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4.2 Rating based on 218 reviews
Blackburn Outpost dry bag
Blackburn Outpost pannier
We have checked 218 reviews of the Blackburn Outpost. Having checked all the reviews, the weighted average rating is 4.2 out of 5.

This bag is available as both a dry bag and a pannier. The most popular model is the Blackburn Outpost .

Blackburn Outpost
Blackburn Outpost
Blackburn Outpost
Blackburn Outpost
Blackburn Outpost
Blackburn Outpost

Reviewers like these things about Blackburn Outpost

  • A user said he was so happy with the bag because it's nicely designed, includes a velcro inner divider with padding, perfect fit for his dolphin battery.
  • One owner thought it looks pretty rad on his military green zombie apocalypse folder.
  • A lot of users love it for its high quality, rugged look and ample space for a number of items.
  • Others particularly liked the nice thick velcro straps that holds the bag well.
  • Many users loved how they can move the straps to where they need them via the well spaced loops around outside of bag.
  • Moveable separater is also a favorite feature as it lets them partition the bag into two compartments of any size that suits their needs.
  • Others find the webbing loops along its bottom side perfect for Velcro strapping a compact pump.
  • Many who used the bag thought it's sturdy, very durable, expandable and convenient.
  • Users were amazed with how the zippers never failed or jammed.
  • Reviewers thought it's a good-looking bag that is convenient for getting things in and out while standing over the bike.
  • Others noted how it stays in place mile after mile, seems to be very water resistant and holds stuff securely.
  • Excellent quality material, zippers, and aesthetics, plenty of attachment points with solid velcro bands are some of the reasons for purchasing this bag.
  • Other users described it as great for carrying gear, solid piece of equipment for your day-to-day routes or long tours.
  • Many owners who tested it said it's a good and stable frame bag, easy to get a good fit with the multiple mounting options.
  • One user who used it for bikepacking liked it for its high quality build with all sorts of space.
  • Another thing that users liked about the bag is the size and the fact that it can enlarge itself by unzipping the bottom section and allowing it to fold down.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • One user said it would be nice if some accessory straps were included.
  • Others didn't like it because the velcro straps are not padded which results to scuffing the bike's finish.


Average rating 4.2 based on 218 reviews reviews
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  • Hydration compatible
  • Water resistant
  • Waterproof
Actual features depend on model


Ranks 1 compared with the other Blackburn bags
Ranks 7 compared with other panniers
Ranks 22 compared with other dry bags

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Bag photos from Amazon.co.uk (bag), Amazon.co.uk (pannier) and Amazon.com (dry bag).

Last updated on March 22, 2018

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