Top 30 Biggest Bikes in the World Ever Built

Bicycles come in all shapes and sizes. Some bikes, though, really take the size measurements to the extreme. Here is a list of the biggest bikes ever thought of in the world:

Biggest bikes in the world

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Trisled Concept

A velomobile is considered a human powered transportation device with an aerodynamic advantage. Basically it’s a bicycle with comfortable seats. This 4-person velomobile is one of the biggest ever built in the world.

Tick Tock the Crock

Some of you may remember Tick Tock the Croc, the cartoon character from a beloved Disney movie. This bicycle is a kinetic sculpture inspired by that. It also happens to be one of the world’s biggest, considering that is built looking at a giant crocodile.

SUV (Sustainable Utility Velomobile)

This is the bicycle answer to SUVs you see every day on the road. Build by Danny K, this velomobile offers superior comfort considering it’s a bike. It can seat a large group of people, just like a four-wheeled SUV can. It’s moved by humans pedaling, so this velomobile is both environmentally friendly and heart healthy.


This very European sounding bike is a kindergarten transport mode made by the startup Move by Bike. It’s designed in a brightly colored manner to appeal to kindergartners. The aim of the bike is to get kids away from their iPads and moving outside. The bike can seat a number of small children at once so the whole class can enjoy a bike ride at once.

Heart and Stroke Foundation Big Bike

This 30-person bike one of the biggest attractions of the major promotional events sponsored by the foundation. This massive bike is often pedaled by rally participants who want to advocate exercise to promote better heart health. Unfortunately, it’s not available for commercial use, yet.

The Camper Bike

This is another kinetic sculpture designed by Kevin Cyr, a rather unknown but imaginative cycling enthusiast and innovator. As the name may suggest, this is a bike for campers. Think of it as the cycle version of the camping van. The bike is enclosed in a trailer like cabin with plenty of space for the cyclist to keep belongings. At rest stops, the cabin can be used for napping and relaxing. Then the cyclist can pedal on the way.

Wide Path Comber

This is another bicycle camper for a maximum of 2 people designed by Mads Johansen. This is like the camper bike, but for two people. So it’s almost twice as huge as the camper bike. It’s very comfortable as well for two people. Plus, it can cruise along the road making way for the huge body.

Pedal Powered School Bus

Why waste fuel on hauling kids to school on a bus when the restless little ones can contribute some of the energy to getting there? The pedal-powered school bus is an “exercise makes you smarter” type bike intended to get kids moving.

Bikes at Work 96AWD

This is a heavy-duty bicycle trailer that will work your body as your tour the countryside. It’s great for those who don’t want to stop for refueling their trailer.


This is the world’s biggest cargo bike designed by Nuco Jungle. It’s inspired by armored cars, so you know it’s cool.

T-Rex Bike

A dinosaur bicycle sounds really cool and silly at the same time. This is not a silly concept. The T-rex bike actually exists. However, it has been improved to have three wheels instead of just two.

Star Destroyer

A bicycle inspired by Star Destroyers in Star Wars. A bike-powered space ship. Enough said.

Long John Cykelkokkenet

This is a professional bike kitchen designed by Morten Kruger Wulff, a cyclist who spends a lot of time outdoors without access to restaurants.


This is one of the largest velomobiles currently in existence designed by Carl Georg Rasmussen.

Butterfly Bike

Sounds cute, but this is a genius lightweight bike model intended for commuting and occasional bike touring. The bike is larger than the average commuter bike so it gets on this list.

Kamp-Rite Midget Bushtrekka

This is a bicycle version of an expedition trailer. It’s huge and can be made as comfortable as possible to fit the rider’s preferences.

Skeletal Sedan

This is a bike that best fits the size of a car. Designed by Viesturs Silenieks, it’s not as big as a car, but it is the biggest bike that gets close.

Thorn Raven Twin

A very popular tandem bike known for its huge size. It’s ideal for heavy riders.

Stoopid Tall Bike

This is a bike that is 15 feet tall. Created by Riche Trimble, it’s not good for riding, but is great for showing off.

Christiana Bike

This bike is called a standard cargo bike. By itself, it’s not much, but compared to everyday bikes, this one’s a monster.

Sofa Bike

Every cyclist has thought of a comfortable sofa bike. And the dreams have come true. This bike is practically a 2-person sofa with wheels and pedals. It even has its own sound system.


Bromton is a world famous cycle maker known to make the best folding bikes in the world. The original Bromton folding bikes were some of the largest built at the time.

Fahrradi Fardalla FFX

Designed for MT racing, this is the world’s slowest “supercar,” mainly because it’s partly a massive bicycle.


The penny-farthing is the world’s first transport device that later came to be known as the bicycle. When it was built, it was massive. You can still see the humongousness in pictures comparing it to modern bikes.

Stretch Cruiser Bike

As the name may indicate, these are bikes that have unique bodies that make them look like someone stretched the bodies from end to end. These bikes are very long, so they get on the biggest bikes list.

Indonesian Village Bike

Rural Indonesian villages don’t have taxis or buses. Instead, people ride in 44-feet long bikes made of rusting iron pipe. As a result, the air in these villages is clean and smog free.

Long John

A classic cargo bike considered one of the biggest models ever made.

Fish Cycle

Bikes at Burning Man concerts are an absolute must. Having a massive Fish Cycle bike is truly for the biggest fans. Unique to the event, Fish Cycle bikes are huge and a lot of fun to ride.

Badass Bakfiets Babe

This is a giant 7-person family vehicle designed by Emily Finch. The whole family can save money on gas.

Badass Bakfiets Babe

This is a different bicycle model that shared the name with the above. Designed by Kristin Smith, this is a bicycle built for four people to ride at once. It is one of the biggest commuter bikes ever made.

Which one of the above massive bikes would you like to own?

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