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Urban backpacks Reviews and Buyer's Guide (Jan 2019)

Most urban backpacks are used every day, so it's important that the quality is high.

Unfortunately not all backpacks are of the same high quality, so it pays to spend some time checking the different brands and models before you choose your new backpack.

The 258 Best Urban Backpacks

RankUrban BackpackRating
1Jack Georges VoyagerJack Georges Voyager
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4.7013 reviews
2Lowepro RidgelineLowepro Ridgeline
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4.6552 reviews
3Granite Gear ChampGranite Gear Champ
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4.5547 reviews
4Osprey FarpointOsprey Farpoint4.521,371 reviews
5Brooks PickwickBrooks Pickwick4.5224 reviews
6Think Tank AirportThink Tank Airport4.52252 reviews
7Deuter WalkerDeuter Walker4.5012 reviews
8Granite Gear VoyageursGranite Gear Voyageurs4.4963 reviews
9The North Face Iron PeakThe North Face Iron Peak4.48245 reviews
10Sherpani SoleilSherpani Soleil4.46108 reviews
11Osprey CometOsprey Comet4.44526 reviews
12Knomo BeauchampKnomo Beauchamp4.4497 reviews
13Incase ReformIncase Reform4.4482 reviews
14The North Face ReconThe North Face Recon4.4114,042 reviews
15Dakine EveDakine Eve4.41347 reviews
16Thule CrossoverThule Crossover4.401,060 reviews
17The North Face SurgeThe North Face Surge4.405,653 reviews
18The North Face RouterThe North Face Router4.40607 reviews
19Patagonia Black HolePatagonia Black Hole4.391,230 reviews
20Under Armour RecruitUnder Armour Recruit4.39789 reviews
21Dakine PromDakine Prom4.387,210 reviews
22Osprey QuasarOsprey Quasar4.38422 reviews
23Oakley GearboxOakley Gearbox4.3824 reviews
24Carhartt LegacyCarhartt Legacy4.35532 reviews
25Dakine FrankieDakine Frankie4.35473 reviews
26Tamrac AnvilTamrac Anvil4.35215 reviews
27OGIO RenegadeOGIO Renegade4.341,716 reviews
28Brenthaven CollinsBrenthaven Collins4.3485 reviews
29The North Face BorealisThe North Face Borealis4.3317,612 reviews
30Deuter GigaDeuter Giga4.3346 reviews
31Osprey FlapJackOsprey FlapJack4.33116 reviews
32Dakine ExplorerDakine Explorer4.33291 reviews
33J World CorneliaJ World Cornelia4.331,827 reviews
34Nike EmbarcaNike Embarca4.3352 reviews
35Osprey CelesteOsprey Celeste4.32184 reviews
36Timbuk2 RambleTimbuk2 Ramble4.3240 reviews
37Osprey NebulaOsprey Nebula4.31276 reviews
38Osprey RadialOsprey Radial4.31191 reviews
39Burton AnnexBurton Annex4.30208 reviews
40Osprey FlareOsprey Flare4.30375 reviews
41Kipling SeoulKipling Seoul4.306,211 reviews
42Vera Bradley CampusVera Bradley Campus4.302,729 reviews
43The North Face JesterThe North Face Jester4.2920,182 reviews
44Timbuk2 CommandTimbuk2 Command4.293,826 reviews
45Everki AtlasEverki Atlas4.29556 reviews
46Dakine 101Dakine 1014.29748 reviews
47Jansport Digital StudentJansport Digital Student4.291,183 reviews
48Patagonia IronwoodPatagonia Ironwood4.2860 reviews
49Burton TinderBurton Tinder4.28613 reviews
50Dakine FoundationDakine Foundation4.2881 reviews
51Pacsafe VenturesafePacsafe Venturesafe4.27479 reviews
52Mindshift Gear FirstLightMindshift Gear FirstLight4.2711 reviews
53OGIO ClarkOGIO Clark4.2614 reviews
54Osprey DayliteOsprey Daylite4.251,060 reviews
55Osprey NovaOsprey Nova4.25150 reviews
56Pacsafe MetrosafePacsafe Metrosafe4.252,303 reviews
57Under Armour Storm ContenderUnder Armour Storm Contender4.25180 reviews
