anywhere if you happen to misplace them. Think bank cards, foreign currency, passports and boarding passes. And in a busy airport for instance, it’s just so easy to lose track of them and have them disappear without a trace. You’d really need a lot of faith in humanity to have any hope of recovering anything intact. Which is why, it’s so much easier to avoid all this hassle and just use a travel wallet instead.

Where To Start

Though hunting for the right travel wallet doesn’t require extensive study, you do have to spend some time on it, and a good way to go about the task is by listing out all your preferred options based on your needs. So for example, are you buying it for yourself? For the family? For a couple? And what about choosing between a men’s and women’s travel wallet? The latter may not be so significant, but it’s good to know you have choices isn’t it? Then there are sizes to pick from, small, medium and large, again based on what you’re looking for. It’s more tailored than you’d think, so make the most of all these varieties.

Key Points To Remember When Buying A Travel Wallet

Your travel wallet must be sturdy and in good condition, whether you are buying it new or are getting one that’s been used, say your grandfather’s travel wallet for instance. The hassle that comes with losing documents is a thankless one, so you may want to take this very seriously. There are also a few other things you should probably bear in mind for your own sake, so you needn’t rip your hair out in frustration on your hunt.

  • Size: As mentioned above, these come in small, medium and large, but it’s important not to go for too small for obvious reasons, and also too large; or else it becomes incredibly obvious to would-be thieves where exactly you carry your important documents.

  • Security Detail: You’re not buying a travel wallet for show, you’re buying it to protect your sensitive documents. So if it ends up falling short in this area, then the whole point of the travel wallet is lost. Remember that thieves are as efficient as the technology we deal with, so you need to think ahead. Anti-slash fabric is a good place to start.

  • Budget: As much as you don’t need to blow a small fortune on a travel wallet, try not to be tempted by low prices. This usually means poor quality, which in turn breaches the security factor. Spending something extra for the safety of your private documents is completely worth it. If you’re after a designer brand though, that’s on a whole other level and entirely upto you.

  • Durability: Reputed and well-known names will come with some assurance attached, but in any case, look for durability. You may not know exactly how well it stands up to the rigors of travelling until you’ve used it for some time, but you can usually get a pretty good idea by assessing the material itself. If you buy it online though, you obviously won’t be able to do this and will have to rely on your better judgement.

  • The Purpose: Travelling solo is convenient, and buying a travel wallet for solo travel is equally convenient. But when travelling with family, especially kids, you may want to keep all your documents in one place and in order. Fishing these out while standing in line and trying to hold your child with one hand is tough. So look for a travel wallet that can comfortably hold 4-5 passports along with all your other travel documents.

  • Material: Like handbags and wallets in general, travel wallets come in a range of different material too. Leather is usually the most popular option, not just because it’s durable and supple to the touch, it also looks chic and sophisticated. Of course there are other fabrics as well, but try to stick to leather as far as possible.

We strongly recommend sticking to safety above all else. For example, there’s now something called the RFiD blocking feature, which basically works off a material that prevents people from simply scanning your details off your cards or passport. We’re living in some great times.

What Else?

Some travel wallets come with zippers, which offer additional protection. You’ll also find options like the passport wallet which holds your passport and bank cards only but is super convenient, and of course the standard bi-fold. Some are long and lean, others, shorter and stockier. Some include waterproof material as well, so in case you get caught in an unexpected downpour, you needn’t worry. Other materials are basic yet work well (like polyester and cotton), so they don’t look overly expensive and won’t attract unwanted attention. Just to be doubly-sure, you should include your name and final port of destination in your travel wallet, so if the wallet itself is misplaced by any chance, it can be easily traced back to you. In case it gets lost in the plane, the flight attendants should be able to track you down if necessary.

Additionally there are also travel wallets that double-up as travel belts, so it’s sort of like a fanny pack, but for travel wallets. You could also keep your travel wallet in your fanny pack if you want, seeing as how they seem to be making a comeback lately. If you do not want to keep an eye on your waist all the time or ar worried someone might just snap it on their way past, you can opt for travel wallets designed to hang around the neck. These too come in all the variations described above, so you definitely have plenty of choice. Whilst these are for specific body areas though, if you feel like you simply can’t decide, why not go for one of those multi-wearable ones? Some can be worn in many different ways, such as on the neck or on the waist as mentioned, as well as strapping it to a belt and tucking it into your pants. This makes it especially secure. They are also made with very comfortable material, so much so that even you might forget it is on you. They are built to hide under clothes so you do not have to keep an eye on it everytime you go out, even for a cup of local coffee in the city.

In Conclusion

If you’re a frequent traveller, you know that a multitude of things are just waiting to go wrong, and that good travelling is about being aware and prepared. A travel wallet can really take the stress out of these situations, especially if you are hopping between countries for instance. Losing your documents results in a tedious and eloganted process, particularly if it’s your passport. After all, you’ve lost your international mode of identification, so there’s precious little you can do, other than report the incident to local authorities wherever you might be. If you generally carry Traveller’s Cheques, you want to keep these well hidden and protected, so opting for a suitable travel wallet will be useful for you. Of course different people have different requirements, but you will be most certainly be able to find one that suits you well.

2 More Travel Wallets

Classic travel wallets and models that haven't yet got enough reviews to be ranked.

RankTravel WalletRating
Flight 001 CorrespondentFlight 001 Correspondent
Lodis Audrey Ingrid

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