58Dakine MissionDakine Mission4.241,296 reviews
59The North Face MicrobyteThe North Face Microbyte4.24478 reviews
60Thule SubterraThule Subterra4.23308 reviews
61Timbuk2 BruceTimbuk2 Bruce4.2330 reviews
62Pacsafe CitysafePacsafe Citysafe4.231,454 reviews
63Dakine HadleyDakine Hadley4.23211 reviews
64Tumi VoyageurTumi Voyageur4.22573 reviews
65The North Face HaystackThe North Face Haystack4.221,569 reviews
66Jansport EnvoyJansport Envoy4.2170 reviews
67Jansport Fox HoleJansport Fox Hole4.21116 reviews
68Jansport HatchetJansport Hatchet4.21815 reviews
69Mountainsmith TourMountainsmith Tour4.21428 reviews
70Dakine 365Dakine 3654.21585 reviews
71Victorinox AltmontVictorinox Altmont4.211,208 reviews
72Osprey EllipseOsprey Ellipse4.21125 reviews
73Briggs & Riley VerbBriggs & Riley Verb4.2185 reviews
74Dakine CapitolDakine Capitol4.21789 reviews
75Osprey OzoneOsprey Ozone4.20508 reviews
76Patagonia PaxatPatagonia Paxat4.2095 reviews
77Fjallraven RavenFjallraven Raven4.20290 reviews
78Osprey QuestaOsprey Questa4.20151 reviews
79Timbuk2 JetTimbuk2 Jet4.203,406 reviews
80Everki BeaconEverki Beacon4.20497 reviews
81Patagonia ToromiroPatagonia Toromiro4.1968 reviews
82Burton ProspectBurton Prospect4.19767 reviews
83Columbia TamolitchColumbia Tamolitch4.19224 reviews
84The North Face Hot ShotThe North Face Hot Shot4.18101 reviews
85Vera Bradley Lighten UpVera Bradley Lighten Up4.18655 reviews
86Dakine FactorDakine Factor4.17312 reviews
87Jansport OdysseyJansport Odyssey4.17282 reviews
88Dakine GardenDakine Garden4.171,316 reviews
89Deuter GigantDeuter Gigant4.1746 reviews
90Dakine JewelDakine Jewel4.161,522 reviews
91Pacsafe VibePacsafe Vibe4.16319 reviews
92Jansport Scout4.161,405 reviews
93Dakine CampusDakine Campus4.154,858 reviews
94Jansport City ScoutJansport City Scout4.15598 reviews
95The North Face TallacThe North Face Tallac4.1588 reviews
96Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar VistaRicardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista4.14344 reviews
97The North Face VaultThe North Face Vault4.134,935 reviews
98Eagle Creek No Matter WhatEagle Creek No Matter What4.132,055 reviews
99OGIO NewtOGIO Newt4.13383 reviews
100The North Face PivoterThe North Face Pivoter4.121,339 reviews
101Dakine DetailDakine Detail4.12234 reviews
102Timbuk2 RobinTimbuk2 Robin4.1256 reviews
103Oakley Kitchen SinkOakley Kitchen Sink4.121,245 reviews
104Under Armour HustleUnder Armour Hustle4.124,161 reviews
105Buxton ExpeditionBuxton Expedition4.1224 reviews
106Jansport WatchtowerJansport Watchtower4.11167 reviews
107Kate Spade Blake AvenueKate Spade Blake Avenue4.1167 reviews
108Patagonia JalamaPatagonia Jalama4.1036 reviews
109Everki TitanEverki Titan4.10136 reviews
110Clava VachettaClava Vachetta4.092,735 reviews
111Timbuk2 QTimbuk2 Q4.07328 reviews
112Burton Kettle Pack4.0784 reviews
113eBags ProfessionaleBags Professional4.0718,024 reviews
114Herschel Little AmericaHerschel Little America4.062,485 reviews
115Fjallraven RucksackFjallraven Rucksack4.06645 reviews
116Kenneth Cole Reaction No Looking BackKenneth Cole Reaction No Looking Back4.0640 reviews
117Timbuk2 VaultTimbuk2 Vault4.0521 reviews
118Brics LifeBrics Life4.05135 reviews
119Herschel DawsonHerschel Dawson4.05118 reviews
120Kensington SecuretrekKensington Securetrek4.05153 reviews
121Jansport Cool StudentJansport Cool Student4.05239 reviews
122Tumi SinclairTumi Sinclair4.0537 reviews
123Granite Gear EagleGranite Gear Eagle4.0464 reviews
124Sherpani IndieSherpani Indie4.0419 reviews
125Adidas ExcelAdidas Excel4.04914 reviews
126Osprey PulsarOsprey Pulsar4.0390 reviews
127OGIO SohoOGIO Soho4.031,668 reviews
128Everki VersaEverki Versa4.03332 reviews
129Herschel SupplyHerschel Supply4.0310,867 reviews
130Osprey ParsecOsprey Parsec4.0229 reviews
131The North Face IsabellaThe North Face Isabella4.02452 reviews
132Mountainsmith World CupMountainsmith World Cup4.0211 reviews
133Timbuk2 SunsetTimbuk2 Sunset4.012,490 reviews
134The North Face AccessThe North Face Access4.0094 reviews
135Osprey MomentumOsprey Momentum4.00195 reviews
136Burton KiloBurton Kilo4.00736 reviews
137Osprey SpinOsprey Spin4.0063 reviews
138High Sierra SwerveHigh Sierra Swerve4.0018,918 reviews
139Solo AltitudeSolo Altitude4.0026 reviews
140Osprey CyberOsprey Cyber3.99208 reviews
141High Sierra TacticHigh Sierra Tactic3.98730 reviews
142Bellino MatrixBellino Matrix3.9719 reviews
143Timbuk2 SpireTimbuk2 Spire3.96604 reviews
144Jansport Big StudentJansport Big Student3.96122,684 reviews
145Ogio CovertOgio Covert3.9683 reviews
146Adidas PrimeAdidas Prime3.951,281 reviews
147Hynes EagleHynes Eagle3.942,810 reviews
148Jansport Right PackJansport Right Pack3.9418,204 reviews
149Timbuk2 ParkerTimbuk2 Parker3.9331 reviews
150Dakine SwitchDakine Switch3.9335 reviews
151Pacsafe CamsafePacsafe Camsafe3.93362 reviews
152Dakine TrekDakine Trek3.92142 reviews
153Timbuk2 UptownTimbuk2 Uptown3.92193 reviews
154Jansport BaughmanJansport Baughman3.92258 reviews
155Osprey FlapjillOsprey Flapjill3.92315 reviews
156Timbuk2 AceTimbuk2 Ace3.92140 reviews
157Dakine GretaDakine Greta3.9114 reviews
158Timbuk2 EspecialTimbuk2 Especial3.91493 reviews
159Oakley EnduroOakley Enduro3.9184 reviews
160The North Face KabanThe North Face Kaban3.9173 reviews
161Sherpani CamdenSherpani Camden3.91177 reviews
162Timbuk2 CaskTimbuk2 Cask3.9117 reviews
163OGIO AxleOGIO Axle3.91151 reviews
164Ergodyne ArsenalErgodyne Arsenal3.91251 reviews
165Incase CityIncase City3.90326 reviews
166Jansport HoustonJansport Houston3.90210 reviews
167Jansport AgaveJansport Agave3.89495 reviews
168Victorinox VX SportVictorinox VX Sport3.89359 reviews
169Osprey PixelOsprey Pixel3.88232 reviews
170Eagle Creek XTAEagle Creek XTA3.8836 reviews
171Herschel RetreatHerschel Retreat3.87549 reviews
172High Sierra AggroHigh Sierra Aggro3.8739 reviews
173Granite Gear BoundaryGranite Gear Boundary3.8644 reviews
174Cotopaxi BomaCotopaxi Boma3.8639 reviews
175Gregory BorderGregory Border3.8510 reviews
176Herschel ParkerHerschel Parker3.85117 reviews
177Osprey PerigeeOsprey Perigee3.8425 reviews
178Fjallraven KankenFjallraven Kanken3.8411,098 reviews
179Patagonia YerbaPatagonia Yerba3.83153 reviews
180Timbuk2 RogueTimbuk2 Rogue3.82482 reviews
181Tumi AlphaTumi Alpha3.81465 reviews
182Granite Gear SuperiorGranite Gear Superior3.80251 reviews
183Timbuk2 ParksideTimbuk2 Parkside3.80688 reviews
184Kensington ContourKensington Contour3.80998 reviews
185Travelpro Platinum MagnaTravelpro Platinum Magna3.79802 reviews
186OGIO BanditOGIO Bandit3.78915 reviews
187Nike BrasiliaNike Brasilia3.788,941 reviews
188Kenneth Cole Reaction ColombianKenneth Cole Reaction Colombian3.776,098 reviews
189Burton BravoBurton Bravo3.7663 reviews
190Timbuk2 ShowdownTimbuk2 Showdown3.75236 reviews
191Burton KettleBurton Kettle3.73343 reviews
192Pacsafe UltimatesafePacsafe Ultimatesafe3.7310 reviews
193Jansport DriverJansport Driver3.7315,747 reviews
194Eagle Creek AfarEagle Creek Afar3.7252 reviews
195Travelpro CrewTravelpro Crew3.721,717 reviews
196High Sierra AccessHigh Sierra Access3.7210,801 reviews
197Briggs & Riley SympaticoBriggs & Riley Sympatico3.72230 reviews
198OGIO TribuneOGIO Tribune3.72715 reviews
199OGIO GambitOGIO Gambit3.70162 reviews
200High Sierra SportourHigh Sierra Sportour3.70156 reviews
201Apera LockerApera Locker3.7018 reviews
202Granite Gear BuffaloGranite Gear Buffalo3.69130 reviews
203Granite Gear SawtoothGranite Gear Sawtooth3.6992 reviews
204Thule DeparterThule Departer3.6874 reviews
205Jansport RecruitJansport Recruit3.6733 reviews
206Nike CheyenneNike Cheyenne3.6713 reviews
207Patagonia RefugioPatagonia Refugio3.661,519 reviews
208Victorinox LexiconVictorinox Lexicon3.6632 reviews
209Jansport JavelinaJansport Javelina3.6421 reviews
210The North Face WavelengthThe North Face Wavelength3.6213 reviews
211Herschel Pop QuizHerschel Pop Quiz3.62999 reviews
212Jansport ReillyJansport Reilly3.6114 reviews
213Dakine CaravanDakine Caravan3.6012 reviews
214High Sierra PowerglideHigh Sierra Powerglide3.605,285 reviews
215High Sierra FreewheelHigh Sierra Freewheel3.593,582 reviews
216Briggs & Riley Kinzie StreetBriggs & Riley Kinzie Street3.5993 reviews
217Timbuk2 LeaderTimbuk2 Leader3.5871 reviews
218Vans Van DorenVans Van Doren3.5826 reviews
219Granite Gear Cross TrekGranite Gear Cross Trek3.57667 reviews
220Incase IconIncase Icon3.56372 reviews
221Samsonite TectonicSamsonite Tectonic3.561,599 reviews
222Booq BoaBooq Boa3.5540 reviews
223Thule EnRouteThule EnRoute3.52768 reviews
224Alienware VindicatorAlienware Vindicator3.51691 reviews
225Burton CurbsharkBurton Curbshark3.5016 reviews
226Timbuk2 SwigTimbuk2 Swig3.5013 reviews
227Pacsafe IntasafePacsafe Intasafe3.49159 reviews
228Briggs & Riley ExcursionBriggs & Riley Excursion3.4935 reviews
229Jansport SentinelJansport Sentinel3.4927 reviews
230Everest ClassicEverest Classic3.496,723 reviews
231High Sierra ModiHigh Sierra Modi3.4848 reviews
232Burton CadetBurton Cadet3.47146 reviews
233Jansport DigibreakJansport Digibreak3.471,783 reviews
234Herschel SettlementHerschel Settlement3.471,608 reviews
235Mobile Edge ScanFastMobile Edge ScanFast3.46523 reviews
236Fjallraven OvikFjallraven Ovik3.4531 reviews
237Timbuk2 GistTimbuk2 Gist3.4540 reviews
238Samsonite XenonSamsonite Xenon3.451,279 reviews
239Herschel HeritageHerschel Heritage3.43843 reviews
240SealLine UrbanSealLine Urban3.42135 reviews
241Osprey BitstreamOsprey Bitstream3.3913 reviews
242Samsonite VizairSamsonite Vizair3.381,428 reviews
243Timbuk2 TransitTimbuk2 Transit3.3276 reviews
244Timbuk2 TuckTimbuk2 Tuck3.31133 reviews
245Bugatti VailBugatti Vail3.2918 reviews
246Thule ParamountThule Paramount3.2279 reviews
247High Sierra RownanHigh Sierra Rownan3.2055 reviews
248High Sierra ChaserHigh Sierra Chaser3.183,723 reviews
249High Sierra XBTHigh Sierra XBT3.161,327 reviews
250Chrome RostovChrome Rostov3.1629 reviews
251Jansport PlatformJansport Platform3.1544 reviews
252Targus DrifterTargus Drifter3.152,317 reviews
253Nike AlphaNike Alpha3.1468 reviews
254SealLine SealSealLine Seal3.08136 reviews
255Timbuk2 WalkerTimbuk2 Walker3.0826 reviews
256BoardingBlue SpiritBoardingBlue Spirit3.0545 reviews
257ONA The Camps BayONA The Camps Bay2.9627 reviews
258Pelican SportPelican Sport2.93437 reviews
How we rate the bags

We have checked 456,778 Urban backpack reviews, so we can show you the weighted average rating of all the bags.

Using the average ratings, you can check what all the reviewers think instead of just viewing the subjective opinion of one specific reviewer.

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Buyers Guide to Urban Backpacks

If you need a backpack that is going to be your daily companion, then you need an urban backpack to help you out. In fact, this can be one of the most invaluable packs you ever own. Of course, since it can be difficult to narrow down what bags actually meet the necessary criteria, it isn’t always easy to find what you are looking.

Due to all of the confusion surrounding these types of backpacks, we decided to simplify things for you. Here, you will figure out what to look for with these packs and to how to be able to choose the best possible options. Here is the guide that you need.

Urban Backpacks: Find the One You Need

It is becoming more common to take a backpack with you, regardless of the nature of your journey or your destination. If this is something that you too are interested in doing, you are going to need an urban backpack to sling from your shoulders. This article provides you with all of the material that you need to make the right decision:

What Are Urban Backpacks?

Before we move any further, the first thing we need to do is actually define what an urban backpack is. From the name of the backpack, you may have surmised that this is something to do with city living and you would be right. See, urban backpacks are packs that you can essentially carry with you wherever that you go in a city.

The main difference between these packs and those that are meant for the outdoors is that urban backpacks tend to be a little less rugged. Not to mention, they are also often quite stylish and don’t look out of place in most urban settings. At the same time, they perform the same function as any other backpack – help you to transport your belongings from one place to another with as much comfort as possible.

Matching the Urban Backpack to the Environment

The best way to find an urban backpack that is perfectly suited to you is to determine what you need it for. Then, you can consider the series of features that will be most useful to you:

Your Daily Commute

Do you want a backpack that will securely hold all that you need while you are traveling? Now, if you are journeying in a vehicle, there are too many specifics that you need to worry about. However, if you are a runner (or walker) or cyclist, you may need to think a bit harder about backpack choices. If you are running, you should find a lightweight pack that is made from breathable material and that clings to your torso well. Cyclists should think about getting smaller backpacks that sit well on your back and doesn’t move all that much.

For School

With this type of backpack, you need to think about organization most of all and depending on how much you need to carry, space too. So, look for medium to large backpacks that are sturdily built and that have comfortable carrying systems. They should be equipped with lots of pockets and compartments as well.

For Work

Interestingly enough, it is actually becoming more commonplace to find backpacks in the workplace. Of course, the big difference here is that these backpacks don’t look like the traditional models. Rather, they have a more compact and stylish appearance and can even be made from leather or canvas so that they look more sophisticated. These bags also tend to have a greater number of compartments for documents and files.

For General Use

Then, there are the urban backpacks that you simply take wherever you are going to – a grocery run, outings, and perhaps even overnight trips. These backpacks need to look good as they should be versatile enough to blend into most surroundings. It can also be helpful to have more durable bags as they will be used frequently.

What Size Do You Need?

Urban backpacks tend to run a little larger than most other types so you will usually only find ones that are medium sized and bigger.

  • 18 – 25 liters: these work well as urban daypacks and are perfect for anyone who is commuting by foot or on a bicycle. They are smaller in size so they fit well on your torso but will also be able to carry most of what you will need for the day.

  • 25 – 30 liters: backpacks of this size work well for those who want to lug around laptops, books, and various other documents. It is large enough to carry all of this but will also avoid looking bulky at the same time.

  • 30 – 50 liters: if you are the type to live out of your backpack, then you will find this size to be quite useful for you. in addition to your digital devices, you will also be able to carry clothes and some pieces of athletic gear as well.

While the capacity of the urban backpack is one thing that you may want to pay attention to, the actual size and length of the pack is another. For the most comfortable fit, look for backpacks that are able to sit lower than the base of your neck and end above your waist. This way, the size of the pack will not impede your movement in any way and the weight will be distributed evenly across your torso.

The Carrying System

The carrying or suspension system on most urban backpacks tends to be quite simplistic. After all, you are unlikely to be carrying too heavy a load and don’t want a backpack that looks overly bulky. With urban backpacks that are geared towards corporate or professional use, you may find an additional shoulder strap. This is relatively common with backpacks that have a more satchel-like design to them.

In most instances, though, you will find that shoulders straps are the main component of the suspension system on urban packs. You should look for ones with slightly wider straps and perhaps a little padding. This way, the packs will be more comfortable to carry, especially if they are a bit heavy.

There are a few that sport a sternum strap although this is more to keep the backpack closer to your body so that it doesn’t move around as much. These should be high enough on your chest so that they don’t result in chafing if you have your backpack on for an extended period of time.

It isn’t often that you see hip belts in urban backpacks and they tend to be quite thin and offer very little padding, if any. Just make sure that the hip belt can fit properly around your waist and that it rests just above your hip bone.

Women Specific Backpacks

There are many urban backpacks that are available in women sizes. This usually means that the backpacks are a bit smaller and that the straps are suited for a woman’s body. If you are a bit taller or have a more narrow or athletic physique, you may be able to use traditional backpacks. On the other hand, if you are short or petite women-specific backpacks may offer more comfort and support.

How Durable Should Your Urban Backpack Be?

Now, since you aren’t scrambling through rugged terrain or walking through brush, you may feel that you don’t need a backpack that is all that durable. If you are using your backpack simply to carry papers and files and don’t abuse it too much, you may be right.

However, if you want an urban backpack for school, commuting, or general purposes you will need a slightly sturdy pack. In terms of school use, the main thing to pay attention to here is the stitching of the backpack. Since at times you may need to cart around heavy books, for instance, you need to make sure that your bag will not split in half. Here, double stitching or welded seams will come in quite handy.

If you take your urban backpack everywhere and leave it all over, you are going to need one that is made from tougher material. In this instance, rip-stop nylon will serve you well. Not only is it abrasion resistant, should any tears appear, they will not get any larger.

Since there is a chance that you will have to deal with rain at least some of the time, you will need to have an urban pack that will repel water. it is unlikely that you will require a full-blown waterproof backpack as you will always be close to some type of shelter. Nonetheless, getting a backpack made from water resistant material will help to protect your belongings in a drizzle.

If you are outside a lot and live in an area with a lot of sunshine, you may want to look into a material that has been treated to be UV resistant. This way, the fabric of the backpack will not degrade as quickly and you will be able to maintain its appearance more easily.

Other Features

Here are some of the additional elements that you may want to appraise in an urban backpack:

Laptop Sleeves/Compartments

If you want an urban backpack for either school or work purposes, you should definitely look for a laptop compartment. These keep your device in place and also protected against most minor dings and scratches. Some backpacks even have space for tablets and similar devices as well.

External Pockets

If you use your backpack to travel with, having external pockets can be quite useful. This ensures that everything that you need is within easy reach. It also helps to further organize and arrange your belongings more systematically.

Water Bottle Holders

Most urban backpacks aren’t outfitted with hydration sleeves as this isn’t what they are usually meant for. At the same time, you should always check for water bottle holders if you tend to walk or run around with your backpack on.

These are the aspects that you need to look for if you want to invest in an urban backpack for yourself.

35 More Urban Backpacks

Classic urban backpacks and models that haven't yet got enough reviews to be ranked.

RankUrban BackpackRating
1Patagonia PetroliaPatagonia Petrolia4.0078 reviews
2Tumi Alpha Bravo4.33293 reviews
Deuter StepoutDeuter Stepout
Osprey TaliaOsprey Talia
Osprey PaleaOsprey Palea
Gregory MuirGregory Muir
Gregory MillcreekGregory Millcreek
Lowe Alpine CoreLowe Alpine Core
The North Face YavapaiThe North Face Yavapai
Heimplanet MonolithHeimplanet Monolith
Gregory TarifaGregory Tarifa
Burton GorgeBurton Gorge
Mammut XeronMammut Xeron
Gregory I-StreetGregory I-Street
Granite Gear SplitrockGranite Gear Splitrock
Mountainsmith DivideMountainsmith Divide
Burton SwitchupBurton Switchup
Burton FrontierBurton Frontier
Burton FathomBurton Fathom
Herschel MammothHerschel Mammoth
Jansport AshfordJansport Ashford
Jansport BroadbandJansport Broadband
Herschel Barlow
Jansport HeliosJansport Helios
Jansport ImpulseJansport Impulse
Jansport TildenJansport Tilden
Mountainsmith WizardMountainsmith Wizard
Gregory PearyGregory Peary
Jansport TulareJansport Tulare
Ortlieb CommuterOrtlieb Commuter
Dakine CompassDakine Compass
Ethnotek RajaEthnotek Raja
Thule Pack n PedalThule Pack n Pedal
Crumpler The Dry RedCrumpler The Dry Red
Hynes Eagle Urban Commuter

Last updated on January 22, 2019